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20wks pregnant and since being pregnant I've had a history of UTI's. I went to the restroom and wipe light pinkish discharge no hurting or cramping?

brownish discharge. Only when I wipe after urinating. Happening on and off for 6 days after my period. Not using contraceptives. I am 40 and diabetic?

spotting ... Does it happen every time u wipe yourself ? I've only saw Abit ofblood on the tissue twice in 2days? Is this still classed a spotting?

10 days after the 1 st day of period i had a spotting, when i wipe it a little streak if blood on tissue, 2 days before that i had sex what is this?

16 weeks pregnant and eveytime i pee i bleed wit light pink blood only on tissue is it a miscarriage?

18 weeks pregnant I had intercourse and my vagina was dryer than usual after sex i used the restroom and noticed light pink blood. Im so worried.

2 days late for my period. Yesterday I noticed spotting on tissue & again this morning. Later today bleeding but not enough to fill a pad. Am I peg?

23 weeks pregnant brown spotting when I wiped. It wasn't a lot and didn't get on my underwear. I have not had sex in a week. Should I go to the er?

2days period when I wipe pink blood.. Could I be pregnant? This never happen to me

3 days late with spotting lite when i wipe with no pain and going to the bathroom a lot what could it be?

3 days late, woke up had a drop of blood in underwear, wiped it was light pink and my boobs are still really sore. What is this?

30 yr old woman breastfeeding a 22 month old. Use condoms, had very light pink spotting only when wiping after using the bathroom the morningafter sex?

38 weeks pregnant and lost my mucus plug last week. Today after using the restroom I noticed some pink blood when I wiped. Is this normal?

38 weeks pregnant bleeding after sex. I filled one thin pad. Bleeding has subsided after 12 hours with only tinged pink when i wipe. Am i okay?

4 days late on period pink mucus came down when I went pee then same again but a string of blood then a lot of blood then spotting and littl2nocramps.

41 weeks pregnant. Cramps and small red spoting when i wipe after I use the bathroom. Is this normal?

5wks preg bleed heavy through pants for about 1hour then it went to light spotting now it's stopped slightly there when I wee an wipe, miscarriage?OR?

6 days after blastocyst transfer started to bleed today nothing on pad just when i wipe started brown getting redder still on pessaries. Still pregnant ?

8 weeks pregnant. Had sex yesterday and day later spotting light brown/pink when I wipe each time after using bathroom.Is it normal? Sensitive cervix?

8wks pregnant. Brown discharge when I wipe after using the restroom, no bleeding or cramping. What is that?

8wks pregnant. Had intercourse two nights ago. Brown discharge when I wipe after using the restroom.

9 days after period heavy spotting got on underwear & when I use restroom. usually spot little. Just had bad cold & yeast inf. Ok now. Whats wrong?

9.5 weeks pregnant and for the past few weeks my panty liner smells like strong pee. Yesterday I started bleeding and cramping now brown blood. ?

9days late of my period,pregnancy symptoms but (-)test. Toilet paper is tinted with light red for 3 hours the past 2 days only.But saw bloodmucus 2day?

Af is 16 days late had intercourse and a few hours after I urinated and wiped and there was slimy discharge with some blood and it wiped away.Pregnant?

After brown discharge i actually bled through tampon today and see lots of blood in the toilet. Could this be implantation bleeding? test was negative

After having a very light period, I used the bathroom and when I wiped there was blood. I have been spotting since it ended. Could I be pregnant?

After intercourse las night I bled a lot . Bright red . It stopped about 10 minutes later. Could I be pregnant?

After my last day of periods I had protected sex and after 2 weeks and I am noticing light amount of blood on my panty and when I wipe. Is there anyth?

After peeing when i wipe i notice very light blood from vagina.This is usually happening 3 to 4 days before my period due.What is the cause?

Am 19 and a virgin i finished my period last week Tuesday but last nyt i noticed a drop of clotted blood from my vaginal and same this it?

Am i preg i have sore boobs neasus period was due yesterday but only had brown lite red discharge i use a pad and no blood but when i wipe there was ?

Any advice? Been bleeding for a couple days but its only when i wipe. I am notjust when i wipe.. I am ttc. Does this sound like it could be implantation?

Been trying to conceive. Was 20days late then bled brown only on toilet paper when wipe. Day 3 bled couple hrs next day Brown again. Then went away.?

