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1 time white discharge a week after ovulation. Had m/c 3 weeks ago. Am i pregnant?

12 weeks pregnant and discharging vaginal tissue. What could this be? Should i be concerned?

12 weeks pregnant with clumps of ewcm discharge. 3rd pregnancy never had this before. Is this okay/normal?

16 weeks pregnant watery discharge from clitoris is this normal?

2 week pregnancy white discharge with labour pains why sir?

20 weeks pregnant, I have discharge as ovulation discharge, is it normal? What is the best time to go to doppler?

28weeks & 4days pregnant now and having white discharge I just entered my third trimester ! What is this discharge ?

28weeks+4 pregnant,thick discharge but not enough to soak through a panty liner; no odour. Is this ok?

3 weeks ago i miscarried our 7 week old baby . Now I have slight yellowish discharge. Normal...?

31 weeks pregnant with vaginal fluttering. Is this abnormal?

32weeks pregnant, with pressure and creamy discharge. Is this normal?

34 weeks pregnant and during intercourse had a lot of watery discharge. Haven't leaked anything since and haven't had any contractions.

35 weeks pregnant with brown discharge?

36 weeks pregnant really chunky discharge, never had it before. What could it be?

37 weeks pregnant and brown discharge from anus is that normal?

37weeks pregnant having creamy green discharge. Is this normal?

38 weeks pregnate and I have a lot of discharge coming out?

39 week pregnant white discharge?

39 weeks pregnant and leaking a pinkish discharge for 2 days what could it be?

39 weeks pregnant having contrations and viginal discharge?

39 weeks pregnant, slight fishy discharge?

4 days before expected period. White milky discharge with no odor. Could possible be pregnant. Is the discharge another sign if pregnant?

4 days delayed, have vaginal discharge, is it pregnant?

40weeks pregnant and i was leaking a pinkish watery could it be labor?

45 years old, husband had vasectomy 14 years ago. Period 2 months late, milky discharge from both nipples. Could I be pregnant?

61/2 months pregnant wake up to a brownish discharge?

6weeks pregnant, had mild brownish discharge last week for 2 days and again for this day.. Please help thanks ?

8 weeks pregnant and had orange discharge after using a vibrator lots of it?

8wk pregnant with brownish vaginal discharge is that normal .?

9 months pregnant and you are have brown discharge, backache, pelvis what does it mean?

9 weeks pregnant and 2 days no mucous discharge?

9 weeks pregnant and I've had a sweet smell discharge since I've been pregnant..

9 weeks pregnant been having yellow sweet smelling discharge since I've been pregnant?

Abortion 4 weeks ago and have brown cervical mucus and no period yet, could i be pregnant?

After conception, is a watery wet vagina normal before a missed period?

After intercourse a chunck of discharge just sliped out of my vigina. I'm 26 weeks pregnant.

At 5 weeks pregnant and having yellow mucus like discharge. Is this normal or signs of miscarriage?

Before pregnancy I have white discharge with smell but no in pregnancy also I have this ok???? Now I am 6 months pregnant.....

Brown discharge @ 9 weeks pregnant?

Brown tinged discharge at 5.5weeks pregnant. Should i worry?

Brownish reddish discharge and pregnant with second child. Should I be concerned? Had a miscarriage in march

Can a vaginal discharge prevent you from getting pregnant?

Can STD trich/or UTI cause pink brown spotting during first trimester inpregnancy?

Can the STD trich, or a UTI cause pink/brown spotting during first trimester of pregnancy?

Can u get watery discharge if possibly pregnant?

Can you feel cramps and have watery vaginal discharge the day after conception?

Can you get vaginal discharge 9days after conception?

Can you still get white discharge with an ectopic pregnancy?

Creamy milky discharge after miscarried am i pregnant?

Do pregnacy symptoms have white discharge in vaginal orderless and brownish spotting and cramps i have 9 days pass ovulation can i test?

Do pregnant still discharge white mucus? how do you differentiate spotting of pregnant or just ovulating?

Does discharge during early pregnancy smell like sperm?

Does premenstrual discharge change if youre pregnant?

Does your discharge become sticky during pregnancy ?

