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I have a burning sensation In a vein below my knee on my shin and it seems pronounced ?

"sudden onset of varicose veins" I am a 25 year old male in very good physical condition. I exercise six times per week. Over the last several weeks I have experienced swelling in the veins in my arms and legs. The swelling is visibly noticeable and occ

16 months postpartum,still have edema,left ankle and leg larger than right,no thrombosis,knee pain,breastfeeding?

16 yr old active male, swollen vein on top of left foot, has occasional minor pain. From wearing sliders? Pinched vein?

3 rounds leg sclerotherapy, veins recur within 6 months, leg pinching/discomfort, newly visible arm and chest veins & arm weakness, need ultrasound?

38w pregnant.noticed legs discolouring and veins protruding when standing. No swelling or pain, no hot spots,in both legs. Disappears when elevated?

4 wks postpartum, pinching pain inner thigh, knee &calf (along saphenous vein)can see the vein through my skin sometimes. Neg ddimer-what could it be?

50y.O. Female.Both leg varicose vein stripped 10 yrs ago. Leg edematous and painful after standing(walking).Leg angio CT n/s. What do I do?!

8 months ago I had double CABG surgery with a vein taken from right leg. Leg and foot are swollen to double the normal size, should I be concerned?

Aching behind knees at night. Have a superficial varicose vein. Could that be causing it? Worried it may be PAD, and I'm about to start oral BC.

After I exercise why do the veins in both of my ankles pop out? Is it due to neuropathic leg pain?

After I workout I have a large vein sticking out of my ankle why?

After leg cramps, veins appeared on my feet and hands. Ultrasound showed reflux in the legs, but why were my hands affected and why the sudden onset?

After prolonged bedrest and delivery, I could feel like snakes on my calves. Discovered they were varicose veins popping up. Surgeon was mad I called.?

After seeing a few minor spider veins, is there anything I can do to help slow/prevent more from developing?

All of a sudden the veins in my thigh are really dark and all up and down my leg and i just had plantar faciitis surgery?

Ankle surgery & DVT month ago on same leg. Leg in half splint. This calf seems harder than the other calf,less jiggly. Post thrombotic synd? Atrophy?

Any similarity between getting hemorrhoids and varicose veins on legs?

Anyone else know about venous angioma?

Are all veins supposed to be straight? Or can normal (non varicose) veins curve?

Are blue worms the symptoms of varicose veins or blood clots?

Are bulging veins on arms symptoms of pregnancy?

Are horse chestnut products effective for treating varicose and spider veins?

Are spider veins dangerous and what causes them? I have so many on my thighs and ankles... Help please

Are spider veins prone to get DVT during pregnancy? what are chances?

Are spider veins signs of a health problem?

Are there any arteries that would be palpable along the lateral side of the back of the leg below the knee? What about veins?

Are there any creams that work, even in the slightest, to improve the appearance of spider veins?

Are there any lymph nodes that run along lateral side of Achilles tendon near or around the smaller saphenous vein?

Are there any natural remedies to help reduce spider veins?

Are there any remedies to fade away the bulging varicose veins on my legs?

Are there any superficial (palpable) nerves in back, slightly to the outside of the leg below the knee?

Are there any superficial veins aside from the small saphenous that run down the middle of the lower leg over the Achilles sheath?

Are there any veins behind the knee that one might feel besides the Smaller saphenous?

Are there any veins in the hamstring and if so why doesn't the transducer go over them during ultrasound?

Are there foods i can eat or steps i can take in order to prevent varicose & spider veins?

Are there treatments for skin ulcers caused by varicose veins?

Are there vitamin supplements that can help prevent and improve varicose veins?

Are varacose veins that hurt dangeruos?

Are varicose veins a health concern or simply a cosmetic issue?

Are varicose veins a health risk or just a cosmetic issue?

Are varicose veins a sign of ovarian cancer?

Are varicose veins in the legs caused by lack of exercise or excessive weighrt?

Are varicose veins made worse by energy drinks?

Are varicose veins/ spider veins in legs dangerous to have before pregnancy? I never have been really active and I got small blue/purple veins

Are vericous veins related to my sciatica pain?

Before suffer of deep vein thrombosis clot behind knee.but advice on running & exercise needed?

