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went i poop their are alot of little black balls yesterday dr said I had a kidney infection the little black balls just started tonight.what should d?

when i went for motion, in the last of motion red blood has came out from anus, but i didnt face this prblmearl?

"iam exactly eight months. & I had to pee.. And when I cleaned my self the toilet paper had two spots of blood.. And my belly feels hard. Is it normal?

22 and i seem to be having leakage problem? Today ws worse i woke up and my shorts looked like i peed myself, and after toilets slight leak occur

24 weeks pregnant went to the bathroom and had a spot of blood when I wiped should I just watch if it happens again?

26 y/o female wiped bright red blood from poop 2x today -didnt see any in first poop saw a little the second but it looked separate. No other symptoms?

27 yr old female 3 days ago went to use the batheroom and felt a lump around my anus, went today again and passed out mucus?

28 weeks pregnant and tiny spot of blood on underwear yesterday and then again tonight a spot of blood on underwear. Should I worry? Baby is moving.

33/m. Epidural yesterday. Today, anus felt funny walking around. Got home, wiped, saw blood. Not dark, more bright. Normal following epidural?

36 weeks pregnant. Noticed very slight small amt pink blood when wiping after a pee yesterday. Nothing since. I feel baby move. Should i be concerned?

37 weeks pregnant and noticed a small gush of liquid immediately after going to the bathroom. My water breaking? No contractions nothing since.

5wks pregnant, miscarriage or normal? I was coughing and could feel wetness, went the toilet bright red blood had come through pants but no pain

6 year old woke up with belly ache and popped and was blood on toilet seat snd when she wiped. No constipation. Not sure if she peed or pooped blood?

A few days ago i saw that there was a brown discharge, i thought it was just going to go away. But then later i went to the bath room and i saw that there was some little blood. At first i didn't feel pain, but then i started feeling some.

A lot of blood is coming out when I have a BM. Yesterday and today. Just not sure yesterday if it was just with my pee or it was a BM as well.

About a lil over week ago I barely spotted part of a day then like 2 days ago noticed a small blood clot in toilet after peeing and now today I'm barely spotting again...both times I spotted wasn't even enough to use a tampon or pad...what could cause thi

After a heavy night on alcohol i woke up urinating bright red blood for entire piss, no pain, cleared up by next night what happened to me? Freakinout

After going to bathroom, saw bright red blood coming from penis. Does not hurt or burn. Virgin. Made urologist appointment. What can it be? Nervous.

After going toilet, when i wiped my self i had blood from my bottom was bright red and am worried, everything down that area is fine nothing sore?

After haveing a hysterectomy after a year is that normal out of the blue tonite I seen a lil bit of blood ?

After having anal intercourse, I have noticed blood when i went to use the bathroom. Should i be worried?

After having sex on saturday i noticed that whenever i defecate I have a little bit of bright red blood the first time i wipe i thought maybe i was st?

After having sex, I went to the bathroom and wiped myself and I saw a little blood mixed in with the stuff inside. Why is this?

After I had sex I went o the rest room and I started urinating and I saw blood in my urine it was light red I don't know what to do?

After I went pee today I wiped and I noticed a red dot it looked like a tissue fiber but now I'm worried I am 10weeks pregnant . But what if it wasn't?

All of a sudden i got stomach ache, yellow pasty poo, my anus hurts when i poo with lil blood and mi pennis hurts a lil n began showing redish spots?

Always had bad stool.past year used toilet paper over finger to push it out since its hard.noticed little blood sometime and yellow it dange?

Am 21 years old.. 3days ago i ffelt my period or something coming out from my vagina and i looked but there was nothing but i saw a small ball inside

Am i in labor? Couldn't sleep all night because of contractions now they r worse umm i went to pee and saw blood (not sure if it was bloody show)

At 5 weeks pregnant, twice today, I noticed an odd discharge in the toliet. It looked like toliet paper that hadn't been flushed. Should I be worried?

Been feeling bloated, went to bathroom and there were good amount of flesh blood in the toilet. Didn't realized it till then cause I had no pain. ?

Blood in toilet. Felt like I had to go to bathroom but only bright red blood came out, no stool. No pain going to bathroom or any stomach pain?

Butt bleeding and stomach pain 2 days ago when i went to the bathroom and when i got up i noticed that their was a lot of blood in the toliet and i really mean alot. When i wiped myself i noticed that the blood was coming from my butt and it was mixed wit

Can an antibiotic cause you to bleed? I was prescribed one today and I went to the restroom about an hour and a half after taking it and there was a bunch of bright red blood. Is this normal?

