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I give birth on 10 April this year and after a month I put implant contraceptive and got blood discharge after 3 month, it been 2 days now I see blood tiny discharge inside my cervix and inside my finger nail eveytime I touch my cervix is it ok?

stringy clots and large thick jelly like blood slices coming out with my period, some are so large I can feel them, is this normal?? 2 kids, age 26

10w5d pregnant my baby and sac are measuring small and i m having brown discharge with very small pieces of brown tissue with no pain is it a miscarriage?

12 weeks postpartum. Passed what looked like a tacky mucus string with two pieces of tissue. No fever or smell. Felt gaggy since giving birth?

14 weeks 3 days.Bleeded for a week. No clots,cramps or tissue,just bright red blood.Felt a decreased fetal movement.Baby dead or i can still save?

2 weeks after D&C cramps have stopped however brown mucous and big tissue/ mucous type blob twice on the pad. Had a glass of wine. What can it mean ?

22 year old female. no period 6 months pink brown yellow discharge not heavy found either 2 pea or 1 long 2 finger wide lump in abdomen. plz help?

29 yr old, 2 endometromas on ovaries, cramping yesterday and small amount of blood on toilet tissue. Any ideas? F/u with gyn in march.

29wks preg.Wiped after bowel movt+saw sme blood on tissue.Have hemrrhoids.Wiped with seperate tissue so definitely frm anus NOT vaginal.Is it harmful?

2nd period on Mirena, (levonorgestrel) 5 th day, no flow but when I wipe I notice tiny pieces of skin or tissue, is it a reason for concern?

37. Had cervical cryosurgery 5 days ago. Today I passed a large piece of tissue and now I am bleeding bright red?

45yr old female. Is it normal that I have pieces of bloody tissue during my period?

4wks post c section.Is it normal for the incision to spot bleed? Not a lot of blood just very small spots

5day old newborn. Umbilical cord residual dropped off today but against diaper friction. Bleeding a little, opening doesn't look unscathed. Help?

5urine and 2blood test +ve.Yestday had heavy bleeding and scaned but no sac inside. Now i had a clot with white and red colr 2-3cm long.5th week. Help?

8 weeks pregnant and seeing white pieces of tissue when I urine, is it normal?

8weeks pregnant and wen i pass urine n wipe few brown pieces r on the tissue no pain no red loss what could this be? Its not big pieces jus smal crumbs

9 weeks post partum, passed something that was the size of a peanut. Looked like sausage without a casing. Not like a typical clot. Concern?

9weeks I was diagnosed with a very small subchorionic hemorrhage.After a hard bowl movement I will occasionally have very light spotting.need to worry?

A few days ago i went to wipe my fanny and found a small amout of blood on the tissue. What does this mean?

A grayish piece of tissue with like "balls" or clotted tissue at the end, that passes from the vagina, and associated with sharp cramps..Miscarriage?

A small cyst removed from my penis just below the head three weeks ago. Last week a discharge started to happen, clear tinged pink. I've had a round of antibiotics and still there. Is this normal?

A thick, rectangular shaped solid came out of my vagina during menstruation diagnosis what is it? I'm scared.

A white sack came out whilst I was on my period. It was quite large and it had an opening at one end. Was this a miscarriage? I am on the pill.

After 3/4 doses of misoprotol, my symptoms of mc haven't changed. What should I do if it doesn't work? Tissue is at my cervix, but it is barely open

After 5 hours from aerobics workout I found a small bloody mass in vagina. What is that concerning that I'm virgin? ?

After a day of spotting & light bleeding a white fleshy tissue like thing together w/ a thick blood clot passed thru my vagina, was it a miscarriage?

After a recent colposcopy & cervical biopsy I had a huge tissue sac filled with black stuff come out without warning. What caused that?

After abortion, do you have a little bit of retained products inside the uterus?

Around my period, I have something that fall's down in my vagina, its like a ball of tissue.

At 13 daughter passed big and rubbery blood clump is that normal?

Before my period i see red shreds of mucous membrane ressembles clotted blood but only falls with urine is it related?If its not period time its white

Bled for 3 days. Filled a pad a day and another one a night. Had clots looking like meat a size of my small finger. 3 weeks pregnant. Could I have lost it?

