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Are there any natural things to do to make yourself more fertile at 24?

Are there any other ways, besides penetration, that can make you pregnant?

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Besides tracking ovulation what are things that i can do to help make getting pregnant easier?

But if i conceived in october how does that make 16 weeks ?! how does that work

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Can a woman get a disease if they get too horny and don't get satisfaction? The same way guys get blue balls or whatever it's called?

Can cuddling make you pregnant?. I was curious.

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Can to much Pepsi make it harder to conceive ?

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Can you make yourself pregnant without a man?

Can you tell me how I could make myself less fertile?

Can you tell me how to make myself less fertile?

Can you tell me if i workout a lot, does that make sex better?

Can you tell me if its enough to make a girl orgasm. I mean if they could use their fingers i'm sure 5.75 inches is enough, but is it good?

Could making out for so long before having sex make it so I can't keep my erection?

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Dear Sir/Madam, What should I do to make my sperm good and also make my ejaculitng better?

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Does the vagina get loose after making love too much?

He get tire, how do I make me that i want more sex?

Hello im going to see my wife in my vacation for a month. So is there any way to make sure i can make her pregnant. How often i have to sex and all. Any advices can i get to make her pregnant easily?

Help please. When I do sex, sperm comes earlier.What r the foods to make it slower?

Hi doc pls what can I use to make me ovulate?

Hi doc, s in a day i can do sex only one time.Help me so i can make atleast 2 times.Thanks?

Home remedies for making my vaginar tighter fast after sex?

How to make wife happy ?

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How can I make my penis harder ? i masturbate a lot and now it doesn't get harder? how can I make it harder again? i need help.

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How can I make sex better for women?

How can I make sex more fun after 40 years?

How can I make sure I don't ejaculate so quick ?

How can I perform a "do it yourself" circumcision at home? My friends and girlfriends make fun of me and I'm ready to become normal.

How can make slim of women body?

How could I make sex feel good again with endometriosis?

How days should I go without masturbating, if I want to have enough sperm to make a baby?

How do i make some happy to my wife?

How do you make a natural home birth as comfortable and safe comfortable as possible?

How does a female-male sex change work? How do they get all functions to work? Would the girl start producing sperm or what? It makes no sense to me

How long do you have to wait to be sexualy active again after novasure and what are good ways to make your man have more stamina and get bigger?

How long penis is enough for make a women pregnent?

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How should I make a home made douche?

How to make female ejeculate easily?

I & my spouse try to have sex on regular basis but she is unable to have orgasm which makes her frustrated and secondly her hymen is still intact.

I am 20 years old and have hypogammaglobulinemia does it make sense to get pregnant?

I don't secrete any pre-cum at all. How can I get my body to secrete it? I find it very sexy when my partners do. Why can't i?

I had five kids and my vaginal is loose and don't have sex because of that what can I do to make it tight again what can I get over the counter?

I have been in problem from last few weeks that my love making timing is getting short. Though i get hard errection but enjoy less. Please advise?

I have only climaxed during sex just a handful of times. Is there anything i can do to make it easier/come faster?

I have pcos what is the best thing i can do now to make it easier to conceive and har babies when the time comes?

I just wanna make my peroid a week later naturally ?

I m 24 male..My sex is weak...Wat should I do to make it better?

I wank every day. Is it possible to make my girlfriendpregnant if i finger her?

I want make love most time, and with different women?

I want to have sex. Can it make me constipated or are the two not related?

I want to know how long must a penis to make women happy?

I'm pregnant and miserable, is there anything i can do to make it more enjoyable?

If embryo made it to day 5 what are the chances not to make it to day 6?

If i crave making love more than normal is.That a sign of pregnacy?

If I do sex daily.Does it make my body weak ?

If someone is worried or stressed that they may be pregnant, could that make my body act a certain way?

If sperm is generated 3 months ahead of time, then why is it recommended by most drs to make love every other day around ovulation, not every day?

Immediatly after making love with a woman how can I tell she is pregnant?

Is it faster to get pregnant doggy style?

Is it healthy for me to make love to my partner while she is on her period?

Is it ok to use magne B6 all the time while pregnant? If it makes me feel good

Is it possible for a woman to get 36 orgasms in one love making session?

Is it possible to make formula?

Is it possible to make yourself smarter?