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I am 20 years old and 169 CM and I want to know if I took GH externally, will that affect my height? considering that my father is about 182 cm

12.5 y/o id twin girls with bone age 12. 1.9%(ile) for height & no puberty. Parents don't have short stature. Wtg 4 Karyotype and GH test. What else ?

18 year old male. Does osgood schlatter disease effect my height? The doctor saw it when I was 13. My height now is 172 cm. Dad is 174 CM & mom 157 cm

19 yo male im 5'6. Dad=5'11, mom=5'2. Dad inseam=32, my inseam=32. I've never had the pubertal growth spurt. Could my spine still have a growth spurt?

5f8 w/ small body frame, dad's 5f9 big frame, i grow up with dad only, never had growth spurt, never worked out, use to smoke hookah daily, stunt grwt?

Almost 5 Yo DD is very short, fit & active.I am short but hubby and others in family have good height. She is < 3 percentile. Growth Hormone Therapy ?

Am 18yrs old boy , my parents are mid tall, but am short so am going to take OSTO CALCIUM TERASOFT 11 TABLETS TO INCREASE MY HEIGHT. will this work?

Am 28 female, my ht is 146 cms. Are there any ways to get taller?

And im only 83 pounds :( & 5'5 & 14 so i wanna grow taller than my best friend who is 137 pounds i think? What should I do?

Any truth to being as tall as your arm span?

Are curls bad for my 14 year old son who is 5:9?

Are my legs too short for my height? My sister has higher waste and mocks me

Are there any chances for 21 years old male to observe height growth ? 160 cms tall. Had experienced mass growth of around 12lbs in last 90 days

Are there exercises to grow height after 20.. I'm 5.6 now and everyone in my family is taller to me..

At what age it sensible to catheterize a child with 12mm ASD if length/height growth is normal?

Can a female get shorter in height ? If so, how ?

Can a man grow taller at the age of 26? I haven't been to my dr to have my height measured, but noticed length of pants too short over the last 6month

Can an ex anorexic 16 years old girl reach her full potential height and what will help her do that?

Can boys follow the same height-growth pattern as their fathers did?

Can I be the same height with my mom,not higher,she is 166, dad is 180, I am girl of 16,164? From the age of 14 my height hasn't change.Period from 12

Can I be the same height with my mother, not higher, if she is 166, dad is 183, and I, a girl of 16, 164? From the age of 14 my height has not change.

Can i gave L-arginine to my girlfriend to grow her height please it is important tell me fast?

Can i grow a little more in height after 18? I am 18 and i'm almost 6'2 my dad is 6'4 and my mom is 5'8 what are the chances that i grow 6'3?

Can i grow into 6 feet if my dad is5'7 and my mom is 5 and my height is 5'6now ,16years old?

Can i increase my height at age 23? I m female. My parents are tall ? In childhood i was suffering from vitamin d disease rickets.

Can I still grow at the age 18 i'm currently 17 and a month and a week away from being 18 my current height is 5, 7 and two centimeters away from 5, 8?

Can i still grow even if i'm an 18 year old Asian male? My height is 163cm, my mom is 156cm, and my dad is about 167~170cm.

Can people with tall grandparents and short parents grow taller than their parents? what are the odds of this happening?

Can you increase your height if you are 18 ? my dad is 1,85 en mij mother 1,72

Can you mention me a programm or tips to grow taller ,i am 17 years old and i am on the same height of my parents 169cm i want to reach 175 CM :D help?

Can you tell me is 165 cm. Too short for men and will i be taller(15 yrs old)?

Can you work out how tall i'm going to be when i'm in my 20s?

Cana female grow at 15 years old? (bone age 15), current height is 150.7cm. Mum's height is 162 and dad's height is 169, period came at 12 years old.

Could you have hypochondroplasia if you are a 4'11 full grown adult?

Dad is 5'10, mum is 5' . I have never grown noticeable height only steadily haven't growin in past 2 years. Have a beard etc. But I am 5'4 .

Didn't get my catch up growth spurt during puberty, i was a late bloomer, is it too late? I'm 5f8 my dad's 5f9 and mom 5f5, i used to smoke hookah too

Do boys with high BMI enter puberty sooner?

