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On vol tab had intercourse after that pinkish blood came then a couple a days after intercourse again then brownish what could that mean?

Over the past three months, once each month I have had 1blood clot fall out of my vagina.I am sexually active have a boyfriend. On Ava contraceptive ?

Period was approximately 1 week ago. I have an iud. Noticed blood on toilet paper after urinating 2 different times today. Am i pregnant? I had unprotected sex more than 2 years ago.

Please explain what does it mean when there is blood from genitals after sex, around the time of menstruation, but no period?

Pulled my tampon out and water with no color came out, was not urine. What happened? Am i pregnant?

Sex with 1 vasectomy partner- new onset of vag bleed any bathroom trip, stops after a few wipes. Bright red blood. No pain or anything else. Ideas??

She lost viriginity. During intercourse, no protection no ejaculation. No bleeding. Week later she spotted bright red blood 3 times. is she Pregnant?

Sir I have sex my girl friend but cum shoot out side now her periods are late 18 days her urine preganency test is also -ve and 1tim feel blood in pee?

Slight pink spotting everytime im aroused.Lost my virginity 23 days ago.No sex after it.Had my period at the normal time, flow.Shouls i be concerned?

So i was ovulating last week wednesday i had sex before that now this morninf i found brownish blood on my underwear what does that mean?

So still have some blood, its not a lot its only showing when i wipe. It all started after having sex.

Still no period after a week due & had intercourse and noticed a slight blood on boyfriends penis. Is this implantation bleeding? When can I test?

There is brown blood from rough sex. Should i be worried?

Tiny bit of blood after wiping after sex had cin3 all clear now could he bumped my cervixs during sex ? Im on the pill im worried

Today i had unprotected sex with my bf after a month of not having sex and it was pretty rough, my bladder was full, now i pee blood, is that normal?

Today me.And my bf had unprotected sex. It started to hurt, when he pulled out there was blood everywhere. I cleaned off and there was blood clots? Wat

Today my boyfriend fingered me hard for not a very long time, but when he pulled it out..It had blood. Normal? 8 days away from due period could it be

Today when i was washing my vagina in the shower, a blood clot revealed itself on my towel. What is that? I'm on implanon. Its not my period.

TTC. Lots of sex. Lube with applicator possible cut. Last period 8/31/14. Light red blood. Why bleeding? Possible period?

Two weeks ago i was put on anti biotics for hematospermia. Yesterday i had sex there was blood at first then normal sperm. Now its back to blood why?

Virgin 22 had sex for the first time and bleed a lot and past clot blood too.The second time same thing he didn't even go all the way in.Plz help.

Was being intimate with my boyfriend and he noticed i was bleeding. A lot. Half his hand was covered in blood. I'm on Depo-Provera don't get my period. Why?

We had sex without taking precautions and after that my vagina is paining and blood is coming out while passing urine?What can be the cause?

What could cause non-period blood to come from the vagina?

What do you recommend if I had rough sex. after I saw blood, my period is due in 2 days?

What dose it mean if you think your girlfriend is pregnant but she gets her period and bleeds a lot the first 2 days then the 3rd barley bleeds?

What if i dont get my period but i poop out a decent amount of blood? im 3-5 days late.

When ever I go to the bathroom, exercise, or have sex, clotted blood comes out of my vagina. this has been going on for 3-5 days. what should i do?

When for the first time i did sex with my boyfriend there was no pain and no blood please tell me the reason ?

When i finish urinating. i have blood in my vagina when i wiping it with a tissue. u just have period last june 18 up to 21. It happened last june 27.

When I have sex for the first time after my period is over it always comes a lot of blood that my body held onto, what to do?

When i masturbate or have sex there's blood in my cum. Plus i have had discharge with blood in it lately to.

When I used the bathroom I only seen blood when I wiped i assumed I was starting my period wore a pad one day after that didn't see anymore blood ?

Whenever my husband and i had sex, there's a blood coming out from me. I went to my ob and ultrasound. My endometrium bleeds. What is the cause?

While having sex at first time, blood bleeding in penis.. Any problem?

Why did I have blood clots and bleeding after sex with my husband? I'm scared of stds.

Why did I stain the bed with blood during intercourse?

Why do I bleed after sex? We have inter course from time to time not a lot and when I wipe myself I have blood but not enough to get on my underwear.

Why do I see blood when I am having sex?

Why does it hurt when having intercource and after i gush blood.

Why is my girlfriend having blood spots on the 16th day of her cycle?

Why is my pregnant girlfriend coughing up blood?

Wife has some blood after she pees but not in the toilet.After she wipes along with odor. We had sex on feb 16th. What would be wrong?