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27 weeks pregnant.I drink 2 cups of milk everyday, is it enough calcium?should I take calcium supplements? How to make sure I'm getting enough calcium

2nd try. Short version this time. 6 tums, (calcium carbonate) 1000mg each last night for bad reflux. Today calcium level 11.0. Any connection please?

47 yr old female taking 1,000 mgs of calcium daily. How much magnesium should be taken in accordance to the calcium?

A friend told me that chocolate impairs absorption of calcium. Is this true?

Advertisements for coral calcium supplements appear to be everywhere. The ads claim that this calcium not only helps bones but also cures many other medical conditions. Is coral calcium better than any other kind?

Akash(22). I have calcium problem. My body not absorbing calcium. What can I do?

Alternative medicines for osteoporosis include vitamin d and calcium pills?

Apart from ppis is there any other food or drugs that may affect calcium absorption?

Are calcium supplement and candies effective to build strong bones?

Are calcium supplements really necessary for children?

Are sugar free Tums (calcium carbonate) a good way to get calcium in your mouth to help restore minerals to teeth? Like remineralizing.

Are they a calcium pump that the can plant to give you calcium when needed?

As whole grain cotain phayte acid cause decrease calcium absorption so does it cause osteomalcia?

Best calcium supplement for a 27 yr old female with degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis? Citrate, carbonate, gluconate, phosphate?

Calcium and ionized calcium level normal, but taking calcium supplements helps control fasiculations/spasms. Why? I also have cervical myelopathy.

Calcium causes or prevents bloating?

Calcium intake from food is generally good (i.E. 3 cups of milk or yogurt). Took 2 Tums (calcium carbonate) for indigestion. What's the effect of excess calcium on fetus?

Can calcium and vitamin d deficiency cause teeth acid wear?

Can calcium gluconate used for coughing?

Can calcium level of 10.8 be caused by taking 500mg of calcium supplement several days a week?The only other calcium i get is in 16oz almond milk/day.

Can calcium pills cause gas?

Can calcium supplementation during pregnancy help prevent hypertensive disorders?

Can calcium supplements cause pimples?

Can I have a list of foods that will help me to raise my calcium levels, also can I take exercise with hampering my calcium levels.

Can I take calcium carbonet with D3 and calcitriol?

Can I take calcium carbonet with D3 if taking calcitriol?

Can I take Xenical to lose weight. I take One Alpha (Rocalcitriol ) and Tums (calcium carbonate) to help with Hypocalcemia. Is this going to cause problems.

Can I try 3-4 TUMS (calcium carbonate) for severe leg cramps while on Prednisone? I do take multivitamin & a Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium supplement. Have OA. Any harm?

Can osteopenia be reversed, as i'm taking calcium, vitamin d and doing more exercises... I don't want to have this in my spine! ?

Can supplementing 250mg magnesium daily and low calcium intake in diet accelerate arthritis?

Can taking calcium cause bruising?

Can taking Calcium/Magnesium supplements negatively effect one's teeth like causing more plague build up? ?

Can taking too many Tums (calcium carbonate) during pregnancy cause aging of the placenta, or calcify the placenta?

Can taking too much calcium cause bone aches?

Can too much calcium cause calcium deposits in previous broken bones like legs?

Can too much calcium cause flactulence and cramps?

Can tums (calcium carbonate) chews affect blood calcium levels?

Can virus cause calcium deposits in fetus?

Can vitamin d deficiency cause muscle cramps even when calcium, magnesium, and potassium levels are good?

Can vitamin d with calcium pills decrease cholestrol ?

Can you please tell me food which is rich in calcium and magnesium to avoid night leg cramping?

Can you please tell me which is the top calcium to magnesium ratio in a supplement?

Can you tell me in this reaction, would more potassium oxalate equal less calcium oxalate or would it be the other way around?

Coral calcium or ccm tablets which is the best?

Could a calcium supplement help to strengthen my teeth?

Could a teenager type 1 diabetic have tums (calcium carbonate)?

Could calcium deficiency cause sensitive teeth?

Could whiplash injury cause calcium deposits at c1-c2?

Could you tell me what happens when you have calcium deposits in your feet?

Dear doctors, my father is on dialysis and his calcium is low, his doc presceibed him calcium carbonate 5 per day. Any help?How about calcium+vitd3?

Do calcium supplements help prevent osteoporosis?

Do chicken eggs have enough calcium to be absorbed and help your bone density increase?

Do familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia patients respond to taking vitamin d supplements with an increased calcium, or is the calcium level stable?

Do I have to use calcium with glucosamine?

Do micro calcifications mean i'm taking too much calcium?

Do some rice contain calcium?

Do you handle calcium deposits around the hip?

Do you know of other natural sources of calcium to prevent osteoporosis in the elderly ?

Do you need fat to absorb calcium and vitamin D?

Does banana cotain calcium?

Does Calcium D-Glucarate reduce Gynecomastia?

Does calcium interfere with clindamycin?

Does calcium lactate have a different effect on bone strengthening than calcium carbonate?

Does calcium supplement help fight against compression fractures ?

Does calcium supplement make you grow?

Does co2 or phosphoric acid in soda hinder calcium absorption?

Does elderly woman benefit from calcium or mineral with unsteady walking?

Does fish contain calcium?

Does milk leach calcium from bones? I have osteoporosis and don't want to make matters worse.

Does omeprazole effect the absorption of calcium, or vitamin d? Or cause any other sideeffects to bone health?

Does simethicone interfere with calcium supplement absorption?

Does the calcium in your blood affect your teeth in any way?

Does the dicalcium phospate and calcium in milk interfere with levothyroxine?

Does tricalcium phosphate absorb well?

For 57+ F, what are the natural ways to control osteoarthritis pain ? She is on daily supplements for calcium 500 mg & calcitriol 0.25 mcg.

Have bone density scan tomo morn. No calcium supplmnts BUT drank 3 glasses almondMilk:135% daily value calcium (fortified w/tricalcium phosphate).Bad?

Heard conflicting advise on calcium dosage for men. What is optimum dose if I have diabetes, osteoperosis & osteomalacia but normal calcium levels?

Hello 4 yr old son having issues with dairy. We need to get calcium supplement. What type would you recommend and why? tricalcium phosphate?

Help, how much calcium should I be eating daily?

Hi docs, do you think it's bad if a two year old has too much adult calcium?

How can I get doxylamine without calcium phosphate as an inert ingredient in it? The calcium constipates me no matter how much fiber i eat!

How can I prevent calcium deposits from forming?

How can you get extra calcium in your system?

How dangerous is calcium build up in the ear?

How do I choose the calcium supplement that is right for me?

How do I know calcium vitamin is working ?

How does calcium build up on tendons?

How does dietary calcium benefit the teeth?

How is calcium citrate diferent from standard calcium supplement?That's having magnesium &zinc added. Which type of calcium i shd take, i can't ve dairy

How is osteoporosis prevented? Heard calcium and vit d are not effective.

How long will calcium from Tums (calcium carbonate) stay in the blood and therefore affect blood tests? How long before having calcium levels tested should I not use Tums (calcium carbonate)

How many calcium supplements to take for osteopenia?

How many grams of fibre and protein should you have a day and what percentage of iron and calcium should you have in a day?

How many milligrams of calcium do we need per day?

How much calcium and vitamin d i need to take daily to treat osteopenia ?

How much calcium do I need and where do I get it?

How much calcium do I need while nursing?

How much calcium do we need each day?

How much calcium is in grapes?

How much calcium is there in calcium polycarbophil?