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Is it normal to still have mucus like discharge accompanied with light spotting 3 weeks after d & e?

Is it normal when you get your period to first bleed like a brownish color ?

Is it okay to have pink(salmon), brown, black discharge in small to large clumps when you are using crinone 8% progesterone gel in early pregnancy wk 7?

Is itching after not starting your period after almost a year normal? Sometimes a redish brown fluid.

Is my cancer back if I have dark brown milky discharge lasting over a month?

It happens that a nasty cold cause brown discharge or spotting?

It has been 5 days since my period ended but two days ago I started having dark red/brown discharge with thin, stringy blood clot type things. help?

It is about a week or two until my period is due, but bright orange discharge that smells quite bad has started coming out. Is this my period or something else? What should I do?

It is day 6 of my period And it is light. But there is clear stretchy discharge mixed with bright red blood. Could I be ovulating now. Irregular perio?

It's also 8 months that I have dark brown discharge before and after period?Is it dangerouse for my health?

It's my 7th day of my menace period and i found little amount of brown discharge, what is going on with me?

Itchy and moist vaginal area. Also light brown period one week before expected. What could this mean?

Its 17 days since my last period I have a brown/slightly bloody discharge only visible when i wipe, is this serious?

Its a week and 3 days after my period u have had brownish bright red and slimy clear discharge also discharge that looks like lotion? Whats this mean

Its been a week since I last had sex and my discharge is reddish brown. First time seeing my discharge like that. Is that normal?

Its been about a little more than a week since my period. I'm having a small amount of a slightly thick white discharge.What could this be?

Its my first pregnancy, n I am in 9 week.... I found a brown colored spotting on my under garment, which I am not sure what is it. I am really worried?

Its not flowing but noticable very light brown colour when i dab. contineous from period. had problems down there since few weeks now.

Ive had a mirena (levonorgestrel) for 2.5 months and just today I had discharge that was stringy and elastic and it was brownish and a tiny bit bloody. Should I freak?

Ive had marina coil for a year, in the last week Ive been experiencing thick, dark brown and odorless discharge. Is this normal? How long will it last?

Just had period 2 weeks ago, and seeing some pinkish stuff...What could it be?

L had my period last month.This month, m spotting and its now a week, m also discharging a brown black thread.What could be the problem?

Large amount of creamy/light brown vaginal discharge when using the restroom twice today. What could the cause be?

Last period bright orange & now my nipples started with a discharge, one see through & the other green milky colour.Lower backpain.Could i be pregnant?

Last period was 8/27. On 9/22 i spotted bright red period and today 9/24 im having brown bloody discharge?

Lately I have been getting dark brown discharge when i wipe. Should i be worried?

Lately I have been spitting some mucus that has brown in it. Does the brown color mean anything?

Light brown discharge 4 weeks after C-section that stinks. Is this normal and how can I stop it?

Light brown discharge? Looks sticky? Spotting a little bit in the morning. What does this mean? Can't be pregnant but I have done dry humping before.

Light clear discharge & a tiny bit of blood.? Periods been off for about four days now. Im a virgin but foreplay has been done before.

Light liquidish brown discharge. Why? I finished my period on the 18th of this month (started 13th). No yeast infection. Is it serious? I'm worried.

Light pink bleeding and jelly blob like vaginal discharge is this my period? My last period was november 24, 2012 but this just began.

Light pink discharge after using Monistat and extreme burning while using along with spotting and brown?

Light pink discharge after using Monistat and extreme burning while using along with spotting and brown/yellow discharge?

Light red bleeding after sex. Second time this is happened. We are both STD free. Also been having dark brown discharge for past 2 weeks. Any idea?

Light spotting after sex, slight sting when I finish urinating, tiny tiny strings of dark yellow discharge. What is this?

Light spotting pink/brown color slight bleeding, completely painless, clear cervix mucus. Period suppose to start in two weeks. Lots of nausea.

Light yellow color thickly very sticky from vagina, but no smell, iam having very regular period but have cyst and on ttc now, plz advise?

Light yellowish discharge or light greenish discharge from vagina indicates wat ? Is it common while ovulating ? Need an answer as soon as possible

Little bit if bright red blood & white creamy discharge, what is this?

Lovi have light thick brown discharge its kinda a hazzel nut color but i havent had a period since June what's wrong with me?

Me and my girlfriend had sex about 5 days ago along with two days ago and she told me about a light brown/orange discharge , ideas please? I'm worried

Milky discharge. Sometimes it gushes out and it runs down my leg and now just slightly pinkish?

Missed period, brown vaginal discharge and also light pink, and , a little itchy down there. What could that mean?

Monogamous for 1 yr, had BV symptoms, then spot red clot with pink once 2 days ago. Period late, now see pink when I wipe and odor fouler. Why & what?

Mud colored stains on underwear. Discharge is usually sticky white or clear. Gets heavy after exercise. Why? Cramps start week befr period.Severe pms?

My af ended 4 days ago and the last 4 days i've been getting random pinky red discharge out of no where. What's going on?Usually i getbrown discharge.

My boyfriend came a little bit on my mid thigh. I think my areola may be a little darker and I had light brown discharge. is pregnancy possible?

My boyfriend fingered me and now the outside of my vagina is brown, not discharge. the actual skin that is usually pink is brown.. ?

My daughter has greenish brown discharge from her vagina. It started off yellowish and has gotten darker and thicker. What is going on?

My discharge come light red in one day and change back to white I have unprotected sex bout two week ago what that mean?

My friend is 2 months pregnant n she is noticing brown red spots on her panty. Is this discharge normal?

My friend said that her vagina itches a little and smells like fish and when she wipes it has light pink blood her period is irregular do you know be?

