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8 days after unprotected sex (only with precum) and 72h pill I found blood in my urine (bright red) last 2 days so far no other symptoms? Is that HIV?

I had protected intercourse on the 27th of November I had a mucous like substance come out of my vagina with a bright red spot blood yesterday. Preg?

i was being fingered and the guy got blood on his fingers. Im not on my period, and i'm on birth control. No blood has come out of my vagina. Help?

. I already been having unprotected sex and maybe 2 weeks or so after this my appetite is gone and after that pinkish blood and when it dried up brown?

10 days late, multiple hpt neg. I checked my cervix and there was very little blood, none on panties or when wiping. Same thing happen 3 days ago.

1month pregnant and then i had sexual intercourse with my husband. Theres a bright red spottings with clot tissue like. This bad for my pregnancy?

2 drops of blood on toilet paper after sex about 7 days before period due. On pill. Haven't missed one. ?

2nd month on depo. Experiencing blood after sex, and random blood in cervical mucus. Always use condoms. Could there be a chance I'm pregnant?

34 weeks pregnant had intercourse and now is having a goowy blood and some pains ?

5 n a half months ago I had this jelly lump with blood innit then I had normal periods haven't had sex for 5 months why is this?

5 weeks pregnant. 1 week ago 2 small drops brown blood while peeing. Had orgasm last night. Was this harmful? No penetration. Nothing seen last nite.

55 yr old female. Just starting pre menapause is it normal when having sex it hurts and there is a little blood afterwards?

6 weeks 1 day pregnant. Pinkish red blood when wiping after sex. Diminished as the night went on. Cervical changes? Should I see my OB?

6mon.back wen I need to urinate passed only thick&huge blood no urine.No vaginal sex only anal sex could be this reasn?Kleibsela in urine cul.5 time

8 days after unprotected sex (only with precum) and 72h pill I found blood in my urine (bright red) last 2 days so far no other symptoms? Is that HIV?

8 weeks pregnant. Just had sex with my partner and when i noticed lots of blood after finishing not spotting actual blood it seems to be stopping now?

A bit of blood drop straight after sex... what could be the reason?

After 5 months i now get pain during sex and his sperm burns me what could this be I am very very worried. Had urine and blood tests both normal.

After a year of not having sex recently yesterday I had sex and while cleaning myself i saw blood but no blood was found in my urine. What's wrong?

After clitoral stimulation with no penetration there was a little blood when I wiped is this a sign of pregnancy?

After i had sex i wiped and saw two spots of red blood. I don't know if this is pregnant symptom...What could it be?

After i used the bathroom i noticed blood after sex. How can you tell the difference between the two?

After intercourse with my husband, there were red pieces that came out. It was not liquid blood. What could it be?

After me and my boyfriend have sex and I clean up I have been wiping up blood from my gentials. What does that mean?

Am 5 weeks pregnant and i discharging little blood in my under wear am really worried. I want to know if it will not affect my pregnancy?

Am i pregnant. Im noticing a bit of blood coming from cervix. Used unbroken condoms during sex both times last week . ?

As my boyfriend fingered me , there was blood mixed with my cum. Is that normal thing ? I haven't ever bled like this before.

At first my daughter had blood on her underwear.I thought it was her first mentruation but there was more blood the next day,I don't think its good.

Been bleeding anal for 2 weeks should I worry its alot of blood never happened before ?

Bleeding and having blood clots come out of vagina during second time having sex? What is this?

Bleeding during sex no infections, no std, not on period. It was a little too much blood?

Bleeding for 8 days, a lot of blood clots when I pee, just had period 2 weeks ago, don't have an STD or STI I've been checked. Reasons for this?

Blood after fingering. Fingered my gf first time. 2 hours since fingering. Did i broke her hymen? She can still spot blood. What to do ?

Blood came out from my penis when she is sucking my d**k & another time after having sex with her. Please tell me what I have to do .Why this happen?

Blood came out of my nipple when my partner sucked it but did not bite it during sex. Do I need to have that checked? I'm not pregnant.

