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Tooted right before BM & clear/brownish mucus came out & smelled different.Wet Fart? Had it B4 in past.Possible causes? Do I need to be seen urgently

1 yr old w/ pos. Blood culture and salminella. Diarrhea 2 wks. Now blood & mucus in stool. He hardly drinks and won't eat. In &out ER for week.?

10 yr old has been c/o llq abd pain. After eval by MD, gave her Metamucil 4-6 oz, then 4 hr later had a bm that was brown soft with red mucous neg ob?

12months chronic diarrhea(always yellow).next Monday I'll do blood and faeces tests to black diarrhea(ebony).why?bad sign?thanks

13 weeks pregnant, constipated and finally went to the bathroom but my stool had streaks of blood in it. Is this normal?

15 mnth old blood stools, diarrhea since 3 days used cefixime 30 ml twice for 3days, fever subsided, kid active but bloody stools persist,not eating.

16 wks pregnant for three days been having mild fever cramps green poop chills I had blood taken would listeria have been found withou looking for it?

16 year old daughter had appendix removed 3 days ago.also has ulcerative colitis.has now got blood in her urine.what could cause this.

16d post-lar, blood streak and mucous coating thin stool, occasional episodes of severe pelvic/rectal pain, no fever. What happened? Ok wait till mon?

17 yo, sudden Dark Colored Stool not black mixed with reg today, no pain , no weight loss, no symp should I still check up with PCP?

18m old.Diarrhea for over a week and now diarrhea AND frequent vomiting 2nd week.Stool,blood,and urine sample came back fine. What could be the cause?

1st time Bloody bright red diarrhea, No other pain just stomach cramps. Taking iron pills for anemia for a year now. Should I consult dr? Or wait 24hr

1year baby with positive salmonella &blood culture.2 weeks with diarrhea &fever.In&out ER for a week and mucous&bld in stool. Won't eat or drink much?

2 yr old cousin is diarrhea, white. She has a feeding tube in her stomach.. The hospital is doing a colonoscopy on her but what would cause white poop?

21.have IBS. CBC and stool tests normal. Flat-ish "squeezed"stool. I held it in for a couple of days it got more round. Then back to squeezed again.

25yo male, pooing blood, stools are not hard. happening 2-3days? any info please.

28 F. For the past couple of years I have passed a clear anal mucus after going to the toilet. No pain or other symptoms. Is this normal?

28 wks preggo I have been experiencing looser then normal stools. Should I be concerned?

2yrs of diarrhea , 3 weeks lots of mucus in stool, 4 days blood mixed with mucus in stool. List poss. Conditions in order of most likely 1st. Worried?

3 month breastfed baby had blood in stool. Seeing doctors already, just want other opinions on possible cause?

3 mths loose am bowel movements. Flex sig and biopsies normal. Now pregnant so no colonoscopy. I'm trying not to worry; bloods, us normal. Advice?

36/M.I get brownish MUCUS wth stool often, v RARELY mxd with little red blood.Not tarry.No pain.Passing Gas often.Soft stool but not watery.Bowel Regular.Blood HB 13.9.Surgeon examined abd physically-OK.No fevr. R thse symps of Billous Adenoma or CA?

3yr old 'episodes' of loose mucusy poo up to 10x day for a wk n complaining of anus pain. Negative coeliac test... Can it be ibd? Been on/off for a yr

4 days I've had bloody mucus on stool and TP off and on. Colonscopy showed hemorrhoids years ago & Neg abs ct-scan. Go to urgent care? GI apt in jan

44wf. For the last 2wks bright red blood on my stool.(on and off) itchy around anus. PCP referred to GI.3 mos prior I had blood in my urine went to urologist and did MRI which was neg . I know it's unrelated but I am worried ! Thanks for your help !

56, 2nd bout bloody diarrhea in 6mo's colonospy ok 7mo. Today did not make bathrm toilet full bright red blood. No pain, fevr, or dzzy. What eat drink?

5wks post hemorroidectomy.Today i was constipated and took miralax (polyethylene glycol). Stool hard painful to pass & bright bloody mucus when i wiped. Should i go to er?

6yr old w/ recurrent diarrhea/cramps/sometimes vomiting. After she goes potty, she is fine. Happens once evry 2-3wks. blood norm. Reg doc is stumped ?

8 days tonsillectomy post op. Bleeding incident last night. Could the swallowed blood make my feces diarrhea andand very dark/greenish.

8 mth old has Erythema Multiforme. Waiting for stool results. Has bloody diarrhea. The rash is getting SO bad. Wonder if he needs to be seen at the ER?

A year ago i had bloody stool for a week. Normal stool ever since. Can it be serious even though all symptoms are gone? Male 19.

