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, how to find vein on swelling hands, for iv?

'i have a lump in vein on my hand?

@ 2 months ago a vein in left hand has been bulging @ 1/4" and is painful to the touch, today another vein on left hand is now sensitive. Suggestions?

A vein in my left hand hurts. It's just one vein in the palm, and it will hurt every few days. ?

All of a sudden my veins in my feet are popping out i can almost grab ahold of them! why? It's the main veins not the little ones on top

Alot of veins visable in feet, is that normal?

Any advice? I have visible veins not so blue on my right breast and my both hands, 2 inches below from my armpit can it be a some serious symptom?

Any ideas why the arm swell, or become edematous, after a radial mastectomy?

Arms are achy from the armpits down in every joint. Hands are swollen and purple. Swelling decreases color normal when raise my hands above my head. ?

Big veins on the hands, what does it indicate?

Blue painful spider veins on right arm extending to palm. Wrist hurts when moving. Can chlorella herb cause this since it has lots of vitamin K in it?

Blue veins on palm of my sons hands, near wrist and on base of the thump. He is 20 months old and we have never noticed them before. Is this normal?

Broken vein on the top of my lip?

Bulging veins on top of hands cause?

Bursted vein in arm, is it okay?

Can anything be done for prominent veins on the back of my hands?

Can there be some way to relieve enlarged veins in the hands and feet?

Can you feel your subclavian vein with your fingers?

Can you get a varicose vein on the palm of your hand?

Can you please explain why the veins in my arms and hands bulge?

Can you tell me about prominent veins on your arms and feet?

Can your veins hurt?Not vericose veins.I have pulsing pain deep in my arm in my hand sometimes in my neck.I know I have a pinched nerve.

Car radiator pinched my arm between it and motor deep gash. Think popped a vein what do i do? Hand got swollen very quickly

Cause of painful veins on top of both hands?

Cold, enlarged, and painful veins on top of my hand, what to do?

Could one have varicose veins of the palm (hand)?

Could see pulsation in my friend's palm. Is that normal ?

Do you get veiny hands (prominent veins in the hands) from working out?

Enlarged veins and tingling in fingers and hand, anything to worry about?

Excessive weight lifting now have swollen hands, veins &arm ?

Green veins on arms?

Had a IV a month ago in my hand my vein is swollen?

Had IV in left arm vein 4 weeks ago. Flew to paris from la 3 days ago now vein hurts from inside elbow down to my wrist. What could it be/treatment?

Hands and veins very swollen and painful. My hands and feet often swell (due to stimulants?) but this is extreme. Veins on hands bulge more than feet

Hands swell constantly, veins in hand and arms are more prominent and tend to bulge. Also, arms get tired easily.

Hello sir i have lot of veins on my feet blue green and even visible clearly but not painful at all i want to know why i have lot of veins and same on my hands?

Help? I have visible veins not so blue on my right breast and my both hands, 2 inches below from my armpit can it be a some serious symptom?

Hi Dr im 34male from India. I have a swollen vein below wrist joint on my left hand. ?

Hi I'm very curious because I've noticed I have veins that are very visible on my chest, forearm and palms any idea why this is happening?

Hi im a 13 year old girl and lately I've being having pain in my hands where my vains are, sometimes the vains bulge but not all the time, they are so?

Hi there, I have a vein or artery sticking out in my palm near my thumb and it is painful but there is no discouloration nor warmness.

How are you? I'm having pain in the veins on my left hand and hands are very itchy. What could this be coming from? Any ideas at all will be helpful!!

How can I minimize my huge veins in my hands before my wedding?

How can you reduce the veins on my hands?

How to get more noticible veins in arm area?

I burst a blood vessel on the palm of my hand now the vein has a lump and it's very painful?

I can see the veins on my wrists and top of my hands. Is it normal that they are visible?

I have a black/blue knot above my hand on the left side of my wrist that just appeared, my veins are occasionally bulging in my hand as well.

I have a protruding vein on the palm of my hand about 2cm from my wrist which just appeared and is painful,?

I have a sore and bulging vein in my right palm. What could be wrong?

I have a vein that bulges slightly in my lower left palm; I'm getting pins and needles and that area is sore. Can a vein impinge on a nerve? Thanks.

I have an inflamed vein in the palm of the hand from a year ago. I applied thrombocid but did not remove. Any solution?

