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50mg of Clomid (clomiphene) on the 10th-14 Of dec. So far feeling achy nipples not so much sore clear discharge and white Bump on breast neg test 2day to soon?

2 days pre period.Dizzy,tired,nausea for about a wk. White shiny discharge. Slight Cramping. Preg or pms sx? Cervix is high and closed.

23 wks pregnant I've been having lots of Braxton hicks I woke up this morning and my discharge smells like period like a blood ?

I had a milky white discharge the 2nd day into ovulation that has since increased. I am bloated and extremely tired, sleepy could I be pregnant?i

I had sex 2 weeks ago for 5 min, protected, I'm late, I have cramps, nausea, hungry, and I have white thick discharge, am I pregnant? I'm 17.

ovulated this month, now I'm four days late. I have lotion like discharge, very tired, very hungry, emotional, tender breasts. BLOCKED tubes. Prego?

"sry about tmi. Im a week late on my period, CM is clear/white and stretchy, im backed up and gassy, and no uterine cramps. Is pregnancy likely?"

1 week after sex abdominal pain/cramp and white creamy jelly like discharge am i pregnant?

1 week before period, larger nipples, and thick white discharge. No consistent symptoms, only when i stress about them. Am i just psyching myself out?

10 day late period, minor cramping, upset stomach, clear/white discharge, pains in lower stomach(not like cramping) 3 neg pregnant tests. Am i pregnant?

10 days late always used a condom, white milky discharge instead of period and today brown spotting. Mood swings and cramps and discomfort all day ?

10 days late, white discharge, no cramping or fatigue....?

10dpo -ve hpt, sore nipples since 2dpo and noticing dry skin on face when its usually oily since 9dpo.. Could i be pregnant? When should retest?

11 days late, neg test, many symptoms...pee a lot, creamy white discharge, nausea, bloated, headache, vivid dreams...wth is going on? 4 kids already

11dpo(cycle day 26) slightly tender/heavier breasts, milky white cervical fluid, period due in 3days. Not got my usual cramps/headaches. Preg? Ttc

12 DPO creamy white discharge crampy nausea sore breast urinating like crazy..Chance of pregnancy..Test said negative..Help?

13 days late on period and have had a yeast infection for the passed 2 days, along with nausea plus odd cravings ?

13 DPO I have slight cramping backache nausea vivid dreams lots of CM sensitive to smells .. Are these signs i could be pregnant ? Af is due tomorrow

15 days after sex very sore breast.Cramping on in off no blood coming out a little of white discharge coming out every now and than have not had perid?

15 days late. Been having clear watery discharge the last couple of days. Loss of appetite, craving milk, but 2 neg. pregnancy tests. what is wrong?

16, late period by 6 days, virgin, white discharge, cramping, and sore nipples, is there something wrong?

17 days late period, clear brownish discharge some flakes. No cramps. Sore breasts. Sexually active ?

17days til af cramps, bloating, watery pink discharge, tender breast, nausea? Pregnant?

19 days late first week late had a pinkish discharge now crampy and constipated with white discharge and fluttery stomach at times several neg hpts... Help?

19 th day after ovulation. HPT was negative. cervical mucus is watery and feeling cramps at the lower abdomen.Am i pregnant or anything serious?

2 1/2 months no period , cramping discharge plus dark around my nipples am I pregnant ?

2 days a milky brown and light blood diacharge hpt neg breast tenderness headaches tiredness no periox for 2 months cramps backache i don't know....?

2 days after period spotted. Since spotting have lots of egg white & white creamy CM. Slight cramping, nausea, slight tender breasts. PMS or HI?

2 days late on period. TTC. Clear/white slimy discharge. Mild cramps like I'm going to start. Nauseated. Negative HPT. What could cause this?

2 neg preg tests 2 white discharges then one sour smelling, along with swollen looking bigger nipples. 3rd month on pill. Whats the problem?

2 week missed periods, and white discharge from the vagina, leg cramps, and fast heart beat. What could be the reason? Pregnancy?

2 weeks late. No symptoms of pregnancy but cramps and discharge (strong, but not nasty smell). Bled a little during sex yesterday. 18 years old. Help?

2/3 days before period. I have had white-ish/brownish discharge that kind of has a slight smell to it. No cramping, Normal? but breast tenderness

21 days late, constantly urinating, bloating, nausea, fatigue. Negative hpt. Had lots of milky vaginal discharge that is not so bad now. Am i pregos?

