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3yo has a small amount of blood tinged snot occasionally when she cries? Why? Is this a serious condition?

4 days after period & mutiple sex 3 days prior had small amount of red blood when wiping then next evening again. & again tonight very small amounts?

About 3 days ago i had a small smear of blood on my toilet paper and I have seen smaller amounts since then. There is no blood on/in the stool. Help?

About 38 weeks pregnant and leaking a small amount of mucus out of my private area is this normal theres no blood could i be close to labor?

After having bowel movement while urinating caused slight pain & a small amount of blood in toilet , hour later urinated & small bit of blood came out?

Am 69 & wear pads because urine leaks from coughing. Small blood amount after wiping after urinating (not regularly). No pain. Can pads cause irration?

Baby boy 3 days ago and at 24hrs old he passed a large amount of what appeared frank bright blood in his urine. He has passed further amounts since?

Blood of other on hand. For HIV u have to have big cut or small n bloof of other in one drop is enough or require large amount?

Bought up relatively small amounts of blood in light yellow phlem after a shower. Cause for concern?

Can a skin cancer lump leak small amounts of blood and pus?

Can kidney stones cause small pieces of soft stuff to pass along with the blood in urine?

Can large quantities of blood in urine ever be normal?

Can masturbation cause you to spit blood? I've been spitting small amounts of blood after doing it and even without doing it in the evening hours.

Can petechia occur in a very small amount?

Can there be blood clots of a small size that travel throughout the body but that do no harm?

Can you have blood(small amount) drain down your throat and spit out the next morning? Sometimes it brownish I don't have blood in nose. 38 female

Can you tell me if throughout urination a small amount of semen is releasing please help me what is the problem it is serious disease?

Cause of pain after sexual intercourse accompanied with small amount of blood?

Coughed up a small amount of blood. Is this serious?

Could small amounts of bilirubin in the urine indicate pancreatic cancer?

Daughter had u/a yesterday and showed large blood and large protein. repeated u/a today and showed trace of protein and large amorphous crystals?

Do you pee small amounts if you have bladder cancer?

Doctor told me that "there is a small amount of blood in urine but not enough to be concerned of" should I be worried because i don't trust him?

Does masturbation can make you release a very small amount of very light brown discharge after?

Does small amounts of bilirubin show up in urine if i haven't eaten in two days?

Does small traces of bubbles constitute 'bubbly urine' or does this refer to only urine with large clusters of bubble?

Everytime i blow my nose there small amounts of blood and also small blood clots why is this?

For a week now I have had a large amount of fresh blood in my stool (about 1/2 cup worth) but no irritation/pain. Should I be concerned?

For last 4 days, I have woken up and found small amounts of blood in my mucus, I have not had a nosebleed in a year have just recovered from a cold.?

Frequent need to urinate only producing small amount with much discomfort?

Frequent urination with small amounts of urine passed. Waking multiple times a night to use the restroom. Limited intake of fluids. History of elevated cholesterol.

Had blood in urine before, considered large amount but microscopic. Went to follow up yesterday and only had trace amount.Dr.Not concerned. Resolved?

Have been on implant about a month, had dark blood small amounts for 10 days. Is it normal? When will it stop?

Have small clusters of bubbles in my urine. I also have a UTI if that adds to anything.?

Hello I am having my period for 15 days .And now the amount of blood increased a lot with massive pain like it is the first day..what it could be?

Hi This will be my 4th ceceran. I'm 3wks and 6 days. This morning when I urinated there was a small amount of blood on the tissue. No blood today.

Hi,for the past2yrs I always notice a very small amount of blood(like a small peice of blood)in my urine.idont feel any pain(blood analysis is normal)?

How do doctors know that small, undetectable amounts of hCG are produced 5 days post ovulation, when it can't be detected in blood until 9-12 days?

How little of sperm does it take to be pregnant? Little tiny drop or a sufficent amount?

How serious is this condition? Frequent gas with small amounts of soft stool containing trickles of red blood

I am 33 weeks pregnant and have been bleeding small amounts all day. Should i be concerned?

I am a 24 year old female. I currently have very dark urine but it's not frequent however when I get done there is a small amount of blood on the toil?

I am finding small traces of blood on my tissue when I have a bowel movement. Should i worry?

I am having extremely small amount of bleeding 3 days before period. What is this?

I am27 and no gallbladder. Why am I having mild stomach cramps with small amounts of bright red blood and partial white stools?

I can't get rid of my hemorrhoids/fissure and I'm starting to produce large amounts of blood. I'm concerned with the severity of this blood loss..

I had a dime sized amount of blood in my phlem this morning what does this mean? I have also been having a little pain in my kidneys

I had a gallbladder surgery 4 days ago now i have small amount of Blood tinged mucus in my stool is normal or is it so.ething i have to be alarmed?

I had a oradynamis this morning and i notice a small piece of blood when i urinate is this normal?

