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If I had a sperated hymen and I heard a popping and no blood , only after awhile I saw a drop of blood does it mean I lost my virginty?

32 year old female.i had PE a yr ago lung removed etc.last night I cut my finger & my blood was thick like gel. been winded just

I had a serious stomach pain 4 a longer hour until a big glue solid stuff came out of my vaginal forcefully it look lik rotten blood wat may b d caus?

In the way back down on Top Of My tonge and I see very dark blood vessels is this normal?

+3 leukocytes, protein flits between 0.15-0.30 and blood comes and goes from nothing to +3. This keeps happening, been on antibiotics for 9 months?

10 years ago saw ENT for streaking of blood in saliva.It was burst vein in throat. Now the vein bursts easily when I cough hard. Is this Normal?

10minAfter donating plasma I looked at my pinky and it and it was very white and cold I flicked it many times before it pinked up should I be worried?

11 month old has a tiny paper cut on his index finger. Very tiny amounts of blood is dripping out , how do I stop it ? Treat it ?

14 weeks pg. Subchorionic hematoma. Blood looks like its breaking down. Us looks different it's big. Should i be on bed rest?

17, female. I noticed that, when I suck on my tongue and spit out, I find SMALL streaks of blood in my sputum... Why is this? Thanks

17yr old & didn't get my period last month.& i also donated blood a few days ago. Does that mean i won't get it this month either, dew to less blood.

2 days ago a girl and I were kissing, and she bit my tongue quite hard. The next day I noticed it seemed to have drawn blood, slightly painful. ?

2 dys ago i trvelded like 30hrs 4 conicthng flights to US. When arived here i notice inside my nose there is vry smal amount of blood ystrdy 2. Cold?

2/3 dime sized THICK clumps pass as period starts with no blood beforehand, then a rush of blood after like a scab being ripped off. what could it be?

20 male. I smoke fairly often, but not regularly. I do use snus. I spat blood today, pure red saliva. Never happened before. Should i be worried.

3 small burst blood vessels in L hand in last year. Doctor unconcerned after first 2. Swells up slightly tingly when it happens then fine. Can see bluish lump after, that stays. Anxious about cause?

3 weeks ago stomach virus lasted 7 days, lost 14 pounds. 1 week ago a head cold, still hanging around. Doctor drew blood, what all will they check for?

56 year old male, huge amounts of pain all over body, went pee & bleed so much blood that the toilet was filled up? Please help? What can if be?

7wks along. Before I found out, almost 2 weeks ago I saw 3 spots of blood. None after that. Is that okay?

8 weeks postpartum and I found a bit of blood from what seems to be an opening of my incision . Should I be concerned ?

A black eye from hit. Bleed a bit from nose then stop. eye has small red on the white back on the side. mucus/saliva with small blood in mouth

A dr. Told me coagulating semen inside you is normal. But when I ejaculate the chunks are big enough to pressure up and hurts a bit when passes.

After a blood test,should I leave the spot where the blood was drawn covered or uncovered after it stopped bleeding?Should I put antibact. cream on it

Am 2 months and passed a small blood clot is that ok? When i told my doctor he just put me on bed rest for one day said keep an eye on it.

Apparent brokn blood vessel (red streak 3-4in long) on top of breast with blood pooling under nipple (2in dia / tender) 27 yo female. Cause for alarm?

Ar work there would be a lot of blood spills now i think everything is infected with blood im afraid to touch things. How can I overcome this?

Are there cases where blood comes as little hard black stuff in sperm? There is NO visible discolouration of sperm is it a cause of concern?

At 29yrs ihave never hadanosebleednmy life.I dontdodrugs, &lately havehad blood, &blood clots coming outofmy nose, without blowing it.Isthis a sinus inf?

At 36 weeks pg, dr thought i had a Bartholin's only to find a bulge filled with blood clots, it's been a week, still bleeds, and i still feel the bulge?

At ob/gyn, saw few drops of liquid on dr's pants in the knee, did exam, droplets were gone, worried it's other's blood and it got into my vagina.Hiv risk?

Bad headaches for several weeks (antibiotics haven't worked) and lump behind ear, near hairline (firm but moves) on blood test white blood high?