21/6 lmp, 34 days cycle, cramps, vomit feeling, cramps, breast painful, stomach heavy, period pain but no period, white milky discharge, neg.Hpt, am i preg?

22days late for my period, slight brown discharge , tiredness and mood swings?

27 year old, ttc with husband. 5 days before period, clear discharge, weird cramping, tender breasts, nausea. Could I be?

29 weeks pregnant. For the first time my nipples began leaking. One leaked brownish liquid. Should i be concerned.

2days late.White milky discharge .feels like period but no period Sharp cramps on and on then mild cramps off and on..preg?

3 days ago I had unprotected sex. brown discharge on my underwear, abdominal cramps& low back ache. Am I pregnant or do i have an infection?

3 days late on period , been having gas , sleeping , dirhera , slight cramps . and something nausea. I also have a clear and sometimes white discharge?

3 days over due period date, white cream discharge, nausea, tired, moody, blue vein in breast. 4x neg hpt. Could i actually be pregnant?

3 missed periods,2 neg. Hpt. Watery discharge, no foul smell. Pain below belly button and lower back. Increase in urination. Fatigue, feeling full.

3 weeks pregnant slight cramping no blood. Is this normal?

32 day cycle, average is only 28 days. I've had tender breasts, a lot of white/clear discharge and cramps. Could I be pregnant or just late?

32 weeks pregnant blood speckled jelly like discharge period pains and backache over the past 2 days is it slow labour?

32 yrs just had period, had discharge resembling milk come out of my nipples when massaged. Should i be worried? What is this?

38thcyclic day missed periods 2nd round on clomid (clomiphene) clear milky fluid from both breast while squeezing sensitive breast neg HPT could still be pregnant?

39wks preg. More discharge & some trickles that feel like pee but isn't yellow. Irregular contractions but very strong cramps/backache. Am i in labor?

3wks late,a little milky dishcharge, cramps here&there not often tender breast&& nipples fatigued 2 neg hpt no birthcontrol or condoms trying for baby?

4 days late on period. Nausea on a morning.constantly needing the toilet+loads of clear goey discharge. Am I pregnant?

4 days late period, neg hpt, and white/clear discharge with some symptoms nausea, sore breasts, headaches. could i be pregnant?

4 days late. Watery discharge, slight cramping,sore breast. Cycle is usually about 32-35 and last one week. Now I'm on day 36 and nothing. Pregnant?

4 days missed period milky discharge feeling sick all the time in my throat nipple tingling bigger stomache?

4 dpo, Sore breasts/nipples, heavy feeling in uterus, high cervix, milly whit discharge...could these be early pregnancy signs? Or just pms?

4weeks late no period yet. 6 hpt's neg and hcg<2. But now breast skin(not nipples) flaky, like after a sunburn. Could I be pregnant?

5 Days late brown discharge when I wipe. Feel nausea and headache. My period is always accurate. Could I be pregnant. ?

5 days late brown discharge when wipe nausea headache vomiting. Mild cramping. Bad taste in mouth. negative pregnancy test. Period never late?

5 days late on period.Last month was 1 week late then started. This month no sign.White clear discharge slight lower right cramps.Could i be pregnant?

5 days late, I have been cramping, as if I have my period nausea here an there nothing crazy, and been having white discharge, no other syptoms. Help!

5 days late, light white discharge, slightly swollen breast. Never been late before. I am a 35 day cycle. Constipation, shortness of breath. Pregnant?

5 days late, negative test, clear/white discharge. Also stomach discomfort & dizziness. Answers greatly appreciated.?

5 days late, never had intercourse, getting period symptoms like pimples, sore breasts, and light brown/yellowish discharge but still no period. Why?

5 days late. White discharge(thick not gooey). Lower abdomen and back cramping, nausea, dizziness, headache, sensitive nipples. Preg? Hormonal imbal?

5 weeks pregant. 1 week with tingly sensation on & around vulva. 2 days with pink spotting. Scant cramps and feeling good. What could these sings mean?

5 weeks pregnant. 1 week with tingly sensation around my vulva. 2 days with pink discharge. Scant cramps and feeling good. Thoughts? Thanks

5W5D pregnant.Bloated,gassy,cramping and tonight had brown discharge. Haven't had sex in over a week.Have been very active last 2 days. Normal?

