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.today I seen light blood when I wipe myself and in my urine.and im in my fertility forecast for this month.what does that mean?

11 year old son has vomited for two weeks, same time every day starting 5pm-2am. Eating well, no dairy, not dehydrated. Slightly raised creatinine, little protein in urine. Raised allergy marker. ?

13 y/o daughter has irregular periods may be on now but when urinating after its all out blood drops down sperate from P everytim Urethra cancer??!

13wks pregnant and my urine lools cloudy little foggy, should I be concern? Was already treated for BV last month. Is it possible to get it again??

15 year old female with tonsillitis for 1 week now has black worms in urine ?

2 years I have UTI .With bacteria +ve.I used medications and now it become -ve., but the milky white secretions in my urine remains, is it natural?

22mth uncircumcised boy urine smelly but no other symptoms. Worry?

28 yo male, very tiny specks of blood on TP during last wipe. Some itching, and chafing, No anemia, negative occult test. What are the possible causes?

29 weeks pregnant. Urinalysis with RBCs 2-5 instead of 0-3 WBCs 5-10 instead of 0-5. Very little itching,normal discharge. Is it serious ?

3 days post egg collection (15 eggs) feeling bloated but not excessive, normal urine output. Is this normal? Cant get through to my clinic at the mo.

3 yo-old had G.I. bug wk ago. Urine in diaper has orange tint at times. This morning there were org streaks on pad of diaper. Drinking again. Worry?

32 year old diabetic brother (no complications so far) seems like having bloody urine today, he has no pain, what could this be? (He s not dehydrated)

36yrs old, recently waking up with puffy, swollen hands that go down eventually. What's happening? Kidneys? Recent urine test shows high creatinine.

38 yr old female. No current health issues or medication. Last 2 weeks the first stool of the day is red. Toilet water appears bloody. ?

4 yr old male, clear goo in pants after saying he had BM. No other symptoms. Should I be concerned?

5week old son, exclusively breastfed.Bright yellow stools, clear urine, putting on weight, but blood test reveals bilirubin at 60, conjugated at 28. Why?

600mg boric acid vaginal passerines for suspected thrush. Are blood tinged serous discharge & blood-like mucus expected side effects?

62 year old female. Sticky substance on panties after I urinate for last month. No UTI confirmed. What else could cause this? Should I be concerned

6yr old daughter got urine test a bit dehydrated and had the number 30 next to protein she has no bacteria found In urine what could cause this?

6yr old daughter has protein in urine it said 30 next to it on test she is slightly dehydrated is this worrisome or what could be causing this?

7 wk old girl had fever for 5d from a uti The fontanelle on back of her head seems indented and has dark urine Can I give her pedialyte and how much?

9 year old with asthma, blood in urine and breast infection. All diagnosed separate. Should we been looking at a bigger picture?

A warm feeling when urinating maybe one a month; should there be a concern if it's been several months ( maybe 3-4) no signs of STD that I know of.

After days of imaging, blood, urine tests got no reason 4moms sudden seizure, had bloody stool-docs say hemrroids. Shes diabetic. Wat could be wrong?

After i done to remove may anal fistula, my acne also reduced and looks fresh. What does that mean? Is there relation with my blood?

After washing a brief, I noticed two grey stains in the penis area of brief. Is this reason for concern? Post litho X-ray shows 2 small stones.

All testing has came back negative, what would slow down cell turn over in the vagina and cause discharge to pool/thicken rather than exit the vag?

An 18 yr old girl is swetting blood and small stones come out her eyes in yemen. What might caused this stange symptom?

Annoying tickle sensation in urethra that never goes away ! I am on nuvaring and culture = no growth but had small amount of blood in urine?

Are small fluctuations in creatinine ( .6- .7/.8) at all significant? Been told it means nothing but I'm scared. Could it be kidney disease starting?

Are urine dipsticks accurate I am freaking out tested myself and bilirubin color is off so scared I have liver issues also have tail end of period?

As dark brownish fluid coming out after trups when I have sex, should I have more sex to flush residue of old blood? A fluid mechanics problem now?

At least once a day I have what appears to be semen in my urine. I have previously been diagnosed with SIBO. Could it be related?

Ate boil spinach2 mon.regularly with its water.smtim some soil left in it as it is boiled I a reason for heavy blood in urine& recurring uti?

