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Just turned 40.. im on my 8th day of my period. Bright red which is unusual for me. Usually only have it 5 days. Should I worry?

why i bleed less in my periods. i have my date on time but it starts very slow, i am having either light brown or pink discharge blood amount is less?

11 weeks pregnant. After intercourse lot of bright red blood. After visit the toilet it calmed down. Days after, mucus and brown blood. misscarriage?

11 weeks pregnant. First appt. Next Wednesday. First pregnancy. Slimy blood clot. Red in color. When wipe, red blood. Help please?

12 days late. Started bleeding but only when I wipe & there are blood clots. Light blood but still kinda red. Cramping also. ?

14days after having twins,started bleeding heavy and huge clots,had emer d&c and on sept14 seeing bright red blood and now its dark/brown. Period? No?

16 days after a really irregular period, started bleeding. A week later, still bleeding (dark red to bright red). Virgin who has done oral.

1st and 2nd day my period was heavy now the 3rd day i only see blood when i wipe but its not a small amount of blood is this implantation bleeding?

1st day: Spotting 2nd day: Spotting + abit of red blood 3rd day: Spotting 4th day: Red Fresh blood but stop within 12 hours. Could this be pregnancy?

2 months with no cycle started spotting. Then had brown clots and stringy looking things. Now bleeding a little heavier with reddish clots/discharge?

22 yrs post menopause and am spotting. bright red trauma to this normal?

24. Vaginal spotting for three days mid cycle. Bright red, small dime sized clots. Not preg. Rectal spotting as well. Seeing dr. What could this be?

2days into 5day late period.usually regular.stomach bigger than usual.large dark blood clots.bright red blood.light pain when blood clot pass.normal?

3 days after period ended tiny blood clots the size of a dot came out & when i wipe there is light pink brown blood, help?

3 days late a light red pink bleed w/ some thin redblack bloodclots could it be implant bleed or menstrual 1-2 cramps only ben ttc. Bleed last 4 days ?

3 years no menstrual and off birt control, 2 days ago started bleeding dark blood / black clots. Only see clots when i wipe but no running blood.

3/9 brown spotting 3/10 brown spotting into moment of red blood then back to spotting 3/11 spotting into red blood & clots Prd or early miscarriage?

40weeks pregnant and started spotting bright red blood. No other discharge or pains. Cause for concern?

4day earily period(abnormal)4day heavy bleeding mostly black,little red and ending in clots, Could i be pregnant?

5 days after period(dark brown though), had rough sex and my cervix bruised. spotting bright red blood with tiny clots?

5 weeks pregnant and had a small amount of pink discharge when wiping. So far no heavy bleeding and minor cramping. Is this normal?

6 days late for my period. Today I started bleeding bright bright red (never had this before) mild cramping and a few small dark clots. Dr is closed?

6 days late on my period. Had blood on a tampon and it was bright bright red. Cramping and dizziness. What could this be?

6 weeks ago i miscarried, the 1st day of my period after consisted on some small clots and very light bleeding. Since then it's been so light, normal?

6 weeks postpartum, had small blood clots yesterday, today started black discharge, looks like this my postpartum period?


6th day of period. No cramps, just very bright red blood and speck /tiny clots. Though had a gut wrenching cramp 2 days before it started ?

6th days of bright red blood period, miscarriage? Not heavy flow, just bright/fresh blood. I don't soak tampon

7 weeks Preg Had Sexual Intercourse Started Bleeding After Had Two Small Blood Clots Blood Was Sort Of Brownish Red Not As Bright Red Lots Of It Wtm?

8 weeks pregnant spotting off and on 2weeks tiny string like blood clots bright red. Should i be worried?

8 weeks pregnant spotting off and on 2weeks tiny string like blood clots bright red/brown blood not enough to get on pad miscarriage?

9 weeks pregnant. Red blood tiny clots after sex. Am I miscarrying ? No cramps yet

A dark cashew sized clot(?) along with heavy bright red/thin bleeding during my period. Followed by smaller dark pieces. Consistent with heavy flow?

A day after having protected sex I started bleeding bright red watery blood and it has been consistent for 2 days now. what is going on?

A week after due period, had lots of dark brown blood, then turned into regular blood and lasted 5 days, had to use tampons . Possible implantation?

About 3 weeks pregnant. Been bleeding brown red blood for 3 days...I have no cramps but have been passing clots and tissue. What could it mean?

About a week ago I had period like bleeding but only for a few hours here it is a week later Brown blood popped up but not flowing what could be wrong?

After intercourse I noticed a bit of bright red blood on the sheets. Next few days was brown discharge & now is period-like bleeding? Periods due 29th

After sex with my boyfriend I had a large blood clot and no bleeding up until about 2 hours ago when brown discharge started to appear?

After sex with my boyfriend I had a large blood clot and now bleeding up until 2 hours ago when brown discharge appeared ?

Always have light periods for 2-3 days, the last 3 days after my period had finished I have had light bleeding(small amounts of red blood)what is this?

Am 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant have had brown bleeding for 3 days bright red for the last 24 hrs progresten level is 1.9 two days ago ?

Am i having a miscarriage? I am 3 weeks preg. And have bright red bleeding (but not a lot) and cramping in my lower abdomen. Some tissue and clotting

Am i pregnant i started bleeding dark brownish red blood a week after my period the1st day it was light pink with cramping not enough to fill a tampon?

Am i pregnant? April 23 mirena (levonorgestrel) removed/bleeding. May 4th stop bleeding. May 13 spot of brownish red blood thats it. May 20th still no blood.

Around the time I should be having a period I only had light spotting here and there for about three days. Now large chunks of blood. What is it?

