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got things checked out everything is normal turns out all I have is old blood does old blood mean I'm on my period or it's just from the last cycle?

12 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Have bad kidney infection and also spotting brown blood. Is it normal to have dark brown spotting with kidney infection?

17 days after my abortion and until now i theres a blood but not too much a brownish blood & sometime i feel crumps. What should I do? Is it normal?

25! been bleeding brown blood since sunday, its been a week now.Got blood work done at the doctors three weeks ago nothing was found what could this b?

3 days late period pt neg, in 4th day a brown spot out in the morning and in evening after spot there is blood flows until 7th day. What does it mean?

4-5 weeks pregnant had brown blood with tiny bumpy bits then blood went red then back brown 2 test show postive?

40 weeks pregnant and I wiped and there was this the bloody show?i did had an external exam today so I'm confuse

6 weeks pregnant been discharging a lot of brown stuff for the past week , is it normal ? Can i lose that much blood where it won't affect me ?

7 weeks 3 days doc said hCG levels going up very good nd saw heart beat but why when i wipe i see brown blood veey brown blood like old blood?

After d&c menses came &over but also brown spot & blood is coming continuing for long time what to do now ?

After I have sex I have light pink blood what does this mean?

After two weeks of my menstration i got blood spots, help?

Alot of black blood during my period is that a sign of pregnancy ?

Any possible reason for watery liquid and blood during period?

Been cramping for 2 weeks and now have a few spots of brown blood the day I should've started. What does that mean?

Been on Depo-Provera over a year due for next shot april 3rd twice this month i've found blood on underwear that then turned brown should I be concerned?

Before my period's normal flow ,I get Brown to black discharge for 3days,whats the reason for this &which blood test I can do to confirm the problem ?

Blood came out in stead of spearm?

Brown blood coming out for 3 days it's been 3 weeks since abortion?

Brown blood vagina discharge for 4days then become pink discharge now. Not period and Iam not pregnant and my blood test says i have high esr. ?

Brown Discharge and brown spots. Is is possible it's not period but bad blood only? Or is it serious due to HPV? Should I worry?? Thanks.

Brown discharge week before my period, plus I had a blood clot when I woke up. Had intercourse 2 days ago, what does this mean?

Brown smelly blood instead of period. Does this mean I am pregnant?

Came on period 18 days after last one. Also heavy with little blood clots. What does that mean ?

Can a few tiny spots of blood and then nothing on day one of your period mean anything? On pill

Can having brown blood mean pregnancy also? Yes I will test just wanna know if it's possible or it was just a weird period with old blood

Can I be pregnant if my period was almost two weeks late but black blood was coming out instead of the usual red?

Clear urine with one small blood clot and slight burning. I have just finished my period btw what could it be?

Could a little blood in your discharge possibly mean you are pregnant? my mother has told me that its a sign..

Currently exclusively breastfeeding my 5 month old. My period has not returned yet, but today i had a little blood tinged discharge. Whats this mean?

Daughter on period while Urinating clump of blood came out and not sure if from period or urine but it was painless should I be worried?

Disharge that looks like blood/brown? But nor really my period, and i still don't have my period. But lower back pains..And 3 neg hp tests any meaning?

Do some women bleed for two days if its possible they can be pregnant, bit the blood is pink then turn brown?

Does a brown discharge followed by a little blood means pregnancy?

Does pink blood mean pregnancy ?

Does the brown stuff count as the first day of your menstural. I have that before any blood actually comes out.

Does your peruod start out with a little dried up brown blood?

During my menstrual cycle i found an orange lump of blood.What does this indicate?

For 24 hours, there was no presence of period blood. But suddenly, the period blood appeared again. What could this mean?

For 5 months ive been having odd periods. 1 month its 4 days(2 weeks early)brown with 1 day of red blood, the next is completely normal-back&forth. Y?

For the last two months my periods have been very light which is abnormal and the blood has been brown. Also the smell is abnormal. What could it be?

Get my period for one day then it goes away and then returns 2days later? Red blood the first day then dark brown blood what is going on

Got blood in stool after going number 2 and i already had my period?

Had abortion on 2-3, still get blood drop or few reddish secretions every few days, can I still get preg during this? or does blood mean no ovulation

Had period for 3 days instead of 5 and on the 4day it wasn't blood it was black, can u tell me why this is so?

Heavy thick discharge with lots of blood in it for 3 weeks. Tests haven't shown anything and it's never happened before. Why is this happening?

Hello doctor i am 9 weeks pregnant i have been spotting brown blood since 2 days and some tissue type struction also came and today very little dot???

Hello dr. This already few days to now I cough. Blood. The blood have mix a sputum n it's colour colour brown. Wht should I do,?

Hello I have a question? After my period and its only been a few days after I have blood coming out first it was brown and now its dark blood with clots I don't know what I should do or if should worry and plus I also have cramps after I go number 2 espe

Hello i was due on on the 26th of march but didn't arrive but I have been having light spots of blood and when i wipe. When could I do a test?

Hello. I'm 6 weeks 1 day pregnant. My hCG dropped by 300 and i had a little red blood 2 days ago and only old brown blood since?