Bad back pain, not sure if its my kidneys but my urine is very dark almost brown looking. Potassium low recently, should I make a doc appt?

Blood in my urine but only shows when i wipe and i'm not pregnant, this happens maybe once a month! what is wrong, antibiotics don't work?! thank you

Blood in stools wit burning sensation for two days. Kindly provide the solution..

Blood in urine, bloated feeling in stomach 56 caucasian male always been in good shape

Blood in urine, do men get UTI also? I am seeing blood in my urine and feeling pressure only when i go urinate. The only symptoms i had before i started seeing blood yesterday was discharge of a thick substance showing up on my underware for about a week.

Blood/hemeglobin/something in my urine, only in the evening, UAs day time coming back negative. Even tint/distribution/settles dr won't believe me?

Bright white spot on a pelvic ultrasound is? History of CSA, exposure to HPV 15y ago, relatives w cancer, urine retention no uti, post coital bleeding

Can a slightly narrow urethra in a man cause chronic non-std epidymitis? I keep getting it and that is my only real thing wrong with me. All tests neg

Can a woman have an enlarged prostate? I have to strain so hard to pass urine, it hurts my head.. I just discovered a very sticky, clear substance lining my rectum.There are other symptoms but these are the 2 that worry me.

Can a yeast infection in men effect your urine & only passing a tiny bit?

Can aging affect urination? For the last couple years my urine seems to spray everywhere. I am a 43 year old female. What else could be going on?

Can blood in the urine without other symptoms be caused by baby aspirin? I take one in the morning and one at night.I started to notice pink urine.

Can chalmydia symtoms show up over 1 1/2 year later (i had burning pee and yellow discharge for a few days) rather than the 1-3 weeks after contact?

Can I guess my kidney health based on the color, smell, or quality of my urine?

Can i still have sex if i have a cervical mass bout 2.6cm ? It also has blood product

Can malnutrition stress and anxiety cause blood in urine burning when peeing and frequency? Im a 19yo male who also had wisdom teeth removed 5wks ago

Can mirena (levonorgestrel) cause red/white bld cells in urine? Bad low back pn, antibiotics not helping.Doc says UTI but worried mirena (levonorgestrel) moved and causing infection?

Can you get herpes from a tiny spec of urine? Let me explain. So I work in a hospital setting and while I was changing a catheter, a tiny spec of urine flicked my lip (I am assuming it was urine). I washed it with soap and water the second it happened. He

Chemical odor in urine----sometimes 48--female drinks plenty of water, urine is clear to light yellow going through menopause. Starting eating apples, sometimes 2 a day. No other dietary changes. Sexual activity has increased with husband of 21 years. Ni

Chloride is 93 when normal range is 97-108. All other electrolytes normal. Was told recently I have mild hematuria. Is this all probably nothing?

Cloudy urine(sometime with white bits floating)for past 2-3 mo No symptoms of UTI All negative tested on dipstick and lab work Other fam members fine?

Completed 8 times bcg. Little blood in urine even after 3 days of BCG completion. Is it a danger sign?

Criatinine question. Been getting criatinine levels of 1.3ish for the last 2 years. How serious is this? I am 220, relatively active m in early 30s.

Cystitis symptoms, feeling overly tired and can't get out of bed, headache and body ache. No bacteria found in dipstick test in urine. ?

Dark cloudy urine and high bilirubin (31) young man What is the cause? No other symptoms...

Dark urine sometimes with onion/tuna fish oil like smell. Pre and post urination pain with inflamed RT testis veins. Pain also in urethra no discharge?

Dark urine which gets lighter for a short while after drinking water but then gets darker again. Liver chemistry tests came back normal?

Daughter went to pediatrician and glucose or something along the line of the word was found in urine what could this be?

Dear drs I am 47 years male. I sometimes feel white non sticky liquid before urination. Is it related to kidneys or testicals?Plz advise.

Do I have prostate cancer? I have zero symptoms and urine tests are fine but I do have a tiny sensation in the tip of my penis? Started after Lexapro (escitalopram)

Doc please help me my urine is full of blood this is the first day happen to me, the worst is i dont have ane money to see a doctor,i am a filipino.

Doctor i just came from hospital and I have a urine bag attached to me. It pains sometimes when i get an erection..Any remedy...?

Doctor said pus in urine is just large amount of bacteria nothing to worry is this possible and what do I do to treat it?

Does a few yellowish white spots on the back of 57+ yr Indian female indicate any liver or kidney issue ?