Confused about stool test? Is it suppose to touch toilet water? How do I have it not do that? All i got was the packets to smear it on 2 ovals.

Confused by something in stool. I do have IBS-C. I saw a bit of red today. Didn't hurt to defecate, nor wipe. I had tomatoes last night. could it be?

Could it be possible for a 2 year old to have hemorrhoids? Because my son pooped twice today and only this time when i wiped there was blood

Couple hours it turned back into dry blood colored than only blood came out when i urinated n wiped than only drops what is going on should I b worrie?

Did i lose my mucus plug? 40 weeks pregnant today, felt like i was leaking something so went to bathroom. When i wiped i found something about an inch long, grayish in color, and dry. Sort of resembles an oyster. Should i call my doctor?

Doc, i have squeezed my gf's breasts many time but after i squeezed them today, a white stuff came out of it after 1 hour. Whether we should be worrie?

Embarrassed but i went to the bathroom and i had blood on the tp.Wasnt a lot but wasn't little either.Bright red. From my...Butt. Sigh. What is that?

Fever and took panadol twice. Masturbated and saw little blood in urine. Later i pressed nothing was there. No pain as well. M scared?

Few drops of blood from breast came out last year. Mamo and u/s says nothing serious. Saw nothing for year. Squeezed today,a drop comes out. Serious?

For last couple weeks, I've notice a little blood on my toilet paper after I poop, every now and then. Hurts a bit to poop. Whats wrong? Emergency?

Freaked out woke up i had a little pressure when i stood up and thought i peed on myself but it was a little blood? But the blood was like water

Got my PD yesterday & was in a pain lvl of 7, later that afternoon I wiped off 2 large pcs of what looks like tissue w/ blood & had a foul smell? Help

Got thick red and cough like thing out of my anus today morning may be because i drank yesterday.but i drink very raerly once in 3 month is it normal?

Had a hemrroid yesterday, used cream and saw doctor today, doctor investigated and it is now gone. Still have feeling of pressure in anus tho? Worried

Had anal sex recently and when i went to the bathroom, noticed blood.When I wiped, I saw a good amount of blood from my anus.When should I see my doc?

Had cystocopy this am used a local. I went to pee this evening before I started I saw a small white substance kind of stringy could it be the jell?

Had diarrhea clean up good and went to work it burned and itch after some time i was able to go to the rm again and the tp had.Alittle blood is norml?

Had hysterectomy 2 months ago went bathroom nd saw reddish pinkish kinda clot in toilet what could this b? Is it normal?

Had intercourse on the day I started ovulating after we was done went to clean up wiped what looked like a mucus plug with a little bit of blood on it?

Had little pain defecating with a tiny blood spot on the paper. It went away in approx a week. Does it mean it's all good now?

Had my membranes stripped about 6 hours ago no blood up until now. Its a brownish color. Went for a walk now cramping worse. What is going on?

Had to hold my pee and when I went I pushed hard. Felt a pop near the tip of my penis. Couple drips of blood. Went again no blood. What happened. Ty?

Have been constipated for a week finally went right now. But i started bleeding from my anus. Is it normal?

Have been coughing for 2'weeks, noticing bright blood from vagina, I think it's from coughing anything to be worried about?

Have pain in rectum went to bathroom today & wiped it covered with blood went again all that came out was clear gooey stuff?

Have pilonidal cyst and it bled for 40 mins after pooping. Should I be worried? Never saw doctor about it

Havent been able to go #2 w/out having to strain really hard for about a year . Today i had lots of bright red blood when i wiped an in the tiolet?

Hello Doctor, Yesterday January 23rd 2016 I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was a slimy light pink discharge on the toilet paper then an hour later there was little spots but that was it and now today there is absolutely nothing, do you know

Hello, i had recently went to the bathroom and after i had wiped it was a slight yellowgreenish color and has been back, should i be concerned?

Hello, I have recently been noticing a white mucus on the toilet paper after wiping. Is this something I should be worried about? Thanks!

Hello. I just came from the toilet to realise i had bright red stools. Should i be concerned? :/ this has never happened before.

HELP! I was constipated, & finally pooped yesterday. it hurt! There was bright red blood when I wiped! 2day I pooped, & blood was on tissue. Scared??

