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I have a red gooey discharge and im pregnant should i be worried?

I got a pinkish discharge that turned to brown and then clear with a tiny drop of blood it was sticky and lasted les than an hour what can it be?

10days late last period on june 28 in july I had brown discharge that lasted 14 days then went to jelly thick mucus with blood streaks high soft cervi?

13weeks pregnant. I noticed a brown to reddish brown spotting today but, when I wipe,the color is either white or creamy. Does it get oxidized?Normal?

2 dpo I passed a blob of round +-1.5cm discharge, week later saw spots of blood on panty liner, 2days before menses saw brown discharge, pregnancy?

2 little faint greenish brown spots on underwear on day 10.Happened month before last on day 20.Have regular periods.Heavy discharge. Bloated. Ideas?

2 weeks after my period,I had a light discharge that was brown for just one day.Then a week later it came back sweet smelling for 3 days. What is it?

24weeks4days. Light yello thickish discharge yesterday, i noticed wet spot from discharge on my pants assumingly clear, what could this be?What do I do?

25 to 26 day cycle.Noticed very small amounts of brown spotting discharge w/ clear mucus on day 10. Trace amount red blood after sex same day. Normal?

28wks pregnant, got examined last night as having brown discharge, today there was more but yellow, bit brown, will this be just from the jelly used?

2nd day after period , found light amount of pink tinted mucus , inside my soft cup I am concerned I'm restarting my period? I'm not sexually active

2nd day of period have unbearable cramps, very thick, stringy, very dark clotty almost black discharge never had this before I am sexually active ?

2nd set of misoprostol already but only light bleeding in one day now its just brown smelly discharge? whats happening

2weeks after my period i had flakes of blood during urination now today i had very dark grey discharge during sex. I do not itch or burn.(pregnant?)

3 day period first day was heavy second light third day basically nothing, on fourth day had yellow smelly discharge what could this be ?

3 days after ovulation yellow and brown discharge with a spot of pink i'n the middle could i be pregnant or do I have an infection?

33 weeks preg.This is the second time my mucus plug has come out. This time it was very red and now im having brown blood when i whipe.Is this normal?

33 weeks pregnant : small amount of reddish brown discharge after masturbating (clitoral only) it has happened twice. What could this be?

35 weeks pregnant. I started to get a small amount of brown discharge and today i had a brown mucus like come out. Should i be concerned?

38 weeks pregnant, had spotting today with mild cramps like periods. Then stoped, spotting still seen with small sticky red stuff. What is it?

4-5 week pregnant yesterday had intercourse and today noticed very light white but brownish white mucus and some cramps, is this because of intercours?

4days brown vaginal discharge now light pink.My menstration ended a week ago before brown discharge. No itch/smell.I got high esr in my blood result. ?

4wks pregnant (icsi) brown discharge then red bleeding, passed greyish tissue, now back to brown discharge and started to cramp, have i miscarried?

6 weeks pregnant and experiencing some cramping and brown colored, tissue like discharge. ?

7 w pregnant. Saw heartbeat on u/s last week and have had brown spotting for 2 weeks. Also smelly discharge of various colors. Taking progesterone.

7dpo and saw a brown spot in my panties. Period not due for another 6 days. What could it be?

7th day of menstrual cycle & I noticed a white jelly like discharge mixed with brown jelly discharge. Am I ovulating or is it still just blood?

8th june i saw dark brown colour discharge.9th i ovulated.10th i found 2-3 drops of blood every time i pee.From 11th brown discharge.What is it?

A dark brown to black chunky substance has been coming out of my vagina for a couple of days. What is this? Not on my period, haven't been recently.

A few weeks back i had some mucus clear no smell and streak of blood. Five days ago had light spotting then one day bleed then stopped?

A month on deposhot, was 2 weeks late then 2 weeks spotting today i shed a blood clump with white in middle. Why is there white in it? (had no sex yet)

A week and two days ago u had my period and since I've had brownish/brigh red/ lotion like and clear slimy discharge light cramping?

Abnormal reddish brownish smelly dishcharge after a uti? Should I be worried?

Abnormally light period, dark red/brown, unusually foul smelling. Tubes tied, one partner for last 6 years. Normal flow is very heavy. Help?

About 5 days ago i started spotting red/brown for 3 days and that has subsided but now I have slightly pinkish/white chunky discharge. Any insight?

About a week ago i had a slight vaginal itch. Then it progressed into a pink discharge, now its bright red blood. I don't know whays happening..

After being treated for Bv I've noticed a discarge of white specks with bits of pink/red in is this normal?

After having sex why is there a brown discharge similar to old blood appear like you are on your period?

After having slight brown discharge mixed with mucous for 3 days, it finally stopped. I had slight cramps and 6 1/2 weeks preg. Am I ok now?

After having slight brown discharge mixed with mucous for 3 days, it finally stopped. I had slight cramps and i'm 6 1/2 weeks preg. Am I ok now?

After my period, or on the last day rather , the blood becomes brown discharge. How long does the brown discharge last and/or can I stop it myself ?

After starting my period this morning, I noticed my tampon was a very stained neon color with only some brown/red blood with no itching/discomfort.

Always had irregular period. Now a little brown discharge and a small amount of maybe blood in urine when I wipe?

Am 7 weeks and having little spotting,brownish in color like a discharge.what could it possibly be...a mucus plug?

Am i pregnant? My period is not normal as of now, i started with thick yellow discharge, then brown, now a light brownish/pinkish color when i wipe myself. I did research and i read that this could possibly be implantation bleeding. I am sexually active a

Are slight nose bleeds and pale brown odorless discharge common during the first trimester ?

