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2 years ago, i was told my B12 deficiency could lead to pernicious anemia. I stopped the B12 pills, my symptoms match, can I have this? B12 now fine.

A doc said all smokers have a deficiency of vit c. It this true. If it is, what other deficiencies smokers have?

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Are the symptoms of celiac disease and vitimin B12 deficiency alike?

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Can hpylori bacteria cause macrocytic anemia for 70 yrs man. Had it from 2 yrs and treated. Folic, B12 ok. Can it be no absorption though normal vit.?

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Deficient in b12: 160 and feirritin: 10. Why and what should I do?

Diag - idiopathic hypogonadism. Why would dr. Not test for vit. D3 or zinc deficiency in light of studies which suggest these could be the cause?

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Hello docs, is alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency life-threatening?

Hello docs. I was wondering can vitamin B12 deficiendcy cause swollen gums?

Hello...I am 25 year male suffering from vitamin B12 defeciency..Can u please tell.Medication?

Help please? I want to know what are the best vitamins for asthma?

Help! can B12 deficiency run in families?

Hi Doctor,My SGPT is 128 and SGOT is 59 with deficiency of vitamin d & b12. please advice?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is IgA deficiency and how can it be helped?

Hi drs.....What are the signs that indicate some one has B12 deficiency ?Do vitamin b1+b6+b12 deficiency have the same signs as B12 deficiency ?

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How effective is the treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency even when it has affected the nerves?

How effective is the treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency even when it has already affected my nerves.?

How similar are symptoms of B12 deficiency and hypothyroidism? I have B12 deficiency still having problems now dr is testing my thyroid.

How to know what is B12 deficiency?

How to over come deficiency of b12?

How to treat alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency/emphysema?

I have vitamin B12 Deficiency not pernicious anemia. My doctor told me. My reading was 160. What is that number is it 160mcg.

I am suffering from malabsorption ( iron,vitamin b12, vitamin d deficiency). Bcoz of it i had severe hair loss from 6 months. Is it reversible?

I have a B12 low of 236 symptoms of B12 deficiency and a ferritin of 44. Could this be B12 deficiency?

I have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Can they give me a shot every month now?

I have been told I need b12 injections and have also been put on folic acid. Do I have a deficiency in both? Or am I anaemic?

I have fibromyalgia and two heart conditions, plus I am B12 and vitamin d and iron deficient, can this be connected with lupus?

I have hyperparathyroidism due to vitamin d2 deficiency, is it due to my obesity BMI 42, I also have low testosterone, and but B12 deficiency ?

I have just been diagnosed with vitamin B12 Deficiency.I'm now getting injections 1 every week for 5 weeks then 1 every 3 months. Its for life to?

I have peripheral neuropathy and have been bolo tested for diabetes, vitamin B12 deficiency, etc. All normal. Any ideas or suggestions what to do nex?

I have pernicious anaemia had two injections of vitamin b12 last year which caused me to collapse and cardiac arrest so now they won't give me anythng?

I have vitamin D3 deficiency...It around 8.3 mg...How will improve vitamin d3?What are disease caused by this deficiency?

I m 20 yr old and from india. Can deficiency of vitamin B12 & D3 cause seizures? And how to treat with deficiency of vitamins?

I think I may have chronic fatigue syndrome. Would taking vitamin b12 help at all?

I was diagnosed with a vitamin B12 deficiency and now am bruising from the inside out, is this related?

I was told the ridges on my nails are from a protien deficiency , i thought it was because im coeliac B12 deficient . Are they related?

I was wondering is B12 deficiency the same as pernicious anemia?

I've been sick for years, im 44 cataracts, adult onset siezures ...Iron deficiency anemia B12 anemia...Joints ddd, if not lupus what else could it be?

I've read that alpha lipoic acid can help w neuropathy, can it help with drop foot (from a B12 deficiency)?

If 35 yr women having vitamin B12 deficiency how we can treat it?

If I have alpha 1 deficiency can I do chemotherapy if i chose to ?

If I have pernicious anemia (intrinsic factor antibody), what happens if i skip monthly vitamin B12 injection?

If my alpha -1 antitrypsin serum is 1.23 g/lit, do i need antitrypsin phenotype test?

If my grandmother had alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, should I be tested?

If we have vitamin B12 deficiency, then is it true that that will cause obesity?

In your experience, can insomnia be related to B12 deficiency?

Is a vitamin B12 deficiency associated with Lyme disease?

Is an orthopedic the right doctor to consult for vitamin B12 and vitamin D3 deficiency ? I face neuropsychiatric symptoms coz of B12 deficiency too.

Is anemia from B12 deficiency a life-threatening condition?

Is hair loss due to vitamin B12 deficiency is reversible???