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when I actually put my finger down there it be w creamy type but in my underwear it be thick could that be a sign of pregnancy?

1 day post ovulation/sex & slightly bloody/mucous-y discharge. What could this mean?

10/01-16:45 had positive opk, 11/01-22:00 heavy egg white, 12/01 little dry, 13/01 yellowish snot like with wipe in morning & nite. When did i ovulate?

11 years' postmenopause, i've a thick, dark discharge, with a watery substance, at least 2 times/monthly. Ob/gyn tested last fall; showed nothing. Frequency's increased over a yr; mom had ovar cancer?

11th day of my cycle high soft opened cervix with watery CM but occasionally egg white CM with a streak of blood? Is this due to ovulation?

11wks and 1 day pregnant 2 days ago discharge was mucousy stretchy n slippery today dry n clear watery dc only when i pee is it normal no itchy no pain?

15 days post 2nd c-section I have thick, sticky, almost black discharge every time i wipe. It just keeps coming. Also started cramping. Placenta?Norm?

16 y/o. My period this month is normal but has stringy tissue like substance as discharge. It's bloody and kind of long. What is this?? Is it normal?

20 weeks clear watery fluid/discharge, pooling visualized, cerclage placed 5 days ago/nightly progesterone gel; 3 docs checked fluid for ferning/nitrazine, all negative, ok or chance of false neg?

21 weeks pregnant, recurring bv. This morning after bm had thick brown discharge. No pains all day and baby girl is very active. Mucous plug? Old blood?

26 weeks pregnant and i believe i lost part of my mucus plug, it was light brown and thick goo substance. It was after i peed and wiped. Is this bad?

26 wks pregnant. Is it normal to have fluctuating discharge where i may dry all AM bt feel like i wet myself in the PM? Its white sticky normal for me

28 weeks pregnant second with pregnancy pressure where baby come out at and followed by white mucus discharge?

30 weeks pregnant w/ a cerclage have clear thick slim discharge, i am thinking mucus plug unsure whether to bother my dr or is this normal?

30w and 3d pregnant I have this numbness in my vaginal area I also have an increase in phlegmy discharge (not clear or white) Ideas as to what it is?

32 weeks pregnant -the last couple days my discharge is sticky -my panties stick to me. Kind of gross, never had this with previous pregnancies. Normal?

32 weeks pregnant have a wet watery discharge. No smell. Not a whole gust of it but I can totally tell a difference, what can it be? Or is it normal?

32w preg. Leaking watery discharge looks like mucus, not a lot or little, told ruptured membrane but baby is still moving should I still be alarmed?

33weeks pregnant with second child been having a lot of white discharge and today i had a dime size white mucous in the toliet why is this?

34 weeks pregnant, yellow discharge increase in past week having to wear a pad, no smell and not thick plug like?

34 weeks pregnant. For a few weeks i've been having a heavy white creamy mucus discharge. It sometimes goes through my pants. Is this normal?

35 weeks prego, lost mucous plug last week, has clear water like discharge that drips after peeing. Can this be amniotoc fluid& shouild I b concerned?

36 weeks pregnant and had a brown/red discharge. I have already lost my mucous plug though! :(?

36wks pregnant. Twice this week i bend over and get watery nasal discharge out of no where. Is this normal for pregnancy. I know my sinuss r inflamed.

37 weeks 5 days my mucus plug feel out 2 weeks ago, today I've been havin some more mucus discharge. Is there any limit of mucus discharge? Is this normal?

38 weeks 4 days pregnant had sweep 4 days ago and lost some blood and jelly nothing since but today been having white thick creamy dishcharge ?

38 weeks pregnant dilated to 1 at last appt. I had a little piece of brown in the toilet with greenish mucus on the tp. Could this be my bloody show?

38 weeks pregnant last Friday I had the bloody show and I haven't stopped losing this yellowish-green discharge now the discharge is clear normal?

39 weeks pregnant and took azithromycin yesterday. Now im having alot of clear and yellow discharge. Is this my mucus plug?

