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23wks pregnant. Screening for gestational diabetes soon. Looking for ALT to orange drink as ingredients include artificial flavor, color & preservativ?

2mg. Xanax (alprazolam) bars are available in white, yellow, and green. I've found the yellow, and especially the green, longer acting. What's the difference?

A discharge with more amount than usual at first it was more yellow or green but this days turn more yellow I had been taken some month agos metroniza?

After taking a multivitamin, my urine is often a dark yellow color. Is this normal?

Are there artificial colors in liquid vitamin pills?

Are there round orange subtext pills with out the naloxone?

Can "osteosoft" tablet cause yellow urine ?

Can a B Complex vitamin cause yellow vaginal mucus?

Can a multi vitamin make u smell urine more strongly?

Can a triple magnesium (400mg) supplement cause my urine to become darker?Only in the AM when waking up

Can a vitamin b complex cause yellowy tinged stools?

Can anything besides vitamin C cause false neg on an fobt? Months now w/dark red gunk in cracks of stool. Really looks like blood but ez detect test neg. I drink energy drinks w/a lot of citric acid?

Can atenolol and magnesium supplement cause dark urine especially in the morning?

Can bright yellow liquid (looks like neon urine) on top of loose stool be from supplements (b12,fish oil, magnesium citrate or other?)

Can cranberry supplements cause dark urine?

Can Flagyl turn your urine brown? I really need to know, thank you!

Can iron supplements turn your pee green?

Can Metronidazole or delzicol Causee urine to be slightly orange or redish color ?

Can probiotic supplements make urine darker?My urine has been a dark yellow orange color throughout day.Gets lighter with tons of water.

Can probiotics affect the colour of my stool, like turn it beige in colour, I take meds for blood pressure and I am borderline pre diabetes?

Can Synthroid (thyroxine) turn my urine green?

Can taking nitrofurantoin mono cause urine to be highlighter yellow?

Can the medication elavil (amitriptyline) change the color of your urine? Put on it for headaches and noticed that my urine is now dark yellow and green

Can vitamin b and c cause stool to be yellowish brown?

Can vitamin B2 make your pee very yellow?

Can vitamin C 500mg make you pee yellow a lot?

Can vitamins affect urine color?

Can you get a urine infection from multivitamin tablets ?

Chemistry Question: Why does Phenazophridne Hydrochloride dye urine Dark Orange? What in this drug causes this side effect? Please explain throughly.

Cloudy urine in the mornings and clears up throughout day. No burning. I take multivitamins at night. Normal Cbc. Is it leukemia?

Cloudy urine with no smell, no pain, no color and no other symptoms. What is this? Dehydration? I take plenty of vitamins.

Could a change in urine color mean overdose on vitamins?

Could cranberry pills or cystex cause your pee to turn pink/orange?

Dark brown apple juice colored urine and fever? Next steps?

Dementia patient on multiple meds. After urination, toilet water takes on darker like golden yellow tint. Reasons?

Do probiotics cause orange urine?

Do vitamins b, c and magnesium cause yellowish brown stool and bright yellow urine?

Does a probiotic make urine more yellow?

Does dark-colored urine from something like liver disease stay dark even when really hydrated?

Does it harm or strain your kidneys/liver to filter excess water soluble vitamins. Some multivitamins have well over rda, turn urine bright yellow?

Does it mean we have liver problems if we eat beets and fail the beet test by our urine being a red color ? Or something else?

Does metronidazole 500mg tabs cause dark urine (redish/brownish/yellowish) and diarrhea? And is it normal or I should be worried?

Does metronidazole pills make your urine dark?

Does neon green colored urine after taking a vitamin b complex supplement indicate my body uses or doesn't need the riboflavin?

Does supplemental fiber cause bright yellow urine?

Does taking a B-complex vitamin and having bright yellow urine mean you are taking enough?

Does taking metronidazole turn my pee yellow?

Does urine always change to bright yellow with prenatal vitamins? It was and not it isn't as bright though I'm still taking them.

Does vitamin b1 turn urine brown?

Does your pee change color when you take an Avo pill?

Doxycycline hyclate 50 mg twice a day - is this what s making my stools green ?

Drank a beets, carots&orange fruit juice and now urine is pink/light red/orange! no pain/burning/bad odor. Secondary amenorrhea so not period.Check up?

Drink ton of water but urine still dark. I take folate (folic acid) with B12 twice a day. That the cause? I also eat beets, but urine is more orange than pink.

Golden yellow urine after taking vitamin c, is that ok?

Golden yellow urine after taking vitamins. Any relationship to vitamins?

Green urine after multivitamin and B12 intake. Should I stop taking them?

