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"My period is about 2weeks late, i have soft cramping and a strange watery light briwn liquid leaking out. Pregnancy test was negative, what's going ?

Am four weeks late with 6 negative pregnacy tests and odorless white milky discharge. I also have some slight off and on cramping What's wrong?

I'm cramping on and off but they are very mild and I'm spotting the blood is orange negative you think I could be pregnant?

,why do i have a light neon greenish discharge? I had it for months and also took an std test and urine test, they both came out negative.

"hi I missed my period cycle and now getting white discharge during the dates is this a sign of pregnancy ?"

"i have missed my period two months in a row. My pregnacy test is negative (first response), and I have a thick white discharge with irritaion. What?

(no bc in 30days) no form of protection with husband, 9 days late, neg blood test, light brown discharge, possibly pregnant? When should I test again?

1 day late for my period. I usually spot a day before period. I notice whitish clear discharge. 2 neg hpt. Could i still be pregnant?

1 week period late- 4 negative tests- still could be pregnant?- white discharge like ovulation is it ovulation or concern?

10 days late 3 negative tests, still having watery and egg white discharge. Can't get into my dr until 5/11. Are these signs of a serious problem?

10 days late for periods ultrasound and 4 clear blue test done not pregnant !! Usually a lot of discharge very dry cervix really bad cramps causes ?

10 days late period cramping, 2 neg tests, and some white discharge? Is my period going to come? Should i continue to wait?

10 days late period, very slight brown discharge on day 10. Negative tests ( 3 mornings) had sex twice on holidays when I should have been ovulating?

10 days late, sore nipples, discharge, peeing a little more than usual, light cramps sometimes. Had a few neg tests but haven't tested in four days. ?

10 days missed period, negative pregnancy test, white discharge.. I had a fever for a week (1st week of July).. What does it mean?

11 days late on period, a week ago i had an unusual amount of clear stretchy discharge, spotting several days later bloated, tests negative am i preg?

11 days late period. had protected sec. home preg tests ( 3 ) were negative. thin white discharge with mild cramps . Pregnant ?

11 days late two negative test had cramping 2nd & 3rd day clear thick stretchy discharge and now sore breast, is it possible that I might be pregnant?

11 days late, headaches, full breasts, and negative hpt. Had a few blood tinged wipes around 4 days before expected period then nothing. what to do?

11 days late, never missed a period before. Age 35. Several negative UCG tests. Brown discharge tonight while wiping. Any input?

11dpo. Neg test yesterday. 2day very mild cramps. Not often. & white discharge. Could be a pregnancy sign? Been ttc for year and a half.

12 days late for my period, experiencing creamy white vaginal discharge, frequent migraines, negative pregnancy test and no bleeding. Am i pregnant?

12 days late white dischage , mild cramps and negative test. Can I still be pregnant?

12days late period.No signs at ALL! VERY unusual.Neg.home &Dr. Test.Small amount light pink/yellow discharge 1 day when wiped.No infections.Pregnancy?

12dpo with clear stringy discharge what is this still no sign of my period could i be pregnant i took a yesterday neg too soon please help?

13 days late, cramps, clear discharge, negative pregnancy test?

14 days late on period cramping really bad on the 14th day b took a pregnancy test it was negative still no period watery like discharge no oder?

14 days late on period today, took two preg. tests recently both negative. What else can cause delay? Feel bladder cramps & clear vaginal discharge

14 days late period negative urine tests, light spotting after pelvic exam, is this normal? No STDS same partner for 5+years.

15 days late, white discharge with a scent, lower cramps for about 2weeks but still no period? I took two tests both negative.. Do you think it's serious?

15 hpts and 2 blood tests are negative. My last period was stringy with stretchy clear discharge. By 12/17 I'd be 4 months, what's the chance I'm pre?

16 days late for period, preg test neg and blood test neg <1 have pregnancy symptoms also mild cramping and discharge what could be going on?

17 days late period. Neg hpt. Light brown clear discharge. Sexually active sore breasts ?

