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1.Are there any surgical procedures to remove the uric acid crystals? 2. Is thiazide induced gout reversible ?

33 year old husband has 7.9 uric acid levels in blood. Bun levels and creatinine are normal. Is this uric acid level a concern? What can cause this?

38Male, Low purine diet 90kg 6ft tall. take 100mg zyloric in morning, after 8 hours uric acid is 6 but by night the uric acid is again 10. what to do?

50yr lady hypertensive since 8yrs now developed joint pain, uric acid level 7.3, what is the cause of inc uric acid n treatment ?

72 yrs old woman is on Zyloric (allopurinol)100 mg/day for excess uric acid pblm but still has pain around ankle area).Should medication be increased?

Age:23 , i feel pain on heel, is there any relation it to sgpt , sgot & uric acid level?

Are nectarines low in uric acid?

Are there any foods that help lower uric acid for gout?

Best food to reduce uric acid level.

Can a beef broth increase level of uric acid? Can it also trigger gout?

Can a kidney ok in creatinine and no protein in uric fail to flush uric acid? Is this treatable? Already consuming low purine diet but still 7.8.

Can arterial fibulation be a catalyst for increased uric acid?

Can digestive problems lead to high levels of serum uric acid?

Can excess iodine cause high uric acid in urine ?

Can excessive food intake cause high uric acid?

Can high blood uric acid cause varicose veins ?

Can high uric acid will permanently cured? If yes then what will be the process?

Can hydroxycitric acid raise your uric acid levels?

Can hypothyroidism cause high uric acid levels?

Can i lower my elevated uric acid with gout diet? My doctor only prescribe colchicine 3x a week with no allopurinol or febuxostat.

Can I lower my uric acid and LDL cholesterol without medication?

Can I use zyloric for uric acid in urine.

Can I use arcoxia 90 mg to control uric acid pain?

Can increase consumption of cucumber give acute gout attack. Pt. 56 yrs, on allopurinol 150 mg/d. Uric acid 3 mo ago- higher end of normal.

Can low blood uric acid cause gout or arthritis?

Can low blood uric acid causes gout or arthritis?

Can oatmeal increase uric.Acid?

Can renal failure cause increase in uric acid level?

Can tobbaco chewing increase uric acid level?

Can ultrasound break up uric acid?

Can uric acid cause bloody urine?

Can vitamin B6 helps to reduce uric acid level and kidney stones?

Can whey protein raise your uric acid levels?

Can you say if it could juices with anti-oxidents help me reduce the uric acid?

Can you suggest foods to reduce uric acid level?

Can you take ultra mega green women'50 plus if you have gout or a high uric acid level.?

Can you tell me how is urates different from urea or uric acid?

Can you tell me is there any effective medicines to control the uric acid and creatinine levels of kidney patients or diets.?

Corn flakes is eat for high uric acid?

Could you tell me what are good things to eat to bring down uric acid?

Dear sir, i am suffering from high uric acid. Sir, still I am confused in the diet which I have to follow to lower the uric acid. Kindly advise me.?

Discomfort under my kneecaps after high uric acid. Fastest cure for this?

Discomfort under my kneecaps after high uric acid. What to do for this?

Do vegetable purines make uric acid level/gout worse?

Do you know are citrus juices high in purine that produces uric acid?

Does almond increase uric acid?

Does Colchicine reduce uric acid level ? If does not how i can reduce it naturaly ??

Does crabmeat cause uric acid?

Does drinking mosambi with mint juice help in lower uric acid levels?

Does eating food containing too much salt increase uric acid amount? I mean are salt in food and uric acid in blood generally related ?

Does fenugreek seeds increase uric acid level?

Does having OC Defect can lead to elevated Uric Acid levels? Thank You :)

Does high uric acid level damage joints?

Does L-Citrulline trigger gout attacks or mitigate the damage of uric acid?

Does lettuce contains uric acid?

Does lettuce have hi uric acid?

Does oatmeal increase uric acid ?

Does oats increase uric acid level?

Does or can Hctz (hydrochlorothiazide) cause "high" uric acid levels? Dr put me on Allopurinol but I don't have gout or never have had.

Does philadelphia light contain uric acid?

Does rasperry ketone capsule ( weight loss drug ) increase my uric acid level ?

Does salt cause hogher uric acid amount ?

Does smoking increase your uric acid levels?

Does soy based formula cause high uric acid in gsd1a ?

Does Soybean oil can increase uric acid level? Thank You :)

Does tamarind increase uric acid level?

Does tofu contain uric acid?

Does uric acid form from sweat?

Does vitamin C reduce the uric acid amount in the blood ?

For 1 kidney with normal crea and urinalysis, but high uric acid and chole, does it mean that his kidney is still functioning well? His doc only gave him rosuvastatin and did not address his uric acid

Gouty arthritis is caused by high level of uric acid in the blood. What causes rheumatism?

Have gout not from diet (am vegetarian) from uric acid retention caused by a diuretic. (hctz) is there a diuretic that does not cause this?

Having difficulty to breath..i have high cholesterol level and uric acid?

Having gout, taking diclophinac 50 sodium, loric 5 mg but no relief in pain. Any diet for this, ( uric acid 8.2) please give advice?

Hey i have high uric acid and i cant take allopurinl as iam lactating! please suggest me what should i do?

High uric acid ( 425 umol) and vitamine d (15 ng) can make chostochondritis heal too slow ?

Homoeopathic medicine for raised uric acid and hypercholesteremia?

Hotdog good for uric acid?

How to lower uric in natural way?

How can a cold weather be a factor on gout attacks with normal uric acid level?

How can i can cure my uric acid my feet are too much sore however i dont have too much excessivee rates of uric acid.

How can I control excess uric acid in the blood?

How can I control uric acid problem?

How can I decrease uric acid level?

How can I lower my uric acid ?

How can I reduce the amount of linoeic acid I consume to a good level? Doesn't virtually everything have linoeic acid in it?

How can I reduce uric acid level ? Currently I have it in 7.1

How can I treat high uric acidity without drugs?

How can one reduce Uric there a medicine or any lifestyle change to keep it in range. if its high will it damage kidneys...thanks?

How could l reduce uric acid level?

How dangerous is gout and/or high uric acid in your body? Can you have one without the other?

How do I control high uric acid?

How do I lower my uric acid and LDL cholesterol naturally?

How do I lower uric acid levels?

How do you determine how much uric acid is in your body?

How does hypertension reduces renal excretion of uric acid and leading to secondary gout?

How does the uric acid get into the joints?

How i can lower uric acid in my blood?

How long and how times per day will i take febuxostat 40 mg if my uric acid level is 8.13?

How long should I fast before making a uric acid analysis?