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Have irregular period,my last period was may 8 then june 12 i have spot for 3days till now no period i have milky discharge but no i preg.?tnx

. no ejaculation but penetration occurred for a second. I am also on the pill, and experiencing brown discharge mid cycle. Am I pregnant? :(

1 week with thick black/brown vaginal discharge, now 1 week of extreme light bleeding. What is going on?On implanon and tranexamic acid whilst i bleed.

10 days post d and c. No more bleeding. White discharge. No itch, smell. Could it be ovulation, would hCG be back to 0?

10 Weeks postpartum and exclusively breastfeeding. Had a period at 5 weeks. I'm 5 days late with thicker white dishcharge. Is this pregnancy?

15 days vag bleeding wed hCG was 50 now light mild vag bleeding mixed with discharge and slight odor please help!

15 weeks post hyster, have a yellow, watery discharge- no odor. Had sex 2 days ago and had bright red spotting, then pink watery. Tear? Scar tissue?

17wk preg. Cramping, vaginal discharge, itching, pink tint on pad. Help?!

19yrsold. My last period was over and after a week, the brown discharge occur. My last sex is last month. What should i do and what is this mean? :(

2 months mens cycle. A month after period, currently experiencing stomach cramps and brown vaginal discharge which is sticky. What may be the problem?

2 periods feb10-14 (regular) anotherfeb 24-27.March 12 two days late.Thick creamy white discharge.Sexually active no bc hrtbrn sensitive breast?

2 vaginal gushing instances, constant brown discharge w/mild cramping, blood test showed not pregnant?

2 weeks post hormone iud insertion. Light yellow discharge, no symptoms. Is this normal?

23 yr old, single. I had my periods end last week. i want to ask what can cause a bloody discharge after one week of menstruation? is it normal :-/

24y/o female had intermenstrual spotting, followed by increase whitish vaginal discharge. Lmp was 35 days ago. No itchiness, odour, bleed or pain.?

25 weeks pregnant gf had a bloody discharge <2 oz and a oz of cherry colored tissue during intercourse, and period type cramping since. she need e.r.?

27 years, unmarried, worried that my menstural cycle is irregular from 2 years am having brownish discharge in first two days and 2 days normal/month?

28 day monthly cycle , missed period this month but no pregnancy symptoms except for white odorless discharge .

29 years old female having brown stringy discharge when wipe for 3 days. I missed my period this month , never miss it in my life. A -ve hpt. Pls help!?

2nd cycle of clomid, (clomiphene)one week til period due,having cramps and watery,milky discharge increasingly, could this be early signs of pregnancy?

2weeks after my medical abortion I am having smelly brownish discharge with abit of bleeding?

2wks ago, I have 3 biopsies taken from my cervix. Bleeding and pain stopped but I have colorless discharge that smells of sweat. Should I be concerned?

3 days late for period no symptoms last period was April 7th thru April 10th. couple days after I had 2 days of brownish vaginal discharge what could

3 months after unprotected sex, I had an irregular flow for 3 weeks,brown and snotty discharge followed. Should I be worried?

3 Months postpartum and experiencing increased mucus like vaginal discharge but have not gotten my period. Is this normal?

3 months postpartum and have had a bit of brown discharge for 2 days. Constitutes first period?

3 wks post op - hyster. Lifted 40 lbs two days ago. Increased pink/brown discharge that often gushes, pain in vagina/bladder and total incontinence ?

35 yr old, endometriosis. tubual 2yr ago. Past 6m brown discharge before and after cycle now having 2 cycles this month, still w brown discharge. ???

38w 5d pregnant been having period like cramping and pinkish discharge for a day what should I do?

39 weeks pregnant and I am having menstrual like cramping and had a slight bloody show in my discharge. Should i call my ob?

3rd month on pill, 2 white discharges in one day 11 days before expected period. Is there a problem???