Bleeding 8 days early, no cramping no other signs of period coming. When wiped after going to bathroom is when i Noticed, but nothing on panties?

Bleeding after pap smear went to the bathroom to urinate after wiping saw some light bleeding

Brown and red spotting with little bloodclots instead of period when I use the bathroom and wipe. Had protected sex 2 weeks ago. Whats going on?

Brown spotting for 3 days none when using bathroom. White discharge then turns to light pink spotting barely on tissue when wiping. Period starts 5/5?

Brown spotting in my underwear, and nothing went in. I had clothes on but he didnt.. Can i be pregnant?

Came on a day late it was lil blood on pad and a lil when I wipe what's wrong? I usually come on on time heavy for two days and light on the third

Can extremely light spotting (like very light pink on toilet paper only) for 48-72 hours around the time period is due be considered a period?

Can i be pregnant if i experience implantation for the first time because i was skeep and when i used the bathroom i notice pink discharge?

Can i be pregnant or it could be something ells I have my period but their is no blood on the pad only on the toiled paper and its lite red and I have symptoms of pregnancy and i got my period yesterday morning

Can it still be considered a period even thow theres not much there i dont have to ware anything its only a lil there when i wip very light to?

Can spotting happen 6dpo? Was masturbating sorry tmi and when I wiped it was skant blood light pink.could it be pregnancy

Can spotting occur during the ovulation cycle? when using the restroom I noticed a upon wiping, a streak of blood.

Can stress cause PMS to start 2 weeks early.Beacause I am spotting when i wipe after peeing.

Can you spot and be on ur period at the same time? I will wipe and there will be blood on the TP. But tampon isn't full...could I be prego?

Confused! Period came early, only afew drips of blood in the toilet, & pinky reddy colour when i wipe, not heavy quite light, could i be pregnant?

Could I be pregnant if I wipe and there's abit if pink on the paper but nothing more then that yet or is my period about to start?

DryHumping,had my clothes on she was nude.She had brown powdery non continuous spotting for 4days.2 weeks now she has PMS symptoms but no period.Help?

Ended period 3 days ago Had unsafe sex 13 hrs ago. Just wiped myself after peeing saw faded light pink spotting along w/ small cramps. What is this?

Expected period was 10/30. 4 days late. today went to bathroom and there was blood on toilet paper. Now on and off bleeding. should I test?

Finished period a week ago - tarry discharge in my underwear for two days; today there was fresh blood on toilet paper and now abdominal pain. Normal?

Had a baby 6 months ago I have the paraguard 10 yr IUD but when i get my period it's only spots on toilet paper is that normal i even have cramping ?

Had a few more days b4 the start of my period noticed today panties drenched clear fluid & light blood when wiping possible pregn. When to take test?

Had a pap done and the next day blackish brown coming out of my vagina was there when I wiped not had a period in a yr what could this be?

Had a vaginal ultrasound done yesterday, started spotting afterwards, no blood in toilet but light pink when i wipe is that normal?

Had bright pink spotting in june, no period, period in july, period in august...But I have something poking out of the bottom of my vagina (near anus)?

Had my period 12 days ago and just recently starting spotting again a bloody discharge than turns brown not in pad just when i wipe.. PT is negative?

Had my period starts of brown and pink nxt day its red and fill up a pad nxt day fill up a panty liner lasted 4 days am i pregnant??

Had period 11/04. Now went to restroom wiped and had slummy mucus mix w blood. What could this be?

Had sex day after period, ejaculated inside me, next day a lil cramping and spotting, a light blood tent only on toilet paper..What could this be?

Had unprotected sex on 19th start bleeding lite red blood with mild cramps not heavy bleed because i'm wearing a panty liner could i b pregnant?

Have had light cramps for 2 weeks, today had bright red blood dried in underwear, none when I wiped. One week until period. Implantation? Spotting?

Have had PMS symtomps off and on 2 days late for period started spotting blood/brown/tan discharge only when i wipe or use bathroom. Never had sex?

Hello I have missed my period already 11 days and i just started to bleed but when i pee only and no marks on a pad or my undies am i pregnant ?

Hello, I am now 9 days late and started spotting yesterday with light pink discharge only when I wipe. There is nothing on my panty liner though. I ha?

