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~1x1cm vein on external scrotum without pain. Has "deflated" a few times. Curently raised 3mm & supple to touch. Varicose vein or varicosele? Tx?

3 months ago i had my vericocele embolization and while the swellings gone down slightly the veins are still prominent. Is this the best it gets?

Any ideas why is it that I have really prominent veins in my hands?

Any reason why are my veins so blue and prominent?

Are bulging veins on my penis normal?

Are there any tributaries that connect the Greater saphenous vein to the Smaller saphenous vein posteriorly?

Boils or vein bulging on vagina. What causes this?

Can a collection of darkish spider veins on the upper inside calf, at times, be mildly painful but without reflux, varicose or vein clot?

Can a thrombosed penis vein cause priapism?

Can any doc explain why are my veins so blue and prominent?

Can any doc explain why are my veins so prominent all of a sudden?

Can enalapril cause veins to be more visible? I can clearly see veins on my palm, before medication i couldn't. Other veins on my arm are not dilated.

Can high blood pressure cause spider veins and visible blue veins in the breasts?

Can inflamed arteries cause swelling in my scrotum?

Can injections actually be making veins more noticeable?

Can puberty cause thread veins?

Can there be palpable varicosities that can't be seen by the naked eye?

Can women have dilated arm veins?

Can you bruise a vein?

Can you tell me anyhting about prominent veins in legs?

Can you tell me how I could make my veins bulge less?

Can you tell me, are any veins seen on the normal scrotum?

Causes for prominent veins? Over the past few days I've noticed my veins are showing more and more of them are visible everywhere above my pelvis.

Causes of large bulging veins in 12 y/o male kid?

Could i get help the dorsal vein on my penis is swollen?

Could the large vein on the top of my penis be caused by bph?

Do all guys have prominent veins in their penises?

Do human veins enlarge with aging?

Do hydrocephalus cause your veins to. Be visible.?

Do i need to be worried about a superficial vein bursting?

Do penis vein thrombosis go away with time?And could it be dangerous

Do varicose veins temporarily become larger/protrude through the skin more when a muscle is contracted?

Do veins show because of thin skin?

Does a thrombosed on the superficial dorsal vein of penis effect erections or leak of the penis ?Every feels ok just a clot on the supericial dorsal vein i think ? Doctor said it just takes time.Its being over three months.

For what reason might the veins in a foot be protruding obvious and enlarged?

Hello doc ! i am having engorged superficial dorsal vein in penis! please advise any treatment ? its really not good !

Hello doctors, i need some help about my penis because behind the head of my penis there is a varicose veins? Is it normal?

Help! swollen perineum vein! what should I do?

Hemorroids or clot in vein. Which is hard?

Hi i have a lump in my penis shaft and it is below the big vein,blood vessel not sure what it called looks like a big vein. the lump is below and hurt?

Hi i would like to know how can be removed an external jugular vein trombosis.

How can I diminish the red spider veins under my nose?

How can I guy make veins more prominent on their forearms?

How common are abnormal and ugly leg veins?

How couldi make my varicose veins less visible?

How do you know if a vein is damaged ?

How do you know if you popped a penis vein?

How is vein ( jugular ) examined ?

How often varicose vein in scrotum swells? Does the swelling remains always or it swells sometimes? Mine swells after urinating. Is it varicoceles?

How to hide forehead veins?

How to know if you cut a vein?

How to know if you popped a vein?

I am a 17 year old thin girl with lots of small spider veins on my thighs. What could cause this?

I feel something squishy on my testicle. Is it a varicose vein?

I found a varicose vein midway down my left leg (it's pretty much a large, bulging vein, blue-y/green?

I had a vericocele embolization3 months ago the swellings gone down but the veins are still prominent and unsightly what do I do?

I have "abnormally" large veins. Occasionally, my veins bulge. Is there any medical reason to explain my increased vein size?

I have a big vein on penis is this normal ?

I have a big visible vein on forehead, what should I do?

I have a load of lumps in my veins. What can I do?

I have a prominent vein at the base of my penis, which is painless. What is it?

I have a prominent vein. I rubbed soframycin on it. Will this help?

I have a varicose vein in my leg, now ive discovered a pea sized lump (not movable) under my skin where the varicose vein is. is it a normal finding?

I have a varicose vein in my leg, now ive discovered a pea sized lump (not movable) under my skin where the varicose vein is. tumor??so scared

I have a varicose vein on my left testicle? How serious is this?

I have big bulging veins on penis .They are more prominent when it is flaccid.Is it normal?

I have bluish veins on the top of my scrotum that connect on both sides. Not the spermatic veins but in the middle just below base of penis. Normal?

I have dilated veins all the time. How do I make them less prominent?

I have had some thrombosed penis veins for a few months now. How will they heal?

I have one bulging vein when i pull my foreskin back. Also some tiny but clearly visible veins. Is this normal?

I have prominent veins on my legs and hands after i had anal fistula but now im recovering from fistulotomy. Will prominent veins shrink soon?

I have read about vericocele. I have discovered small lump vein, just before entering the vein in scrotam. is this vericocele?

I have spider veins on my penis. Is this serious?

I have this veins in my conjunctiva. Why?

I have tiny red spider veins around my nose and eyelids, can't they laser or do electrolysis?

I have tiny red spider veins around my nose and eyelids, can't they laser?

I have varicocel or varicose veins in my scrotum, can surgery help, my doc said its nothing to worry about. Please help here am depressed?

I have very pale skin, and my greater saphenous vein has always been prominent.After my second baby, it now bulges a bit. Is this a varicose vein?

I notice that my veins are fading?

I see on my penis lot of blue veins are clearly visible even when flaccid. Is it normal?

I'm wondering why are my veins so visible?

I've got varicose veins. What can I do to have it less visible?

If I damaged the big vein on my penis, can I still have a child?

If one of the testiclel is having some visible vein on it, what does it mean?

In what way can I make my varicose veins less visible?

In what way can you heal periorbital veins?

Is a big blue prominent vein on a penis normal?

Is it normal for a 5 year old to have visible dark veins in the forehead?

Is it normal for a few tiny thin veins when touching the iris?

Is it normal for a helathy13 year old girl to have visible varicose veins on her thighs?

Is it normal for your veins to swell during ovulation?

Is it normal to feel palpable vein/artery structures in the groin/thigh?

Is it normal to have a big vein on my penis ?

Is it normal to have a little rash with spider veins .

Is it normal to have a really large, dark vein on your penis?

Is it normal to have an enlarged puffy vein on the top of my penis?

Is it normal to have slightly visible veins in a swelled scrotum(hydrocele) ?

Is it normal to have visible darker veins on testicles that is on front of testicles and close to surface? When i strech testic they are more visible.

Is it normal to see a vein on the glans?

Is it normal to see your veins on your wrist? Are the veins deeper than what they appear?