Abd cramps for wk.diarrhea on/off. Some blood n diarrhea yesterday. weak & dehydrated. then 3x today. mostly red/blood & mucus like.What cld this be?

Acute diearehea on 9/14,lasted 2 days,Then mucus mixed with solid stool 3 times since 14th No pain/blood,Never had mucus before Pcp says virus?32 male

After e.Histolytica treatment i had a stool test and it came out clean. Now, 2 week later, i'm feeling the same abdominal pain and i see mucus in stoo?

After my last remicade (infliximab) treatment for my colitis, i saw a little blood then brown in my urine. After a few hours, it was gone. What happened?

After wk of abdo discomfort, diarrohea I found threadworm in poo. Stool results normal? Took worm med yesterday and symptoms persist? Advice.

All stool test came back negative, no temp, allergies checked and still after 15 days continues to vomit and have severe diarrhea. Any ideas on cause?

Am aged 31years have complaints of anal itching and bloody stools since 2days please help?

Am waiting to have gallbladder removed & also have stomach ulcer Have been really sick lately & today had a black smelly stool & blood when wiped?

Anal fistulotomy 3wks but almost 4wks ago. When constipated hav drainge? but if not constipated i don't have. Like yellow or light, Dr. said it fibrin

Anal pain&stool leakage after defecation for 4 hours,sice last checked twice and done colonoscopy,everything was normal,what to do?

Anal pain&stool leakage after defecation for 4 hours,sice last checked twice and done colonoscopy,everything was normal.??

Are bright red bloody stools that cleared up after 3 days a concern? Lower back pain started at about the same time. Clean colonoscopy 2 years ago.

At my last check up, I forgot to tell the doctor about bloody diarrhea. Is that ok?

At sisters 1 1/2wks ago. My 2 yo found disc battery. Gave to me. Sis said it was only one. Dark brwn stool today. Other symptoms if he ate one by now?

Ate alot of pizza and doritos today when moved my bowels saw streak of red. Also took an Advil (ibuprofen). 41 no family history of colon cancer?

Baby goes to ecuador and has blood in stool 2 days later. Help?

Back surgery 9 days ago. What are early signs of an ileus. No bm x8days, went from hard rock like stools to bright orange diarrhea all today.

Been having hard stools with some ab pain. Negative colonoscopy and endoscopy. Today had red stool? Been drinking red kool aid. Is this the cause?

Been having yellow mucous stool. Little comes out. Can't get an GI appt into OCT 18th, should I go to the ER?

Been on amoxicillin for 9 days. On my last day. Some blood in my stool today. Stomach cramps. Normal? emergency? Can I wait until Monday to see doc?

Bleeding out of rectum, feels like having bm but it's all blood- collected sample for dr should it be refrigerated or room temp? Does it matter?

Blood in stool for over 3 months, seen my GP , Not hemorrhoid or palips, Cant get treatment over holiday?

Blood in stool,then gone and back 2 days later.Went to er,doc gave me exam,saw some blood.Xray of stomach and blood work ok.Colnscpy ordered,worried?

Blood in stool?Its not a large amount but its still strange.Ive been taking one 600mg ibuprofen a day for 3days. Could that cause it?

Blood/mucus in stool only after nasty bout of diarrhea -- bright red -- still evident day after, with a bit of ab. cramps (prob. from diarrhea). Help?

Bloody mucus on outside of stool, duration one day. Have been under stress and not drinking as much water as usual. Shld i be worried about cancer?

Boyfriend wants anal sex. Last night when it didn't hurt bad my stool was very very bloody, should I go to the hospital or what if they suspect?

Can constipation cause a fever/headache? I had some red brite spots in stool the other day, today it's gone. Should i worry about colon cancer?

Can something be really wrong if my stool is a burgundy color I have c diff should I call my dr or can it wait till monday

Can you get bloody stools as a side effect of of anti-biotics taken for h. pylori? Completed treatment months back. Had bright red blood in stool now.

Causes of bloody stools? 4 ep. over 4 years. 1-4 days each. Severe pain 2 days ago. P/o 10-20 mins. Dark red bloody stools 2x yday. Blood mixed tday.

Colonoscopy today. Dr. Says hemmoriods are really bad. What are consequences of not having hemroidectomy?

Constant Diarreah after donating blood 6 days ago, blood in stool; not sure if I should go to a family doctor (they are closed till Tuesday)?

Constant diarrhea for a couple of weeks. Seems to have periods of like a remission. Nad faecal samples. Ideas please?

Constant gas 24/7 and blood on stool. Colonoscopy last year came back saying hemerroids.

Constipated 2 wks. Passing soft normal colored stool and blood. Is this an emergency? Or can it wait until tomorrow? Can antibiotics cause this?

