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I had brown discharge for 2 day and than nothing. I had a little cramp. What is it?

I had brown vaginal discharge then it was red for a little bit and then it stopped, this was two weeks before my period. Could this be implantation?

I had c section almost 5 months ago, ive had one irregular period that was dark brownish discharge n have been having it also in between with mucus?

I had cramping then a darkish brown discharge now it's light brown on 3rd day and getting lighter, no itching or burning. Period is due in 1 1/2 week.

I had cryosurgery on my cervix on 10 29 I have been spotting ever since then is this normal. Also started getting a yellow color discharge. ?

I had discharge yesterday but at 8:30pm i noticed 3/4 droplets of brown something. Is this spotting?

I had light pink blood come out of me after 3 days after my period ended, brownish mucus and now it's slightly whitish can i be pregnant? Am i okay?

I had LLEZT 7 days ago. I've had no bleeding but brown discharge. today a lot of black discharge & it's smells really bad + cramps. I'm worried. ?

I had miscarriage and d&c 3 weeks ago. Now I am spotting yellow and a bit red in morning.What is the problem?

I had my baby a month ago I have period like pain and a small among of brown discharge is this normal ?

I had my menstrual about the day to go and i got up this morning and white pink like discharge but now its gone?

I had my period on the first week of this month. It was only spots and now about 10 days later I'm getting red/pinkish with clear mucus and nauseous?

I had my period 10 days ago and today there was a little spot of orangeish brownish color on my underwear? What does this mean?

I had my period 8 days ago and it stopped 3 days ago. Now there is brown discharge coming out. It's a very small amount and has no odor. What is it?

I had my period and had a week break and now I'm spotting its brownish and I want to say bright red is it normal? I believe it's time for me to ovulate my CM went from sticky to clear I saw to watery

I had my period two weeks ago and now i have brownish discharge thats turning red and im cramping theres no ordor what could be the reason ?

I had nothing on day 4 and 5 of my cycle. Now have light brown discharge aon the tissue when i wipe. What's going on?

I had peach colored discharge on my underwear , thought it was my period coming but no blood has came yet, and period is 2 1/2 weeks late, help??!

I had peach colored discharge yesterday and today its a dark brown color with no odor with neither one. My period is due tuesday. Wht cud this b?

I had pink fleshy discharge before my period and now after my period pink fleshy discharge size of a quarter with two dark grey specs. What is this?

I had pinkish white discharge one day white the next. The day after i was suppose to start my period and there was only streaks of blood when i wiped.

I had the merina put in about 8-12 months ago. Recently had white mucous discharge, then dark brown and now having red blood like period. Is it normal?

I had unprotected sex about two weeks ago, I've been having really dark brown discharge with a little bit of blood and bad cramps could I be preganant?

I had unprotected sex for the first time and afterwards I noticed a discharge of a light pink color, what does this mean?

I had unprotected sex next day wiped after pee and saw something brown almost like a blood clot small also brown stringy gel period not due for 2 week?

I have 2 weeks and 3 days left before my due date, and i had a light pink bloody discharge, what does this mean?

I have 7 days of very very dark brown jelly-like vaginal bleeding. Is it serious? Seeing a doctor tomorrow, period is still 2 days off.

I have a little bit of a light pink discharge only when i whip, i'm 5 days late and my breasts are hurting. What does this mean? Please help

I have a stringy persistent discharge lots of it all the time . Normally it is white but the past two months has been brown\red. On birth control?

I have a weird discharge. It is odorless and very very light yellow and I do feel it dripping mildly like how implantation bleeding is. What could it be?

I have All brown discharge and a small speck of red blood . What's going on with my body . I'm on depo. I had sex a week & few days ago. ?

I have been getting dark brown clumpy stringy periods. I'll see small brown pieces in the toilet. No pain or cramps. I've been on the pill for 10 yrs.

I have been having a light pink creamy discharge for 3-4 days now. Im due for my period next week. I have been checked for infections recently and cam?

I have been having watery discharge since satruday it is clear to light peach much that it runs down my leg if I'm not wearing a panty Liner?

I have been noticing red / brown vaginal discharge for almost everyday since my last period (it's been weeks) and no other symptoms. Is that normal?

I have been on implanon for about 3 months, but my period was due a week ago and my labia has turned purple with thick veins and watery discharge.

I have been spotting a brown discharge and also some red but its been like on and off its been occuring for about 10 days. Is it implantation bleeding?

I have been spotting red/brown discharge for over a month. I mostly discharge at night but none during the day. Should I change the time of my pill?

I have been spotting tiny red drops of blood for 3 days. On the fourth day i saw a bloody mucous discharge.

I have been texting really thick discharge that started out as a fleshy pink butturned thick brown i end my period a weekago and I have protected sex?

I have bright red blood discharge with sticky mucus on my day one period . What does it mean ?

I have brown colored discharge after I am fingered sometimes. I am 19 and other than fingers I am not sexually active. What does this mean?

I have brown colored discharge and particles in urine. I thought it was the end of my period but it's been like this for about 5 days now.

I have brown flakes in my urine along with brown discharge. Is this just dried blood or something else? No pain at all. I have pcos

I have clear discharge with blood streaks or sometimes red/slightly brown discharge at night after shower for 6 days in a row now. what can it be?

I have dark brown discharge and just yesterday I bled like half a teaspoon probably and my ovulation was two days ago.

I have endometriosis and 6 wk preg. Last night it was brown discharge turned pink this morning now it has red blood cots. I have had no cramping?

I have for a few days cheese discharge, very itchy. Today I saw it was a little brownish color. What it can be?

I have had 3 weeks of brown discharge that ranged from red-dark brown. I also had clots that were rubbery. I then got a heavy period. Is it normal?