40 yr old, premenopausal wmn. treated yeast infctn with 1 dy monistat. 6 dys later frequent bright bloody discharge/pelvic pain. period ended 1 wk ago?

42 yrs old and brown watery bleed after sex 5 days before period due ?

45 year old woman; last menstrual period 1 year ago. Today, noticed brown discharge that used to indicate period starting. Should i be concerned?

5 days before ovulation I had unprotected. My period is due today but instead white discharge and cramping. Is it pregnancy? I have no other symptoms

5days before period. Have small amount of brownish discharge. Have had this before other menstrual cycles. Is this normal? When should I be concerned?

6 week postpartum, had c section, green mucus discharge, is it an infection?

8weeks post partum and am having brownish discharge, which is also smelly, i had a C-section and slso have fibroids please help?

A day late on my period. Had sex and now i have a pinkish muscular like discharge. Could this be the start of my period?

A few months ago i had stage3 dysplasia, had leep, recovered, and now bleeding during sex again. I also have pink mucus discharge- what's going on?

A few weeks ago i had, a mucus like bloody discharge once a, day for two days could this gave been implantation bleeding?

A heavy watery discharge after period which lasts upto 3 to 4 days.. I am 20 years old and didn't have my normal regular periods. Is it normal for me?

A week or so before my menstral cycle I have a burning, smelly discharge what could cause this? It is brownish in color and burns on the outside of the vagina not the inside. My cycles are sometimes irregular in the past i had an in office procedure to ha

A week1/2 late for my period, im not on birth control. I have vaginal swelling/itching(no discharge)lite rectal bleeding & cramps. What could this be?

Ablation 2 yrs ago, missing component on cervix last pap, now almost daily bleeding/brown clotty discharge? Normal?

Abnormal heavy menstral cycle and discharge. When should I be concerned?

Abortion in march, still have slight bleeding and brown discharge. Also got the implant is this normal?

Abortion10 days ago,took antibiotics for 7 days , bleeding decreased but became darker and of mild not good odor , is it infection? Or retained blood

After a hymenectomy is it normal to have tissue discharge after 2 weeks?

After my period and morning after pill, thick, white, very stinky discharge for two days, now i'm bleeding and cramping as if it were my period again.

After orgasming - I noticed some vaginal bleeding - dark brown. Could the depovera injection be causing this or something else?

After ovulation my discharge turns thick. It hasnt in the last 2 ovulation cycles. I've been having lite cramps on/off for about a month. Pregnant ?

After sex, for 2-3 days I have cramping and bloody discharge, what could it be?

After taking postinor 2 I have discharge that smells like when i'm at the end of my menstrual cycle. Is this normal?

Am a few days late for my period. Is it normal to get a small amount of nipple discharge before your period?

Am having spotting most of the month & bleeding after sex. There is also a mucus discharge brown to red in color/no pain. I am peri menopausal?

Am I pregnant period lasted two days. normal period 4-5 days every 29 days. Period light and watery discharge. Breast tender from ovalation until now?

Am i pregnant?6 days delayed period with very less to no vaginal discharge.Normally have nice discharge.Pre mensuration symptoms decreasing.Ptest (-)v

Am two years post menopausal and have noticed occasional orangish discharge. Once- twice a month for the past two months. PAP and Ultrasound normal?

An irregular period and i had sex a couple weeks before and i'm underweight. Now i'm experiencing spotting and white discharge. Could i be pregnant?

Around ovulation, i get watery brown discharge which is most after i wake up. I do not need a pantyliner. Ovulation spotting vs bleeding, wats normal?

B4 each period i have brownish vaginal discharge 2-4days then i bleed normally,does those days counted of my period Which is period first day?

Been bleeding now for 4 days, brownish discharge. A week before my period is due. I have to wear a small tampon/panty liner. Could it be chlamydia?

Been having brown discharge for a week now, have unprotected sex,been on depo for about 9 mnths Is the excessive discharge due to hormonal imbalance ?