My friend told me she has brown stains in her panties in the vaginal area. Is that symptoms of starting her period or should she be worried?

My girlfriend got dark red/brown blood coming out of her vagina, she took the MAP first. And 2 weeks after period she got dark red slimey stuff coming?

My last period was the 24th August, but I'm experiencing brown discharge today, that looks like blood. Why could this be?

My menstrual cycle being a brown color and smelling like fecal matter. I did have a pink discharge 2 days before my period. Do i need medical attn?

My mother has factorvblood coagulation disorder. I haven't gotten tested yet. My period is dark brown and clumpy/stringy. Can this be a sign I have it?

My period came 4 days early and now I am bleeding heavily ,very painful however watery almost transparent with thick dark red mucus clots. Worried?

My period ended on the 9th, after sex I saw a little blood, just when I wipe. Now I have other symptoms, brown tinged or clear discharge, pelvic pain.

My period has a orangeish red look to it. And latley i have had a white slimy discharge and period has been irregular over the past few months?

My period is done a week ago and now seeing dark brown discharge for 2 days now . What's going on? Is it the old blood that my uterus is cleaning????

My period is light and reallly watery looking and last month I only had it for a day?

My period is light compare to normal & consist of dark brown sticky blood only come for 1 day. Am i pregnant as it's not spotty type. ?

My period is lighter than usual. Light Pink and Light Brown combined with some jelly like clear discharge and it is slippery. what is this? am I sick?

My period is not due for a few weeks and suddenly am starting to have what seems like brown thick mildly thick discharge. I have never spotted before.

My period is NT untill next week..Three days ago i notisd dark blood spots..Having witish discharge and my urine s cloudy with cotton like floating?

My period is1 week late.I noticed a very little pink/brown discharge.What are its causes? Could I be pregnant?Thanks for who will answer.Godbless ΓΌ

My period isn't for another week, & i've been noticing a pale pink discharge when i wipe, but my meds also increased last week. Should i be worried?

My period should be due tomorrow but for the last 4 days IV have brown stringy discharge when wipeing and last night there was a tiny spot of blood?

My period start in a brownish color wit a brown creamy discharge on my pad no smell it last for 4 days normal last 7days n on d 6 d was slit an gone?

My period started on the first of this month and there is light bleeding only in pee and blackish brown thick fluid on pad?

My period this month is really dark & black. And extremely thick and clumpy. It's never been like this. What could this be?

My period was a week late and now it is dark brown and thick like tar. My stomach is very distended, too. Is the brown blood bad?

My period was on time but it was light flow and jelly like and kinda dark what does that mean?

My periods have gone strange thick really dark colour im 39?

My periods start out with brown for 2 days then I get a red foul odor blood for 6 more days. After the bleeding stops the odor stays. What causes this?

My perios is due 28 Jun but yesterday it discharge brown spot and today also discharge light brown discharge too. I feel worry..what its that?

My spotting is dark brown and stringy. Mostly in the front of my vagina, not in the middle of my panty. Could this be implantation bleeding?

My vaginal discharge is tinted brown, how long before my period starts? I've heard that it can tint red/ brown before your menstruation.

My wife is 15 weeks pregnant and experienced a clump of mucus like discharge that looked clear with a dark brown or grey area in it. Is this normal?

My wife is 5 weeks pregnant and last two days noticed a little bit of light pink discharge . Is this normal?

No period 2yr after baby(breastfeeding).having heavy light yellow discharge for 3days.normal? Or should see doc?

No period, my son is 2 mnths. I had light brown creamy a little until it dried discharge yesterday and when wiped it was watery what does this mean?

Notice my period start to have blood coming out is thick, black and smell like tar last for 3 days, and the red really heavy blood coming.Is normal?

Noticed spotting 8 days after period ended. It was brown and red mixed with mucous. Is this normal or concerning?

Okay, I had my period just over 2 weeks ago and for the past 3 days (including this one) I've sometimes had a red tinge to my discharge is this normal?

On 11/23 we had sex again, he pulled out, and it was a little rough. Now 2&3 days later im having brown clotty discharge. What is this? Should i worry

On pill for year. 4th day into active pill very crampy for a 4-7 days. thick white discharge. slightly yellow sometimes. little bit nauseous. what be?

On the 20 of this month got my period on21 had brown on 22 pink and now i don't have anything just kind of saliva coming out my vagina is that normal?

On the contraceptive implant, been on it for a year and a half, started bleedind reddish colour and also some dark brown thick bits, tummy cramps.

On the pill . End of period (brown discharge). Used first Monistat 3 day last night. Quite a bit of pink discharge when wiping today. Normal?

One brown dime sized discharge like spot four days before period. Nothing more. Period in four days. Cause for concern ?

One day late on my period and started to see pink blood which turned to brown looks stretchy but nothing in my underwear. Only when i wipe. Pregnancy?

Past 2months my cycle has been abnormal for me starting with a dark brown colored blood with some small clots and tissue like discharge. Is it normal?

Period 2wks ago, very heavy for 2 days after that turned into brown discharge and smelt like death. Now have slimy pink discharge with pain & dizzy?

Period 3 days late. Tiny bit of brown discharge turned to tiny bit of black discharge. Abdominal pain. Negative pregnancy test. What could this mean?

Period due between 5-11 days. Having dark brown discharge with a tint of blood when I wipe.

Period ended a week ago, now have bloody discharge. It's a pink-tint but no pain w/ it. Smells only of blood, slightly thicker than water. Any ideas?

Period is 4 days late. yesterday had some thick spoting then today had some brown smelly discharge followed by smelly dark blood.what could it be?