Good morning! im pregnant for about 5 weeks and 5 days. Im 36 y.O. And this is my first pregnansy. I have a pinkish discharge every evening at about 1?

Had a baby 12weeks ago not had a period but had jelly/pinkish discharge. Could i be pregnant again?

Had a smelly discharge and I am 6months pregnant. What can it be?

Hai for me very less discharge means that i am pregnant?

Having very lite bloody discharge. What could be the cause? Jsut had a yeast infection. Period in 4 days. Could it be pregnancy?

Help me with brown discharge in pregnancy first trimester?

Hi docs I have brown vaginal discharge for a week now I don't know what is going on can you please tell me what's wrong? Normal Pap test

Hi I am 12 weeks pregnant and sometimes have brown clumpy discharge when I pass urine is this ok ??

Hi i'm 27 weeks pregnant with twins and my vaginal discharge has stopped completely?

Hi last Menes was 29/10/2014 not pregnant also no Menes over 1 year, just last month 15/08/2015 had pink vag discharge for one day what can cause it?

Hi, can a woman still get pregnant from pre-cum? And if vaginal discharge smells like your partners pre-cum does that signify pregnancy?

Hoping you can tell me, is brown discharge normal after not so frequent intercourse?

How can I manage vaginal discharge while i'm pregnant?

How do you know if your discharge while pregnant is amontic fluid? I'm only 26 weeks & my discharge is more creamy now & has a smell to it.

How long does vaginal discharge last and what's suggestions to help with getting pregnant.

How many month is 33 week pregnant?

How many months are you when your 33 weeks pregnant?

How soon will I have creamy discharge after conception?

How will the pregnant women vomit it is watery or thick?

I am 11 weeks pregnant. Ive been having discharge. Is that normal? Please let me know

I am 13 weeks pregnant. And i having white discharge. In my case miscarriage is possible?

I am 17 weeks pregnant, from yesterday i am not having white vaginal discharge is that normal?? no more symptoms

I am 24 weeks pregnant , got a little brown discharge during urination, it's my second pregnancy , is it normal or something to worry about.

I am 3 weeks 5 days pregnant. My question is, is watery discharge normal in early pregnancy ?

I am 31 weeks pregnant en havin a whitish watery vaginal discharge. Is it safe?

I am 34 weeks pregnant and am having a watery discharge. Normal?

I am 38 weeks pregnant, should some discharge comes out of vargina?

I am 39.3weeks pregnant and just had a slime like discharge from my vagina? Is this normal?

I am 4-5 week pregnant and im having some brown discharge is that normal?

I am 8 days post iui.. I am not getting any pregnancy symptoms.. But hving very little white creamy discharge.. Am i pregnant?

I am 8 weeks 2 days pregnant. Im having brownish discharge and cramping and u/s show im having a cyst. Is it dangerous to my pregnancy?

I am 9 days past ovulation and for the last 3 days I have had heavy creamy discharge. Every day I get more and more discharge. Pregnancy symptom?

I am 9 weeks pregnant and have staphylococcus virginal discharge?

I am about a month pregnant and I have an infection with discharge,yellowish cheesy discharge. I want to terminate the pregnancy?

I am eleven weeks pregnant and have blood discharge, is it normal?

I am getting some watery vaginal discharge am i pregnant or getting period?

I am i pregnant if I have tan discharge ?

I am in my six week pregnancy but i don't feel any discharge. Is it normal?

I am pregnant and have snotty brown discharge when i clean myself, r4lifemy last period was in july 27?

I am pregnant and i still get white discharge in my underwear is that normal?

I am suspecting a pregnancy.Is it normal to have brown specks in vaginal discharge?

I am worried about brown discharge in first trimester of pregnancy?

I clear stringy discharge sign of pregnancy or something else I can't be pregnant because I'm on the pill and if I am I want a termination ?

I did IVF almost a year ago and I have been having a lot of bleeding and watery discharge my obgyn dr says i'm ok is this normal!?!

I had a miscarriage 5 months ago. While i was pregnant i notice that i would pass vaginal discharge or mucus after a bm. Could this be a sign of preg?

I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks pregnant about 2 months ago & bled for about4days&now i'm have like a white creamy slimy discharge, could i be pregnant?