7 weeks after medical arbotion, spotting of brown and red discharge for 3 days, sharp arbnomen pain, sore breasts, blurted but still no normal periods?

8 days late period, Extremely bloated especially after eating. Nausea in the morning.White/yellow discharge Cannot even suck in my stomach? Pregnant?

8 days late period,clear very liquid discharge,tender breast and little cramps..had b4 but never worried.feels different please help?

9 days after period breasts became very sore now on day 16 an they gotten worse.. Breasts started itching are they just growing?.. Have white discharg

9 days brown discharge, 7th day tested neg, mild cramps and nausea. Did stop on day 10, no symptoms since. Could I be pregnant? No period yet

9 days late - PT at 7 days. Frequent urination (no uti), nausea, light brown spotting today, very stretchy slippery clear discharge. But also BF 1yr ?

9 days late on monthly period. Clear and milky white nipple discharge. Breast tenderness and i've increased 1 cup size since last month. Am i pregnant?

9 dpo, creamy white discharge, ab cramps, lack of appetite, an sometimes im really hunger, but cant eat much cause i feel bloated could i be pregnant?

9 weeks late, previous hpt were negative. Cramps, increased vaginal discharge and slightly green poop?? Gp wasn't any help.

9dpo breasts heavy and hard not bigger menstrul like cramps everyday at different times no infect no STD is this normal no discharge?

A blood tinged mucus 3 days b4 my period with sore breast but mense didn't show but im still having sore breast & fatigue w/brwn spotting?Pregnant?

A day late for my period and i have no period symptoms milky watery oderless discharge sometimes sore boob, bloating an nauseous lower back pain?

A girl has had vaginal discharge that was white and looked like conditioner, nausea, and breast tenderness. Could she be pregnant?

A heavy milk colored discharge thats odorless.All day nausea, blotted, dizzy period late. Preg test neg. Today an itch with discharge is only change?

A lot of twinge cramps, creamy discharge since 4 dpo, now 7 dpo, it doesn't smell so not an infection. Had sex 2 1/2 days b4 ovulation... Sign of preg?

A week after ovulation and white discharge has appeared as well as cramps similar to period pain. Is this a sign of successful conception?

A year ago i had an abortion (pill) & a miscarriage 4 months apart. Since then i've had mild cramping & white creamy discharge that smells bad. Help!

Abt 4 days before cycle.Milky pink discharge once.Now lots of milky white nd clear discharge.Mild cramps,nausea,headache,fatigue?Never before.Normal?

AF a wk late, Negative HPT, nausea, Dizzy spells, frequent urination, tons of slippery white discharge no itch, underarm pain, what is wrong?

After a 3 days ealier period..Clear to creamy white discharge along with cramps, headaches, backpain, dizzy.. Ovulation or pregnant?

After I ovulated I continued to have clear or white discharge . I'm approx 7 dpo. I am experiencing headaches and frequent urination. Am I preg?

After my 7days of my period i had intercouse in week 3 times now Iam having abdomen pain and white discharge is this is sign of pregnancy?

After period I've been having very sore tender breast and a lot of white milky discharge next period Is due in seven days ?

All pink discharge with no odor for one day ; sore and swollen breast; and period is a week late . Am I pregnant ?

Allergies like dry eyes feeling bloated , brown discharge and being tired a sign of pregnancy ?

Always had green nipple discharge when squeeze.but now with some white&a lot more than usual&breasts sore and bigger and feel full.Normal period 13/06

Am feeling weak and having creamy vaginal discharge 3 days after my period and am worried?

Am i pregnant if I have cramping, breast tenderness, brown discharge past 2 days, notyrs?

Am i pregnant? Dry humping, no penetration/ period 7 days late/red spotting mid-cycle/mild cramping & nausea/watery clear discharge/neg hpt day 33/moved & started new job & school mid-cycle/stresssed.

Am i pregnant? I missed 2 periods then i had one for almost 3 weeks now I have sore boobs white dots on my nipples and vaginal discharge that is clear and kind of a cream color, I am very moody and im craving food all the time

Am i pregnant? I'm experiencing nausea, headaches, enlarged breasts, darkening of nipples as well as white on the tips of my nipples

Are mucus like discharge and cramps always a sign of ovulation?

Are sore breast and watery discharge signs of pregnancy? My period was due on Sunday. We haven't really been safe, so I was wondering..