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How long does blood tests usually take if I'm wanting to do transgender FTM hormone replacement?

..According to the nci , hormone therapy can be reversed before giving the second shot of degarelix is that true?

(20 year old male) I took 250mg bio identical testosterone cream, which was not prescribed to me, once (never before). Did I close my growth plates?

(20 year old male) I took 300mg bio identical testosterone cream, which was not prescribed to me, once (never before). Did I close my growth plates?

19 year with pocs ? Menutral bleeding dhea levels of 736 appointment with an endocrinologist in a month are these sideeffects causing longterm damage

1998 journal article:bodybuilders testicular function permanently restored by 3month HCG. By what mechanism? Isnt HCG suppressive of lh?

1mo ago I received 200mg inj cypionate.It wasn't prescribed and my testosterone was 470 at time.2weeks later my test was 340. Now shrinkage, insomnia, hot flashes, no libido. Is this just temporary?

20yr male 69' 140lb... considering taking estrogen blockers to increase testosterone and build muscle. Thoughts?

21 year old male with a T level of 249.. should I give up hopes of kids? Injections vs creams?

21year with ED problems because of steroid pills first time how fast testosterone therapy could bring me to normal be specific please weeks or months?

26y/o male w/Low T (Total 193 last lab). Given Clomid (clomiphene) 25mg every other day. When will it kick in? A bit scared of potential side effects.

26yo male, t level 234, doctor gave me an initial injection then the next day i started androgel, great for ab 5 days now i'm tapering off again, why?

29 yo total testosterone 305, free is 7.9. Would you reccomend treatment? Preserving fertility is important.

31m just diagnosed w low t, 221. Is there one replacement therapy that is better than the other? Prescribing androgel.

33 old male my testo is 159. What can cause this, how bad is it? Past 7 week injected 1 ml testo and it has lowered. Med was testo cyp grpoil in

33 yr old female. Estradiol level is 23. Is it necessary to take a replacement such as estrace? Or ok to stay at this level? No other health issues

49 y/o male, anyone treat secondary hypogonadism with clomid (clomiphene)? Results good or not and what were sides if any?

A questions about female-to-male (ftm) hormone therapy - does taking testosterone affect your height?

About two years ago I was out on androgel, I would like to get back to a testosterone supplement again. Is there something better out now?

After prostatectomy surgery what will my body do with the testosterone that it makes?

After reading a lot of info on hrt, i'm getting nervous about being on it. Is pellet therapy better? I had never heard about it before.

After stopping testosterone therapy, how long does it take for my body to produce its own testosterone?

Age 17 took 1 shot of testosterone cypionate stopped after 1 really want to know the truth did this affect or stop my penis growth .. Yes or no?

Almost half a year in testosterone and haven't experienced any changes. What could be wrong?

Am feeling "jittery, " irritable, tearful at times. Had cortisone shots both shoulders 6 weeks ago. Also use estring (estradiol) & testosterone cream. Cause?

Any expert recommendations for prescription low testosterone treatment?

Any thoughts on testosterone troches? Are they an effective delivery method?

Any thoughts on using HGH for IVF older pts?

Anyone have any thoughts about testosterone troches compared to other delivery methods?

Are androgen blockers safe for a woman of 19 years of age with moderate to severe acne?

Are there any disadvantages to pellet therapy for testosterone? I'm wondering why my endocrinologist didn't mention them as an option.

Are there any pediatric endocrinologist that are totally against the use of adult dose lupron (leuprolide) depot. If so, why? I'm trying to make a decision.

Are There Natural Ways To Treat Secondary Hypogonadism after prolong Anabolic Steroids usage. T/LH/FSH level low rest is fine. Hypogonadism revesable?

Are there pills that make you last longer? Also is there such thing as "bound" and "free" testosterone and is there to convert the bound into free?

As a 60 yr. young male using HGH patches, will using Pueraria Mirifica cream just on my areolas significantly reduce my testosterone levels?

As a bodybuilder with Crohns, is there any interaction concerns with starting Humira (adalimumab) while maintaining testosterone/anabolic therapy cycles?

at 17 years old I took a shot of Depo-Provera testosterone at 500 mg. I stopped after reading side effects. Worried did this stunt penis or bone growth? Truth

Been on 3 pumps of 1.62 andro gel for a few years....Does it have to be tapered to stop or can it be just be discontinued?

Been on Avodart for years/stopped last month for libido improvement. How long before prostate starts growing again and PSA rises?

Been tested and have low testosterone. I'm not sure exact number but maybe it was around 300? any natural supplements? Don't want prescrip, thanks!

Bringing back testosterone to normal level via medication will this remove ED completely ? Any chances of effects that can cause here ?

Can 1 y of Dr prescribed androgel cause new hypogonadism symptoms after cessation?Fatigue resolved by CPAP not androgel.Now have low libido, gynaecom.

Can advanced testo boost be taken if you have had a kidney tranplant?

Can aromatase inhibitor help me get rid of gynecomastia?

Can bi somebody after 7 years of use androgel for low t with out physical problem to switch to clomid (clomiphene) ? Do you think well Produced the testicular t ?

