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Are there any two types of polycythemia vera? Please give me a clear explanation.

Are there specific tests to indicate whether you have polycythemia vera?

Being treated for polycythemia vera with phlebotomies. How does taking blood approximately every six weeks treat this condition? I don't understand.

Can Hydroxyurea cause polycythemia vera to mutate into leukemia?

Can i get a tattoo if I have undiagnosed polycythemia vera?

Can jak 2 positive. Polycythemia vera cause chronic low grade fevers?

Can platelet rich plasma injections for surgery harm someone with polycythemia vera? Should PRP not be used in patients with polycythemia vera?

Can Polycythemia vera cause peripheral neuropathy?

Can Prilosec cause polycythemia? Also can donating plasma cause polycythemia?

Could Polycythemia vera transfer to grandchild's from heredity?

Could a person have secondary polycythemia at age 21?

Could polycythemia vera go away with time?

Diagnosed with polycythemia vera without mutation in JAK2. What else might be the cause? Do not smoke and do not live in high altitude.

Do a lot of people get polycythemia vera?

Do you have any suggestions about living with polysemia vera blood disorder at a young age?

Does polycythemia vera affects married life?

Does polycythemia vera secondary effect glaucoma ?

Does the myloprolifitive blood cancer- polycythemia vera cause weight loss and fatigue?

Father diagnosed with essential thrombocytosis. Doc thinks i may have polycythemia vera. Are these genetic since both are myloprolofitive disorders?

Grandmother with Polycythemia vera could affect grandchild's health ?(heredity)

Have polycythemia vera. Doctor ordered cold stimulus. I was under impression polycythemia vera should not be exposed to extreme cold. Is this true?

How can you treat polycythemia vera?

How concerning is secondary polycythemia?

How do you prevent polycythemia vera?

How is polycythemia rubra vera differentiated from polycythemia associated with stress? RBC only elevated once in life. HGB/HCT elevated often.

How many people have essential thrombocythemia (ET)?

How's diagnosed polycythemia vera?

I have polycythemia ruba vera how will it affect my daily life and what should I be looking out for?

I have polycythemia vera should any of the meds be detrimental or of concern to my pcv?

I was diagnosed with polycythemia for last 2 yrs, but haven't had bone marrow byopsie to confirm polycythemia vera are not. What else could it be?

I've got polycythemia vera. Now what?

If I have Polycythemia Vera without JAK2 gene, is there some cause that isn't diagnosed?

If my son has polycythemia vera, what foods should be avoided?

If spleen is bloated and that patient suffering from polycythemia vera what does it mean?

Im a teen. How will having polycythemia vera mess up my health later in life?

Is being premature and having polycythemia related?

Is Crohn's disease or polycythemia rubra vera considered hyper-coagulable disorders?

Is essential thrombocythemia a form of cancer?

Is it common for people with Polycythemia Vera to only have elevated hemoglobin/hematocrit?

Is it okay to take horny goat weed for joint pain if I have polycythemia rubra vera?

Is it possible for polycythemia rubra vera to begin with an anemia?

is it possible to have sll or cll as well as relative polycythemia?

Is it true phlebotomy a good treatment for polycythaemia vera?

Is polycythemia vera a type of cancer?

Is polycythemia vera cancer? Either way, please explain.

Is polycythemia vera hereditary?

Is the lifespan for blood cancer polycythemia vera short?

Is there a connection betwen essential thrombocythemia and leukemia?

Is there a possible link between hereditary hemochromatosis, polycythemia vera (primary jak2 mutation), & idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension?

Is use of d-dimer a waste of time and resources to rule out a clot for someone with Polycythemia Vera?

Is xarelto a good drg for polycythemia vera along with phlebotomy?

Life expectancy in 18 year old male diagnosed with polycythemia vera being tested with phlebotomy?

My brother was diagnosed with polycythemia vera. What does this mean?

My friend has "polycythemia vera". What medicine treats this?

My husband has polycythemia vera. Is there anything to help the itching?

My mom has polycythemia vera, should I get tested for it?

My mother and uncle had polycythemia rubra vera. Am I at an increased risk?

Polycythemia vera does it turn into leukemia?

Primary or secondary thrombocytosis/polycythemia vera, what is this?

Tell me differences between polycythemia, polycythemia rubra vera and polycythemia vera?

To follow up on previous question, i just don't understand how i could have polycythemia vera with my age/sex. What exactly is polycythemia vera?

What are the symptoms of polycythemia vera?

What are the tests for polycythemia vera?

What can I do to alleviate fatigue from essential thrombocythemia and hydrea (hydroxyurea)?

What causes polycythaemia?

What do you recommend for polycythemia vera?

What does myeloproliferative disorder with essential thrombocythemia mean?

What is polycytaemia?

What is polycythemia vera? Can high hemoglobin cause any cancer conditions?

What is polycythemia vera?

What is the definition or description of: polycythemia vera?

What is the difference between polycythemia vera and Essential thrombocythemia?

What is the difference between polycythemia, polycythemia rubra vera and polycythemia vera?

What is the essential thrombocythemia?

What is the typical treatment for polycythemia vera diagnosis? Hydera?

What to do about essential thrombocytosis!!!!! please help!?

What to do about polycythemia?

What to do if one of my very close friend have the problem of polycythemia vera . any one there to suggest any medicine of any way to solve this?

What treatments exist for polycythemia vera?

What would the life expectancy of a 21 year old diagnosed with polycythemia vera be?

Whats the difference between polycythemia & polycythemia rubra vera?

Which is the cause of polycythemia vera in infants of diabetic mothers?

Why are you at risk for infection if you have polycythemia vera?

Why does polycythemia cause bleeding?

Why pheochromocytoma causes polycythemia vera, it has to do with erythropoietin tumor production?

Will Jakafi (ruxolitinib) have any benefits if I have JAK-negative polycythemia vera?

Would polycythemia vera cause a low rdw?