Do swimming and hanging excercise make someone taller at young age?And do I still have any chance for growing few centemeters at the age of 20 (male)?

Do you think i will get any taller? I'm female 16 yrs old and 62 inches. Dad is 67 in. And moms 65 or 66 in. What could I do to try to get taller?

Doctor, do anyone grown height after 22 years in the medical history?

Doctors, have i stunted my growth? I am 18 and my dad is 5'10 and grandpa is 6'0 and I have sleep apnea and low testosterone, havnt grown since 13

Does going to the gym 4 times a week effect growth? I am 16 (1/2) 174cm . What is my estimated height?

Does pregnancy increase or decrease a teen's final height? If one of 2 identical twin sisters got pregnant at 14 yrs, which twin would end up taller?

Does your dad's genetics affect the size of your boobs?

Don't know exact height before so can't compare but feel inches taller now & people saying I look taller. Is that poss-growth spurt-in mid to late 30s?

Dr, i am a 19 year old male. I'm 181cm tall and weighs 75kg. My problem is that I have little facial hair, it started growing at the age of 16 or 17.

Dr. I wanted to know that what is the right height for 16 and 9 months year?

Everyone tells me i'm gonna be really tall. I'm 5'2.I have long arms.Will i be tall?

Female.Mom is 150cm and dad is 156cm.I was wondering if i can be at least 160-165cm tall?

Getting comments about being tall, didn't before. Feel 3 in. taller but in late 30s. No prior measurements to compare. What could causes be at my age?

Girl trouble, help please! they grew tall over summer and I didnt?

Grew up without mom so during puberty i ate junk food, i'm 5'7 my dad's 5'9.Use to smoke water pipe for 2.5 years between 16-18.Stunted growth? Stress

Grow taller at 20 is this possible? I am currently 5'9 my dad was 6'1 and mom was 5'7 i grew an inch after graduation, is growing taller a possible?

Had a 25 week 2d scan. Told it was a girl. What are the chances of turning out a boy ?

Height i'm 19 and my height is 5'1. I hate being this height and i want to grow! =( what can I do? Please help me =( another question... My boyfriend is also 19, and his penis is about 5 inches, is there any way he will still be growing? Someone please

Hello doc, just wanna ask on behalf of my dad. If my dad weight 76kg, height 174cm. Is he in good healthy condition? Fyi, my dad heavysmoker.

Hello docto i am 17 and 5 5 my parents height is 5 2 and 58 will i grow more?

Hello doctor i am sohaib my question is my height 5.7 i need 6ft please ask me answer?

Hello doctor I have height problem my age 19 and my height 5.3 bat i want 5.9 please help me?

Hello doctor, i am, 25 year old girl, my height is 5 ft 1 inch. I want to grow atleast 3 inch more. Is it possible? Thank you

Hello doctor, I'm a female of 17 yrs old. My height is 147 cms and I need to grown uptil 163. What should I do?

Hello doctor, my age is 20 and my height is 5 feet 7 inch.can stretching inc my height? i 've got x-ray of legs saying i 've some gap in growth plates

Hello doctors, im flamur 22 years old 5'7 (170cm) i don't like my height can I grow a little taller? How can I do that? I would love to put some inches

Hello iam 16 year boy iam look like 13 or 14 and don't have beard my height is 5'4.5 is my height further increase i think iam look like not mature..

Hello my age is late 19's and my height is 5'5,male.Is there any possibility of growing any further inches?

Hello my height is 5.3 and my age is 19+ i would like to grow my height by 6 inches and will follow that u prescribe and want to know abt growth plat?

Hello, i'm 16 and i'm 6 ft 3, i have a serious probleme with Height, so is there any surgery to lost some Height, if yes, where i can do it in Canada?

Hello, i'm 16 years old and i'm 6 ft 2. i'll be 17 after 3 mounths, so i will grow up more in height ? and if yes, how much i'll be?

Hello,my younger brother is 15 and his height is 5 feet 9inch and I am 17 but my height is 5.7...Any suggestion?

Hello! i am 16 YO male, i am 5 feet 4 inch tall, i'd like to know if there's anything i can do to grow taller faster or increase my max height ?

