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21 never had sex but i don't no what's going on i'm itching and when i itch i see white stuff that look like there coming out but don't then they leav?

A friend has 3-4 hard bumps on the outer there vagina and some white stuff coming out.. Any ideas.

After i had sex there was a lot if white stuff what could do that be it had no smell?

Any ideas why is it that I have a white tissue like thing coming out of me?

Around my belly button itches and now theres clear sticky stuff coming from it?

Bring up lumps of off colour stuff that smells very bad.

Bumb under arm with black smelly stuff coming out?

Can someone explain to me how come this white/clear stuff on my eyeball moving around?

Can someone please tell me what does it mean when someone has white stuff coming out of their breast , not the nipple

Can you please explain the gooey white stuff inside my open wound?

Can you pop herpes like a pimple? And if so should stuff (white stuff) come out of it?

Can you tell me what is the white stuff that comes out the vagina?

Cervical cancer black stringy stuff coming from vagina what is it?

Could you tell me what is the white stuff after a uvulectomy?

Ever 5 minutes I have to go to the lavatory and nothing but clearish-yellow liquid and flakes of white stuff comes out. What is wrong?

Every few months my nipple looks like it splits and white stuff shows. No fluid comes out but if i try to pick this white stuff out its?

Everyday 4 about 2 years 4 times a day this white stuff has been coming out my vagina. It's basically like having my period but everyday.and its white?

Everyday I have to remove white stringy stuff from my eyes. What could be the problem?

For the past 3 months, white stuffs are coming out of my mouth. What is this?

Green stuff on back of my tongeu, is this normal?

Gross tasting white stuff after partial tonsillectomy, what to do?

Have bumps under breast that stinky white stuff comes out what is this?

Having discharge looks real creamy and white with every little red? I'm constipated?

Hello doctor , please i need to ask u white stuff coming out while urinating.It get this sticky white stuff that comes out through the urine what is it?

Help please! i'm having white thick stuff on labia minora. Is this dangerous?

Hi , I have these little white dots inside my nipples and sometimes when i squeeze the white stuff comes out its not liquid , but I'm not pregnant ?

Hi. Iv got white stuff coming out my tonsile?

How come girls get white stuff from vagina?

How come I have discharge stuff?

How do I get rid of white stuff coming from my vsginal area?

How to get out white stinky balls from my throat?

How to get rid of white flecks coming out of nipple 3 days after conception?

How to stop tiny scars from filling up with white stuff.

Husband has puss pocket by his tooth is that a bad thing the stuff that comes out of it is green and yellow

I have a bump between my breasts that has thick, white stuff that smells awful when squeezed. I can never get it all out and it never goes away.

I always have flakey white stuff coming out my ear.What causes it?

I always have some white gunk coming out of my eyes what is it? Like I will put my finger there under my eyeball and white stuff comes out

I am 16 and I've kinda scared I ejaculated before and stuff comes out but now it doesn't just small clear stuff barely comes out ?

I am pregnant but some white stuff coming out, worried that it may be bad. Do you have an idea of what it could be?

I find a white stuff round my penis and itching. What is that?

I get clogged pores on my penis after masturbation. The spot usually turns red with some white stuff inside. The white stuff is possibly sebum. The white stuff comes out easily and just the red spot remains for 24 hours. Does this sound serious?

I get little bumps on my skin & when i squeeze them white stuff comes out, what are they?

I get white pimple like zits on and near my lips, i easily squeeze them out, white stringy like discharge comes out, and thats it they heal! Wat r the?

I get white smelly stuff comes up from the back of my throat. Comes straight up and I have to spit it out. What is it?

I had a fungal infection, was discharging white smelly stuff got treatment and was fine for 3weeks..But unfortunatly the smell and white stuff is bac?

I had white looking stuff come out of my vagina today but i don't have no kind of infection what could this be?

I had white puss coming out of my penis this morning. I'm 18 should I be worried?

I had white stuff dripping from my leg and it was all in my underwear can you help me ?

I have white stuff coming out of my vaginal area is it just cleaning itself ?

I have a chunky, white, sometimes yellow, sometimes green, discharge. And everyone now and then pusky painless bumps appear. What might this be?

I have a clear sticky stuff coming out of my boob it is sometimes white could is be colostrum i'm only 7 weeks?