I have had a thick reddish paste-like discharge for 2 days. I have the mirena (levonorgestrel) and haven't had a period in 4 years. Should i be concerned?

I have had a white odorless discharge with a lot of black specks in it for about two weeks since my last period. What could this be? No other symptoms

I have had brown discharge with a little red when i wipe my front end. i should be due for my period soon but im so worried, could i be pregnant?

I have had dark and light brown discharge for a week before and now 10 days after my period but have been on antibiotics. Should I go and get checked?

I have had my period on 26th until 29th and I went into the bath and noticed a jelly stringy slimmy clear with pinkish colour discharge I'm i fertile?

I have had noperiods for over2yrs , I have brown reddish mucous discharge n period pains for over a week now , please assist?

I have inserted copper t two years before. Now having slight brown discharge before and after my periods and also after contacts..anything to worry?

I have irregular periods this time its a redish brown color and its like clots when i go to the bathroom is that normal ?

I have irregulare periods my hole live from my teens until now. I had in april my period for 5 days and a week ago for 10 days. I noticed the last 3 days that I sometimes have a slimy clear bloody discharged when I wipe myself. There is more blood when

I have just had a very heavy period with clots and now a watery discharge which is pinky in colour. Its a bit like when my waters broke.

I have light brown discharge about 2 weeks after I have my period. Usually when I wiped, small amount. Last about a week or more. it is normal?

I have mirena (levonorgestrel) for 6 years. Recently started having stringy reddish brown discharge. What causes that? No odor, pain etc.

I have never had intercourse. Is brown streaks with white cream discharge before period normal? I also have an infection according to my doctor.

I have not had a period for 3 months. and now i have this thick tissue like discharge wish a little blood. any idea what it could be?

I have noticed a yellowish color while on menstual cycle since day 1 now on day 3 what could it be?

I have some brown color discharge coming out my vagina. Is this a sign that my cycle is about to start or something else?

I have started my period today and it's a orange color and stringy like mucus?

I have the rod and periods are irregular I recently have found brown/black clotts and slime in my knicker. It's all black on my pants. is this normal?

I have tiny red specks in my discharge when I wipe my vagina. What does it mean? It's not my period . I'm also on BIrthcontrol

I have white tissue like discharge with light blood. Is this my period or something else?

I haven't got my period this month, sometimes I'm irregular. I have an orangey colored discharge with a bit blood and a foul smell?

I haven't had my period in 3 months, November 10, i had anal sex is there any way i am pregnant? Also, my discharge has been like a brown color.

I haven't had sex in a little over a month and my after ovulation today was white and stretchy as normal but with a dark red blood in the center. Help?

I just finished my monthly and when I wiped I had a brown fleshy elastic looking thing. I'm not sure what that is or if it's normal. ?

I just found out I'm pregnant and am noticing some golden color discharge. It's not brown, but has a slight brown "tinge" to it. Is this normal?

I keep having dark brown vaginal discharge is there an explanation for it? It's been going on for a few weeks.

I looked down at my underwear and there was something brown. And i mean brown. I have IBS so do I have leakage or something? What does this mean?

I lost my virginity this past Thursday and I'm having light pink/brown, thick discharge. Is this normal?

I m pregnant most of time my discharge is normal color but sometime it is slightly brown or mild red in color i some time feel backache is it normal??

I need help figuring out why I'm having a brown and red discharge. I'm on the nuxiplan it's in my arm, would that cause it?

I notice I have a small light brown/ tan color discharge after implantation bleeding. Is this normal? I have no pain or itchness

I noticed a yellow clot like discharge 4 days after my period what could that mean?

I only bleed brown blood durin my period why? It also has a bit of white discharge in it.

I ovulated after my period. A week later I seen pink discharge (yesterday)And today I had clear discharge with dots of blood what could it be?

I ovulated between the 19th and 24th however on the 25th and 26th i had a few posts of pink in my wee and some brownish/pink discharge when i wiped ?

I recently had my first Pap smear, also around the time my period was due. I have had dark brown discharge the last 4 days. Should I be concerned?

I remember, i had a white little heavy discharge before along with a one little brown spot. I didn't get my period until now. Im 18. Help?

I saw a pinkish brownish discharge for six days and two weeks after I am seeing light blood like my periods am i pregnant?

I saw dark brown fluid coming out of my vagina, i think it's my periods but is it normal? Why is it dark brown?

I saw some very light green discharge, should I be concerned?

I sometimes have very dark brown discharge that resembles a thin skin tissue during my period, what could this be, bcuz my tubes are tied?

I started having a lot of dark brown discharge lately (past 3 days). What does this mean?

I started using menstrual cups and I've noticed I have very thick red stringy periods. Why is that?

I think i have a yeaat infection because everytime i check my underwear its a light brown color discharge and thats not normal. Please help me ?

I was experiencing cramps then when I looked I saw yellow discharge and brown stain on my underwear is that sign of pregency?

I was not penetrated and I did not have sex, but I am having spotty discharge come out that's redish colored. Should I be concerned?

I was suppose to get my period towards the end of August like the very last week. It's been a week almost 2. Experienced brown discharge & red clots?

I was very concern because i'm 28 weeks and today in the morning I hd a slimmy yellowish discharge. What should I do?

I went through menopause 4 years ago I seen a slight pink discharge when I wiped my self not sure if it's coming from my hemorrhoids ?

I'm 10 days late and when I wiped I have a glob of white and the pale yellow discharge. No itchy or burning or anything...could this be a sign of preg

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and am having light tan mucus like discharge over past 2 days. No cramping or red blood. Normal? Have not had sex recently.