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I'm30yrs old lady,ttc since 1 yr.i completed 4 cycles of comid.found cyst after 1st cycle.have yellowish vaginal discharge with foul smell.plz guide ?

1 yr before i stopped breastfeeding but now for 2 days in morning I felt v.little milky discharge leaked in my dress when I don't wear inners.normal?

10wks post partam have ovulated no period no recent sex vaginal cm yellowish smells like semen no other symptoms what could it b Is it a sign of be pg?

10wks pregnant when i pee i see white tissues not all the time like 3 to 4 times is it normal at this time or ill miscarry?

12 weeks pregnant, had slight green discharge on and off for last couple weeks! only see it 1-2 x's day and it's very little! what could it be?

12w5 pregnant. After sex last night, had light orange discharge on tp. Only happened 1. No cramping but scared. Could this be bad? Heard baby hb

13 weeks pregnant and very tiny pink discharge, last iltrasound at 10 weeks 3days, wondering if I should contact my doctor?

17 days past my d&c and I'm spotting and discharging a lot. Only had sex once since my surgery. Why is this happening to me? Is it a sign for aunt flo

17 weeks Pregnant. Had brown spotting in 13th week and now no problem as per Doctor. Shall I try for a Squirting...? Is it safe?

18 weeks and 5 days preg. Discharge is a brownish colour. Should i worry? Is my baby allright? Plss help..

22 weeks pregnant. Cramping that doesn't seem to go away , no bleeding. Alot of whitish discharge and some is clear. Normal? Something serious going on

22yrs old F. W/ same guy for 3 yrs trying for baby for 1yr recently started having bright yellow discharge no clump, odor, itch, pain?

24yrs old no infections or std's, spotting or brown discharge daily for few months. Low libido hard to get aroused. Maybe hormone imbalance?

25 week pregnant gf had <2 oz bloody discharge with a oz of cherry colored tissue. had period type cramps since, its been 90 min. Does she need e.r.

27, 23week pregnant with twins. Bowel movements alot last jelly discharge in poo aswell as 3 lumps of jelly.odd stomach cramps all week?

3.5m PP, not BF, using condoms. Having Period like cramps for over 2 weeks w/no blood but lots of clear mucous discharge. Any cause for concerns? I don't remember this after first child.

30 y Female - very tender lower left pelvis, hurts to the touch- Had pink creamy & stringy discharge yest - neg. preg test but too early I think thoug?

32weeks pregnant.. Yellow watery discharge (not pee) for a couple days now.. See my OB tomorrow but it's really bothering me..?! Is this normal?

33 weeks pregnant today I felt like baby had dropped shortly after I had watery discharge now cramps and frequent bowel movements. To be expected?

34 weeks pregnant. Yellowish greenish chuncky discharge that comes out in globs. Seen doctor medicine seem to have made it worse. Don't want to still have it if I go into an early labor and baby contracts it.

35 weeks pregnant & the past two days my stools are pebble like? No irregular colouring. Is that normal or a bad sign? Swab test for nxt week.

35 weeks pregnant with my2nd baby, have had a brown mucus discharge on and off for about 2 weeks now. Midwife not concerned but hasn't stopped.

35wks3days, few days ago my toddler has become so clingy and emotional, i've had a lot of white and clear discharge and sore lower back. Labour near?

37 week &4days have brown discharge after cervix exam. It is little see when use wipes. Is it normal .? Scared . hope advices.

37 yrs old , having safe sex , this month no sign of my periods, date has passed.Inbetweeni had white discharge which had unusual blood stain.Why?

37wks pregnant 4cm dilated 70% thinned out.Had a lot of discharge yesterday and a little today with some diarrhea does this mean im going in2 labor?

38 weeks pregnant serious diarrhea for the past 3 days tonight its almost dark yellow? Whats going on?!?

38w & 5d I'm 3cm since Wednesday and I'm having abdominal cramping with watery like discharge almost every hour what should I do?

38wks &2days pregnant my discharge is getting a bit heavier is looking more yellowish watery looking why is this? Thank you.

38wks 4days pregnant with yellowish discharge should I be worried. Already at a 3 cm...

39 weeks and 5days pregnant and i started seeing colorless discharge like am horny what does this mean?

39w+4d pregnant & I am just realizing am having little to no discharge at all. Is that's a bad sign or what?

43 ur old female, dark discharge after period. Why?

5w and 5d it normal to have one blob of think creamy cm and feeling wet for them to get nothing after that worried I've miscarriage ?

