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I have numbness & tinglig in my right hand & arm it goes From my elbow to my fingertips and sometimes travels to my left hand?

My Left arm feels numb and cold. It started from my thumb to my elbow. Now its up to my shoulder. What does it mean?

25f have back pain most days and now my arms/hand/fingers are hurting/tingling/numb, headaches too!

3 weeks ago my two last fingers of my left hand went numb, I was told it's pinged nerve in elbow. Then fingers became painful. Now, the whole hand. ?

3.4.5th fingers(only fingers. None in the palm hand arm) become numb for 1 hour after i wake up in the morning. What kinda illness could cause such?

A couple of days ago i had a deep cut on my left hand which the nurses stitched up. I feel numbness in my palm, fingers and i'm very worried.

A friend woke up one morning & her right hand & wrist was numb. she can feel her fingertips but cant use her hand for anything it just flops down ?

A sudden sensation in both arms, where if i touch the funnybone area, or jump and other moves, a shock goes through the arms to the last two fingers?

A week ago i started to notice that i can't fell two finger in my left hand?

Arm numb and weak, bump on back of hand moves while i move my fingers. The bump is sticking out of the back of my hand. Can it be a blood clot? Help!

At my elbow it hurts, and if barely touched or even not even touched it hurts. And sends a tingling sensation down to my wrist. Also my hand goes numb

Been biten on my hand by a fly swelled up and tingling?

Both funny bones have sensation, all fingers stiff/clumsy, right foot totally asleep/tingles, left toes tingle sometimes. 3 days now. Sometimes dizzy?

Both of my hands and feet are tingly/numb. This started a week ago after working out. What could cause this?

Both of my hands have been going numb my fingers as well for three weeks and ots very painful. Help?

Broke my hand last week, getting sudden numbness in fingers. Is this normal or a nerve is damaged?

Bumped my elbow and whole hand is numb along little finger now?

Burning pain in outside and palm of hand, outside of arm, side of neck and foot. Started in hand them added foot then neck. All same side.

Buzzing feeling in feet/toes and hands/fingers. Legs easily go numb when crossed and arms when in air for 15+ seconds. What could it be?

Can anyone tell me what can a tingling sensation in my pointer finger on my left hand mean?

Can carpel tunnel cause both hands to turn freezing cold? I have been having my arms at night fall asleep and get the pins and needles and numb feeling in both arms. For the last week my hands ache they feel almost swollen like and my sensation in my fing

Can insecticide cause tingling if it touches you?

Can nerves in your back make your hands and fingers go numb and severe pain in your hands and arms?

Can tennis elbow cause the same side hand to go numb occasionally?

Can't control my thumbs and my arms, hands, and face are tingly?

Cant touch shoulder with my hand, what doc should I see?

Carpel tunnel what are the symptoms, i feel my left arm tingly numb and on my hand pinky and ring finger mostly numb. How do I get tested for this?

Causes of hands not grippingtightly and legs at same time feeling hard and swollen?

Causes of the nombness of the left hand thumb even when sleeping?

Do c5c6 and c6c7 disc bulge cause the right hand/arm to go numb?

Doctors can you tell me why does my pinky feel numb when I have an injured neck?

Dr doctor my hands n feet really pains everytime i washed my hands....its painfull ?

Drove 11 hours yesterday now my left index finger is tingling and numb ?

Early 20s.. In the house , with A/C on chills near neck then later right hand (space between thumb & index ) got tense & tingly then moved to palm. Left hand was shaky too. leg was tingly.

Every morning i wake up, I have pain in my left and right hand from fingers to the wrist, they are cold. What should I do?

Every morning my left hand is numb is that normal?

Everytime I have my elbow bent my fingers and hand get numb is there any reason for that?

Experienced yesterday bluish fingernails then tingling sensation on right hand/fingers minutes or hrs after. Then gradually left hand/fingers.

Extreme hand pain with numbness and tingling i've tried braces but doesn't help started in right hand now both hands i work in a factory what can help?

Feeling of electricity in right arm and hand. What could that be?

For 3 Days now I been getting a tingly feeling in my left hand on my farthest 2 left fingers and don't know why! It won't go away. What is it from?

For the last three days both my arms and hands have been going numb. What could be the cause of that?

For the last week I have noticed tingling in my fingers and hands. A couple days ago I noticed the tingling right underneath my breasts. ?

For the past week plus my nail side of my thumb on my left hand has felt numb. Any advise?

From 50 days ago I have weakness and pain in fingers, forearm & elbow. Recently when I wash my hand with cold or warm water, I feel pain in hand. thnx?

From the forefinger to the thumb my right hand has a tingling sensation.Ts abt 3months nw.What's the cause of i t?

Funny bone sensation in both elbows, all fingers stiff/clumsy/weak, right foot totally asleep/tingles. Left toes sometimes tingle. Some dizziness?

Get tingly all down my arm and my arm is hurting near the muscle area, but my hand will tingle and i think its carpel tunnel. Help?

Had 2 weeks of RS numbness hand, foot and mouth went away then right to vertigo for 3 weeks now and Pins needles head and RS face off and on. Ideas?