Bleeding from bottom almost everytime goin to the toilet not just spots of blood either today there were small clots any advice as to wot this mite be?

Blood from ear went to er they found 4 blood clots could only remove 1 with syringe of water said more blood behind tympanic membrane is it ruptur?

Blood from ear went to er they found 4 blood clots remove 1 with syringe of water said more blood behind tympanic membrane No infection hear fine ?

Blood (bright red) from the penis usually at night. I've been to serveral docs. The last hurt me so badly i'm afraid to ever go back. No findings.?

Blood flow sound in the ear, should I be concerned?

Blood on my pillow and bed ,been noticing blood on my right ear some days, I have old piercings (many years old) . I don't know from which one or why?

Blood vain blowed in top of hand for no reason and really burned is this a normal thing?

Brushing my teeth and saw a little bit of blood coming out when i spit, a little later I burped and a bunch of bright red blood came out. What is this?

Bubbles on the surface of a bit conc. Urine kept for 2 hrs.Bubble looked like suspended on the surface of a gel.No pain, no blood.Mucus?Urachal cancer?

Can a blood clot go unnoticed for 1.5 years or more? Would you see skin changes or have pain?

Can anything happen to me if i GT my husband's blood inside me?

Can heparin injection cause you to spit blood 4 days later?as I had blood spots on the roof of my mouth also.

Can you get a blood clot in your outer vaginal lip?

can you get Cancer from 0.3 forcep sticking U through double gloves in an OR if patient had cancer? May have had tiny amount of blood, I didn't bleed

Can you get HIV from wiping your mouth with a drop of blood on it from a napkin. It look like blood. I did have spaghetti on my plate and red dressin?

Can you get HIV from a dry blood spot on a tissue? I used it to wipe and saw it, wasn't my blood! Do I need testing? (The tissue was at my house).

Can you get HIV from an orange? If someone injects blood into a Orange isit possible to get it?

Causes of dark thin blood? Had routine labs & my blood came out like water from a faucet. Typically thick. Now very bruised. Only take Nexium (esomeprazole) & enbrel

Could I have lung problems? The other day, i started coughing and i spat out a lot of blood (probably enough to soak one sheet of a paper towel). This is the first time it happened and the next morning, i was completely fine, even after coughing. I have b

Could you help me please many times blood comes into my mouth started fronm last one month?

Cut my leg and saw white stuff before the blood came out. What was that?

Cyst tract on nose I was born with, has recently become sore on and off and sometimes puss n blood come out. Doctors said benign, but should I worrry?

Do anyone know if you have some blood coming out of your right ear what can it be should I be concerned about this? Or should I leave it

Dr. While im gingles i see blood in my bottom hole ? Its sign of what dr. girlfriend gave me a lot of hickies and one of them has a small bump is that a blood clot and is it deadly?

Dr.Said im 3 CM dilated but not yet efface, she stick her finger inside me and nxt day little drop of blood were in my undies, what could she do?

Dried snot in wall of restaurant bathroom, the snot was blood tinged at edges but appeared dried. If my toddler touched it could she get a disease?

Every time I go number2 I hurt really bad what could it be when I wipe sometimes there is blood?

Every time I go to the toilet I have to put my fingers in my bum and force it out. There has been protein deposits and sometimes blood come out?

Few blood drops came from vagina also I scratch a lot it makes me itchy I went to do ultra sound to my womb it appeared I have inflections?

Few days back i found blood droplets in by white boxer, i am not sure where the blood came from, but i guess it's from the penis.... i am 22 years old?

Few days back i found blood droplets in by white boxer, i am not sure where the blood came from, but i guess it's from the penis.... i am 22 years old?

For 2--3 week, i saw fresh blood regularly from left nostril often when using tissue, to clean, i know its coming from septum lining, possib causes pls?

For 3days I'm suffering from flu &high blood pressure but last night I saw there is something white near my throat llook like popcorn i can't remove?

For the last week or so I have been waking up with a lot of dry blood in my nose, when I remove the dried parts it makes my nose bleed quite a bit. Any ideas? I've just recently had a lot of blood tests done and things were found but nothing to do with

For the last year at least every other night sometimes every night I am getting nosebleeds. There is quite a bit of blood. Any ideas as to why ?