Has anybody urine turned dark from taking metronodazole?

Hello have tonsillitis and have been put on penicillin two tablets four times daily without food, my urine is a florecent. Yellow is this normal?

Hello how are you? My urine has been clear for at least two weeks now how long will it take to turn back to its natural color?

Hello, tomorrow i take tablets on night, then today my eye color will be red, means there is reaction for tablets than what i do?? please help me

Hello, 6 years old girl have been through a throat infection , so she took amoxicillin but her urine turned dark (cola colored ) what is the cause ??

Hi! Juicing w/mostly green veggies for the last 2 months. Toenails starting 2 turn a dark greenish color. Do u think bc of juice or other factors?

How common is dark urine when taking metronidazole?

How does a yellow percocet pill look?

How long beet juice can take to get out of system? I drank it last week but my urine is still pinkish?

How long does it take a toddlers dk urine to return to normal color from dehydration?, it started this morning and after much fluid it is still dark.

I am 17 weeks & was prescribed integra plus for anemia. I noticed that after i take it my urine become a light greenish color. What could this be?

I am 30 week pregnant .i take antibiotic tablet .so my poo coming dark colour it ok?

I am a 26yr old black male and for the last month it takes me 1-3mins to pee..?

I am taking amoxicillin for a ear infection and notice yesterday my urine is bright orange is that normal?

I am taking amoxicillin. My urine is bright yellow. Is it from medication?

I am taking anti-biotics from my surgery, and fenugreek capsules for my digestive, now my urine is bright yellow. I drink a lot of water is this normal?

I am taking arthyromisin. I just had very very dark brown urine. Almost like tea or dr pepper. Should I go to the er or just call the dr in the mornin?

I am taking metronidazole and have dark brown urine. I was wondering how metronidazaloze caused this pathophysilogical change in urine.?

I am taking orovite but it's making my wee bright yellow is that normal?

I drink a lot of water and don't take any vitamins, but my urine is neon yellow. I recently had a bad kidney infection, could that be related to it?

I drink lots of water. I'm on minocin (minocycline) and my urine is much more of a darker yellow than usual. Could this be from minocin (minocycline) or something else?

I have a greenish discharge. Not frothy. No smell. No burning from urination. I just started a major Vitamin regime. B12 shots every week, mag, zinc. ?

I have been on a low-carb diet for two weeks and the last few days my urine has been tea colored instead of yellow. Should I be worried?

I have been taking 2 dietary supplements : women's ultra mega active and cla. Ever since then my discharge has been reddish brown. Is this normal?

I have been taking mega men vitamins and noticed my urine has been bright yellow. Is that the excess vitamins that the body doesn't use?

I have dark brown urine like black tea, sought care but no cure. Was the ER careless?

I have had 2 doses of azo, and it is not changing my urine orange. Does that mean something is wrong with me? I drank and ate with it.

I have packets of vita clear vitamins. There are four vitamins in each; one green, one red, two yellows. Which ingredients are in which?

I have trouble sleeping and for the past few weeks my urine has been green and orange at times. Does anyone know what might be wrong with me?

I just took my prenatal vitamin and my whole body turned bright red. What In the vitamin would cause this? Also I have taken this before y now?

I know when taking multi vitamins your urine can turn bright yellow but can it smell strong ?

I notice green stains on my underwear regularly for the last few months (very strong green). What could this be? (I'm not taking any meds anymore)

I started drinking vitamins and my pee came out super yellow is that normal?

I started taking 12.5 mcg of thyronorm .After 2 months i had dry eyes and yellow staining on teeth. Please advice?

I started taking vitamins and now my pee is neon yellow is that normal?

I started taking vitamins this morning (biotine, vitamin c, and a women's multivitamin) my pee is neon yellow... Is this normal?!?

I take a multivitamin and a cranberry supplement before bed and have cloudy urine first thing in the morning with no pain or smell do I need to worry?

I take B complex.My urine turns into yellow just little bit,sometimes not at all(pills are potent,about 500% RDA)does that mean good or bad absorbtion?

I take lortab and I have dark yellow pee and it stinks really bad what could it be?

I take vitamin b, and it makes my urine look fluorescent. Now, my urine is a normal color. I don't drink enough water. What's happening?

I took 1 tablet of generic Urogesic Blue about 3.5 hours ago and with lots of water. My urine has yet to turn blue. Should I be concerned?

I was prescribed to take nitrocurantoin Marco I wasn't bleeding before and now when I pee and wipe it's orange/red ?

I was put on two flintstone vitamins a day for anemia. Now I have a brown discharge that had no odor and no texture. Could they be related?

I was wondering what are the green speckles in hydrocodone?