Hey i went toilet to day i went to wipe my self and have a little bit of blood and went toliet again and a bigger bit of blood was there but it mixed ?

Hey so I had a really long weekend drinking and have pooped several times today but on this last time I had a little bit of mucas that had red in it?

Hi doctor,I got a problem since 3 days. First I had like diahorrea for three days then after I got little blood clot on wipes from anus, n now there i?

Hi I am 34 weeks & 4 days pregnant and just went to the bathroom and while trying to poop, a lot of blood came out of my vagina. Do I need to go to er?

Hi I found a little brown worm in my poop and my girlfriend is pregnant and I wanted to know it its posibal to pass it thru you know what?

Hi I got my papsmear on the 8th December and this morning the 9th December I have a light pink blood wen I wipe after going to the toilet to do a wee Wat could that mean thanks?

Hi I have been having bowel problems yesteraday it came out like mud today all small thin pieces is this bad ?

Hi i have had a hemmoroid for over 6 years when i first got it. It was bleeding sometimes after i went to the toilet i took hemmoroid cream but it didn't go away but wasn't really bleeding anymore i just forgot about until now its started again but alot o

Hi I'm not sure why but I just pooped and it burned a little bit and that's the second time it's happened today. and there is no blood in the stool.

Hi im 17 years old And when i wipe after bowel movement i notice a colourless mucus And the strange things is that it hasnt ever happened before but f?

Hi my girlfriend who is 9 weeks and 1 day pregnant. went to the bathroom to poop, she noticed when she wiped there was blood is this normal?

Hi my names julies and my dads been a heavy drinker now for over 40 years i went to see him tonite and he had quiet alot of blood specs on his shirt ?

Hi my wife just had a baby a week ago, she was stiched up. She is still feeling lots of pain and a lot of bright red bleeding in the toilet. Is sheok?

Hi, i went to the toilette before a couple of days and i notice like pink dots on my stool it normal?

Hi, I'm 25 weeks pregnant and I noticed little specks of blood in my urine when I went earlier. Is it normal? What could it be?

Hi, since yesterday I was shocked when I wiped my bum that the paper was orange! Today it seemed like I had an orange discharge on my panty liner. ?

Hi, this morning I was at work and went to the bathroom when I wiped it looked like I had passed a mucus plug... My last period was July 30th to August 2nd just over 2 weeks ago, so I'm a little concerned of what this may be?

I accidentally slept with my tampon on, this morning I woke up & took it out in the bathroom . A lot of dark blood & this boogery dark stuff came out.

I already had my period for this month. I go to the bathroom and their was a little pink blood. After the second time I wipe it was gone.

I am 14 weeks prego an have a odd tast in my mouth and in the shower I coughed up sum muchus that had a lil but of blood in it should I go to ER ?

I am 22 weeks pregnant and recently i've noticed that after peeing i sometimes notice a blob of mucus. Its not bloody though. Should i be worried?

I am 26 and an active smoker. I got sick ealier and noticed what looked like blood clots in my vomit. Should I be concerned?

I am 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I went to the bathroom this morning and went pee only. when I wiped I had blood coming from my bottom. normal?

I am 56 years old, when i went to the bathroom, i wiped i saw blood I have no insurance what should I do?

I am a 42 year old woman and when i urinated today i saw something in the toilet that looked like mucous. What could this be? And what would cause it?

I am almost 2mons pregnant and on the 26 and today when I have tried to do #2 when i wipe my vagina just a little bit of blood comes out. Is that normal?

I am just about 33 weeks I just have a question I had intercourse and when I went to the rr I wiped and a greyish black stuff came out but only once ?

I am on antibiotics when I go to the bathroom I noticed that I have a little blood on the back of my underwear can that happen with antibiotics?

I am three weeks away from my period, I am on the pill, and when I went to go to the bathroom a big amount of bloody tissue came out. I had bad cramps?

I am worried because i am getting the odd cramp and like this morning i found a spot of blood when I went to the loo?

I ask why every time to hard poo then after i'm pee I have blood coming out after spoting now next day done what happend to me

I ate a lot of bright pink frosting on thursday night and had a red bowel movement on fri and sat. Sunday it was back to normal. Should i still call my doctor on mon.?

I been on my cycle for about 3 days now , when I went to the bathroom there was a flesh that came out shape like a flower with a long string what is i?

I came across what seemed like tissue in my underwear almost a year ago, did i miscarried?