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27 yr old f, fair skinned w blue visible veins throughout body. Noticed veins after taking two courses of antibiotics. What could be causing this?

1 Week ago I burst my forehead on concrete. Doctors clipped a blood vein with a rubber. Can I still take an aspirin a day or is that vein to delicate?

13 year old son is inactive but not fat. He gets bulging veins in his arms and hands sometimes we notice it. Will this go away if he's active?

18 year. I used to masturbate a lot. Suddenly arms started appearing on my arms. Buldging veins now. I am very thin. Embarassed to go to a doctor.

20 years old, just noticed have a greenish vein running close to skin on right breast. Is this of concern?

22, have what looks like spider veins on ribs area. Only about half and in' to an in' long. had strawberry birthmark there. should i be worried?

23 y/o female with a recent appearance of prominent blue veins extending from palms to shoulder. Noticeably more prominent than normal appearance.

29, have varicose&reticular veins behind both knees. Getting removal in Jan, but seem to be getting bigger and multiplying. What could be causing this?

29, have varicose&reticular veins behind both knees. Laser removal in Jan, but seem to be getting bigger and multiplying. What could be causing this?

3 months ago i had a vericocele embolization, while the veins arnt quite as swollen its still visible and rather unsightly, is this all ill see change?

3yo has a visible red vein on her gums right by her front teeth. Is this cause for concern? Or does everyone have visible mouth veins?

6yr/old Child has either spider veins or busted blood vessels on her neck and has been there about 1 yr. is this normal if not what could be wrong?

6yr/old has either spider veins or broken blood vessels on the neck. Been there about 1yr. Is this normal if not then what could be wrong?

7 days ago I had varicocele surgery. Now I see some blue/purple parts at the base of my penis and on testicles, like blood has stopped flowing there?

76 y old has sudden bulging vein on inner part of arm. Not sore or discolored. Concern?

A doctor happens to feel that when sclerotherapy is used, for instance, on the upper leg that new surrounding spiders will form. How true?

A few days ago i noticed the main vein on underside of my lwrist was tender & raised. The next day it was also hard & was red around it. Busted vein?

A new mole developed on my hand and 2 years later at 1cm away, a varicose vein (blue, bumpy, painful if pressed) developed. Are they related?

After an IV 3 weeks ago, the vein they used in my hand has now swelled to 1 1/2 inch in diameter. Maybe it's the tissue, but it hurts terribly. Do?

After removing my compression stockings, it seems my veins look even worse. They are dark blue and more towards the surface. Is this normal?

All of the sudden I been having very blue visible veins all over my body and its kind of scaring me now ., I am 26 year old female?

Am 35 years old. I have green veins on my arms and at the back of my thighs. What is causing them. Thanks?

Any way to prevent veins becoming more visible when doing lifts?

Anything that could help spider-web veins in penis? Young, not painful. Very dark and sometimes noticeable. Warm or cold compress? Which better?

April thru october veins have become much more noticeable in arms/hands/feet. There are more every day. 24 y.O woman. Bcp changes/withdrawal related?

Are injections now actually making veins worse/ more noticeable later?

Are spider vein a symptom of fatty liver. Alt 64. Ast 50. I have noticed a few small spider like veins on my chest area.

Are varicose veins dangerous to have before and during pregnancy. I found two small purple veins and im worried it will cause clots when im pregnant?

At first i noticed my veins in the legs are visible then the next day those veins shows small bruises, is that sign of leukemia?

Can a pink tender cord mean possible deep veinthrombosis?

Can a venous leg ulcer present as a perfect round circle? Have read they are irregular.

Can anyone tell me is visible leg veins a side effect of anorexia ?

Can attempting to cannulate a vein and missing be bad ? It ended up in a big lump and bruise, will it be ok?

Can big& painful superficial veins in penis skin be removed? Will new veins grow? Wil surrounding veins cope? Have seen specialists- they all disagree

Can injury to the neck cause vessels in the arms to narrow and get smaller? The vessels in my arms are blue, small, and paper thin and getting thinner

Can it be normal to have very visible veins all over my body? Especially on my legs? I'm only 35. I am thin, pale, and just 97 lbs.

Can little blue veins on my legs go away or am I stuck with them?

Can not seeing your veins in your hand mean dehydration?

Can you have a group of small red and blue spider veins on belly? They are super small and look similar to spider veins on legs. Thanks!

Can you tell me how i can not get freaked out about veins?

Can you tell me how I could make spider veins go away or appear smaller?

Child with visible blue veins on legs,chest and feet,pale,dark eye circles,swollen lymph nodes,inflammation on heart,lungs and GI tract,tired,asthma?

Could it be normal to see your veins? I can sometimes see green color (veins) on the inner part of my arm.And on hands inside. Is this normal ?!what?

Could u please help. My wife is 19 weeks pregnant & has developed 3 red swollen lumps on her knee over the last week. She has varicose veins. Thoughts?

Cramp in my toes, veins more prominent and my lips have gone really red. What does all this indicate?

Cramp in my toes, veins more prominent, and my lips have gone really red, what to do?

Dad had varicose vein surgery years ago he bumped his leg & now there is a bump & the dr. Keeps using a needle & drain fluid is the a fix for this?

Dark veins visible back of upper left thigh after sitting. I am thin active woman, 49yrs old. Take provera, (medroxyprogesterone) do hot yoga. Should i worry about clot?

Dermatology: sclerotherapy to be used on front upper legs to rid spider veins. How long til these veins return? Generally, what can be the time range?

