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I noticed that i have a white substance, almost like wet toilet paper around my clitoris, and when i pull back the hood, is this smegma?

25yr old male has something similar to mucus coming out of his anus (not when using bathroom) also thinks he may have hemorrhoids -what's the mucus?

2mm white opaque sac on stool. Squeezed it, clear liquid (mostly) & whi opaque substance bursted out. Could I have tapeworm? Cats had them weeks ago.

3 yrs old has diarhea for 5 days. Whites of her eyes seems likely washed out. i.e really white. Why could it be?

38wks and i'm leaking small amount of sticky fluid.? Bit of a smell to it but its clear. Intersourse also felt really different last night?

6wks after molars pulled have glu like with numbing quality discharge and now excreted fromall mucous membranesmy hair is glued after sweating.Why?

A cheese like substance coming out from the vagina. What does that signify?

A cream colored seed like came out of my clitoris, is it serious?

A jelly like grey substance with precum emits from penis while passing stool. What is it? Is there any infection?

A white kinda smelly thing looking like the remains of a broken balloon just came out of my vagina. What is that??

A white stretchy circle came out with discharge. It was smaller than a dime. Looked like a glove material. What is this?

After an intestinal bug, i had a jelly like substance in my stool. I didn't wipe well and some hardened on my panties. It's like gooey plastic. ?

After ejaculating my sperm apears yellow and contains jelly substances looks like worms. Is that normal and does that affects being a father.

After hysterectomy when having sex especially with partner or my own secretions I'm raw,blood red and feels like liquid fire has been poured inside.

Also when I use the bathroom in the morning I notice what looks like mucus or gel on the tissue that smells fishey. What is this.

Aspergillosis, cough up white mucus in water with sack that grows white furry coccoons. Could it be that?

Aspergillosis, cough up white mucus in water with sack that grows white furry cocoons. What could it be?

At the end of my mouth there are two parts like honey comb sometimes few white cream apear on them with bad smell that i remove n wash my mouth?Sos?

Can a condom irritate PPP, like irritate as in cause hints of red to show up on them?

Can a hymen be thick? And how does it look like if it's thick?

Can a little white worm live under my skin?

Can chronic prostatiitis be the reason I have like strips from a cheese head come out when I use bathroom they always have same shape?

Can one drink the yellow part(york) together with the white part of an egg.Its for bodybuilding purpose.

Can pin worm eggs get in my air system in my home? I'm finding tiny white sticky egg like things all of my house when I'm cleaning/dusting..

Can white semi thick odorless discharge and itchy vagina be caused simply by stress? Or from drinking a lot of caffeine soda? Could it go away by water

Causes for white mucus wrapped around stool? Looks like cotton, also had white pieces that looked like tear drops?

Causes urine to seperate like oil?

Clear jelly like stool... What causes it? Is it harmful?

Clear or gray looking stuff came out of my vagina. Itwhen i wipe it was like it was in place but it stretches. What is it.

Continue with previous question, Stools is also mixed with mucous like thingy. Why n what caused it?

Coughing up what looks like mold spores. All day everyday for 3 years. Very thick and sticky and shiny?

Could a cut in the vagina cause an infection? Making the vagina leak clear substance? And smell?

Could pregnancy stop the white jelly like substance to come out of a female vagina?

Daily a little bit sticky semen like substance come out once or twice in a day.Is it spermatorrhea?.medicines to cure this disease.

Daily a little bit sticky semen like substance come out once or twice in a day.medicines to cure this disease.

Dear doctors has anyone heard of 'skin' in stools. The pieces were about 4 inches long by 1inch. About 1/8 of an inch thick, clear in color?

Do White part on X-Ray represents water and Black part as Air?

Doc why is sometimes my semen "jelly like"? Is it bad ?

Does early pregnancy look like the color of milk with it being not to thin but not to thick and had a couple very small bubbles?

Dry white chunky discharge what is it? I am dry . It looks like toilet paper rolled into little balls. I am not red until i wipe. What do I do?

Dunno if when i #1 or 2, but i saw a thin line of a clear/white slimy looking thing that looked like it had white particles. What could it be?

Every time I poop I have a discharge. Only when I push. I am a male. What might this be? It looks a little like sperm.

Every time I wipe down in my private area there is a lot of mucus. At fist I thought it was that I was ovulating but I've had it for like like a week?

Everytime my lips kinda sweat, I see white little lines on my lips and I easily wipe it off with toilet paper. How can I avoid this?

Everytime orgasm inablitiy to cum. Brown dry flakes instead. Brown liquid for a few days after what is this?

Excess release of white liquid from vagina and once had a white drop from breast. what does it mean ?

For the past few weeks and several times before I have noticed a white thick substance coming out of my vagina. Can i fix this? What is it?

Found white, viscous, clumpy substance inside anus. Similar in consistency to wet toilet paper. What could this be?

Going on and they had white stripes throughout both of them, it's not food debree.

Got positive OPK 10/01, 16:45 lots of egg white 11/01, 22:00 little dry 12/01 but 13/01 yellowish snot like with wipe morning and night.?

Hardened good-sized pieces of mucus (rocks) coming out of left nostril every 4 days like clockwork. Once one comes out, process starts over. Why?

Hardened, extremely thick and ridiculously sticky mucous plugs frequently discharging when blowing nose. some as large in diamater as a quarter.