1st pregnant test neg. I'm having watery discharge a little odor and missed period. Signs of a late period? Or pregnant should take another nxt wk?

2 days late. Tender breasts. Cramping and white creamy discharge. Any ideas what this means? Negative test during day. Using morning urine tomorrow am

2 months late for period neg hpt, tubes tied 9 months ago, clear liquid like stuff from breast wats wrong hormones or preg?

2 months late I took a hpt it came Bac neg. now I have white pimple on my nipple when I squeeze a cloudy white liq come out is it a early sign of preg?

2 periods in one month and secretion with a odor took a pregnanct test and didnt show up.

2 weeks late period, neg urine test, no symptoms, neg ultrasound. Beyond regular cycles (clockwork). Could i still be pregnant? White discharge.

2 white discharges 1 white sour smelling discharge 2 neg preg tests but still worried of pregnancy. Is there a chance??

20 days late on my period (pregnancy tests were negative and have never been super regular). Am now having bloody cervical mucus. Is this normal?

21 y/o sexually active girl. My period was late one day, was first brown, and is now clumpy and red. Should I be worried?Pregnancy test neg 2 days ago

21y/o, no period since December, negative pregnancy test, lots of white discharge. Ideas??

2mnths miss period and period like cramp with thick white creamy discharge and both hCG and hpt negative.. plz what can be wrong. Give birth 8 mnths?

2nd missed period. Full breast . Was bloated.Neg. preg.& STD test. Lot of white discharge today when period was due. What could be the reason?

3 days late negative pregnancy test.Very sore breast.Spotting brown discharge and a little bit of blood.Also having mild cramps.What does this mean ?

3 days late period with white clear discharge and one time pinkish, having cramps back pain heavy breast, nausea but negative hCG test. Am i pregnant?

3 days late, negative test day 1 missed period, night cramps, clear to milky discharge makes me feel like period started, am I pregnant?


3 negative pregnancy tests, no period for 54 days. 34yrs. Pinkish discharge, no medical coverage, could I be pregnant? Or is something wrong? Help!

3 times neg pregnancy hcg test 3 days before period due. Last period was on 7th nov. No pms symptoms. Dry vaginal discharge and no breast tenderness. ?

4 days late for period negative test small amount of white discharge mild cramps feeling fuller could this be a pregnancy or late period ?

4 days late for period, negative test, but experiencing clear vaginal discharge and sensitive/hurting nipples. Is pregnancy still possible?

4 days late on my period. I have thick light yellow/white snot like discharge (no infection) & tender breasts. Negative preg test. Could I be preg?

4 days late. Sensitive nipples. Moody. Tired. Clear egg white-like discharge for a week. Pregnancy test negative a week ago. What's up?

43days missed period, 3times negative test and a little like yello discharged, am i pregnant? Please help.

45 days late for period five negative test losing white discharge?

45 days no period, white discharge like spotting is coming, feeling tired , no other pregnancy symptoms. am i pregnant and when i can take hpt test ?

48 days dark brown dicharge is coming. Is it pregnant or period. If pregnant means when I can take test .

4positive pregnancy tests but i see a white discharge. Can i really be pregnant?

4weeks late with clear watering discharge since 2 days and pregnancy test negative saw my period sep27 and later oct10 and no early sign of pregnancy?

5 days late no period normal otherwise. thick white mucousy discharge. neg preg test at 3 days?

5 days late on cycle. Neg test. Took Monistac 1 last night and now I'm cramping, is it the effects from the cream or a sign my period is coming?

5 days late. Doctor did a urine test and came back negative. Been having creamy white discharges with no odor. Whats wrong?

5 days of scattered brown discharge before period was due, mostly when I wiped then negative home pregnancy test thrush, get nauseated nd no period.?

5 weeks and 1 day pregnant, second pregnancy, scant spotting noticed when wiping, mild cramps,HPT still strong positive but still nervous. Worrisome?

5 weeks late on period (2 missed periods) mild cramping, increase of cervical mucus (clear/odorless) etc tested 2 weeks ago negative. Any advice?