Hello, my vag has been burning when I wipe and some blood too. I'm a couple of weeks away from my period. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Hi I started having a very small amount of pinkish discharge when I wiped after going to the toilet 2 days before my period was due and then had a little bit of more reddish discharge following a bowel movement the day before it was due. I took a pregnanc

Hi doctor.My period started on friday 4th And today on day 19 of my cycle so 11d before expected i saw light blood on my paper towel. Can i be preg?

Hi i am 5dpo and ive been spotting brown enough to want a panty liner for the last 3 1/2 days also every time i wipe. Could i be pregnant? We are ttc.

Hi I am on Depo Vera and haven't gotten my period in about a year. Today I get out of the bathtub and dry off and notice a very watery blood spotting ?

Hi I had my normal period on the 20th may lasting for 5 days. Yesterday I went to toilet and on wiping there was red/pink on the tissue, Why is this. ?

Hi I had my period on 28/1 but the past 2days including today I've had a little bit of blood when I wipe and a few drops in my underwear, what Is it ?

Hi I had my period on the last week of December tomy guess is now about three weeks ago and I just started seeing pink blood every time i wipe?

Hi I was due my period today its always regular and starts off heavy. Instead today iv only had brownish/pinkish when i wiped after using the restroom?

Hi i was due my period today which is always heavy. Today i have noticed brownish/pinkish color when i wiped after I used the restroom. I then put on a pad and have noticed very light bleeding probably approx 2-3 drops. Is this implantatiin bleeding. Plea

Hi my period was due on the 5th but never came for the last three days stopped today I had a mucus pink bleeding only enough for a panty liner?

Hi yes when I went wipe I had pink spotting today my boob's are sore was it implantation bleeding ?

Hi, i just had my period this month last may 4-8. And yesterday, I have my period again. Heavy blood cloth, everytime i pee its coming out. ?

Hi, my period was a day late I noticed blood when I wiped after the toilet.Some spotting occurred, when i woke up this morn it was almost black on pad?

Hi. Im about 5 weeks pregnant. Just today i realised a brownish mucus kind of thing when i wiped. No cramping and no bleeding. Only when i wipe. Should i be worried? This is my first pregnancy. When do you think i should worry.

I wiped out my Monistat 1after day2 will it still work?

I am 1 week late for my period and when I wipe there is this light orange color. I put on a pad evacuee I thought my period was here but it came back ?

I am 10wks pregnant. After sex i went to pee. There were tiny blood clots in the toilet. I wiped again and had pink spotting. No cramps, or bleeding.

I am 20 weeks pregnant i masturbate after 8 hours saw a dark blood spotting in my undies but its gone now is it normal?

I am 3 days late on my cycle. I am on the standard 28 day cycle. Today i saw pink when i wiped so i put on a tampon about 8 hrs later i saw brown?

I am 36 and i hadnt had a period for 5 months. Cramping 2 weeks and flow started 2 days ago. Heavy bright red even when using bathroom. Normal?

I am 38 weeks pregnant and have had slight cramping all day. I went to the bathroom and when i wiped, there was blood on the tissue. Whats wrong?

I am 4 days late for my period, on day 5 when i went to pee i saw light pink in my tissue when i wiped and also in my pee. I am cramping with headache?

I am 40 believe im going threw pre menapause my period ended about 2 weeks ago last 4-5 days I have bright red fresh blood when i wipe yet not alot..?

I am 5 days after 6 day FET and have period like pains today. Also pinkish when I wiped after the loo. Could this be implantation or early period?

I am 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Went to the bathroom and when i wiped there was very light spotting. No cramping. Is this ok or signs of miscarriage?

I am 5 weeks pregnant and i had sex last night woke up this morning with brownish blood on my panties and when i wipe. What is going on?

I am 6 weeks pregnant and i had and ultrasound on my stomach and vaginal last week. I was told everything was ok. Just wiped and saw light pink?

I am 7 weeks pregnant. I am bleeding(brown - red) when i wipe and cramps! I have been hot/cold but no temp, is something wrong?

I am 8 days late for my period. Today when i wipe I have pinkish red blood. Only when i wipe and it burna to pee is it my period?

I am 9 1/2 weeks pregnant and i started spotting today. It's very light pink and only showing when i wipe after using bathroom. Should i be worried?

I am 9 weeks pregnant and have bacteria infection. I just use the restroom and pinkish very light pink discharge. Should I b worried?