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Any Reason why some days my torsemide pill works better than others? I have to measure my urine output, and some days its down 20 .oz.

Are water and glucose considered diuretics?

Besides poor ADH (vasopressin) production, what makes urination more frequent at night?

Can anything besides vasopressin or an analogue of it make the kidney reabsorb water?

Can diabetes insipidus or driking too much water/urinating a lot produce low serum phosphorus?

Can excess of tea cause excess of urine?

Can high potassium cause sudden increase in urine output?

Can i be bipolar & ADH (vasopressin) @ the same time?

Can spironolactone help with water retention caused due to high estrogen levels?

Can you please explain how and why with diabetes have osmotic diuresis?

Can you tell me how aldosterone and atrial natriuretic peptide hormones affect specific gravity of bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) andsaline?

Can you tell me how glomerular filtration affect or influence blood volume, urine production, red blood cell production?

Can you tell me the role of the bladder in creating a concentrated urine stream 10 points reward?

Chf patient under 1L water intake a day, BUN level 63, creatinine 2.0 on lasix 40 mg maintenance dosage. Should water intake be increased a little so the kidneys don't conserve water? Asking because of decreased urination wirh stable GFR. Check Adh?

Could blood pressure be reduced by inhibiting the na+ and water retention ?

Could medullary washout from a diuretic result in polydipsia/polyuria and a misdiagnosis of diabetes insipidus? How to correct the washout?

Could you please describe how secretion of ADH (vasopressin) would change during water loading?

Could you tell me what hormone is produced by the kidney in response to a drop in blood pressure?

Dehydration + symptoms from inadequate fluid intake. Level of intake that resolves symptoms causes excessive urination, leading to dehydration. Ideas?

Do diuretics used for cfh lead to thirst?

Do glomerulonephritis experienced decrease fluid urine output?

Doc wants 2 do anti diuretic hormone (adh) test for diabetes insipidus. Thought u had 2 b deprived of fluid during ADH (vasopressin) test...Or is that necessary?

Does a specific gravity of >1.030 mean I am dehydrated? I drink a lot of water and don't have diabetes.

Does caffeine inhibit adh (vasopressin)?

Does florinef (fludrocortisone) increase actual blood volume? So the circulating blood in the body? My gp said it didn't and only increases fluid retention?

Does having only one kidney lower my erythropoietin production?

Does testosterone increases NA reabsorption and K secretion in the kidney, or is it the opposite?

Does urine specific gravity increase or decrease in post-renal azotemia ? And what about pre renal ?

Fludrocortisone increases blood volume, alcohol causes dehydration. Does this mean they will work against each other? Thus florinef (fludrocortisone) less effective?

Hormones responsible for maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance?

How can ADH (vasopressin) be transported in the blood ?

How can kidneys compensate for changes in the amout of dietary water and to regulate blood?

How can vasopressin be transported in the blood ?

How come some hormones allow the kidney to reabsorb water, and some allow it to reabsorb salts?electrolights?

How common is it to have a hypothalamic tumor resulting in excess ADH (vasopressin) and high blood pressure?

How do diuretic drugs affect the urinary excretion of chlorine and potassium?

How do thiazides reduce calcium excretion through urine? And how do loop diuretics increase the excretion of calcium through urine?

How does ADH (vasopressin) cause hyponatremia?

How does ADH (vasopressin) stimulate water reabsorption in the kidney?

How does an increase in blood pressure have to do with your ADH (vasopressin) hormone?

How exactly does lithium affect electrolyte balance? I'm retaining a lot of water and have decreased urine output. What am I doing wrong?

How is ADH (vasopressin) transported in the blood?

How is vasopressin transported in the blood?

How to reduce blood urea and creatinine in patients with limited fluid intake and diuretics?

How would too much ADH (vasopressin) production increase blood pressure?

I am on fludrocortisone to retain more water and blood volume for low blood pressure, does this mean it takes longer to dehydrate due to more volume?

I have been given disodium hyrogen citrate liquid for UTI infection but I have blood pressure for 3 yr at 140/150 by 90... Will it affect pressure?

I have been given disodium hyrogen citrate liquid for UTI infection but I have blood pressure for 3 yr at 140/150 by 90... Will it affect pressure?