39 weeks pregnant clear sticky discharge no contractions or bleeding what should I do?

39 weeks pregnant loosing clear water, discharge with tightenings and pains?

39wks. Pregnant, what's the difference between a mucus plug and a bloody show, are they the same thing?

3wks old baby stil having a yellowish and sticky discharge ?In one of her eyes.Is it normal?

40 weeks preg, dilating, i could easily insert 2-3 fingers, feel amniotic sac, and now start getting very thick, slimy yellow discharge?

40 weeks pregnant, large clump of mucus, should I be concerned?

43 days pregnant and last few days lost lots thick jelly type greeny, clear discharge and now im gettin a lot of clear watery discharge and tightening?

52 year old post menopausal since 46. Sudden onset of clear vagunal discharge that gushes out and smells like amniotic fluid. Ruptured uterine cyst?

5wks pregnant no pain no blood. Small amount clear snot like discharge. Is it normal?

A clear thick mucus discharge with a little blood in it that only happened once means?5 months postpartum and due for period on the 1st-3rd; varies ?

A streak of blood and clear thin discharge at 38 weeks pregnant normal ?

A white milky liquid release in pregnancy. Is it harmful?

Aborted 20 week gestation from 13 days blood stopped from 4 days but still having thick yellowish green discharge no odor cervix open , is this ok?

After fibgering mi gf i found that mi fingers became a bit sticky. So when does the cervical mucus becomes sticky ?

Almost clear watery discharge with no milky substance at 16 weeks pregnancy. once so far. amount enough to soak a panty liner. should I be concerned?

Already lost mucus plug, what's the brown dischrage in panties?

Also for the last few menstrual cycles I've had I notice that I'll get this clear thin discharge that leaks through my tampon, that smells almost like urine . Do you have any idea what this could be ?

Always get creamy CM after ovulation, but when you ovulate does your cervical mucus instantly change, like right away it goes from clear to dense?

Am 21weeks pregnant am wetting my pants could it be fluid loss or watery discharge?

At 37 wks, would an increase in discharge indicate water will break soon and labor will begin? It's similar to the discharge I get days before period

BHi Doc , I have a milky white cervical mucus but it has this foul smell, so I bought a canex V. Do you think it will work? I was using contraceptives

Blood streaked mucus at 36 weeks pregnant sign of labor?

Bumps on cervix, occasional uterine spasms, nauseous while sleeping but not when i wake up, boogery white cervical mucus, what do they mean?

Can a women still get pregnant if her cervical fluid is sticky & moist ? Or just sticky and white/yellow.

Can Lochia be thick, mucus like, yellow & in abundance? I also read it should be gone within a few weeks of giving birth, dose it last longer?

Can whitish cream colored cervical mucus be a symptom/sign of pregnancy?

Can you lose your mucus plug over months period? And without blood? Discharge has been very mucousy for months.

Can your first few rough sex experiences produce light, normal/red blood bleeding and mucus-like clear/white substance? If so, what does it mean?

Cervical mucus went sticky like egg whites creamy know like water could i be pregnant 6 day away from pd never had this before usally it just stays cream?

Changes in past 3 months: period increased from 5 to 8 days, blood with clear mucus. This time it is also watery. What could be the reason?

Clear discharge with strips of dried brown blood and really bad cramps and pressure in the abdomen what could be happening?

Clear jelly like discharge at 34 weeks pregnant what is this?

Clear mucus vaginal discharge at 28 weeks pregnant. Is it to early to lose mucus plug? No pain or pressure.

Clear water drops and one time small fresh blood spot period like cramping is it labor or something else at 38 weeks pregnancy?

Clear watery discharge with white tinge at 36 weeks pregnant. Slight increase to past few weeks not staining panties only when I wipe. Is this normal?

Clear/white runny vag. Discharge diarrhea, slight cramps, soft cervix (thick white lotion consistency) oral t 99.6°f days after cycle. Am i pregnant?

Could I be pregnant, ian having a lot of elastic rubbery like discharge?