Bleeding on eyeball's white surface - should I be worried?

Blood in vagina-not in normal liquid form. It's texture is thick and almost black, but its not a heavy period. Its not coming out either. What is it?

Breastfeeding and using conceptrol applicators.Approx 1 week b4 period i begin to notice tiny amount of blood on applicator when hitting cervix.Normal pap &ultrasound. What can be cause of this blood?

Brown grapes good for developing embryo?

Can a cervical polyp dislodge of its own accord? Hard tissue/flesh white, marble sized ball fell out of vagina. Due for period any day.

Can a cervical polyp pass out of vagina? Just has a hard ball colour of my palm pass out- aprox size of a small toe! due for period in 1 day.

Can a polyp in the uterus dislodge itself and come out through urine? I urinated and something came out in my urine that looked like raw chicken what could that have been? And what would a polyp look like if it came out through urine?

Can a tiny brown streak smaller than a half a inch in underware be implantation 6 days after ovulation?

Can having a miscarrige cause scar tissue to form on the cervix? When i felt my cervix, there was a nickel sized rough spot on the side. Normal?

Can polycystic ovary syndrome cause the skin between your vagina n bottom turn pink?

Can u have a period and not see a lot of lining? It looks like blood clots. I've had this before & doctor said you can shed micro amounts you can't see.

Can white water rafting cause a miscarriage?

Can you get implantation spotting at 5 weeks? Had a scan 4 days ago and seen a small sac now slight pink mucus when wiping should I be worried?

Can you let me know is in normal for a large thick chunk to come out during my period?

Can you visibily with naked eye see large mucus threads in urine?

Can you visibly with the naked eye see a large piece of mucus thread in urine?

Causes of chunck bleeding pieces in the urine?

Confirmed by my doc I have a UTI with presence of blood/infection. This morning I passed white sac like objects and a brownish jelly. What is this?

Cut my eye with fingernail, now it's bleeding. Small amnt of pain. Vision ok for now. Rinsed it out - still bleeding. What to do?

Cysts &fibroids. 3rd period in mo. Lite flow expelled large solid hard mass couldn't break open but bled when edge was scratched off?

Daily BMs...sometimes twice a day. Normal brown, no blood, smooth and easily passed but seem just a little more oval shaped then round. Poss causes?

Day 5 of menstrual cycle: black stone, size of grain of sand discharged from vagina. No pain. Felt a scratching in vagina earlier in day. Thoughts?

Day one of my period I passed a large dark red Mucas glob, it was even running down my tampon string and my Tampon was covered in it, clots when I wip?

Discharge starting with eggwhight CM had sex when I saw it fall out into my tissue yesterday I had a small amount of white clumps. Could I be pregnant

Doctor. Can non-pregnant girl pass endometrial tissue as strawberry sized transparent round sac in period discharge? Thanks!

Dr, is it possible for non-pregnant women to pass the piece of utreus lining which looks like transparent gestational sac in their period discharge?

Dr. When endometrial polyp is passed in period, can it be like transparent kidney shaped cyst with no color?

During my menstrual period i notice that i release something that looks like scraped skin. I assumed it was from my uterine lining. Is this normal?

During ovulation I passed a liver-like fleshy piece, red with black dots on it. Some bleeding before that and stopped afterwards. What could this be?

Gyn thinks I have a vaginal ulcer. sent tissue for analysis. what happens next..silver nitrateif tissue ok. The exam really hurt..burned like crazy!

Had a smear today, doc said I have a white spot on my cervix, what does this mean? And should my cervix feel slighty tender inside afterwards?

Had blood in urine. A month later I passed an empty sac from vagina about a quarter size with white tissue. What can this be?

Had cervical cryosurgery 5 days ago and passed a large piece of tissue and now I'm bleeding bright red?

Had novasure procedure, still spotting 7 weeks later, just passed a "chunk" of something flesh colored, with a burnt smell. What is this ?

Had pelvic us. Towards end exam tech had concerned look and sighed. .When i sat up i saw distinct white spot believe in fallopian tube. What could be?

