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.amount 3ml,color greyish white, consistency viscous,liquifition 20 min,ph 7.5,sperm count 0.5m,PR 40%,NP 10%, Imotile 50%,normal 60%,abnormal 40,?

18 Male.Semen is yellow with white "healthy" semen also. Urination before masturbation is ineffective. Signs have been showing for about 2 months. ?

A little light brown discharge in seamen after ejaculating. Small discomfort located in the tip the penis while having erection. Any ideas?

After ejaculating the semen density is high.But after a few sec (20 - 30) the semen is changed to liquid like water.Is it normal?

After having nitrofurantoin I'm observing yellow urine and slight yellowish semen.. is yellowish semen cause of concern?? There are no symptoms btw.. please help

After masturbation with a few seconds, I peed and a little (dot) semen came in urine, is that okay?

After rough grinding, he ejaculated for the 2nd time with normal semen + brownish liquid what could it possibly be? And the cause?

After urinating the last 2 days, there has been a white substance that leaks out of my penis. I usually masturbate daily, but haven't in 2 weeks?

After urinating, I began masturbating. During masturbation, I had pre-ejaculate but also spotted some thicker white substance. What could this be/STD?

After watching porn i feel small amount of clear semen leaking during urination. Is this common to all man or a disease??

Are there semen like secretions in the colon?

As i know a clear sticky liquid emits from penis after sometime if a person is sexually aroused. Mine emits within seconds after arousal. Am i ok?

Can gilbert's syndrome cause yellow tinged seman/sperm? Since it,causes jaundice? If not why would I have yellow tinged semen?

Can gilberts syndrome cause yellow semen?

Can prostatitis result in yellow semen?

Can semen/sperm leak through scrotum bloody blisters? I m ocd n worried about it. Please clarify ASAP. Thanks

Can transparent sperm make a woman pregnant?Im 18 my sperm used to be white but now its transparent.

Can watery semen produce chideren?

Can you get pregnant by inserting ejaculation into your vagina with your finger semen that is cloudy white and very thick?

Can you tell if sperm is fertile based on its consistancy? Like liquid clear flowing sperm vs thick white tacky sperm?

Can you tell me why when i ejaculate for the first time the colour of my sperm was white but now it's colour is water like?

Clear sticky fluid emits from penis when watch porn or think about sex. Some pain also in testicles. Is it normal or have some disorder?

Clumps in semen that don't liquify with time Varies in sizes and quantity Can feel it squeezing through urethra an sometimes don't make it. Normal ?

Ddoes seman clear acne?

Discharge 5 hours after sex. How to tell if this is pre-cum/ semen? What color would it be? And what odor?

Do urine and semen come out of the same part of the penis?

Doctor,after masturbating my semen turns white colour to it natural processs..sir i am very fear about that..please reply me?

Does arousal fluid looks glittery when it dries up for men and woman. and does woman secretes glittery like stain on their panties sometimes?

Does clear semen mean i'm not fertile? I have had sex with my fiance and all times my semen has been clear, im 18 and we would like to have children in the future but i'd like to know if clear semen means im infertile

Does my sperm suppose to have a yellowish tint?

Does penile discharge drip out or does it have to be squeezed out for visibility?

Does the consistency and colour of the semen have anything to do with how healthy your sperm is?Had inflammation, it's not as thick and white anymore!

Does UTI or mild prostatitist causes semen thin and watery? What about sperms in this condition? are they low as well?

Dr i am 23 and diabetic ...after urination some white fluid is coming out ? what is it it semen

During masturbation, when I supposedly cum, it sometimes can appear clumpy. Not sure if that's just cervical fluid. Sometimes clear clumps. Any ideas?

During sex or masturbation my semen is like a yellow colour. Is there anything to worry about?

During sexual petting before any penetration my wife excreted what looked like semen. White and viscous. Is that something to be concerned about.

Ejaculated on white towel last night. Semen looked a bit pinkish. Put semem on my finger, pinkish color not there. Ejaculated white 2x 2day. Thoughts?

Every time my husband ejaculates why does his sperm come out with small clear chunks the only way to sum it up like the stuff in a wet diaper ?

Foamy like luberication after orgasm. Is this normal?

For a month i've been finding tiny yellow hard crystals in my semen, which is about the size of a granual of sugar, and are soluble in water. Semen otherwise normal.

From last one year I have winessed deterioration in the quality of my semen...It has become yellowish and very thin..I am only 29 years, unmarried..?

Had epididymitis for months and have noticed my semen got a little watery especially in the beginning of the batch. Does this mean I am infertile?

Have noted a brown semen discharge in shorts when i wake up. Suspect sexual dream. Not clear semen as usual?

Having erotic dream in sleep, bladder was full, i discharged, woke up, stoped my discharge, saw it was white thin liquid, mixture of urine and semen, scared!