I had a small amount of fresh blood in my stool. Can it be when one exerts! Wht should I do.What are probable causes.Help.

I had a tonsillectomy 7 days ago and now there is a small amount of blood and it hurts when I drink cold water. Is this normal?

I have 2-3 small clusters of bubbles in my urine when I don't drink a lot of water. Is this cause for concern?

I have a 17 year old daughter weighs 120 lb Blood pressure 82/60, eats and drinks very large amounts through the day. Are these symptoms for concern?

I have a lot of tiny bubbles or foam in my urine I am a type 1 diabetic?

I have a small amount of blood in my poo. It's been on and off for a while. What do I do?

I have a small bit of foamy bubbles in a small patch when I urinate, is this normal? I have had UTI about an year ago.

I have a small cut in my left armpit from last 5 months. All the time small amount of white liquid and blood comes out of it. Please suggest.

I have been bleeding everyday for the past three days. Its a good amount of blood, but after i bleed once i don't bleed anymore. There is decent amount of blood and a small amount of poop. What could it be?

I have been having a period problem for years now,where i have blood coming out almost everyday but in small amounts.whats wrong and how can i fix it?

I have frequent small urine in the evening. Please tell me why and what to do?

I have had a large amount of symptoms of ME/CFS for about a year now, is that likely for an 18 year old?

I have had a small amount of white mucus twice in one week in my stool (at the end). I heard its inflammation. What should ️I do?

I have had blood in my urine for about 2 weeks now and chunks like the size of a dime?

I have had diahrrea for months. At times with varying amounts of blood. Any suggestions?

I have occasionally been waking up with small amounts of red blood in my mouth. And my mouth is usually dry except for the blood.

I just had a vaginas us done and now I'm bleeding a decent amount of dark red blood. Is this normal? I was bleeding a very small small amount before.

I just had s small amount of fresh looking blood at the beginning of my urine stream I had rough sex yesterday?

I just took Cialis for 3 days and worked fine. Now I have small amount of blood in my urine, no pain. Is this normal?

I keep peeing in small amounts after im done urinating why is that?

I notice a small pain around my kidney area and large amount of suds in my urine, is that a sign of kidney problems ?

I noticed a large amount of blood in urine. Should I go to er?

I noticed a trace amount of blood in my urine before menstration. Is this bad?

I occasionally have a very small amount of blood in my cervical mucus after running.. Should I get it checked out?

I urinate very frequently always the same small amount, can't really hold it, any idea what this may be? Thx

I use a catheter once a week for dilation, randomly (not often) i will see a very small amount of diluted blood after urination, is this normal?

I use a menstrual cup and noticed that the blood smells very foul and the amount is very small in comparison to usually. What can this indicate?

I was changing my 19 month old and found a small amount of blood in her diaper. Should she see a dr?

I was using neopenotran forte for two days and I noticed a small amount of blood after the 2nd day. Is that normal? I had my period 15 days ago.

I was vomiting last night from what I believe to be the stomach flu. I had a small amount of blood come up with the vomit. Then 20hrs later, red urine?

I'm 36 weeks pregnant. I was told that I have a small amount of blood in my urine. What could that be? Is it a cause for concern?

I'm 4 weeks pregnant and my md found small amount of bacteria in my urine...Should i be on antibiotic...Can it harm my baby?

If a really tiny trace of sperm or maybe a small amount were to come into contact with the clitoris, could pregnancy occur?

If i wee into a small sealed plastic bottle would it be good to produce for a work urine sample any time up to 5 days?

If someone has small amount of blood from chapped lips or in saliva and when talking to you a small amount goes in eye are the HIV risks high?

If you have ovarian cancer do you pee small amounts a lot and you have constipation?

Im 22 female, healthy, but I have been having blood in my urine, noticeable amounts. With slight discomfort and urgency is this dangerous?

In the last month i gush large amounts of liquid during sex or just getting in and out of car. Why now and what can it be?

Is 5 vials of blood too large of an amount to take from a 13 month old girl?

Is a small amount of bubbles in urine normal that disappear pretty quick?

Is a small amount of discomfort after sex normal if you don't have sex very often?

Is a very small amount of blood in stool bad?

Is any amount of edema normal in a non-pregnant person (trace to obvious)?

Is having a small amount of blood in your urine detected post menstral a concern?

Is it dangerous to avoid urinating for hours? I have no prob with that, but when I have stools i can urinate for 15 minutes in small quantities...

Is it normal for there to occasionally be a small amount of blood in my spit when my sinuses are acting up?

Is it normal to find a small amount of blood in my baby's diaper?

Is it normal to have a period for 3-4 days every 2 months with a large a amount of blood?

Is it normal to have a small amount of blood in the area where the tonsils were 8 days after surgery? Should this cause burning when drinking water?

Is it normal to loose 3 pounds after urinating? It was only a seemingly small amount of urine

Is it normal when stool have small fresh blood sometimes in different area? Sometimes it's mixed in some part of the stool just very small fresh blood