Had pre cervix cancer cell,doctor said it's gone now. Pass week having cramps w/white jelly discharged. haven't had sex in a month been w/the same guy?

Had termination + mirena (levonorgestrel) 7 hrs ago. now losing large chunks of white sunscreen looking substance but thicker + more pain. normal? Or seek help?

Have i miscarried? Been heavy bleeding and passed large clot with a white bean shape in, almost looked like a tiny face, wasn't aware i was pregnant

Hello yes I'm gone on 36 wks and was wondering. Would my cervix be thin r soft now?

Hello, I'm 32 yrs old, found out I have 25mm lining of thickness, heavy bleeding, blood clot size of a nice lime or bigger. What does this means help.

HELP! Had a laparoscopy 1/15. Starting 2/13 I've had vaginal bleeding thats just pouring out. Its thick, a dark red/purple color, and theres clotting.

Hi I have a thin light brown running down my thumb, I'm kind of concern if it is cancerous?

Hi I have red blood in mucous, I am 49 and have merina coil?

Hi! My period lasted only three days. It wasn't normal consistency it wa only small clots passed while using the bathroom. It was a jelly or fleshy?

How big is the tissue that passes and what color is it during miscarriage?

Http://img547.Imageshack.Us/img547/6506/zhkx.Jpg please tell me is this menstrual blood or virgin blood? Front tissue is wet tissue.

Hysteroscopy & D&C 9 days ago for bleeding/pain/biopsy. Dr removed v. large polyp. Now dark gray, solid, rubbery discharge. No blood, no fever. Normal?

I accidentally stabbed myself and there was a white tissue that was not on the surface of my skin prior to bleeding what was that white tissue?

I am at the end of my period and there appears to be pus on the tampon I have just removed. Is that bad?

I am mid-cycle and had passed a few small clots this morning, noticed in the shower my uterus/cervix area was hard, nausea for 3 days, fatigue?

I am on mirena (levonorgestrel) but my boobs and nipples are sore. I have had tissue like blood in the bathroom and a pinkish clot on top on tampon. Miscarriage?

I am on my period a blood came out. It look strange it was wierd it was small with a string on it the string attach to it . What could have caused it?

I am on the first day of my cycle im 27 tubes tied in a lot of pain and just passed what looked like body tissue never happened before is this normal?

I am on the first day of my cycle im 27 tubes tied in a lot of pain and just passed what looked like body tissue never happened before is this normal.

I am6 weeks pregnant have been having bleeding for 4 days 2 days ago i passed a red looking jelly bean the size of a thumb nail. Is this a miscarriage?

I bled after sex a few days ago and now have my period it has large clots (not normal for me) and has tiny white bits in. Is this normal?

I bled for about 4 weeks, on and off. My hCG levels were 150 and two days later went to 182. Then i bled some small tissue. Now, brown discharge.?

I found a mass on my vaginal wall, should I have it looked at? I was masterbating and found a large mass attached to my vaginal wall. I'm conserned about it because i also haven't had a period for 1 year and 6 months. Is it something to be concerned about

I found a small tear near my clitoral hood and i also have an orangeish looking discharge. I am on the bcp aviane, what is causing this.Please help?

I found a stringy mucus thing with a little ball of blood on my tampon applicator when i took it out. I've had mirena (levonorgestrel) in for 1yr. What could this be?

I had a big white tissue came out on my vagina while I am on my period its a size of my hand is this my uterine lining? I am sure I am not pregnant.

I had a biopsy done over a month ago and now have been bleeding off and on for two weeks with hamburger meat looking stuff falling out in chunks?

I had a c section 6 days ago and it looks like the 2 end stitches dissolved already. Is this okay? There is a small amount of blood and some clear liq

I had a c setion a week today and i just cleaned it with water and just found a little blood on the tissue is this normal?

I had a colonoscopy today(my second one within 3 years). My dr removed 2 polyps today, 1 very large the other small. What does this mean? Also how can

I had a colposcopy and the doct used vinegar and iodine solutions. I have a brown coagulated tissue-like discharge. Normal? How long should this last?

I had a d&c 8 days ago. Mid-week I had a few strings or whitish/clearish tissue looking discharge. Appeared on tissue when I wiped. Is this normal?