Had a fall and my hand and wrist are hurting, when I touch my pinky I can feel pain all the way down to my wrist, and in the palm of my hand.

Hand and fingers go numb when i bend my arm?

Hand has been asleep for about ten days, some tingling in the rest of my body the hand is on my right, my toes tingle on that side, and my left hand the tips of my fingers are tingling. My right hand is almost totally asleep, to where I have trouble feeli

Hand, wrist and lower arm pain with a sensation of cut off circulation and tingling like it fell asleep. Is this ms?

Hands always cold, middle finger left hand goes numb, what's wrong?

Hands an arms going numb an very painfull why?

Hands and arms are swollen, i noticed it yesterday. What could be the cause?

Hands going numb and pain in arm above elbow?

Have numbness in my right hand finger tips for the past 9 months and seems to be getting worse.

Having tightness in chest and numbness in both arms down to finger tips started when i woke up

Hello, from my left elbow down to my hand it feels really cold,also it hurts on the back of my hand, above my ring and pinky fingers.what is this?

Hello, I have three freckles on the palm of my right hand. Why would they have formed on my palm? And yes, only on my right hand and I am right handed

Help docs! my hand has been numb for two days. Should i worry?

Hi ...I feel with numbness in my left hand and my fingers with pain at rest without any work so can I know the cause...............Thanks alot?

Hi I have been feeling numbness in both the little and third finger of my right hand for the past 18 hours..Any idea why?

Hi I have had pins and needles in hand for over a week and now my right arm feels weak and I have less sensation in the right hand is this normal.

Hi i started by having burning sensation on right hand now knuckles and fingers hurt and wrists both sides also feel fatigue. And clumsy hands.

Hi I was a little worried about this numb feeling in my left hand on the side of pinky finger going down that side but it is only my left hand?

Hi there...i have had numbness on my left hand and finger tips for a while now ,i have recently started having numbness on my right bottom lip and chi?

Hi yes I have this weird pain in my hand. It's on my right hand and under my pinky. ?

Hi, i feel some pain in my hand fingers and in my feet fingers tge same as needles. What is might be? Thanks

Hi, I hit my elbow yesterday, and my hand has been numb since, but now the numbness is going up my arm. And every time I move it, it hurts really bad.

How come my left feet is kinda swollen and my left feet and left hand are getting tingly numb lately?

How does it feel to move hand with pin inside?

I always experience numbness in my fingers on my right hand. What could be wrong? Thank you.

I am a drummer and my right hand fingers are cold and tingly, what to do?

I am experiencing finger tingling (quality: in the little finger) . The following also describe me: Numbness or tingling, Finger numbness, feels like shock going up my arm when finger rubbed or hand is shook?

I am having severe pain in the crook of my lt arm whenever I use it. The top of my arm is slightly numb as well as, top of my hand and thumb. ?

I am nauseous, have tingling in my left arm and fingers are numb. What is going on?

I am on blood pressure meds and my left hand fingers are numb, why are they num?

I banged my top of my hand on the corner of something, and a day later, my whole arm is numb. Help?

I broke my arm and now I can't open my right hand. Is there something wrong with my nerves?

I broke my hand 2 years ago and never got it looked at. It now hurts when i move it, my pinky knuckle on my right hand is in the side of my hand now.?

I cant move my fingers of left hand near to my palm.why?

I cut my arm on glass and had to get stitches on my right forearm. I've been having numbness in my arm to my thumb. Just need some info. Normal or not?

I cut my finger last night with a knife. My finger is numb tingly and when I put my hand below my heart it feels like my finger is getting shocked ?

I cut my wrists week ago been to hospital had ten stitches but all the side of my arm is numb. What should I do?

I feel numbness in my arm. At first it was my fingertips than the whole finger than my hand than arm. My wrist hurts. It hurts when I write etc.

I feel severe numbness in my right hand and in my feet fingers could you please suggest me something to make this better?

I feel slight tingling sensation on the tip of my right hand fingers. What can that be from? What type of doctor can treat me?

I fell asleep on my arm weird 2 days ago and woke up with a numb (kinda pins and needles) thumb. It still is like this. What should I do?

I felt a lump in left arm while pressing down on it. Numb hand and fingers also. What can this be?

I frequently have tingling in my face, hands, and legs. Sometimes it can get painful and I can't move my fingers. What does this mean?

I get pain all the way down my arm to my hand?

I get random electric shocks on both of my arms and hands but it doesn't hurt that much.

I got stung on my forearm 24 hrs ago and my arm is swollen to my elbow and there is tingling in my hand and arm should I see a doctor?

I got stung on the palm of my hand 2 days ago and now my whole hand and are is numb and my wrist and elbow and shoulder hurt badly should I get checke?

I got two staples removed from my right wrist yesterday and now I am experiencing tingling in my hand and arm?

I had this weird feeling in my hand were my hand was I couldn't feel anything pain in my hand my hand felt swollen but it was not so any ideas ?

I have hydrocephalus my legs and hands feel tingly what is that?

I have a burning sensation in both arms that goes to my pinky finger. What could this be?