I have a clear/milky stringy boogery looking stuff I have to pull outta my eyes several times a day for the last year. Any ideas what it is/causes it?

I have a hunk of white stuff in my vagina, what is it ?

I have a medium sized bumps that feels swollen. It has this white stuff in it followed by blood. What is the white stuff & is it bad to have the bump?

I have a tear vagina and it had white stuff in it, i was wondering is that a sign of healing?

I have a thick white milky looking stuff come out of my vagina and alot of itching. Dandruff like stuff around my vagina where my pubic hair start. Wh?

I have a yeast infection.And i peed in a cup and there was some white stuff like chunks is that normal?

I have been getting white thick stuff from my vagina and it itchs. I had antibiotigs for few days for my fever, is it because of that?

I have been sick for about 2 weeks ,right now when i clean my nose ,it is not yellow stuff ,it is only white stuff ,do you think i need to take antibiotics?

I have brown stuff coming out of vagina?

I have bumps and white stuff on my vagina what is it?

I have cottage cheese looking stuff comes out your vagina but the next day its gone, what is this?

I have like foam that's white, coming up from my stomach.What is this?

I have little white yellowish smelly things that come from pockets in back of my throat.What is this caused from?

I have loads of white lumps on the inside of my vagina lips. When I squeeze them white stuff comes out is this something to worry about?

I have lots of brown spots on my Breast. I have squeezed them and pimple like stuff comes out!

I have many small whitehead like things under my armpit. Some of them are unable to squeeze out, but when they do, it's white stuff coming out.

I have some pockets in my throat that some white stuff like cottage cheese it leaves holes and white like vine burst with some blood?

I have some white stuff coming from my nipples, is this a sign of pregnancy?

I have something that is above me clit. It is a white bump and sometimes when i squeeze it pus comes out of it, creamy exactly like discharge???

I have these little bumpson my breasts and when you squeeze them some white stuff comes out. I have had this for a long time should I be concerned?

I have these white bumps on my arola on both of my boobs if i squeeze theme white stuff comes out it don't hurt watt could it be?

I have thick white stuff that comes out of my nipple and areola only when i squeeze it though... should i be worried?

I have this brown gowwy stuff on my vagina and i dont know what it is?

I have this weird whitish yellow chunk of substance coming from my throat ?

I have white creamy stuff coming out of my vagina and it itches what is it?

I have white crystals coming out of my skin?

I have white gooy stuff coming out of my belly button it stinks i went to the doctors and they say its normal?

I have white pore like bumps under my breasts with white stuff coming out that don't hurt. Possible causes?

I have white stuff coming out my vagina and it itches and doesn't have a smell do you know what it could be please help.

I have white stuff coming out of my vagina and i'm a week late. What's going on?

I have white stuff in my nipple im29 years old and i was wondering is it cancer no leakage sometimes clear stuff my nipple is stretchy i'm scared?

I have white stuff in my vagina. Does anybody know what it might be?

I have white stuff inside/around vagina, should I be concerned?

I have white stuff on my fore skin if i squeze it it comes out very hard and thick do u no what this cojld be ?

I have white stuff on the clitorious and nowhere else. It comes off but it like comes back the next day . And it's a little itchy.what is it ?

I have white thick sticky mucus looking stuff inside my vagina?

I have white thick stuff coming out, does that mean im having a baby?

I have yellowish stuff in my underwear and now I have color white lumps on my penis?

I notice a little white sticky stuff on my urine. What is that sticky stuff is that alarming?

I sometimes get white discharge from my vagina, sometimes it comes out as on small lump of white jelly stuff- is this normal?

I think I have herpes and there is yellowish sticky mucus stuff coming out of the sores what is it?

I threw up this morning, there was about a 5 inch fleshy looking stringy veiny thing in it, is that bad?

I took and mirror and looked down there and saw creamy white stuff on the pink part is that normal?

I'm 19 is this normal when white/clear stuff comes out of my penis everytime I squeeze it. It's freaking me out?

I'm having white / clear mucous come out its been like this for 3 days now what could it be?

I'm ten I have white stuff in my underware why and what is it?

I've been noticing white stuff on the part where they took the tooth off. What is it?

I've been to 3 doctors nd they said i was normal but I have this thrush like stuff coming out of my vagina don't now what it is i don't like it , help.

I've got chunks of green stuff oozing from my vagina and it looks so nasty. It smells like rotten meat. What is it?