Blood coming out 4rm a girl's vagina 2 weeks after her menses means what?

Blood in semen it started one for a couple of days last year then stopped. Is it a result of masterbation

Blood in urine after sexual intercourse in a male. My boyfriend and I have been having intercourse for about 2 months now and the past few times he has had blood in his urine afterwards. He has stated there has been clots but no pain like a UTI would brin

Blood in urine,age 20 years,sex-female, last menstruation period before 15 days. nt using office toilet since last year(stops urine for 8 yrs daily)?

Blood looks like wound blood comes out from vagina while having sex at day 6 of menses. Virgin or period? B4 that i try fingering her, but no blood

Blood on condom and a bit after wiping post-intercourse. No pain or other symptoms. No blood since intercourse. 1 week before period. Worries?

Boyfriend had a prostate biopsy lst wk, we had intercourse last night and his semen was mixed with blood and he came inside me should I panic?

Bright blood as soon as boyfriend pulls out after sex?

Brown blood in small amounts during ovulation. Is it normal? We had protected sex 7 days ago but no other symptoms of pregnancy.

Burns during and after sex once it hurt two weeks after rough anal sex help i don't know what to do microscopuc blood in urine tested neg for cancer?

Can I be pregnant if the preservative broke two hours after getting the first period day blood spot?

Can I do sex after 10 days of abortion (the sac came out but there is blood) & if the answer is no, when can I do that?

Can i get pregnant if i had sperm in my hand then touch my vagina? Now on my suspected period date i have pinkish blood on liner but red when wiped

Can menapause cause painful sex,bleeding during sex,& passing blood clots after sex? Or is it a sign of something else?

Can you tell me how your period blood come through when your hymen isnt broke?

Cause of passing a dark clot and little blood, 16 days after LMP. Cycle usually 28-35 days. Never been on OCP, no sex for 3/12 and clear of all STI's.

Conserned I have no std'sbeen tested. But i had an orgasam and it was red had blood all in it and my girl friend freeked out she knows we have no std's we were tested togather. Their is no blood when i urinate but two nights later i orgasumed and the sam

Could i be preg from fingering? nothing came out but could a tiny bit have on his hand with out him knowing? I'm a week late and never had actual sex

Could I be pregnant? I had my period on the 27 of march 2015 and had sex on the 02 of April and on the 06of April I saw a little blood spot on tissue

Could u be pregnant having suspect implantation brown blood 3 days after suspect semen drop on vagina?

Do o postitve blood keep you from getting pregnant? My boyfriend and i both have o postitve blood type!

Doctor , i had sex with my boyfriend , first time when he tried to penetrate into me , i didn't bleed a single drop of blood , is i am still virgin ?

Does blood stay up in vagina after period over? Was having brown discharge ending period, in shower used powerful stream inside vagina now light blood

Does having a period affect chlamydia test? Its my 1st day having a period and i wipe my genital with dry napkin before i collect the urine.

Doing sex why will come blood?

Drops of blood for one night . Intercourse yesterday and 3 days before that . What could this bleeding be? It felt like i was having my period but no

Due bled on 11th got on 12-15, had sex on16, the bled again from the 20-22, had sex on 23, why am i urinating a lot and look bloated, ?What could it be

During sex I been producing.To much semen than usual and should I be.Worried?

Every time I have sex my vagina bleeds, a lot of times it's a lot of blood, but I am not a virgin and it happens most every time so I know it's not my period. What could it be?

Every time I have sex with my partner i bleed deep red blood for a couple hours-days. Should i be concerned? I'm on b.C.

Everytime i have sex afterwards i drip a little bit of blood , what can it be ? i know is not pregnancy because i use condoms etc...

Everytime I have sex my vagina bleeds not every time but most times and sometimes its a lot of blood. I've been sexually active for 2 years with only one person. Also it bleeds when I exercisei know for a fact it is not my period.

Fell on belly, 1 month pregnant peed blood. Are we okay?

