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.What is the best dose of calcium for a growing girl in age between 10 to 11?

(dr.Cornelia franz) so that means we can grow even after puperty wheather growth plates are fused or not if pituitary release high amount of HGH ?

13 10/12 boy 5'1.5", bone age 13 - minimal signs of puberty. Is there any reason to see an endocrinologist for further height work up now or wait 6m?

14 yr daughter 5'7 145lbs, 1 yr cycle. High level soccer tore acl/meniscus. What is best graft/why? Dr said ht adult since growth plates are prob open

16 girl. Diagnosed w hypothyroid. Concerned about increasing height from treating it, is it suitable to request growth plate xray to see if I'm done?

17 took a shot of test enanthanate or deca durabolin , truthfully did this affect my penis or bone growth like fuse my plates ? Detailed answer please

21male ,my bone is very thin like girls,even smaller than that ,anyway to increase bone thickness?

35 yr female, used to have long hair. Hair growth stunted for 10 yrs. Literally the same length, it just does not grow. Docs can't figure out why~help?

47YO friend says she's much taller than was few yrs ago(unsure of height b4 so can't compare). No phys changes. Any rare genetic disorders cause that?

A child with subclinical Cushing syndrome but left untreated till 21yo,growth is affected, is it possible to still grow if treatment given at 21?

A person in early adulthood lose some bone mass after taking medication ,is it possible for him to regain the original bone mass?

Age 17 i took one shot of testosterone cypionate around 500 mg , i stopped after 1 main ? Did this fuse growth plates or affect penis please be honest and detailed..

Age is in mid thirties. Could having chiropractic treatments cause an adult my age to grow taller like by lengthening the spine?

Am i done growing i'm 16 and 6ft 0.5?

Any chance of adding couple inches of height at my age(41)? Heard that bones in some people (rare) don't close & they can still grow more. Is it true?

Any geniuss medical researcher can answer? I'm 30 yr and 170 cm. I haven't grown since 15. Do u have any virus to make me a mutant to grow tall?

Any truth that rubbing of legs, sending tingles & chills thru body, causes excess growth hormone & height to increase? I'm an adult way past puberty.

Any truth to online claims that those over 35 can still grow 1-3 inches cause spinal chord vertebrates don't fuse?Would chiropractic cause that growth

Any truth to what I just read on Net: foot massage can increase height of people of ALL ages by several inches by stimulating growth hormone secretion?

Any truth to what I read--that 1-2 sodas/day, like Mountain Dew, can cause GH levels to rise & increase the height of adults (many yrs past puberty)?

Anyway you can poss grow taller after growth plates are fused? I have soreness up & down legs like growing pains. Sounds crazy @ 46 but is it possible

Are all growth factors cytokines, but not all cytokines are growth factors, kind of like a rectangle isn't necessarily a square?

Are claims that adult spines even in their late 30s can grow more than 2 inches? Besides improved posture are there rare conditions that can cause it?

Are commerical pill useful in growing my height?

Are there any conditions besides acromegaly that cause 39YO who reached adult height yrs ago to suddenly grow again couple inches w/no other synptoms?

Are there any genetic disorders that cause growth spurts in adults? My brother grew one inch around his mid20s or so. I gained 3 inches in my late30s.

Are there any new therapies on the horizon for short statured persons other than growth hormone?

Are there any other conditions besides acromegaly that would bring on several sudden growth spurts (sev inchs) of height in adults near & past age 40?

Are there HGH supplements or sprays for people after puberty that exceeds genes to increase height ? Im desperate to grow past 5'1 at 17

Are.there always some physical signs w/ acromegaly in adults like nose widen, hand/feet growing? Or can you have it w/ no symps other than height gain

As you get older(later teens) and growth slows,does it become harder to sustain a growth plate fracture?

Aside from acromegaly are there any other endocrine disorders that would cause a 38 yr old to grow almost 3 inches out of blue w/ no other symptoms?

Aside from acromegaly, what other types of medical conditions/problems could cause someone years after puberty ended to have an increase in height?

Assuming my growt plates have not closed, would an aromatase inhibitor (letrozole) combined with 200mg/ml/month of testosterone make me grow taller?

At present I am 22yrs old....Its it possible for me to grow my height....

At what age do human head stop growing?and how does head grow at puberty?is it HGH?besides genetics what determines the size of the head?

At what age does a person stop growing height, and also shoe size?

Beginning at about what age can individuals generally start to lose height? What typically causes that to occur in adults?

Being a 17 year old is it bad to take an herbal test booster to increase muscle growth and size?

Besides acromegaly what other conditions, diseases, etc cause person's growth plates to never fuse? Will growth in height ever stop like everyone else

But doctors, there are many products such as step up growth product or some ads saying increase your height or else take ur money that true?

Can eyebrow tatteing effect a growing fetus?

Can 9 weeks look and measure 7 weeks and be healthy? Do they grow that slow?

Can a 17 year old grow to her full potential after suffering anorexia, she is in the tenth percentile and hasn't hit puberty yet , her bone age is 10.?

Can a 17 year old grow to her full potential after suffering anorexia, she is in the tenth percentile and hasn't hit puberty yet , her bone age is 12.?

