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I have been consuming a lot of salt from a very long time. I am 23 years old.Can I have stomach cancer at this age due to high salt consumption?I

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Good day are there any fruits or vegetables that can be consumed that would have the same effect on the body that Lasix (furosemide) does? Thanks

Hello, what is the recommended daily intake of salt. Thank you?

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How much, if any, phosphorus is there in hemp hearts. I am trying to increase my protein intake but fear the increase in phosphorus.Thanks.

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I heard that a low salt diet is good if you have high blood pressure. How much salt/sodium intake is too much?

I heard you should avoid eating food that has a greater #mg of sodium than # calories. Is this really how low a healthy salt intake should be?

I increased the amount of fiber in my diet and decreased simple carbs and now have cramps and bloating. What should I do to alevitate?

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I'm curious as to what is considered safe sodium intake?

I'm trying to reduce sodium intake. I read that 1 Cup serving with 100mg sodium is LESS than 6oz with 60mg. Why? How do i know what's lower?

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