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6 month old babys arms and legs are swelling. What do I do?

6 yr old with an ulcerated leg, what to do?

All the clots in leg had been dissolved.But my leg still be swollen at night(morning is ok) even thoigh i wear the stocking all day. Why?Is it normal

Both of my legs are swollen , what can be the cause?

Burning in my legs from my calf down but my legs aren't hot. What is this?

Can a sunburn on a leg cause swelling?

Can atrophy be why my legs hurt so much?

Can lymphydema occur in one leg only?

Does kneeling your legs on the ground help your leg calves skinnier?

Dr said the swelling in my leg is starting to cause problems. have two red spots on my leg. why does swelling cause problems with my leg.

He woke up this morning and his left leg was swelling and purple all the way up the leg what could be wrong?

How can I help my swollen leg?

How can I reduce leg edema from the knees down on both legs?

How can I treat swelling in my legs?

How common is it to get a DVT in both legs?

How do I know if I have cellulitis on my knee? And does it cause bruising of the leg?

How do u know off have a blodclott in left leg?

How do you get leg swelling down?

How do you get rid of persistent swelling in one leg with the other leg being ok?

How does obesity cause swelling of the legs?

How is a swollen leg treated?

How much is best to walk when you have a very swollen leg?

How much swelling is normal in your legs after having a baby? One of my legs is twice the normal size and the other is only slightly swollen.

How painful is it to break an arm or leg?

How to treat bacterial hematomas of legs and arms?

Hypothyroidism and swelling of arms, face, legs?

I am having swelling in my left ankle and leg. What could this be? I have pictures as well.

I been bruising really easy on my legs and sometimes my under arms and some look redish on my leg can u tell me what it is?

I had a charlie horse in my leg 2 days ago... i just noticed my leg is sore & swollen... What could it be please Thank you?

I have a bruning in my leg is that normal?

I have a lot of bruising under my armpits and legs. What can it be?

I have a vericose vein on my left leg on the calf muscle can this cause leg & knee pain?

I have an indentation on my leg. What is the cause?

I have swelling in my legs and i lost all hair on legs what can the reason be?

I have swelling of legs when its hot, is there anything I can do to help me?

I rolled up my pants up to my calf and that night my ankle was swollen and leg had indentation and swollen. Today leg still has indentation. ?

I think I have petechia on my leg... Not sure why or what I should do.

If only one of my legs is swelling, should I be concerned?

In what way can I prevent redness on my legs?

Is it normal for ankel and leg to swell after stitches in calf?

Is it normal if I can see a lot of veins in my legs, arms?

Is it normal to have a swollen leg during the second trimester? I'm at 21 weeks.

Is menopause related to swollen legs (calves)?

Is metoprolol cause bruises in leg and arm?

Is there anything I can do if my legs are really sore?

Is there anything that can cause swelling in the left leg?

Legs swelling and brown color on legs?

Legs tingle in bed at night.

Mum's leg is edematous she had a cast on her leg its edematous and inflamed what is this?

My 11 yr old has a lot of scars on he arms and legs what works?

My legs have been tight/sore for over two weeks. What do I do now?

My mom's legs always hurt, and she has veins all over her legs and thighs why is that?

One of my calfs are bigger because the other has been in a leg cast for 2 months, what do I do?

Out of shape-swelling in one leg?

Phlebitis on the legs. Please tell me when it will go away?

Please explain what are the possibilities for what's wrong with my leg?

Purple bruising on arms and legs?

Red warm skin in leg. Dvt?

So what usually can cause swelling of the legs?

Swelling of right leg, started in calf now spreading up in to upper leg, is about two inches bigger than left leg?

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What causes your legs to swell?

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What could cause swollen legs?

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What is cellulitis of the leg and does it have anything to do with cellulite?

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What to do if i continue getting restless leg in the same leg why?

What to do if I have a lot of pitting edema in my legs, all the way up to knees I can press and get the pitting, some days?

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What to do if I have lymphedema in both legs.any advice?

What to do if I have purple bruises on arms and leg?

What would doctors recommend to help with scars on my legs?