Hello. I am concerned, i did not have periods for the last two months and now I have white discharge instead of blood. What does it mean?

Hey today is my first period day and it's black in colour and flow is very low is it some kind of infection?

Hi After periods also blood is coming from vagina. Either with white discharge and normal blood. This is happening since 1 and half month.

Hi , well i'm just wondering what this could mean? I had a brown spot of blood , i had my last period on the june 18 2013 nd on this july had the 18

Hi doc i had a brown discharge with a ligth little blood this happend 7 days after my periods wt could this mean?

Hi doc my wife period is four day late first time with very light colored blood having small cloud of blood very next day she has normal period ?

Hi have friboads came on a period an found a blood clot do I need to see a doctor can u tell me if this is bad?

Hi I am on my period now I looked at it and I have a little black blood it's the wet kind on there it's not dry is the period blood normal.?

Hi i had my period a couple weeks ago and I'm bleeding again it's not spitting bit it's not alot of blood either what could this mean? I took a test

Hi I'm 3 days late and instead of my period I pee brown blood only a little and sometimes it's in my pad but I have no sign of my actual period ?

Hi ive just passed a stringy bright red blood clot, im trying to fall pregnant, what does this mean? I have no pain and im due in 4 days for my period

Hi my 15 yr old daughter just finished her period and it came back heavier and blood in her stool and through up some blood?

Hi my period is due today but since early last week I have been getting brown discharge or brown blood the every so often blood would come disappear ?

Hi, I think I'm at the end of my period (I stated a year ago) for this month now, and my blood went from red, to browny yellow, what does that mean?

HI, my period Is due on 17/02/15 i have just wiped after peeing and there was a spot of blood?

Hi, am a 22 year old and for the past 7 months my period is getting longer(was 5 now 8), and on the last days its a very black blood.

Hi, i just started my period and the blood is brown which it yes usually red like it should be. Any help?

Hi, I'm having bad cramps but no blood. All I am doing is discharging a lot.. What could this mean?

Hi! What does it mean when your cum is brown with specs of blood in it? Is this normal due to me having an IUD inserted?

How come on my last day of my period I have discharge instead of blood?

How does implantaion blood looks like( color & amount ) ? Which days of the cycle it is expected?

I came off my period a few weeks ago but about a week later i came back on and for some reason my blood is dark red , gooey and stringy. Please can you tell me why?

I am 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant and started bleeding I am now finding stringy red bits of blood does this have to mean miscarriage?

I am 50 and having pink stoles at nights only what could be the reason?

I am 6 weeks pregnant and I am spotting brown blood that looks like óleo blood with cramps. My cervix closed.

I am 6 weeks pregnant. Today I have blood mixed with mucus discharge. Is this any reason to be alarmed?

I am a week from starting my period, and about 6 days ago i passed a blood clot and the yesterday i had traces of blood. What could this mean?

I am discharging blood clots. I originally thought it was my period. But I have been discharging clots every 7-10 days since oct what should I do?

I am due for a period in about two weeks but today I had a random blood clot show up in my discharge. This has never happened before. Possible cause?

I am not on my period but today I had a blood clot come out.What does that mean?

I am on day 17 to start estrogen patches. Due to blood work they called and said do not start but repeat bld work on sat what could this mean?

I did have a miscarriage its 5 days now and now i'm having brown blood does it mean all what i had inside is gone?

I experienced brown discharge yesterday & a small blood clot this am, peeing a lot but a test comes back neg. What else could be wrong with my body?

I finished my period about 3 days ago and just now I've lost blood which looks very fresh what does this mean?

I finnished my periods 3 days ago and only when i wipe i see blood sometimes it has clots in it this is the first time its ever happened?

I found three spots of blood a week after my period ended what can cause this?

I get blood colored mucus tissue before period, is this pregnancy?

I get blood spotting in weird times.My period just ended 10 days ago and i found blood in my pantie this morning, what's this?And should I see a dr?

I got my period at the begining of the month and another about a week ago up to this point. Blood is dark brown,consistant,but small amount.what to do?

I got my period late and it was watery dark red with blood clots and I had a lot of cramping worried what does this mean?

I got my time of the month on saturday and it was dark brown with a tiny bit of blood . What does that mean ?!

I had a 1 time light color floaty stool and brown urine it hasn't happened again I had a cb can blood work all came bk good ?

I had a dark blood clot in my stool. My dr recently did an in office check for blood and it came back neg. should I be concern?

I had a dark blood clot type come out while urinating and I'm unsure of pregnancy due to my period being late. What can that mean?

I had a full 7 day period but literally no blood it was brown (i use tampons) at the top and that's it except for one day blood showed up meaning?

I had a miscarriage in January ever since then my period blood has been different. The blood that stains on my pad is strechy and gewwy looking. Why?

I had a pap after having abnormal cells last time. 8 hours later blood gushed out with blobs and now the next day its happened again. Should i worry?

I had a wee bit of blood due periods in 4 days now theres nothing what could this mean?

I had blood 2 days ago but after that i got brownish colored blood? Is possible that I am pregnant?