5w5d pregnant. 2 days before found some jelly like round white discharge, lost breast tenderness, hCG test is getting light, no sac in u/s. Worried :(

6 1/2 months pregnant with second child after having sex last night i seen a lil bit of blood not a lot but then i had a lot of clear discharge?

6week pregnant.Having sore throat.Having varying fever 99.Slight brownish vaginaldischarge today.Is it safe or anything to worry?Please reply soon.

6week pregnant.Having sore throat.Having varying fever 99.Slight brownish vaginaldischarge today.Is it safe or anything to worry?Please suggest soon.

6week pregnant.Having sore throat.I am having 99 fever.Slight brownish vaginal discharge today.Is it normal or anything to worry about?Pls reply soon.

6weeks after medical abortion, still spotting (brownish and bad smell). But i feel normal(no pain). How to treat ?

6wks pregnant,pregnancy test+ve,postcoitus jelly like pinkish discharge noticed in toilet once but no cramps or uncomfortable feeling?

7 weeks 1 day pregnant - had intercourse 3 days ago - yesterday and today i've noticed I have a bit of thick tan / khaki cm. Is this normal?

7 weeks pregnant. USG shows 5 weeks 4 days. Bleeding since 2 weeks ago, now red long stretchy discharge everytime I wipe. No cramps. Should I worry?

7+4 IVF preg. Using crinone (progesterone gel).Watery discharge. No smell. But milky in colour. Waiting for dr appt. Can this be normal or something v worrying?

70 years old women had2childrens and had meanapause since20years now she is suffering from fluids and faint blood discharge from vagina what is this?

7wks pregnant. Had sex 6 hrs ago for the 1st time in this 1st trisemster. Jst now i found egg white cervical muccus. No blood, no pain. Is it normal?

8/7 got a + Preg. took one again now it is neg. period due 8/12? Have cream stretchy white/yellow discharge tingling in one boob flutter in pelvic?

9 weeks pregnant. Had increased discharge since finding out. Last 4 days I've had none. Is that normal. Having some brown spotting, but seen heartbeat?

90 year old woman losing 6 lbs in a week and has brown vaginal discharge for past 4 days... Refuses to go to hospital - serious?

A brown discharge for 25 days after abortion what exactly can I use knowing that i can't see a doctor here.. Please i need help !

A milky liquid is coming out from her breast. She is neitherpregnant, nor has she got a d&c done. We are worried. Canyou please explain what is happening to us and any remedy?

After giving birth back in jan., I tore in the 2nd degree. Ever since then (my doc said that it would heal on it's own) it hasn't healed. There is a sour odor and a yellowish/brownish discharge with an itch. They have done texts before but each time they

After havig a baby and after your done bleeding your kid is 3 weeks you get this discharge that's clear with a weird smell what is that is it normal?

After my first time sex, i went to planned parenthood, they said, i had a little bit of yellow fluid. they gave antibiotic afterwards. two days later, i got my period early which is unusual. do i have std?

After my period ends, I usually get a pinkish white discharge for 5 or 6days which smells really bad (like dead rat).Never used tanpons.What can help?

Almost 40weeks but no labor yet, discharges, yes.. whats happening?

Alot of muscus on panty while on depo, should I be concerned?

Am i pregnant? I have been having some light headed moments, headache, craving cottege cheese w/ slime jems mixed together... And my boobs are sore..

Been to hospital for detailed check. No issue. But period stop after having it from 12y/o to 14y/o. White sticky/transparent discharge. Why? I'm 19 nw

Been trying for 3 months for a baby, but at 5-7 DPO i had pink stuff on my toilet paper with cramps! is this mean i'm finally pregnant? Or what?

Bleedin for 4wks 1wk after period - then heavy 2 light spottin brown strange smellin liquid(nt smelling like stool) tested negative for any STD & bv?

Bleeding since April '14, had a mass that was red/grey with white "tail" come out of me. Unsure about what to do. Tests always say not preg. ?

Blood streaks in vagina mucus after taking apo-clindamycin for 2 days it made me sick so quit...Is this normal? I am worried never happend before.

Brown discharge 3/4 days before period for last 2 months while still on thrust treatment. Worried and scared. Should i be worried?

Brown discharge from nipple, during period. Happened last month and now this month. I only noticed as my top was wet when I woke up from sleep. My last child is 4 and I stopped breastfeeding in 2013. I am 31 and on iron, transanaemic and cerrazette pre

Brown Discharge when I wipe - I was just told from my doctor that I have a ovarian cyst, I didnt have the discharge when I seen him and now I do. I also had an ultrasound but the one that goes on the inside... Could this have anything to do with it? I am

Can you help me please today I found a green mucus when I wiped myself could it be Trichomoniasis im with my partner for 15 years and we are both fatefull?