Can a head injury stop growth in a child?

Can a teenager prevent his own growth through working out?

Can an adult permanently grow taller by going to a chiropractor w/ the adjustments done during those visits? Would the torso or legs grow as a result?

Can corrrective pens harm your skin or beard growth?

Can excessive GH minus acromegaly cause growth plates to slow or reopen in adults causing height to stop growing & then restart again 12 yrs later?

Can frequent hunger indicate upcoming rapid growth/spurt?

Can gluten intolerance be one of the reason for short stature in height i.e less than predictable growth?

Can growing taller(adults) be the ONLY symptom of having too much growth hormone or would U always have other signs--largerfeatures, deeper voice, etc

Can have Turner Syndrome if normal height? Im 5'7, web neck, low hairline, onset puberty late, minimal (breasts). Whole life i felt something was off!

Can having anterior pelvic tilt, or at least a bad posture since a young age affect your future height/stunt your growth?

Can hexarelin, sam-e, msm and chon re-activate epiphyseal plates via DNA methylation after puberty? (to grow taller)

Can I be still growing at 33? Don't know my prior exact height before so can't compare but people say I look much taller. What could be causing this?

Can i build up my chest by means of push ups? Will this affect growth of height?

Can i grow out of asthma at an adult age of 46?

Can i reach 6'3". I'm 5'8". If i eat a lot of calcium and sleep will i grow more?

Can I use the rate at which my facial hair grows as a proxy to see how strong my level of human growth hormone is, roughly speaking?

Can I use the rate at which my facial hair grows as a proxy to see how strong my level of human growth hormone is? Roughly speaking

Can sleeping plentifully really help you grow that much?

Can small wrists and hands be a sign of growth hormone deficiency? Would treatment work at age 18?

Can spine still grow @ 38 causing nearly 3 inch permanent height increase? Can space growth in vertebrae, chiropractor or stretching cause it?

Can sudden increase in shoe size predict an upcoming growth spurt?

Can taking prednisolone for a week's duration as a two or three year old child cause the child's penis to stop growing or shrink?

Can taking thyroid medication cause an adult (late30s) to grow taller, or does that only occur in children with thyroid issues?

Can the growth factor remove premature fine lines under the eyes?

Can the growth hormone make me grow taller; what are criteria for using it?

Can the milk teeth grow again after losing them due to trauma?

Can the spine of an adult (in their 30s or 40s) still grow longer/taller by several inches that late in life? What would cause that to happen?

Can the spine still grow in adult years? I'm 36, Could my spine have grown several inches @ this age? Shirts seem shorter now.Weight only up a few lbs

Can there be anyway to speed up menopause?

Can u please explain ALL poss. endocrine disorders or pituitary abnormalities that would cause 35 YO to restart growing taller again?No other symptoms

Can U please tell me what if any rare genetic or pituitary conditions can cause couple inch growth spurt @ 39 w/ NO other symptoms or physical changes?

Can yoga or stretching exercise retard the child growth if done in adolescent age?

Can you continue to grow taller after you're turned 19? I'm a male. And does consuming a lot of calcium trigger growth in bones or not?

Can you naturally 'grow out of' ptsd?

Can you please discuss the physical activities that helps you grow taller that you can do at home?

Can you please explain post I read saying too much growth hormone can make adults @ any age grow taller. Does that mean acromegaly or something else?

Can you please specifically list all conditions or diseases that can result or bring on added inches of growth in height in adults years past puberty?

Can you say if it could isotretinoin ( a.K.A Accutane among other generic names ) stunt my growth?

Can you suggest some foods that will help to build up growth hormone? My sis is 17 & we think that she is not growing properly, she has IBS.

Can you tell me how could a body tep of 104-105 in childhood effect adulthood?

Can you tell me if on my forehead. I searched it up and found out it was frontal bossing. is this a sign of stunted growth?

Can your height grow a noticeable amount overnight?

Confused! No one has been able to figure out why I've grown taller at 37 after 12+ yrs of no height change. Any poss ideas of what could've caused it?

Could building chest by means of push ups affect growth of height?

Could I have Marfans? Suddenly started growing taller at 40. I'm very tall no long limbs or curved spine or long face, etc. EKGs/echos over yrs normal

Could several naturally occurring spikes in t (ie from abstinence) stunt growth, if t levels rise significantly (150%) but remain within normal range?

Could watching the flat screen television have any any effect on growth and shape of facial bones in teenagers?

Could you tell me what type of effects would anorexia pose to a growing girl?

Describe the pathophysiology of growing too tall?

Did I do something to cause growth spurts (3 inch total) @ 36 & 41? NO other physical changes. Height was the same for yrs; reached adult ht early 20s

Do any rare genetic disorders cause sudden change in height? Brother grew 1 inch sometime after 23; when I hit 38 seemed to be about 3 inches taller.

Do bones close normally for Marfans pts or do they remain open longer even causing added growth in 30somethings? Can Marfans develop late in life(30s)

Do endocrinologist give you steroids to grow or is it another type of doctor?

Do girls only hit a growth spurt once when around 12? When will I glow up as in change dramatically like from blah to danggg

Do many 13 year old boys go through a cross dressing phase?