For the past 2 days I have smelled blood. No actual bleeding, but I can smell/feel blood In my sinuses. Like right before a nosebleed, but no blood.

Found a used bandaid stuck to me. Not sure how long it was there or where it came from. Could I get any diseases from this? no visible blood on it.

From few days small amount of blood comes from mouth and nose and small pustules raised on head with blood and water like puss, CBC test shows normal.

Gave blood monday now have a red small circle about an inch a way from where the gave blood why and i'm i allergic to the band they put on?

Good morning from last few day when i go to the toilet in the mornng in can see a very small sport of blood on th tissue when i clean myself.Thanks?

Got an anatomy us done and my baby has a bubble in its abdomen but there is no blood flow to it. Is that a good sign I have to go for further us.

Got hit in my face 3-4 days ago. Now have black eye. Bleed a bit from the nose then stop. Now see mucus/salive with small blood through mouth split.Er?

Had a blood tranfussen an ever since coming out of hostipal I keep getting itchy bite marks ?

Had asmall amount of blood in syringe after i injected my humira (adalimumab). There was none when i drew back before i started. I bled more than normal on exit?

Had blood drawn on tuesday and had a vasovagal seizure after it. 2 days later have red zits on face and sore throat. Why?

Had chest X-ray 12 days ago just got results today doctor says there's a small white patch on bottom of left lung looks like blood vessel?

Had large uterus polyp removed yesterday under general and had blood thinners. Today upper arms are red and burning hot? What is the cause?

Had what looked to me like a tiny blood clot on my gums I decided not to bother it when I woke up this morning it was gone. Should I see a dentist?

Half WHITE, half black hard small particles in sperm cannot be blood, can they?( As they are part white) Can they signal any major disease?

Have a black and blue eye. i did bleed from my nose a bit then stop. Like when I accumulated mucus I clear it through my mouth, see small blood. Er?

Have had some blood in saliva, not sure why. My throat seems full of visible vessels, is this normal and could they burst? Also red speck on mouth roof

Head of penis looks bloody. No visible blood in semen/urine. Area itchy/sore. Wiping with damp cloth doesn't remove the 'blood'. No sex. What is it?

Heartbeat and the little finger tap thingy to check any lumps or internal bleeding or anything, what to do?

Hello dr I have one blood clot from past 1 year. Its automatically healing and its coming its presented in very near the anus hole kindly help?

Hello I have blood taste in my mouth when i go to bed since 3 days and today in the morning i blew my nose and there was a little blood.Also headache?

Hello there I sneezed out a big ball of snot mixed with hard blood do u know what this could be?

Hello, I am 35 yrs and i dipped my finger down there and noticed just little amount of blood no pain could my hymen be intact or not how to check?

Hello, I have my lymph is slightly increased for an half a year, I have been to doctor and did blood tests buy he said that there is no vomits anywher?

Hello, is this something to worry about? I keep getting blood when I blow or wipe my nose. Not alot. its just always there. Don't think I'm cut.Thanks

Hello, yesterday I woke up with dried blood on my pillow and my ear bled for only a dew minutes longer when I woke up. What could have caused this ? I

Hello! I have very small spots of fresh blood when wipih both front and back! what could it be?

Hi ! fron past few days, blood is oozing out of my naval. Is it a thing to worry ? What should be done ?

Hi doctor, Well I delivered my baby 5 months ago. And from the past 2 months, I woke up with a blood clot in my mouth behind my lower lip. This has h?

Hi Doctor, little bit of blood coming in urine and some irritation also there inside of penis. what is issue. am 26yrs old and i has hydrocele already?

Hi I am getting dry blood from my ears. What could be the reason?

Hi I have a 6 month old daughter and this morning walked in her room and she had a blood nose with a little blood on the sheet. No other symp?

Hi i have small red blood dots on my scrotum. Had them since i was 16 im now 34 still have them. They Sometimes it normal?I m abit worried

Hi my boyfriend recently had 3 stiches in his lower leg due to an accident and is now leaking clear fluid?