Have black string like stuff on my Penis... Dont know what it is... Its not clothing because it appears constantly. Do I have an STD or HIV?

Have water like stuff coming out of my pravite area and I'm only 4 months pregnant. What does that means.

Hello i have a 4 year old girl she has a brown substance in her urine kinda looks like finkle matter what could it be ?

Hello doctor, okay so my lower private part has been itching, swelling and producing some type of thick cottage cheese looking type stuff.

Hello, my penis appears to have a sawdust looking substance on it, can I ask what this may be?

Hey im 39 weeks and im seeing a clear like gel discharge what does this mean and also a lil spot of water?

Hi Doc, I just saw some whitish stuff in my urine. What could that possibly be I curious to know.

Hi doctors. My semen has a grain like yellowish thing. Its like a gelatin form and sticky. Is it normal? I ejaculate 3 to 4 times a week.

Hi I just spit up a clear like substance that was thick jelly like ball and very sticky. In the middle there was it looked like white string. When I stuck my nail in it I could feel the string. I am having chest pains and shortness of breath now. I think

HI I'm a 19,103lb, 5'1" . have vag.discharge paley yellow like mash potatoes. It was whitish at first and thought it was Yeast and took ointment idk?

Hi my baby has a white thing in her mouth like a thin white skin is this a fungus? What can I do?

Hi yes when i get out shower i look down to dry my sack and majority hairs around sack are brownish yellow when the sack is dry. What do this mean?

Hi, can you help with black stuff in ear? It is not like blood, it does not delute with water, it is more like a black pigment. Have had iritation....

Hi, I have something white inside my year, it looks like a white piece of cotton patch or a piece of garlic. I am experiencing strong ear ache for 2 w?

Hi! sometimes i cough out small yellowish/white (what feels like mucus) piece of food? What is it? Tastes unpleasant. How & why does it happen? Thnx!

How can I know how much semen will come? And why is sometimes really white and then other times like a water?

How does a dry vagina look like compared to to the days where it excretes egg white mucus and etc.?

How does sperm look like when coming out after living in the vagina 2 days?

How does the smelly liquid discharge like? sticky? or look alike pee? any picture to check it out?

How to remove paan masala stain from white clothes?

I get fluids in my vagina, sometimes like mucus, it's whitish and it used to have a fishlike smell, but it's reduced. I want to know what's wrong ?

I am 25 years old and weight 39 kgs. White slippery mucus like thick fluid usually come out of my vagina. What is it? How can I get rid of it?

I am 29 year boy.When i put pressure to pass the stool the white thick stuff comes through my pennies and i had this problem from 5 months any danger?

I am a 38 year old female and I am still lacting after my last son 18 years ago. The fluid is grayish green and thick and has a pus like quility to it is it normal to lactate that long and does the color indicate a infection

I am a big girl and it seems harder to keep it clean but when i get horny my vagina makes this white mucous like substance and i don't like it?

I am experiencing clear jelly like substance it feels like i have to poop but nothing comes out except the jelly it is painful and sometimes ha blood?

I am having a whitish spots like fugus in my body, what shud I do to avoid from that?

I am having white foam along with stool. Last time a month ago with help of medication it went away. What should I do?

I am pregnant of 30 weeks and something is like white liquid coming through my birth canal please suggest me thing to do.I am anxious enough. ?

I am really nervous... I like many others that I have red have experienced this bright, hi-lighter, yellow very thin(water like) liquid pour out of my?

I am white, down there in my vagina is a little brown. I did have 2 kids . Can you tell me what caused this and if I can make it back to my Normal?

I burnt my finger this morning while making scrambled eggs and now it has a white dot on it. What should I do?

I cannot see stuff in the dark directly, what to do?

I coughed up a string like something. What could it be? I have pictures available. Thanks. It was in a clear fluid. Kind of yellow to white in color.

I did a Enema and what is the jelly like stuff and a little blood?

I find small balls of a foul smelling material that is almost paste like in consistency that comes from the back of my throat and nasal cavity connects to my throat and mouth. It is usually in the mornings and is a tiny ammount. Should I be worried?

I found a booger like gray oval in my hair that was as sticky as trying to get glue or worse than bubble gum out of my hair, im worried it couldbelice?

I found a white milky substance in my 3 years old baby anus what is it?

I gargled with betadine recently, and i get dark redish stringy stuff when I spit, it doesn't happen with hot water or any other liquid, can i know y?

I get a clear, waxy film on the skin around my vagina. It doesn't smell. But feels waxy, slimy. What is it?

I get excessive sticky white mucus build up in the larynx area, what condition(s) could this be ?

I get tiny brown crust on my nipple in the middle. It can be easily remove but keeps coming back. It's soft. Also oily/white buildup not pregnant.

I had a bump on my vagina. When I squeezed it, a brown thick & soft substance came out the texture of play dough that had an odor. What could this be?

I had a c section 4 months ago and I keep loosing a big clog of mucus like out my vagina?

I had a plug type fluid Coke from my vagina and it seemed stuck, so I pulled it out. It didn't have a smell or anything, what was that?

I had my last periods on 21.03.14 on 20.03 i found a very small piece of clear white issue like substance about 1inch twice from my vagina what it is?

I had some little bit of white discharge, took a bath and when water entered and exited, mostly on purpose, what looked like skin peels came out. ?

I have a clear jelly like substance and two bumps on the lips of my vagina. Should i be worried?