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Is lt normal have white creamy discharge at opening of vagina 6 days AFTER ovulating?im on day 3of this discharge.

28 weeks pregnant, vagina is swollen a lot and red with a milky white discharge. Some odor as well. Is this normal at this stage?

29weeks pregnant with white/grayish discharge odor flow by wettness in underwear what is this?

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Brown discharge from penis?

Brown smelly discharge from anus on vacation?

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Brownish red discharge from the vagina?

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Clean sticky discharge from vagina and burning nipple?

Clear sticky discharge from vagina, what do you advise?

Could the slick discharge from my vagina be a sign of ovulation?

Creamy discharge from the virgina without itchings 3 days past ovulation. What could cause this?

Dark brown vagina discharge to yellowish vagina discharge, what does it mean?

Discharge during for ply?

Discharges on vagina like having a white discharge and at the same time red discharge, and im not on my period, what kind of infection/abnormality is?

Does pcos cause watery runny vagina discharge?

During sex milky white thin discharge, my bf fingered me and it was thick and clumpy on his finger. Is this a yeast infection or is it normal?

For a few days now i've been leaking from my vagina. Its clear and odorless. Is this.Normal?

Girl had this thick white clumpy discharge (mucus like) around vagina before we even had sex. It didn't have odor. What was it?

Girlfriend had creamy white in her vagina, what could it be?

Green discharge from vagina no odour?

Having mucus smelly anal discharges during the day?

Having vaginal irritation and some soreness with odorless clear mucus/white discharge period last week white crusty discharge in underwear virgin?

Hello, my vagina is puffy and very itchy and is discharging milky watery fluid. Is it an infection? Or could i be pregnant

Help! there's white discharge coming from my vagina?

Help! there's white sticky discharge from vagina after sex?

Hi I have noticed that I have a thick white discharge deep in the vagina. Not sure what area its called. No ordor or discharge in my underwear though?

Hi I'm having a greeny discharge coming from my vagina, what would you suggest?

Hi, I'm 16 years old and a girl. My Vagina has been itchingy, I have a lot of withe yellowish discharge and my vaginas pH-Level is 7. ?

How come i get so much of white discharge from vagina?

How do I know if discharge is coming from the uretha? Or the vagina?

How do i stop brown discharge? From my vagina,

I am 16 years old and a virgin. I have white mucus-like discharge coming out of my penis after i urinate. What could it be?

I am 21 weeks pregnant and from last few days I have itching in my vegina there is no discharge or odor.

I don't really have a discharge, cause my vagina is always dry , what does this mean?

I feel as if i'm peeing my pants but its just a lot of vaginal discharge?

I had a bloody discharge in my bum?

I had a csection about 5 weeks ago. Is it normal to have jelly-like yellowish vaginal discharge?

I had brown, sticky and burning discharge from vagina and I don't know why. What could it be?

I Had intercourse 2 days ago. We are ttc. Just now I went to urinate and after, this creamy or white discharge comes out vagina. What could it be?

I had pasty white discharge while having intercourse with my partner... What is it??

I had sex a day or two before my ovulatiom and now its been a 3 days an i have a yellowish murky discharge in my panties dried I dont itch or anything?

I had sex last week and now I'm having pain in my vagina. I'm seeing a white milky discharge and now its coming out thick and odorless.Infection?

I had some yellowish chunky discharge after sex, what could this be?

I hav white creamy discharge from my vagina an its odorless what is tht ?

I have a brown muccus discharge from my anus all the time is this something to be concerned about ?

I have a brown muccus discharge from my anus. Should i be concerned?

I have a clear discharge coming from my vagina everyday is this normal? What is happening?

I have a clear slimy discharge coming from my vagina should I worry?

I have a clear whitish stretchy discharge come out of my vagina is has a odorless smell. ?

I have a foul order coming from my vagina. The discharge is white and creamy. Help?

I have a lot of itching outside around my vagina and slight brown discharge. What could this be?

I have a lot of milky stuff coming out of my vagina what is it?

I have a milky white thin discharge during defecation from my vagina. There is no odor or pain. What could it be?

I have a odorless discharge that is white and sometimes when I have sexual intercourse it kind of comes out more is this normal ?

I have a oily discharge from my anus?

I have a tan snotty vaginal discharge and both ovaries hurt?

I have a vaginal discharge for about a year now. It don't itch. My underwear always wet and I have oder. My vaginal discharge is white. What can I do?

I have a very clear odourless jelly- like vaginal discharge. What causes this?

I have a very white discharge coming from my vagina it has no smell and it don't itch at all. What could this be?

I have a whitish discharge around the entrance of my vagina. Is this cervical mucus?

I have an unusual discharge from my virgina its yellowish?

I have been bleeding thick black blood (or vaginal discharge) out of my vagina for 2 weeks, what's wrong?

I have been having a milky clumpy discharge come out of my vagina recently. Can you help explain what it might be?

I have been itching around my vagina, no bumps, not any abnormal discharge, just ended my period.

I have been leaking this brown stuff out of my vagina what is it?

I have brown discharge and my vagine is ichy should I be worried ?

I have clear pumps on the inside of my vagina and clumpy discharge coming out, no smell but itching. What could this be?

I have discharge coming from the tip of my penis and it has a foul odor but I've never had sex.

I have had brown vaginal discharge coming from my vagina. I have an IUD and have not had a period for 1 year. Is this normal?

I have just had a hysterectomy. I now have a mucus discharge from the vagina. Is this normal?

I have no vaginal discharge for 6 days. My boyfriend ejaculated inside me, after that i dont have a vaginal discharge. Why is it so?

I have now period my vagina is itching when blood is coming out, why?

I have now period my vagina is itching when blood is coming out, why?

I have smelly yellowish vaginal discharge and sores on my vagina and i don't have a std?

I have thick mucus-like discharge coming from my vagina. What could this be?

I have thick whitish discharge coming from my vagina, it has a odour too. What does this mean?

I have very dark almost black discharge coming from my vagina. Is this normal?

I have very sticky, bloody discharge, and an itchy vagina. ?

I have white discharge coming out of my vagina. Should i be worried?

I have whitish/reddish mucus discharge coming from my vagina. Only when I wipe or touch my vaginal area. I had no period for 5 months, and I'm worried?

I have yellowish discharge coming from my vagina?

I need information on remedies of white discharge of women through vagina.

I notice white discharge from my vagina, do I have an infection?

I really need some answers! why am i discharging from my vagina?

I seem to be having some yellow discharge coming from my anus and some black discharge from my vagina :i ?

I'm having a lot of brown discharge coming my vagina/clitoris and wanted to know what causes this discharge? I'm not starting my period

I'm having greenish discharge from vagina with a fishi odour after 2 days of sex ...wat does it mean? please help me

I'm having odorless white discharge and itchy vagina, signs of pregnancy?

I'm just wondering, if your vaginal discharge is a little yellowish then is it okay?

I'm on depo. I'm having brown discharges. My boyfriend's penis is burning on the inside. Is it cause of my discharges?

I've been having hot watery discharge from vagina. What can I do to stop this?