Been having pregnancy signs & spotting brown discharge a while b4 period is suppose 2 come. I'm sexually active and don't remember date of last period?

Bleeding after intercourse, Abnormal periods, watery dis., no foul smell, bleeding between periods, pelvic pain and pressure, loss appetite, not preg.

Bleeding after sex (but vigorous), and now have thick, mucousy dark brown discharge following taking Plan B 6 days ago. Possible infection?

Bleeding for 12 days around my period Light spotting followed by heavy bleeding with clots thick vaginal discharge bloating frequent urination fatigue?

Bleeding inbetween periods, brown discharge, constipation, cough, colds, sinusitis what could this be? Thanks

Bloody discharge? Not heavy, light...Not sure if the blood is part of my spotting mixed with my discharge...

Bloody vaginal mucus (about 2 tsp, red and brown), week before period. 30 years old, F. Sexually not active. On Metformin 1000mg. ?

Bright red vaginal bleeding during stomach flu. Menses ended 3 days prior. OB says it's from straining from vomiting. Brown mucus discharge following.

Brown & sometimes bright red vaginal bleeding between periods and after sexual intercourse. No pain or itching. -ve pragnency test & chlamydia. Help.

Brown bleeding from nipple when squeezed. Mammogram and ultrasound both very clear and clean. Doctor could not find the reason for the bleeding.?

Brown cervical mucus before the expected period and im 1 week delay.. Can i be pregnant?

Brown clots n discharge 10 days early to my periods ? Period cycle is 35-38 days.

Brown color discharge for two days. It has stopped now and it occurred for two days only. It's my ovulation period. No intercourse. Is anything wrong?

Brown discharge 7 weeks after abortion and 2 weeks after presumed "period" no temp or pain ?

Brown discharge and cramping 4 days before period is due but only when i wipe could i be pregnant or starting cycle?

Brown discharge and cramping, 4 days after ovulation, really sore nipples, bloated, is 4 days after ovulation implantation bleeding too soon?

Brown discharge and period late. Been TTC for 6 months. Can your body clear out the old lining and still be pregnant. I've had all new symptoms .

Brown discharge before and 2 and half days after menstrual cycle. I'm worried ! this is the third time now.?

Brown discharge for on 4th week after surgical abortion, only when wiping and using tampon?

Brown discharge in 1 nipple for over 3 months only with aid of self extraction The discharge is the same while on my menstrual cycle and off No pain?

Brown discharge mid cycle, do I have hormonal imbalance?

Brown discharge that is in the middleof my cycle, about a day and a half, on and off throughout the day, I don't know if considered spotting. What can this mean?

Brown discharge with backache a day before my is set to start period. Help?

Brown discharge? No odor, no pain. Started 3 days after period ended & has continued for over a week now. Period expected in roughly 14 days. Help!?

Brown mucous discharge and cramping days before delivery date ? What does this mean ?

Brown smelly discharge after surgical abortion is caused by what and the effects?

Brown stains after sex and mid cycle, what could this mean?

Brown stringy discharge 1wk after period. Period last 6 days. Sex day before period. On bcp. Is it Implantation? Or canworking out vigorously cause?

Brown vaginal discharge after myomectomy, should I be concerned?

Brown vaginal discharge and pain around the wall and cervix during intercourse. Should i be worried?

Brown vaginal discharge and period like cramps between periods. Had sex during my last period. Could anything be wrong or is it nothing 2 worry about?

Brown vaginal discharge, vaginal pain and itching, no period, negative pregnancy test, irregular periods, pain during sex...What is wrong with me ?

Brown vaginal discharge...Frequent urination...Never been sexually active in any way. Not on my period. Last period the week before last.

Brown watery discharge with odor, takes place of period. Usual irregular period.

Brown watery discharge, mid cycle implantation, should I be concerned?

Brown, tissue-like specks in urine, combined with slight itching and heavy brown (not red) spotting, am a virgin: gyn or urinary issue or normal?