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All the intideeprsat work for me make low libido what i can add or do to improve my libido?

Anything that works to enhance libido, pills etc.

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Female. Had high libido between 16-18 y/o. I'm 19 now & I loss my libido. What happened to me? Is it abnormal to have low sex drive as a teen?

Hey docs, what help drives up a woman's libido?

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How to enhance my libido after having a baby?

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I am 27 yr old female with loss of sex drive and it's affecting my marriage. Please help what i can do to increase libido.

I am 38/male. Since my late 20's I have had lower libido/sexual desire. Isues keeping erection. Dr tested testosterone and it was high 300's. Normal?

I am a 18 years old female, and i'm never ever horny and it's starting to affect my relationship. What is wrong with me?

I am a female woman and i need to know what can I take to help with low libido? Is there a medication or treatment to raise my libido?

I have polycystic ovaries can this affect libido? If so how can i increase my libido.

I have a problem with my libido and it's very recent. How to improve libido?

I have hashimoto & insulin resistance, i ve had no sexual libidi for 5 yrs now, i m being treated for afore said conditions but still no libido, help!?

I need to lower my libido. As a divorced, single 40 year old man i need to 'relieve' myself up to five times a day. Is this normal? Can it be helped?

I stop androgel 10 g dr want to gave me clomid (clomiphene) 25mg because i lost 80% of libido and no mor energy do u think well boost my libido & energy ?

I stop androgel 10 g dr want to gave me clomid (clomiphene) 25mg because i lost 80% of libido and no mor energy do u think well boost my libido & energy ?

I'm 21 yr male I have a very high libido and it prevent me from study well, really i want a safe drug to reduce this desire , please help me?

I'm a healthy 20 year old with a very low libido and extreme vaginal dryness. What can I take with no side effects to improve libido and lubrication?

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Is there a womens viagra (sildenafil)? Im 51 years old and i seem to have lost interest in sex. Im post menopause

Is there any medicine for enchancing a woman's libido? It's for my wife