Can cyproterone acetate not only reduce but eliminate my sex drive? If not, what can? (drugs, surgeries, ect.)

Can hCG be administrated alone to treat secondary hypogonadism?

Can hCG be temporarily used to "jump start" testosterone production and be effective?

Can hCG be used safely long term to treat secondary hypogonadism? It makes my lh/fsh low, is that bad? I feel much better & testosterone is now normal

Can hcg stimulate testiclular growth in patients with fairly moderate hypogonadism? Why or why not?

Can horny goat weed and HGH or any treatment for low testosterone maybe help me with my erection problems?

Can I go on HRT to improve libido I'm 53?

Can I use estrogen and blocker to treat prominent veins?

Can injected testosterone cause immediate and/or permanent changes to the prostate?

Can it be possible for you to make homemade testosterone gel?

Can mris and anti-estrogen medications on a teen impact fertility in the future?

Can one who has been on tt therapy for a a few years stop and andchave his testes produce tt or do you have to be on it for the rest of your life?

Can taking trt shots once a month cause ones testes to shrink, sperm cnt 2 b low, shut ur natural function down and other scary stuff, ? The good of tr

Can testicular shrinkage and complete loss of sex drive be cured after high doses of androgenic steroids?If yess then how?Plzz help

Can testosterone cream be use for people with delayed puberty?

Can testosterone replacement therapy cause irreversible infertility ? Or will fertility return to normal once you get off trt ? Any research articles?

Can testosterone therapy help kids with delayed ?

Can the body produce testosterone again after being on replacement for 6 years and how I can stop it?

Can you tell me for some women, secretion of gnrh is inadequate, they're consider sterile and are treated drugs that mimic it?

Can you tell me if the testosterone replacement theraphy is the only option to go for increasing the testosterone?

Can you use nolvadex (tamoxifen) to get rid of gynecomastia?

Can't afford dr. No insurance. Self paid last time and couldn't get hormone testing. How do I know if I have high testosterone levels due to ov cysts?

Could hydrocortisone cream applied on testicles permanently reduce testosterone or human growth hormone?

Could i make homemade testosterone gel?

Could it be bad to take methaphetamine while on testosterone therapy?

Could you still get testosterone replacement therapy when you have double the minimal level (300)?

Day 11 andro gel 1.62 pump ... No noticible changes ... Too early to judge ?

Developed adult acne related to hormone replacement. Testosterone estrogen levels low. Use clindamycin 1% and not helping. What can I use?

Developed adult acne related to hormone replacement. Testosterone estrogen levels low. Use clindamycin 1% and not helping. What can I use?

Do anti estrogen pills remove gynecomastia in teenage boys? Is that a good therapy?

Do i have to prove that im deficient in gh in order to get therapy, ive heard gh is already been approved for height increasing purpose from 2003?

Do i need to continue testosterone therapy after levels are reached?

Do I stop producing testosterone when I medicate with tostrex? In that case I cannot boost the production in the gym and with vitamin d and zink?

Do T3 (liothyronine) replacement medications decrease aromatase activity in men?

Do testosterone boosters make ance worst?

Do you have hypogonadism? How do you treat? Is penile atrophy possible to an extended period of Low T, as I was told?

Do you have to go to a testosterone replacement program business? Or can doctors prescribe testosterone? Also which is cheaper?

Do you think cosmetics or selftanner are able to reduce fertility or male hormones ? If used in small quantity with caution ?

Does castration remove libido if done aftr puberty?

Does Clomid (clomiphene) permanent decrease testosterone production after use like other steroids?

Does HGH releaser but not in injection form work or not, for reversing aging, looking younger, being more energized?

Does HIV treatment can lover our testesteron levels I am under treatment 1 year 26 yrs old malehow HIV treatment can eeffect our male hormons.

Does hormone replacement therapy work-testorone im 56 have personal trainer, i see little results so far have tried pellets and shots

Does is safe to take testosteron after orchiectomy with very low testo. + active III tumor?My endocrynologist say it is contraindicated before chemo!?

Does natural testosterone enhancers or booster have any close or long term side effects ? I mean the one's for bodybuilding ?

Does past marijuana use permanently affect testosterone level and testicular size?

Does testosterone level drop after orchiectomy (1 ball)permanently?I have below the normal range 8 days postop.Will one ball make up for the lost one?

Does testosterone return to normal after doing axiorn treatment?

Does testosterone therapy(gel) works in "adjunction" with body's normally produced testosterone? Or, does it stop and replace the normal testosterone?

Does the use of methadone or opiates under dr supervision cause low testosterone in men? Or is it possible? Self pay. Expensive test?

Does your body stops producing testosterone after it is supplemented externally?

Dr gave me testrone hormone 1000mg injection two months back he told me it will affect my sperm but vrey less.After how much time sperm will be strong?

Dr prescribed me fortesta for trt, would I have to be on that for the rest of my life or just for certain amount of time? I'm 30

Dr stopped me androgel since 17 days after been on it 7 years because was too high i have no mor libido can clomid (clomiphene) bi replace it and can boost libido?

Dx:melanoma while on trt (androgel). Only been using for 2 months; want to stop, though, given new dx. Can i just quit, or do I need to "wean" off?