Diagnosed svt greater saphenous 2 weeks. the original area is better but redness is slowly going up vein. is this normal?

Diagnosed w basilic clot last wk. Went 4Doppler today due to painupper arm now it's basilic and cephalic clot Did it grow 2 other vein? Treatment?

Dispite my vericocele embolization 3 months ago, the veins are getting bigger and the pain stronger, i can't see my doctor for a while, what do I do?

Do spider veins become more noticable with weight loss?

Do varicose veins on the bottom that first appear in pregnancy come back and hurt later in life?

Do veins in chest area shows during pregnancy?

Do venous lakes on the lip usually fade away?

Fluttering in my calf last night. Havent had new varicose veins since pregnant. Am I about to pop out another one?

For six years I've had a large spot on my forearm vein that balloons. It hurts especially if it gets hit, is this an aneurysm?

For years I've had doctors stick me in the same vein on my left arm I it possible that this could be dangerous ?

Found little spider veins on ear lobes. 52 yoa. No pattern not many but they are there, purple. Maybe a few elsewhere. .. Is this normal?

Got little spider veins after biking, does this mean i shouldn't bike anymore?

Got punched on the side of the nose a few days ago and now there's a visible vein showing will this go away?

Greeting! I have big vein on my biceps on one hand, I exercise in the gym often and I afraid that this vein will become huge. Can compression sleeves ?

Had baby4 months ago and am nursing.noticed a long blue veins on thigh more prominent now but not varicose. What causes this?

Had radiofrequency ablation to both legs for varicose veins. the stuff they used to sanitize my legs caused a itchy, red, bumpy, rash. any ideas?

Had varicose veins stripped in Nov. Now a swollen bruised hard area has appeared. Any concerns?

Have noticed that my hand veins are hardly visable at the md's office. At home, are much more noticeable. Can white coat syndrome come into play here?

Hello, I just noticed that on the veins on the inside of my left foot below the ankle have become a lot more noticeable and spider webish looking.

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes ppl to have noticeable blue veins?

Hey docs, should one see a doctor if/when a vein pops in one's eye?

Hey i got bumbs in my under arm veins is it possible That they are valves they show more When my veins are small When its cold Im 21 ?

Hi doctor.. I hv a prominant forhead vein, it becomes more visible while laufing nd lying down.. It looks awfull.. I wantd to ask why is it so visible.

Hi I have a large thick purple vein showing on my right tonsil, I have no other symptoms but whenever I've looked before I could never see a vein?

Hi I have quite prominent veins on the tops of my feet that have been there for quite a long time now. I believe they are healthy veins as they don't ?

Hi Iam 26 weeks pregnant and noticed mild edema in my both feet with pain more visible veins especially when I stand for even 30 minutes,what could be?

Hi iv just noticed this morning that I have large purple veins on both sides of my hips and Afew littler red spider veins on my right side.what is it?

Hi when I smile I notice that veins stick out at my neck, I haven't noticed this before. I have a sinus infection, is this normal? Or not

Hi, I'm 18 year old girl, my veins are very visible on my arms, I'm overweight and I smoke but I got lots of tests including ecg, all normal?Any idea

Hi, my son is 8 yo. He has a few things concerning me, but may be nothing. More recently we have noticed a bulging vein on leg on 2 cm wide.

Hit my foot.Barely visible and hard lump appeared on vein which leads to great saphenous vein. Tender to touch. I use coumadin (warfarin).Need to be checked?

How can I get those bodybuilder-like blood veins to pop out of my forearms?

How can I not get freaked out about veins?

How can I treat this vein pain stuff?

How do I get my veins to pop out and be more prominent so i can get my blood taken?

How to cure varicose veins ? From last 5 years suffering but now starting more problem a little spot like pimple start to appear what to do?

I am 16 and I have red thread like veins on my legs and arms, doctors have told me it is because I am underweight my bmi is 15.2 and so I have less fat and tissue to hide the veins, is this true?

I am 20 year old girl.m lean and thin.veins in my hands becoming visible from last 2 days ?

I am 22 years there is something wrong with my penis its ged red and i feel numbness and getting erection is no problem veins have become prominent?

I am 55 but my skin looks like an elephant's. It's thin, has no elasticity and is crepey especially on my arms and legs. Is there anything to help?

I am having abnormal dimples and something that feels like a varicose vein in my breast. Should i be concerned?

I am noticing some bluish veins on the side of my forehead beginning to show. Nothing bulging, but they were not there until after a brief illness.

I am slim and i can almost see my veins pip out of my arms and legs,im only 10 kg underweight,what can i do to stop my veins to pop out of my skin?

I am young, but have a lot of blue veins inside of my ankles, ugly looking. What can I do at home to help with their appearance?

I believe my dorsal penile vein has hardened. It's not causing pain, nor much soreness. Noticeable as the main vein is hard from bottom to mid shaft. ?

I blue veins showing in my groin area im going on a plane the weekend worried about dvt? can thia wait till im home?

I can see blue veins close to surface on my right chest, I broke my collarbone years ago & had surgery, is it some sort of effect from this?

I can see veins/arteries in my hand emerged out or in other words are quite visible. What's the cause?

I do not feel pregnant, because i'm not. I have no symptoms. Are visible veins in chest and down there normal?

I felt my legs's bloodvessels are flowing like they're beating sometimes. Is it normal?& I have prominent veins. I acquired it when i had anal fistula

I finally stopped Nuvaring five months ago because I noticed prominent reticular veins on my chest, rt shoulder, cheeks and eyes. There a Connection?