I have an open wound on the side of my hand and under my skin for about 4mm of my hand my vein is purple and bulgin, tingly sensation constant?

I have been having numbing and tingling sensations in my right arm.My veins on top of my hand were bulged out and bright blue w can cause this?

I have had a lot of bruising on my left hand and now came up with a big lump near my vein on my wrist?

I have notice blue veins in my neck right hand side is this normal?

I have numbing and tingling in my arm, stiffness in wrist, bulging veins in hand bright blue veins what can cause this?

I have sudden bulging veins on the tops of both hands, palms of hands as well as forearms/inner elbow. Why?

I have swollen veins in my hand and arms for a couple of days they are not hurting should I worry about them?

I have visible veins in my palms and fingers, is that normal?

I hit my wrist earlier, and it seems the vein has swollen. The area around it is red, and my palm is tingling. Should I be concerned?

I just busted two veins in my hand one of which made my finger swell. Is there a reason i keeo busting them in my hands.

I just noticed my chest and arm veins are very visible but no pain?

I noticed a vein on my left wrist and one on the top of my right hand are suddenly bulging. I'm 27, slender, female. What could cause this?

I think i burst the vein in my palm when I fell... My palm is almost completely instantly purple, but no pain. What can I do about it?

I was doing lifting and some veins popped out. What should I do?

I'm 33 years old and noticed a very dark flat vein on top of my left hand that starts from the wrist down to my third nuckle ?

I'm a 16 year old female and randomly my veins on my hands sort if bulge out why?

I'm finding my left arm and hand are particularly cold and lighter and veins in my hand are small and tortuous compared to the right. What's wrong?

I'm having dark blue bulging veins on my hands all of a sudden today.

I'm wondering why are my veins visible in my chest and shoulder area?

I've always had very pronounced/bulging veins on my arms/legs. I've noticed them a bit more pronounced the last day or so. What could cause this?

If working out, why do the veins in my hands enlarge?

Im right handed. Why is the vein in the top of my hand more prominent there than anywhere else.

Is it common to get phlebitis from IV in the hand?

Is it normal for the middle & ring finger veins on the inner side to be prominant without dilation on one hand? My hand looks blue/green colour between both fingers

Is it normal to have bulging veins in your feet, legs, arms, hands if you are skinny and fit for the most part? I'm 24 year old male 158lbs 5"11

Is it normal to suddenly get purple veins along the side of your fingers or on your palm?

Is it possible to pinch a vein shut? The vein in my thumb was smashed. It is now bright blue, hard an raised. It is making my whole hand tingle.

Is it serious if I have blue veins on the palms of my hands?

Is removing something from arm and vein dangerous?

Is there any significance to one hand being noticeably colder than the other?

Is this blood clots? I slept on my arm, & noticed swelling, red spots & numbness when I woke. I couldn't move my hand & saw a bulge in my wrist vein.

Just noticed something. On my arms in particularly, the areas around my veins are noticably paler than the rest of my arm. Is there a reason for this?

Left arm vein is blue and in pain, what should I do?

Lots of veins on translucent skin on chest and breasts and some varocise veins on hands and feet. Anything to worry about?

Many pain in my veins in my hands a few days ago I was able skin allergy The same pain happening again now in my hand veins so please what can i do please help me?

My arm hurt me and i see a blue lines like veins in my biceps , what's this ?

My doctor ruptured my vein in my hand?

My left arm has a large vein on the inner elbow that has been swelling over the last two days. What could it be? Should i be. Concerned?

My mom poped her veins on her wrist. She has a little pain on her hand and she also has bruising on the side of the veins!should she go to the Doctor?

My mother is 44 years old. Her right hand hurts a lot. It has become very difficult for her to work with her hand. When it's painful, all her veins are very visible.

My son has been getting bulging veins in his arms randomly at times and when I tell him to put his arms on his head these veins go away?

My son has one very prominent blue vein stemming from his elbow going all the way to his thumb. Is this normal?

My veins in my arm hurt after I've been cold. Why does this happen?

My veins in my hands bulge out?And in my right hand i have pain where the veins are not the bottom part what do i do

Nurse ruptured vein in hand whole hand is completely red and bruised days after?

One hand has more veins than the other? Is this normal?

Pain and swollen in veins on right wrist and in fold of the arm.

Pain in left hand, arm past the elbow, swollen blood veins, what to do?