Does an o.B. Have a certain proceedure they must follow when testing for a bladder infection? Example: if a woman 9 1/2 months pregnant, gives her doctor the following symtoms: irratation, discomfort, rash, and a white mucusy discharge. Can the o.B. Just

Does drinking 3 -5 drops of another person's urine cause UTI infection to a teenage boy????

Does everyone get cluster bubbles when they urinate. My last urinealysis showed 1+ protein. I'm so scared I see cluster bubbles inurine docnot worrie?

Does intensity of color of a urin gonorrhea test correlate automaticaly with time that one was infected? Light color=recent, intense color=long time?

Dr. Mechanic, my dr said it could be early MS because there were small white particles on the brain but that was 2years ago.And havenot had any symptom?

During my period, in addition to giving off normal blood, i also excrete a clear fluid with an odor like urine. What is this and is it normal?

During my pregnancy i had dark urine and itchy skin. My lab work was always normal. No gest diabetes. Is pancreatic cancer possible? Baby is now 2 mo.

Ever since my vasectomy, I have had an erratic urine stream, my clothes get wet, urine on floor, ect. I do have type 2 diabetes, and also bi-polar.

Every so often my urine will smell of terrible chemicals for a week at a time. No pain involved. Nothing was found in a urine test, what could it be?

Experiencing dark yellow urine with some burning after voiding for about 8 weeks, especially after eating. I believe I am properly hydrated. Thoughts?

Facing excess urination problem Reports are clear of urine complete and urine culture I have done unsafe sex But no symptoms of hiv ?

Foamy dark concentrated urine and STD is there a relation -culture test no growth , no ejaculation with masturbution, less desire , head pain?

For my urine . Always ants get attached. And another thing I ve vagina itching. Do I ve diabetes. Evn my father s diabetic?

For several monthes now especially in tha mornings my urine is almost unbareably to smell..What is wrong with me?

For the pass couple off months iv had 1/3 periods a mouth what does this mean?

For the past several months, my urine has smelt like chemicals At random times. No other symptoms. No STDS. No change in diet or meds. Help?

Found small spec of blood in sperm. No discomfort in urination or ejaculation. Fyi possible hemorrhage in sperm tube getting ultra sound tomorrow.

Frequent clear urination.Normal UT and UC tests.Symptoms reduce on day of exercise,urine becomes a bit yellowish.Can it be diabetes?Can diab come n go

From last six months I am not getting the pressurised urine and some time it stinks and the quantity is very less.Kindly help what can.Be the reson?

Had a prostate biopsy, blood in urine gone after week. Had sex later, what seemed like brake fluid comes out, engine needs cleaning. What should I do?

Had ct, cysto. etc. for red urine All normal Started having concretions& 1 time black,moldable particle in semen No other symptms teen Whts hapening?

Had vertigo, diarrhea and vomiting also. Went to E.R. Did tests. Urine very dark. Said my white blood count- 13.5 and gfr of 49. Very worried. Help.

Haiden is passing urine very often. He went to doctors and he doesn't have an infection or diabetes. What else could it be.back to doctors tomorrow?

Have dj syndrome. What is the treatment/medicine for high bilirubin level of more than 25 with itching, pale stool, yellow urine n eyes, low appetite?

Have kidney disease stage 3. Recently I've noticed a volume decrease when i ejaculte. Also lower flow of urine from time to time. Could this be related?

Have urethra itching at night after eating chips or drinking fruit juice. Urologist looked at urine under scope and saw no bacteria. What next?

Having excessive discharge of white water from vagina like urine and periods in normal days effecting me psychologically too.headache,dry mouth.age20.

Having little amounts of blood in semen, recurring every few weeks ,for past 8 months. Have got complete testing for gross hematuria last year .Worry?

Having yellow discharge after using monistat 1 (tioconazole). Also small droplet of blood. I also have diabetes and have had complete hysterectomy.

Healthy 32 yr old woman, no drink/no smoking. Have red and white blood in urine and back pain. Plain X-ray seems normal. Chance of cancer?Low back pn

Healthy 32 yro woman, white/red blood cells in urine, only symptom low back pn.Plain xray looks clear. Doc says uti, but no burning when urinating?

Healthy 35 yr old female. Pneumonia in March then sweat gland infection in July and now UTI. Is this bad? Blood work in April was all normal. Please