Could i be pregnant? I've been having headache for 5 days, stomaching turning for 4 and having white/clear stretchy fluid plus i already had my period

Currently on men. cycle. After using the restroom there was thick clear mucus hanging (with blood of course) should I be worried?

Decrease in mucous discharge at 38 weeks pregnancy. Is it normal?

Docs, i'm 9 weeks pregnant im having thick cervical mucus i noticed today it had a streak of blood, what could this be, i'm not in any pain.

Does birth control increase the amount of cervical mucus, i know it thickens it. Due for af in 3 days and have a lot of creamy thick snot like cm?

Does white creamy cervical fluid consistency, like for days. Have any connection with early pregnancy??

Dr I'm 11 weeks preg, I'm getting white/light yellow slippery odorless discharge, if my cervix is closed from where it is coming? Anything to worry??

Dr today i got thick water color sticky fluid ( it isnot fluid, it is water color sticky thick) my ovulation will be on 10 th sep, what it will be?

Dry, cake glaze mucus 9 days before period, Is this normal?

Dx with low grade cervical dysplasia. Have had watery bloody tinged discharge 4-5 days after end of period. Also, orange discharhe after bm. Worried.

Elastic vaginal mucus means i m pregnant ?

Ever since i had my baby, 3 yrs ago, i have white discharge throughout the day on a daily basis. What is causing that?

Fatigued increase discharge n cervical mucus no smell had a small amount of discharge come out pull it apart it was stringy what could it be?

Flu and excess mucus during pregnancy?

For a few hours, I had gas and there was a white mucus discharge. It hasn't happened in the last 24 hours. Should I be concerned?

For long time i have not been having the wet egg white stretchy kind of discharge rather it has been creamy n pasty with stomach pain and black period?

For the past week I have been having excessive gushes of clear/white vaginal discharge. My LMP was 12/23 what could be the cause of this?

Had a 3 day cycle which is normally 5 days followed by a thin string of of mucus?

Had excessive mucus in sinuses and vaginal area for 7~8+ years. Have to use 12+ tissues/day. Mostly after eating, milky goop appears in my undies. ?

Had sex on 22nd basal body temp said i ovulated the 23rd & i had clear egg white discharge with a bright red blood streak Now cervix is low open firm?

Had small amounts of blood mix w/ clear stretchy discharge.The next 2 days I spotted. this all happened a day after sex. ectopic pregnancy?

Have an hc exasperated clear mucus. What does that mean?

Have had paraguard IUD for 7 months (pp). Always having thick mucus like discharge. Still on my cycle after 3 weeks adding blood to the discharge. Boo..

Having clear stretchy discharge with no smell and also have IUD placed what could this be?

Hello, I am 34 weeks pregant and am high risk due to 2 preterm labors both 34 weeks. Noticed today i have slimy thick mucus discharge. Should I be seen?

Hello, my baby navel produce green secretions, is there something wrong with her, she is 9days age now.

Hello. my question is I'm having some clear slimmy mucus and milky discharge in the vaginal area. now my tubes been clamped for over 18 ye?

Hello. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and my mucus plug has been falling out for a few days now. Today, I have very watery discharge. Should I go to L&D?thanks

Help explain the discharge I have coming from my Cowpers gland when I have a bowel movement. This has been doing this for 25 plus yrs. Should I worry?

Help I have yellow discharge coming out of my cervix plus me and my partner is trying for a baby ?

Hi I am almost 30 weeks pregnant and am experiencing a thick mucusy yellow discharge- does this mean I am dilating? If it does, does that increase the risks of my baby being born prematurely? Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Hi , I'm 38 weeks pregnant today! & yesterday I had my membranes stripped & the next day I have a watery discharge/leakage? Is that normal???

Hi doc, im 36 weeks pregnant as of yesterday, i feel very wet and off white nonodorous discharge with occassional blood is seen baby movts are fine.

Hi doctor, m 35+2 days weeks pregnant..Slight egg white discharge n slight water breaks is it normal-thanks in advance?