Cervix is high, a little on soft side, no more white/yellow discharge, and open(I checked). 40 days late with 2 neg. tests. around 20 days. Pregnant?

Cervix was hard n low on d29. Then had unprotected sex on the day, suddenly cervix become medium n firm with white spots discharge when checked.Prego?

Clear mucus discharge with blood in it. 9 days before my period. Never had this before happened. 1st tim so far. Should Ibe concerned or go to doctor?

Could Plan B ec cause me to have more egg white like discharge? I've had this for about 4 days, it's getting a bit thicker and a little pasty

Could yellow dis charge mean i'm pregnant?

Dark brown discharge and im 10 weeks pregnant its not constant but its theres kinda of a lot when I wipe myself I previously went to the hospital and had both. An internal and normal scan but all they have said is I have a low amniotic fluid?

Day 6 of free week no bleeding just had brownish discharge for few hours then lil orangish then all clear. 1st month On Marvelon previously on diane..

Dec.6th my IUD fell out.Went to e.r.,im fine. Had sex night before. Having cramps,sensitive to smell,peeing a lot and lots of discharge.Am I pregnant?

Diagnosed with pcos, spotting very little for 2 weeks, past 2 days heavy mc with yeast infection, connected?

Did my tvs today. the result was im 4.4 weeks instead of 7.4weeks.LMP was 10-21-14..had brownish discharge with cramps this week. is everything ok?

Didn't get my period after delivery. 6.5 months passed. I've seen a little brown discharge few days ago and now it disappeared . What does it mean ?

Discharge in brownish color for one whole day on every month - 7th day from period, try for pregnancy around 10 month haven't get +ve result?

Do I am married and have a fairly active sex life, after my period I have had a very discharge with a brown tint and bad smell.. What could it be?

Do I have anus cancer they are soft not hard. Brown in color- no discharge- painful and growning worse for the past 8 months- have not been sexually active for the past two years- and former partner had been check for STDs prior to dating of corse never a

Does every pregnant woman have jelly -like discharge wen about to go to labour?

Does having dried up white stuff in your underwear mean your pregnant? My friends on birth control but she doesn't believe me... So I'm gonna ask you

Does it mean am pregnant bcause my vigana is dry?

Does the midcycle discharge go for more than 1 day ? Ps: i'm virgin

Done 2 tests. Both negative. Pain is unbearable during sex the thick skin is the size of a child's hand and pink in colour this has never happenperiod?

Em not married i am havig discharge of brown watering n urine in dark color what are the reason behind it...... Em just 17 years old?

Embarrassed; laparoscopy feb 1st, normal per. After; now in mar. 2 periods 13 days apart; 2nd is heavy & has a foul (almost rancid) odor. See surgeon?

Experienced a little liquidity blood in my discharge today? Period is late 2weeks, 2(-) PTS, also experiencing brown discharge for 5 days?

Extreme clear Virgina discharg for about a year now and bad period cramps. I'm 17 and the women doctor won't look at me and I'm too youngWhat is this?

First, is there stages of pcos? Why does it lower your sex drive? Why does it seem like there is always discharge or leaking?

For 4 years my period had a period scent but now it smells like nothing and it's more red recently. My hCG is 1 at 8 weeks after sex what could it be?

For about the past month i've had a constant white lotiony discharge enough for me to have to use liners which i've never done before should I worry?

For some reason I have red tinged vaginal discharge. I have been off my cycle for about a week. I just noticed it happening today. I don't feel ill besides a headache half the day. It's happened before but went away. Should I be concerned or not?

For the past 2-3 days i've had a lot of vaginal discharge, it feels like water. I'm due for my period in about 4 days, is this normal? Or a sign of pg

For the past 3 days i've had stringy brown discharge i only see it if i put toilet paper up there, mild cramps, 6 bc pils left and i'm sexually active.

Four months late for my period ive had blood test negative my tubes are tied now i have white toilet paper like discharge and oder along with itch?

Geynocogey , ok my girlfriend of a year now is having these like mini cramps Off and On and (off white discharge) as well and also sore breast and her period has been a little wacky I'd say 5 -6 day late were are both very scared not ready to have a bab

Good day, i want to ask why I have green discharge after 4mos of giving birth. Papsmear is negative, done taking albothyl but still have the green dis?

Good evening sir i have a white chalk like discharge after a have sex with my simen and after it came out and its pain ful j have only 2 women in my l?