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2 to 3 weeks ago i was peeing out blood but not on my period. I drank water and urinated frequently and the blood stopped. Now it's come back?

Abdominal bloating and pain in back.blood if i pee but not actually in blood on underwear or tampon. What is it? Could i have a bloackage?

Am i in labor already if there's blood in my pee?

Any ideas on why i'm peeing blood so much?

Any reason why am i bleeding and have blood in my pee?

AWas peeing blood for 3 days now not seeing any blood should I still see a doctor?

Balisawsaw with blood?what is the medicine?its my first tym..urinating blood

Blood comes out with urine when i pee what must i do?

Blood in my urine after urinating with an erection..What could have caused this?

Blood in urine. Some pain in urethra?

Blood when i wipe after urinating? What should I do?

Bright red blood in urine kidney pain its not in my poo like period blood but not a period. My bladder hurts?

Can cirrhosis cause you to pee blood?

Can doctors tell me what does urinating blood after being menopause imply?

Can dysuria cause a little blood when you wipe after you pee?

Can havey lifiting cause blood in pee?

Cant urinate, coagulated blood blocking?

Could bleeding in bottom cause blood in urine?

Dear Doctor, I'm very sure those aren't blood clots as it was crawling around. Any idea what kind of worms it might be, which can be urinated out?

Do I need doc if pissed blood and can't hold a wee?

Does a hernia make you pee blood?

Does alcohol cause peeing blood?

Does hemorrhoids cause blood during urination?

Every time i wipe from peeing i see blood. Why?

Have blood from penis but not in urine, what could cause this? Went to bathroom had bowel movement and noticed blood on bowl, checked and it was from penis. Urinated later and no blood was in urine.

He is bleeding when he pees what could it be?

Hi doctor! I'm 16 years old & I'm peeing blood clots from my pee hole! Why is this happening I'm scared!

Hi i need some help i think i have a UTI but i had went to urinate just now and i have bright pink blood in my urine can u please tell me what it is?

How can I address blood in my pee?

How do I figure out why i was peeing blood after i had sex?

How do you know if blood is from vagina or urinary track?

How do you know if you are urinating blood?

How serious is peeing with little blood clots?

I am a 18 year old male urinating blood?

I am a male age 65, and recently when I urinate I have blood and blood clots in my urine. What could this be?

I am ovulating and peeing blood do they have any correlation ?

I am peeing blood an have small blood clots when i pee. What's wrong?

I ejaculated blood. I have no discomfort and I am not urinated any blood?

I feel a lot of pressure at the end of my urine stream when I pee, but no blood in urine. What's wrong?

I have a pressure and need to urinate even though I just went. I've also noticed blood in my urine. Is this a UTI?

I have blood in my urine and no insurance, is it serious? I've had a UTI before and it wasnt like this. At first it seemed that way, but then i notices when wiping there was faint blood and realized that a stream of blood was coming out with my urine. Now

I have blood in my urine. It started about 3 days ago. If I urinate 9 times a day it only happens about 3 times out of 9. What could this be a sign of?

I have blood in pee, what could it be, what do you recommend?

I have blood leaking out of my penis hole. It happened after urinating forcefully. It has been a few hours and it is still bleeding.

I have blood pouring out when i pee?

I have sharp pain when peeing and I see a little blood clot in the toilet and the my pee turns into blood do I have a UTI?

I have the feeling to urinate a lot but nothing really comes out and when I do I have blood in my urine. What could it be?

I have the urge to pee a lot and when i pee there is blood present. What can this be?

I have uterine fibroids. I notice a lot of blood in my urine and I have to urinate very often?

I just went to the bathroom and i urinated and there was blood in the pee. I am 24 I have no pain what could it be?

I missed my period once and now when i urinate I have blood in my pee however when i wipe there is no blood and while peeing I have no pain!what is it?

I peed out blood? What's wrong with me?

I smell period when i pee but there's no blood.. Is this normal?

I urinated and when i wipe there was blood and im pregnant?

I'm 20 yrs old and I've been peeing blood doc said it was an UTI but now i think im pooping blood but its black not red what should I do ?

I'm having symptoms of blood from urine. What is happening to me?

I'm worried because my friend is peeing blood, what do you suggest?

I've notice blood coming out of my vagina when I urinate only when I wipe. There is no blood in my urine though and I have no bad symptoms..

I've wiped blood after urinating, could i be pregnant?

If blood was in pee from a kidney problem would the entire pee be red or just a clump of red?

If u pee blood few times & then nothing? could it be a stone?

If you have the urge to go poop or pee does it increase your blood pressure? if so why?

If you pee and theres no blood in the toilet but there's blood when you wipe what does that mean?

Is blood in urine and turning while urinating because of sex.

Is it normal that when i pee and whipe myself there some little blood?

Is it normal to have blood in pee with a uti?

Is it normal to pee & get blood without being on your period ?

Is it normal to pee blood a week after period?

Is there a connection between a constant need to urinate and now having blood in urine?

Is there a reason why I am peeing light pink blood and it hurts when i urinate?

My 13 yr old is crying of pain I. Her vagina and there is blood when she pees what could be wrong?

My brother is 30 years old and is peeing blood. What can this be from? Should he go to the hospital? What causes a man to pee blood?

My gf always has to urinate and when she goes its always blood and sometimes blood clotts and is very painful. What's going in with her?

My girlfriend finds blood clot in her urine and have pains in her vagina when she pees. What could be wrong?

My husband is peei.Ng blood and blood clots. And its not everytime he pees just once in awhile. What could be going on?

My husband is peeing blood clots and hurting at the same time.

No blood / bacteria in urine but have a constant need to urinate. What could it be?

No urge to urinate recently I have noticed blood in my urine

Peeing a little blood while pregnant is that normal?

Peeing blood again treated 2 weeks ago for uti. Started peeing blood yesterday again. Could it be something else besides another Uti?

Peeing blood at 34 weeks pregnant what is it?

Peeing blood but not on my period, help?

Peeing blood clots with a bladder infection?

Peeing little blood but not bleeding. What could this be?

Peeing squirts of blood, what could this be?

Please tell me what causes dark blood to come out of a males urethra, not while urinating?

String blood in urine and pain to urinate?

There is blood when i wipe after peeing, sign of pregnancy?

There is no blood in my pee but when i wipe, is that spotting or urinary infection?

This is my first day period in july . i pee in the morning and lots of bloods coming out with my urine . i see lots of blood in the toilet . :(?

This morning I defecate with blood and my pee was red, what happened to me? 18 yo

Urinating a lot missed period had blood and burning urine?

Urinating blood causes?

Urinating blood. What could it be?

Went to ER for peeing blood treated me for bladder infection. 3 days later still peeing blood. What should I do. Should I worry?

What causes blood in urine when i first start urinating and then it clears up?

What could be wrong with my kidneys if I am urinating blood?

What does few drops of blood during urination indicate?

What does it mean after I pee I wipe blood but there is no blood in the toilet?

What does it mean after peeing urethra bleed?