Around the time my period should have started, I had a little bright red bleeding one time when I wiped and then no more blood. Could I be pregnant?

At almost 22 weeks pregnant is it healthy to be bleeding?With slight clots which seem to be getting worse and dark blood that was bright red at first?

Been having pain in my lower stomach. Followed by brown discharge, then lightly bleeding all in one day. Then next day no blood, just light brown dis.

Been having vaginal bleeding for almost 3 months. It stopped for a couple of days and now I'm having some cramping and blood when I wipe.

Been off my period for 2 weeks then came back on. Its heavier than usual with blood clots. It then went bright red. Is this normal?

Been on aviane for 2 years, have two week long periods, bright red blood and a constant amount of bleeding during the 2 weeks. Why is this?

Been on period since 1st april started normal but light then spotting brown blood now its heavy accompanied by slight cramps and big blood clots?

Bled for 23 days stopped for 7 days now bleeding very dark with spotted black clumps had essure done in october?

Bleeding while off my period. Should i be concerned? Just started today after being off my period a week. Also some small blood clots.

Bleeding 5 days before my period was due and it is heavier than i would seem to be ib but not like my normal period bright red blood only when i wipe?

Bleeding 7 days after hsg. Dye forced through. Mostly brown with clots, some bright red and only about 4 hrs during the day- no pain/fever- normal?

Bleeding after pap pregnant,10 weeks off and on spotting burnt orange to dark redish no clots or pain for 21 hours now?

Bleeding at 4 weeks pregnant? I started bleeding like I am having my period since yesterday. No severe cramping or any pain. Blood is bright red with little clumps of blood. Is this considered miscarriage? Or could it be normal for some? This is my first

Bleeding bright red blood 7 days after my last period which lasted 9-10days, slightly watery, losing more than spotting, very mild cramps/niggles.

Bleeding bright red blood a week after my period?

Bleeding for 10days with cramps like period, now no blood on pad but loads of bright red blood when I wipe and some big clots, no cramps. Normal?

Bleeding in between periods-dark brown discharge into red blood over 4 days. Blood fills pad. No other symptoms. Intimate the week of the 16th. Help??

Bleeding vaginally for 9 days now. Blood went from pink to brown to red. All days together couldn't fill 1 pad. More blood when i exercise. Any ideas?

Bleeding/spotting a week before period for 6 days. Mild/no cramps. Headaches. Red/pink blood. No clots or tissues. What was this?

Bleedingbrownnish red at 13 weeks pregnant no cramps or clots. What could it be from?

Blood clot near baby mild cramping and pink bleeding ?

Bright blood on seventh day of period, should I be concerned?

Bright red bleeding for about two weeks now after period. Really worried. Have the nexplanon implant. No other symptoms.

Bright red blood (a little goey like discharge is in it) somewhat heavy, is this my period or could it possibly be implantation bleeding?

Bright red blood after intercourse 1 day post menses. What does this mean?

Bright red blood after intercourse 12 weeks pregnant. Should I be concerned?

Bright red blood requiring a tampon/pad. Started 5 days after period ended. Has lasted over 6 days and counting.

Bright red blood, could it be implantation bleeding or uti?

Bright red non period bleeding mean?

Bright red period lasting 3 weeks? Is this a serious problem?

Bright red spotting and small clots symptoms of implantation bleeding?

Bright red spotting instead of bleeding during period is it thyroid problem?

Brown blood all day yesterday, but not enough to wear tampon. Clot at 11pm, brown and red blood today. Which day do I count as day 1?

Brown discharge and clot type discharge with little bright red blood for 4 days. Minimal cramping around the time of my period. Not my normal. ???

Can 4 days of heavy bleeding be mistaken for vaginal implementation? Even if the blood was red and fresh?

Can a follicular cyst in the right ovary cause bright red long and watery periods and 2 days of just spotting light red watery blood? Hcg is 1

Can a person have a one day implantation bleeding(a light pink blood when wiping only) next day have a red blood flow like period? Never happen before

Can a RH shot when light bleeding no clotting just a light pinkish color, no cramping, keep you from having a miscarriage?

Can bleeding during intercourse stop then start again the next day (bright red blood and slight brown discharge)? Should I be worried?

Can experiencing cystitis and it's treatment cause bright red and light menstrual flow?

Can I be having implantation bleeding if when I only wipe I see light pink blood?

Can I get implantation bleeding 4 days after sex and is it implantation bleeding as there is only a little bit of what looks like brown blood ?

Can implantation bleeding be a bit heavy and red and can it last for four days thanks ?

Can implantation bleeding be bright red I noticed today light bleeding when I wiped can it be red or can it just be bleeding after sex? No heavy flow

Can implantation bleeding be heavy like a period and have small bits of grey tissue ?

Can implantation bleeding be pink but more red and gets a little heavy with mild cramps?

Can implantation bleeding change color like a regular period or stays the same bright all the time u have it?

Can implantation bleeding go from red to light pink then stop completely ?

Can implantation bleeding start off light pinkish and brownish with no clots then get a little bit heavier with small clots?

Can implantation blood smell like period blood? I got my period 3 days early, and 5 days after sex, but it's light and red with clots, and smells

Can inplantation bleeding be bright red and be similar to a light flow?

Can the antibiotic levofloxacin cause vaginal bleeding? I took my first dose yesterday and an hour and a half later I was bleeding bright red blood.

Can you get implantation bleeding 19 days after conception? I had a small red speck of blood. Please help

CD20 bleeding started, brown with red mixed, clots and mucous passed as well. Now CD21and hasn't stopped, is this a period? Or implantation bleeding?