Few drops of Blood tinged discharge sometimes i masterbate. Sexually active for a few yrs never happens while having sex. Can it be something serious?

Fingered 3X's in 1day, was bleeding brown blood when used the bathroom Period due in 3 days and may have felt a little pain while fingering what is it?

Found out iam 5 weeks pregnant just had sex for the first time since and had blood is that normal? Or should I call my doctor

Got periods early with less bleeding and blood clots.Had contraceptive 2weeks back to avoid pregnency by dry humping with underpants.Is she Pregnent?

Had a child little over two months ago had unprotected sex 3weeks ago now urinating lots which I don't normally could that be a sign?

Had anal sex for the first time. There was a small amount of blood afterward. Wiped it off and nothing else remained or bled. Is this normal?

Had blood when wiping around cycle due date. Hurt badly to insert tampon and now only see blood when wiping periodically. No full cycle. Not pregnant?

Had intercourse with my partner, been bleeding for 3 weeks since, seen my GP, bloods normal, Pap normal, I've missed my period. What could be wrong?

Had period a week ago. Then had rough sex later peed blood. And the next day peed brown? Had history of kidney infection last month which was treated.

Had sex 7 days ago. Expecting mense 1 week from now. I have white blood, mittelschmerz, warm body temp since day 1. What does it indicate?

Had sex last night & boyfriend said he had small clots on himself from me, nothing when I wiped. period due in two weeks. could I be pregnant?

Had sex this morning and there was a little blood it's only been 7 days since ovulation is there anything wrong?

Had sex took ipill on 27 feb saw few drop of bloods 4 days ago. Had cut inside vagina with nails on 1st march. Which 1 is d reason for blood? Pls help

Had sex twice with my placenta a bit low.. but no bledding occured.. what did that mean?

Had sex w/o condom on first day of new bc pack, been on it about 6 months, clear mucus with blood streaks after wiping, should I worry?

Had sex with my bf on the day of ovulation the next day I saw a little drop of blood why is this happening?

Had sex yesterday at 8am (bf came inside) on tricyclen, (10th pill day). I am bleeding thin blood unlike menstrual fluid w.O odor. Pregnant? Cause?

Had some rough sex last night and today i've been having lots of blood coming out. So much so that I have to wear a tampon, is this normal?

Had the sex for the first time on the last day of the period after that I`m having a few drops of blood for two days. is something bad wrong?

Had unprot sex last Sun. Stinging pain while urinating yesterday saw blood when wiped. Checked cervix this morning pink tinged blood. ?

Had unprotected sex but still had my period the next day is this possible? Saturday me and my bf had sex and he told me he saw blood like if i was on my period? I checked myself and i didn't see any blood. Sunday i had very light pinkish blood when i wipe

Had unprotected sext this month an now seeing blood what's wrong?

Have a pink blood came out to my bf pennis after he pee can i know what is that?

Have blood coming out of penis. Did heavy lifting now it stings at the opening. Possable reasons for bleeding and what tests are needed?

He masturbate 5 times in 24 hours past 2 days now after he had pink blood came out to his pennis?

Hello I'm having red("live ") blood bleading from both rectum/vagina after wc or after staying ..what could be the problem? No sex for 9 days Thanks

Hello , i had periods for 5 days and in the 6th i had sex , a day after sex i nticed again dark red blood , what can it be doctor please help?

Hello doctor, i m 19 years old. Last night, some blood came while trying to urinate just after ejaculation. I expierenced this some months ago also.

Hello, I had my lmp on March 1,2015 I have a 28 cycle. But on March 14 I had in protected sex and as I used the bathroom and then sat down a gush of warm fluid gushed out, I didn't check it. I then started cleaning and another small gush and then after a

Hello, i'm maisy and i'm 25.. After intercourse with my husband i wiped a pink blood, it's the first time this happens to me, is this concerning?

Hi dr.. I am got stains of blood for a minute last night and it's not even my period date.. I am not married yet.. Is it related to hymen ?

Hi i had my period a week ago but after i have found blood and clot i had unprotected sex 2 week ago?