At first i bleed a small blood stain.Next day when i wiped it was brown with come clear liquid.The next day was pink redish. Period?Sore nipples too

At the end of my period. Usually I'll have brown discharge a day or 2 after. Was brown and now it's greyish and flaky. Is this old blood or infection?

Been having brown sticky discharge and a little blood everyday for a week after having sex for the first time in 5 months. What could this be?

Before every period i get. I always have a day or 2 of brown discharge before it becomes red and kicks in properly. Is this normal?

Before menses will one be seeing white mocus?

Black/brown discharge/blood, no odour, tiny amount, no need for sanitary towel. 4/5 days after ovulation, 2 weeks before period is due.

Bleeding thats lighter then a period and that is thin n sticky to touch what could be wrong?

Bright red cervical mucus 4 days after period has finished, should I be concerned?

Brown discharge 4 days ago lasted maybe 3-4 hours only appeared on underwear not toilet paper. Now watery discharge & stiff neck. Period due in 5 days?

Brown discharge for 3 weeks. The amount can range from needing a panty liner to a few drops. Is this a normal period?

Brown discharge looks like period now. 5 days to period.The gyn( 4 days ago before brown discharge) said all tests look good. Should i worry?

Brown marks on my underwear, does this mean im pregnant?

Brown mucus discharge that has a smell too on Depo-Provera shot and turn into old hard white ish what can be wrong ?

Brown thick gooey sticky discharge (like glue) came from vagina and i've been spotting (brown blood) since my last period. What could this be? Postlap

Brown, watery discharge coming out. Almost enough to fill a pad. Been like this for 2 days now. Period is due in a few days. Help??

Brownish spots in panties, what does it mean?

Can a yeast infection cause an almost blush color discharge? I don't usually get my period and I can't tell if its period blood or not because not red

Can going on a detoxification diet cause brown discharge?

Can you get brown stains on underwear when you ovulate?

Clear jelly discharge with a little pink blood, 2 weeks after period?

Could having recent yeast infection (past week) cause very light spotting(mostly white with pink spots)? Or what else could?

Could pink discharge with some particles in it just be left over from my period? Or should I worry that it's something else?

Could these brown spots on my penis be early signs of cancer?

Creamy white discharge with a little blood mixed in it. 2 days since this has happened and before that got a brown discharge(once). what might this be?

Dark brown discharge . very stringy and thick. I am 14 weeks pregnant. No odor itch or cramping. More different the. Normal. No std. I'm healthy?

Dark brown discharge and it's not a small amount. Can you help me please? No other symptoms.

Dark brown or bloody discharge right after sex and the day after, what does it mean?

Dark brown rwd urine when started ob flagyl?

Dark brown thing is coming out of my vigina .When i pee is red with brown and a lot of little brown spots I guess and on my under wear is like creamy.

Dark brown, heavy vaginal discharge. Fills a liner multiple times a day. What is this from??

Dark period like brown doesn't smell like blood is is normal or am i pregnant ?

Daughter has no period yet. Is it weird to get brown discharge in very little amounts about 2 days a month?

Day 14 of my menstrual cycle 24years old, had some blood stained brown coloured discharge is this normal?

Dealing with brown sticky discharge and blood spotting everyday doctors have not helped yet. What can this be?

Did barium swallow a week ago, the day after had black/grey/brown discharge from vagina, but no other period signs. Is this normal or should I worry?

Doc my discharge is brownish or slightly red in color. I m pregnant. What should i do?? Is there any problem??

Doctor i been bleeding for a week on and off but ist brown discharge really like slimmy like booger type brown color is this normal?

Due to start period in 2 days and after sex there was abit of dark red bloody discharge afterwards.. 28years old. Normal? :)

During period washed hais n discharge stop but watery brown and sticky red discharge again bt little?

Ended period monday, dark brown and now light red/pink clear discharge? No odor just mucus like discharge. Slight pain by ovary area on both sides.

Every month before my ovulation i bleed like a color brown, pinkisk or sometimes red and pain at the leftside of my ovary.. It is n0rmal?

Every time I have sex, I bleed a little. It's barely any but it's dark red. Like maroon and it's like a creamy discharge. Is that normal?

Everytime during ovulation I spot brown is that normal?

Experiencing dark red/brown discharge in small amounts. My period was about 2 weeks ago. I am sexually active but discharge started before having sex.

Feeling cold light headed saw brown stain on my panties after cramps could this be pregnency also noticed yellow discharge ?

Few days ago, my bf & I had rough foreplay. Two days after, brown blood began. It's been three days & now some red and stringy brown. Is this normal?

First day of period discharged more than normal but washed hais n second day it stop.but aticky brown n dark red discharge but little.what is that?

first day today and i have mild cramps but my period looks weird. it's reddish brown, thick, gooey and tar like but it's not heavy. is that normal?

For a few weeks I've had soft shedding from my vagina as well as itchiness. Recently I wiped and noticed dark brown discharge what's wrong?

For the last four months my periods have gotten very light bearly even there it's bright red blood with a clear mucous the mucous regularly now?

For the past two weeks I've experienced a wetness with a light color discharge that has an odor, my period started but only light color blood. Spots for a day the next it was dark brown discharge?

For the past week ive experienced wetness with a light color discharge and odor, my period also started but i only spotted for a day & dark discharge?

For two days in a row now, I have had bright red/orange discharge from my rectum. It has come out unexpectadly. ?

For two days IV had tan pinkish discharge day 3 its a lil darker and very very thick like past kinda my last period was july 9 I do have a 4cm cyst?