I know the kidney monitors blood pressure, water, waste and hormones but will these hormones effect personality if it is disrupted?

I need to increase my urine output. I am a 29 year old female. Torsemide or Furosemide?

I need to know if I should take pitressin (vasopressin)?

I pee a lot of what i drink low normal aldosterone low angiotensin ii. Will florinef (fludrocortisone) help me retain more and pee less?

I've got normalization of prostatic fluid and an increase in 17-ketosteroids in urine. What does this mean?

If BNP is secreted by the ventricles in response to stretching due to fluid overload. Why is it named Brain Natriuretic Peptide?

If you have the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone (SIADH (vasopressin)), is it possible that your ADH (vasopressin) levels stay constant?

In apparent mineralocorticoid excess (ame) why isn't anti-natiuresis accompanied by hypernatremia?

In my book it says fludrocortisone 0.2mg will increase plasma volume but then it will return to normal, so how does it help hypotension?

In what circumstances will aldosterone be secreted over ADH (vasopressin) and vice versa. Are they both secreted in response to low BP? What about low plasma osm?

Is a spesific urine gravity of 1.030 normal?

Is crystal light a diuretic?

Is excess protein associated with eclampsia?

Is it possible for losartan potassium to increase your urination volume?

Is lowered urine output a sign of water retention ?All my bloodwork ok but worried my fluid input is a lot higher than Urine output.

Is the diuretic effect when binge drinking enough to lower total blood volume greatly?

Is the use of a Ryle's catheter to monitor urine output normally classified as "intubation"?

Last 3 days urine output is less than liquid intake.But body weight remains same.Taking diuretic 15 mg.Feet swelling, is it ascietes or dehydration?

Male 22 angiotensin II was 8ng/l and aldosterone 161 pmol/l i urinate a lot and have pots. Could this cause low blood volume?

Morphine helps redistribute blood volume in pulmonary edema. How? And is it causing any reabsorbtion of fluid?

My friend has a water retention during chemotherapy because the leukemia. He has urine retention 0,5-1 liters a day. Does he need the Lasix (furosemide) therapy?

My grandmother is 95 years old and is producing to much calcium which is causing dehydration. What can she do?

My infant has decreased urine output and is teething. Is the decreased urine output something to be concerned with? He is eating and drinking normal.

My weight fluctuates between 127-133 pounds everyday. Is this normal are does it mean i'm retaining fluid?

Natural remedies to decrease urine output and decrease thirst?

Other than poor ADH (vasopressin) production, what causes frequent urination at night?

Please answer! what physical findings would result from hyperosmolar diuresis?

Re diuretics used for CHF and thirst effect what should average fluid intake for 84 yr old/180 pound be? Does excess negate the diuretic?

Reduced urine even when I force.?

Taking diuretic 5mg, urine output more than liquid input but swelling in feet is still there, sometimes less , sometimes more. Please advice?

Taking diuretic, urine output is more than liquid intake last 2 days. what could be the reason?

Taking dytor diuretic 5 mg. Few month.Urine output varies from 200 to 600 ml more output than liquid input. Still little swelling on feet. Pl advice?

Urine production and urination are controlled by which hormones?

What affects plasma colloid osmotic pressure?

What amount fluid intake does a 7 year old boy who had diabetes insipidus need?

What are catecholemines?

What are vasopressors?

What causes decreased thirst/fluid intake?

What causes increase of potassium in urine?

What causes the kidneys to stimulate renin production? What is renin for?

What changes in blood volume, blood potassium, urine volume and urine sodium would turn on the raa system?

What could decrease my urinary output?

What do you suggest if my grandmother is 95 years old and is producing to much calcium which is causing dehydration?

What does an increased ADH (vasopressin) cause?

What does vasopressin do?

What effect does alcohol have on ada, antidiuretic hormone?

What exactly does the antidiuretic hormone have to do with urinary volume?

What happens to osmolarity in a patient with a lung tumor that secretes vasopressin (adh)?

What happens to plasma and urine osmolarity with a lung tumor that secretes vasopressin (adh)?

What hormone increases urine output and reduces blood volume?

What is the effect of increase in potassium in urine?

What is the effect of increase in potassium in urine?