Hello! my sister is 16 years old and she suffered from anorexia nervosa for almost two years. Will she be able to grow a few inches taller?

Hellow sir , i m a16 6month year old girl my shoe size is 9 inch ehat will be my height please tell?

Hey doctor, I'd like to ask u if Working out in a gym has anything to do with my height. I m 17 with 5'6'' height and I fear I wont gain more height s?

Hey I'm a 16 years old girl, and I'm 156cm.. My parents are taller than me, and thats pretty annoying. How can I be taller, or can I?

Hey I'm a 16 years old girl. I'm only 156cm, and its pretty annoying, because my parents are taller than me. Can I be taller, or do something?

Hey im 17 and my height is 5'10 is it still possible for me to get to 2 more inches of height?

Hey im 21 years old nd bit healthy ... So do i have any chnces of growing my height??

Hey...i am 17 years old and i am a female. Can u suggest me to do something to gain height. I am just 4`10...shorter than my mom.

Hi , i am Sana , i am 16 and 10month , want to increase my height, i heard that girls grow from 11 to 18y old so i want to grow fast , give some Tips.

Hi . Iam about 18 and 5.6 feet tall Male . Iam taller than both my father and mother (5.5 and 5.2) .. can i get about 5.7 to 5.8 .. thnkx in advnc?

Hi am Saajid. Am 16 years old and am about 6 -6.1 feet tall. How can I stop growing tall? Please give a good feedback. Thank you.

Hi doc i am very short for my age may be 5 ft. i am a 26 year male. will i be able to reproduce?

Hi Docs, im a 20 yr old female and im just wondering if its still possible that I might grow taller, im 160cm and 58kgs.

Hi I am 18 and 5'4". I would like to grow taller. My dad is 5'6" and my mom is 5 ft. I want to know natural ways to grow. Pills, stretches, anything!?

Hi i from pakistan 17 and 8 months year old boy with 167 CM height is this good and have hair on cheeks will i grow my cousin is 18 and have no facial?

Hi i was wondering i am 19 i am 69inches tall and wondered if i am i still growing my moms 63 inches and dad is 66 inches tall my brother is 72inches?

Hi i'm 16 years old, i'm turning 17 soon. My mom is 5.9 and my dad is 6.1. I'm 5'10.5. How tall i'm i going to be and what can I do to grow faster.

Hi I'm 22 yo female I'm 5'3 height and 100 lbs wheight people say I lookIke a 13 yo child I'd this has something to do with my wheight ??

Hi I'm twelve and five foot five inches, I am Asian adopted so I don't know anything about my birth parents. Is my height normal? And how can I stop

Hi iam 18 and 176cm and my father and brother are 6 and 6.1".Please tell me how can i increase my height? What is the problem?I dont care about risk

Hi iam 18 turning 19 and my height is 175cm. My father is 183 and my grandF was 186 and my mother is 170 i really need some tips or advice to increase my height. Just name the thing u advise and will get it.. Please ?

Hi Im 17 and 5'9 and I have a 6'2 wingspan/armspan, Can i still grow? because some told me that wingspan will determine your final height Thanks

Hi im a 18.4 y.o , After my last 18 birthday i increased 1 CM after that i stopped. and my height now is 177.5cm , can i reach 179 or 180cm?

Hi im a 18.5 y.o before 2 month i have be grow about 1 CM , so can i still growing ? My height is 177.5 , can i reach more 1.5-2cm?

Hi my age is 19 and my height is 5.8 feet i wanted to know what is the procedure to grow height naturally?

Hi my son is 14 .9 years his height is 5'4" tall. Bone test mentions iliac crest is partuially united with ts counterpart. will his height increase?

Hi please what is the aveage weight and height for a 5 year old boy. I feel my boy is small because most of his friends are bigger than him. Thank you?

Hi sir/mam i 'm Aditya modi from India .my age 20 year.My height is 5 feet and 3 inch but I have more 3 to 4 inch beacous my father's height 5"4 thnx?

Hi, I am 20 year old i'm 168cm could possibly grow more to 171cm height?

Hi, I am 20 year old i'm 168cm. Could i possibly grow more to 171cm tall?