Hello doc how r u.Can semens dried.In my case i think the semens are dried there is no semens coming out from my pennis.Any tips plz.

Hello doctor its yellow sperm are normal please help thaanks?

Help please! i'm having white rash on penis and gree/ yellow semen?

Hey dr. ! what does a clear transparent sticky discharge in females indicates with regards to hormones? Which hormones play part in producing it?

Hey my sperm comes out yellow is that ok?

How can I make my semen white again instead of blood red during masturbation?

How can I make my semen white again instead of blood red semen during masturbation?

How can I make my sperm white again instead of blood red during masturbation?

How come when I ejaculate, my semen seems to be gel-like and chunky?

How do I get more quantity and thick sperm ?

How do I get more quantity and thick sperm ?

How do I know the difference between semen leakage and ewcm? Up to how much hours after intercourse can i see semen leakage? Also I am on depo for thr

How does a woman's secretion feel when she orgasms ? Is it sticky and slimy like ejaculation?

How is a womans cum supposed to look? Texture/color.

How to figure out girl's cum? Is that the creamy transparent liquid coming out from vagina or is it a white color creamy liquid like men's sperms ?

How to make my semen thicker and more white?

Husband cannot clear his own secretions. Please any suggestions that can help. Thanks.

I am 16 and when ever i ejaculate it has all of the propertys of semen it is just clear. I have been doin this for 2 years and it has always been clea?

I am 16, but on ejaculation , my semen doesnt look 100% white..its looks mild white. Is it ok ? Or am i infertile ?

I am 18 yrs old and my semen is colorless, does it mean i am infertile?

I am a 21 year old unmarried male. After defecation, few clear sticky drops come out of penis even if I do not force during defecation. Plz help me.

I am a teenager, and when i've been ejaculating lately. My sperm comes out in a yellow glob ish thing, help?

I am having red colored sperm while ejaculating. Is it an infection?

I am observing discharge of thick white fluid after i urinate. I am not sure if its semen or anything else?

I appear to have blood in my ejaculate my semen in red tinted

I discharge a small blob of mucus mixed with blood after orgasm through masturbation which does not involve any insertions into vagina.what is wrong?

I don't masturbate yet my semen is colourless, why is this?

I ejaculated and just before I did I saw a very small drop of clear liquid coming out of my penis. Is this Precum or pee and is this of concern?

I ejaculated today and my sperm was a bit yellowish ? Is that normal ?

I feel pain in urinary muscle while urinating and ejaculating and have cloudy viscous yellowish white semen. Why is this?

I first slept with my husband after our wedding. We made love but he ejaculates watery semen about 1ltr with foul smell and it drains when I stand. ?

I found that my semen was slightly watery instead of being sticky..Is it normal?

I had my penile discharge after 5 days today during sleep.but I'm not sure whether it was semen or something was sticky and whitish.what is it?

I have a friend who says his semen comes out yellowish what's wrong with him?

I have a little brownish sperm is that comon?

I have a penil discharge when I'm asleep I'm confused whether its semen or something else.its transparent.what test should I take?

I have a white foam inside my penis before the pre-ejaculate. What is it?

I have a white tissue substance when I urinate. I am 6 weeks pregnant. Is this normal?

I have a yellow substance in my sperm... please what could be the reason?

I have been noticing black particles in semen for more than 6 months. Their quantity reduces if i dont masturbate for some days. What can it be?

I have bend penis when I sleep . Sometimes my penis produce a a transparent liquid before urine .. What to do pls help?

I have gelatinous lumps in my semen for a few years now. First they were yellowish, now they are transparent, semen is white. Any cause for concern?

I have gloopy, sticky semen. Is this a problem?

I have had yellowish tinted semen for a while now. Is this a serious issue?

I have no problem with ejaculations but my fluids are transparent.. What does this mean? Does this mean i cannot have kids?

I have nocturnal emission quite frequently (about once a week and sometimes more). I have also noticed my semen to be quite thick. ?

I have systs in my both testies there for seamen is not coming what should I do?

I mastrubated last night my semen was light yellow mixed with a little white. Is it normal?

I masturbated after 10 days but i observed my sperm is watery and less in quantity .why is it ? Do i need to worry ?

I noticed latly that when i ejaculate my semen is so sticky very very sticky and sometimes there is yellowish colour.Imasturbate a lot, wats problem?

I noticed my semen is yellowish for about two months now. I'm 27 years old and still a virgin. Should I be alarmed? I ejaculate about once per week.

I noticed that I'm having stickier Semen . Is this normal? Or should i tell My Urologist ?

I passed out one time and there was a wet blotch on my shorts. I don't think it was urine, could've it had been semen?

I produce fluid during stimulation and ejaculate during orgasm or just gspot stimulation, but it smells similar to urine, and is yellow. Im confused! ?

I used to have white sperm but now i get yellow sperm. This has been happening since 3 years. Is this normal ?Because i'm embarrassed from it..