52 days late period pregnant signs pressure in lower abdomen egg white discharge irregular periods 2 neg hpt last test 4-15-13 and its4-27-13 help?

6 days late, negative pregnant test, dr says my cervix is thick and blue in color. What does all this mean?

7 week late period no cramps no spotting only discharge no oder or itch or burn and i tested negative please help

8 days late for period, never late and also on birth control. on same kind for 3 yrs. I have bad cramps, white discharge, bad backache negative tests ?

8 days late on period negavtive pregnancy test white discharge no odor. Slight bleeding day after postivie ovulation test for about three days. Help?

8 days late on period, negative test, everytime I think I have gotten my period it ends up being white watery discharge. No odor or itching..pregnant?

8 days late on period, on birth control, unprotected sex on May 24, 3 home tests were neg, thin white discharge w/ mild cramps on left side. Pregnant?

8 days late. Creamy ewcm chunks mucus. Neg pregnant test. Whats up? A few symptoms.

9 days late for period, pink blood mixed with watery white discharge only once when wiping, negative hpt test and mild cramps. Pregnant?

9 days late on period. Negative test.Creamy mucus. Not smelly or itchy. Its not a yeast inf. Cramping, nasuea, fatigue.. Did i take test to early?

9 days late with period 3 negative test... started milky colour watery discharge? Possible of being pregnant or go 4 check up?

9 days late, cramping no blood, lots clear liquid discharge, but neg HPTs, reg cycle every month, what else could explain my missed period?

9 days late, neg test no sign of af..not stressed or anything like that. I'm always regular...what's going on? White lotion discharge.

9 days late, white clear discharge, cramps. Uncomfortable . Could i be i pregnant. Negitive tests?

9days late, have taken home pregnacy test, came up neg. Also white creamy discharge and emotions off. Could I be pregnant?

A little brown discharge not for a complete day at 12 weeks pregnancy and it stopped. Please does it means that all is okay? Or can I do home pt test

A week late. Cramps headache bloating as if I'm on my period but instead of blood there's a creamy discharge. Pregnancy test was negative.

According to calendar, my period is almost 2 weeks late. Pregnancy test says negative. Have extreme milky discharge and sometimes pinkish. any help?

After confirming that my girlfriend is 2 weeks pregnant thru hpt, she had white discharges. Will she have her period afterwards?

After sex, a white discharge & today its brown from my vagina, no itching, irritation&odorless.Pregnancy test(home) is negative.Period missed by 12 days?

Almost 2months late period, negative hpts, having clear discharge over 2month.I have almost all pregnancy symptoms. Whats wrong with me. Am i pregnant?

Am 2 weeks late and I had brown discharg during my period tiime and now a have clear discharg and pregnant test was negative. What could this be?

Am a month late for my period have like pregnancy symptoms took a clear blue digital test and said not pregnant and some whitish discharge is coming ?

Am i pregnant? My period is late. I cramp and have sore breast like it is on. I am also having a white/clear discharge.I have not took a test yet because it might be too early. Am i pregnant?

Am I pregnant?i had 1 day period and spotting on the next day the white discharge..but negative pt

Am I pregnant/having pms?It's 2 weeks since sex.I have clear watery discharge(roughly 4 days prior to expected period), my pregnancy test is negative.

Am i testing to soon removed mirena (levonorgestrel) 6wks ago monday no period but a lot of pregnancy signs, cramping with white discharge, & negative tests help!

Am really confused, it was august i last had a period am 8 weeks late and discharge is thick and white have had a few pregnancy tests which r negative?

Been off bcp since last mnth. I had red line of blood in discharge on day 10-11. & brown discharge after that. Home pregnant test was negative on day 16?

Been trying to get preg. If this is my period it's two weeks late neg test and heavy bleeding and stretchy clear discharge in blood flow ?

Bleeding very little pinkish in color from vaginal area cause for concern period was two weeks ago and pregnancy test came back negative?

Brown discharge for 3 days then white discharge period 12 days late negative test , any advice ?!

Brown discharge for the past few days, almost 8 days late period, normal pms symptoms, negative pregnancy test....whats going on??