Constipated after trip to Thailand. Have had slight abdominal pain today and passed a stool that had a little blood floating. What could it be?

Constipation and blood in stool i went to dr said its just a little congestion similar to hemorrhoids what does it means? Given agiolax and hot tub b

Cramping, direahha, some colitis, everything normal. This has been for last 2 weeks. Lost 5 lbs already. All tests & blood work fine except for coliti?

Crohns flair, 31 weeks pregnant. Just discharged from hospital. Started having painful bloody diarrhea again, 10x since 3am. Should i go to the hosp?

Crohns patient recently hospitalized 4 proctitis suddenly BMs are foamy yellowish watery mucus traces of blood constant cramps 6bms in 4 hrs?

Dark stool (not sure if black) I had blood when I wiped a couple of weeks ago, but not since. Appt.with GI not for another 2 wks., okay to wait?

Daught had blood stool past week today was loose w/ blood&it stung. Doesn't usual hurt 4 her not on tp/water no other cancer symp hemorrhoid? Cancer?

Daughter 5 had diarreah stomach cramps had little blood in stool not seen physically got culture done came back negative what could be causing this?

Daughter had appendix out yestirday fever of 102.4 tonight passed a lot of blood with little bit of stool should I be concerned and possible causes?

Daughter is having frequent nosebleeds, painful bms that look brown and black and tummy aches. Has a dr appt next month. Should I be worried?

Dear sir i found bloody mucus from anus followed by a gas when i was urinating .it was very dark red mucus , i had a colonscopy 9moths before due to same type of bleeding but all comes back clear. In report doctor wrote that they just found a short colum

Dear sir i found bloody mucus from anus followed by a gas when i was urinating .it was very dark red mucus , i had a colonscopy 9moths before due to same type of bleeding but all comes back clear. In report doctor wrote that they just found a short colum

Diagnosed with a UTI and gastrointeritis...Been on antibiotics for a week and see little black stringy things in stool. Any ideas on what they are?

Diagnosed with ibs-c but now noticing mucus in stools i keep cramping after having small bms should I ask for a colonoscopy? Doctors keep saying no

Diarreha for over a month and yellow tongue for a month. Seeing doc on Wednesday. Pretty sure I passed a small kindey stone also in this time. Ideas?

Diarrhea for past 6/7 months. Mucus in my stool. Did stool tests, no infection. What could be the cause? Going for colonoscopy in about 2 weeks

Diarrhea for two weeks. Went to Dr. and she said give another week or two. No blood. Anti diarrheal helps, but still very loose.. I am afraid I ha?

Did a blood and poop test everything was normal (not STD test) I do loose stool every morning kinda like diarrhea. Std/hiv? 25days vaginal sex only

Discovered blood in stool yesterday, how soon should I see a doctor?

Do you think I should have missed college to go to the doctors because i saw blood in my stool?

Due to colonoscopy preparation I got 2 hemorrhoids on Monday. Today on Sunday 3rd one came. Having soft stool, no diarrhea or constapation. What is going on? What should I do? Please help

Dulcolax Wed pm but didn't really need it. Thur=painful. Now normal but had small glob of mucus streaked w/ blood w/BM. Prob from Lax hard on system?

Experiencing nose bleeds and still have diarrhea but i just went to the bathroom and saw some blood in my stool..Is this normal?

Fecal stool sample: Should this be refrigerated overnight and then brought to the doctor the next morning since I may not "go" that morning?

Few days ago I pooped & blood came out.The doctor gave me medicine for hemorrhoids but then I pooped & no blood appeared. Do I still take my medicine?

For 3days friend has nausea vomiting diarrhea.Got IV at ER today-blood test shows gastroenteritis.Does viral show up in blood test?Or just‚Äč bacterial?

For about four to six weeks I've had loose stool with blood and mucus present. Is this something I should have checked right away, or wait it out?

For four days straight, there was blood in my stool. It has not stopped but should I still see a doctor? Could I have possibly pulled my stomach?

For last 4 months been passing light stool with 2stone weight loss,all blood work clear,ultrasound of abdo clear, so scared it's cancer am 27 male.

From last some month my wife suffering from belly pain and greenish stool problem. It not happens regularly. On stool test nothing found only mucus co?

Got a colonoscopy about 2 months ago and i haven't passed anything in 5 days. What should I do?

Got black type flakes in stool (100% sure it's nothing I've eaten) I've had a stool test came back fine I also get diarrhoea lots too what's wrong ?

Got colonoscopy done tody. Waiting for biopsy results. Got hemorrhoid because of the prep I had to do. It hurts. have pus n blood. What do I do? How long it to heal? will it agitat with bowl movement?