Big vein below right calf. Is there any treatment for that?

Blood clot in my calf (not deep vein) told wear stocking but can't cos foot goes blue and swollen. Operated my foot, can't walk. What to do?

Bulge behind both knees. Have had tests No clot or baker cyst. Have vericose veins on legs. Painful if I walk a lot. What is this. drs that treat this?

Bulging veins with bad swelling of legs ankles and feet? Associated with snri or estrogen?

Can reflex sympathetic dystrophy cause the small saphenous vein to stick out of the leg w/ below knee swelling?

Can a 21 year fit person get varicose or spider veins?

Can a leg massage reduce the chance of clots forming in my leg veins?

Can a obese person with vericose veins go gymming & do high intensity cardio work out or yoga? Do the veins feel extra pressure & worsen vericose vein

Can a surgeon remove a blood clot in a varicose vein if it is found by ulrasound testing? What happens besides compression stockings and thinners?

Can a venous leg ulcer form on the front, middle of lower leg? Or always on the side above ankle?

Can a visible vein cause pain behind the knee?

Can any complications occur If a clot in one of the saphenous veins goes undiagnosed and the vein is stripped from the leg?

Can anyone advise me about blueberries and whether or not they are used for varicose veins?

Can arterial occlusion near the knee cause a vein or tributary to stick out slightly above the Achilles tendon?

Can bicycle riding worse further varicose veins?

Can birth control pills give you spider and varicose veins on your legs?

Can compartment syndrome of the lower leg cause swelling, loss of hair, and a superficial vein to stick out of the leg?

Can compression stockings get rid of varicose veins?

Can crossing your legs while sitting cause neuropathy and varicose veins?

Can edema from venous reflux below knee apply pressure on the surrounding arteries which cause the feeling of a pulse without having to touch the leg?

Can excercise cause varicus vains?

Can greater saphenous reflux cause the sensation of pressure (not deep) in the leg along the vein?

Can hormones cause veins to bulge suddenly? Swollen ankles last 3 days, veins in feet/legs, hands/arms very prominent. 2 days from period. BP normal.

Can I do hard exercise with varicose veins in testis?

Can I get scleotherapy for spider veins duriong my period?

Can I treat varicose veins while breastfeeding?

Can ivc filter cause your legs to swell?

Can most spider veins on a persons legs be visually diagnosed without the need for ultrasounds, etc.?

Can phlebitis occur in tributaries? And can phlebitis in a small saphenous tributary cause swelling in the posterior calf?

Can problematic vericose veins have an effect on blood pressure? Also, can vericose veins causing burning in the legs?

Can sitting for longer periods (especially: cross-legged or with one leg tucked under) lead to increased risk of formation of spider veins and varicose veins?

Can spider veins in legs and face be caused by an autoimmune disorder.

Can spider veins occur on arms?

Can superficial thrombophlebitis in the leg cause noticeable swelling? If it causes swelling, should the vein be removed?

Can superficial veins with clots in them be safely stripped from the leg?

Can vaginal varicose veins itch?

Can varicose veins cause pain for someone even he did not do any exercise and is at rest?

Can varicose veins hurt to touch having big panic attack fearing DVT no swelling no redness no risk factors?

Can varicose veins on your lady parts?

Can varicosities in posterior calf cause an ache?

Can venous insufficiency (without sores) below the knee cause it to feel like something is wrapping around the leg?

Can we diagnose varicose veins through blood work ? Can ESR and D dimer results be helpful in diagnosis of varicose veins ?

Can you get deep vein thrombosis from hitting your leg hard?

Can you get knee pain with varicose veins yes or no?

Can you get ugly veins from crossing you legs?

Can you please tell me about spider and/or other veins in their legs taken care of?

Can you tell me about superficial veins in your back, bum and back of legs?

Can you tell me how to fix spider veins on my thighs?

Chronic DVT in subclavian vein. When wearing compression sleeve it's harder to feel my pulse from the wrist and arm turns somewhat white. Normal?

Could it be bad if the veins on your feet pop out?

Could masturbating twice a day cause venous leak? Gentle strokes, but fast? With some spiderweb veins?

Could my possible foot injury have aggravated the varicose veins and caused phlebitis?

Could using an eliptical cause varicose veins?