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31weeks pregnant with braxton hicks and don't know if im leaking water fluid or discharge?

36 weeks pregnant. I stood up from my work chair and leaked fluid. I went to the bathroom and the fluid in my underwear was about the size of my palm?

39 weeks pregnant clear leaking slimy fluid is this normal.?

40 weeks and 5 days pregnant leaking fluid and little cramps for 5 hours now is this my water breaking?

6 1/2 months pregnant with second child i be having like gush of water coming out I don't know if in peeing or leaking fluids?

A discgarge of fluid of the vaagina?

Am i leaking amniotic fluid or is it discharge? 38 weeks, sched C-section 5/6, clear fluid have to change underwear, smells normal vagina, very thin

Both breast leak clear kind of sticky fluid. One leak more than the other. Period due next week?

Can a yeast infection cause a pH strip to turn blue green when testing for amniotic fluid leaking?

Can precum leak out if your soft?

Can you feel blood leaking in your brain? What are the symptoms of a leaking aneurysm?

Can you get HIV from touching a blister (not bleeding and no fluid leaking out)?

Can you leak 1 day after iui?

Clear fluid leaking from breasts at 34 weeks pregnant, is this normal or too soon? Not due till september 4th..

Clear fluid leaking from my vagina? Woke up in the middle of the night.Leaking clear fluids

Clear fluid leaking from vagina. Just had amnio. Am really concerned. Could my bag break early?

Could you tell me why i got fluid secreted from my vagina almost all the time?

Do vp shunt fluid collect in stomach then you pee it out what causes bloating?

Do you tend to have odors and fluid dripping during first trimester?

Does a persistent wet feeling mean that my fluid is leaking?

Does CSF leak cause nausea?

Does sores on legs that leak clear fluid indicate diabetes?

During my period, I leak water fluid more than blood. The water has no color and odor. What is the reason of that?

Fluid leakage from anus, throughout the day, have to keep wiping constantly?

Had amnio for twins. Now leaking blue liquid from vagina. What should I do?

Having a lot of watery fluid leaking from vagina 16 days post d&c/hysteroscopy/polypectomy Feels like urinating on myself but is odorless is it normal?

Hello doctor how r u.My fluid is not coming out from my pennis for sbout 6 may 2013.What I have to do.

Hello everyday i notice I have clear fluid leaking from my vagina into my knickers. Is this normal? If so how can it be prevented?

How can I tell if my sack is leaking?

How come I have prostate fluid leak sometimes after urination?

How do I stop clear fluid leaking from the vagina?

How do you know if you are leaking anomic fluid im 31 weeks pregnant ?

How do you treat fluid leaking from legs?

How to tell if I am leaking fluid or yeast infection? 32 weeks pregnant

How to tell if i'm leaking amnotic fluid? I'm only 6 1/2 months pregnant with my 2nd child & i'm having unusal discharge with the one.

How to tell if leaking amniotic fluid or just watery discharge? 26.5 weeks having small gushes of fluid when i wake/stand up and wetness on liner

How to tell when your water is leaking?

Hysterectomy 23rd april...Leaking urine, hard to void, think leaking from vagine, q tip inserted for few seconds was soaked b?

I am 30 weeks pregnant everyday for the last week I have been leaking clear fluid enough to soak,it only happens 1 or 2 times a day not continuously.

I am 32 weeks pregnant woke up drenched and leaking clear fluids what should I do?

I am 34 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I am slowly leaking amniotic fluid and was wondering is it safe to get in the bathtub?

I am 35 weeks and six days pregnant and have been leaking clear fluid from my breasts and have been getting tighterning pains in my belly ?

I am 38 weeks pregnant and I am leaking tiny amounts of fluid every now and feeling like the baby is pushing down what do I do?

I am 38 weeks pregnant last week i had several good sized gushes of liquid but the nurse said the fluid test said it wasnt amniotic fluid or urine?

I am concerned i may have a CSF leak. What are the most common signs?

I am leaking a non smelling fluid from my vagina. Could this be because of my mirena (levonorgestrel)?

I am not sure if I am leaking amniotic fluid or if it is normal super heavy discharge? I am 37 weeks pregnant. How can I tell?

I had surgery and my sutures are leaking clear fluid. Is this normal?

I have a bullet wound in leg that is leaking fluids. What should I do?

I have a cut on my leg and it is leaking clear fluid. Does this mean I have an infection?

I have an enlarged bladder and don't leak. But if even small and I cough, I do leak. Why?

I have been leaking a clear, odourless fluid from my vagina. My urine was checked and no infection was detected. Discomfort when urinating too. ?

I have been leaking clear fluids from my vagina all day any ideas what causes that?

I have had my tubes tied so not pg but this last month my breasts leaked clear fluid?

I have my elbow leaking synovial fluid from an open wound. My doc checked for infection and it's clear but continues to swell and leak.

I have spinal fluid leaking, what can happen to me?

I realized that fluid was leaking from my nipples. What is this?

I'm 19 weeks pregnant and feel like i'm leaking amniotic fluid. I'm having cramps also. How can I tell if i'm really leaking?

I'm 26 weeks pregnant & i'm pretty sure i'm leaking amontic fluid a little. What should I do?

I'm 27 weeks and since last night I have been leaking what smells like pet pee please tell me this isn't ameotic fluid?

I'm 36 weeks and my panties get wet enough to leak through but not enough to fill a panty liner. How do I know if this is amniotic fluid? No scent.

I'm 38 weeks almost 39 pregnant. And I'm 1 CM dilated & 40%. Thick yellow discharge and leaking clear fluid in one position. Tested not amniotic. Norm?

I'm a male and I have fluids draining out penis, what is this?

I'm leaking clear fluid out of my vagina. Is this an infection?

If a vasectomy starts to leak, does it continue to leak more and more?

If I have blockage, could I leak liquid stool?

If your boob-filling leaked, what can happen?

Im 17 weeks pregnant, leaking fluid and slight blood?

Im 37 weeks pregnant and am leakin a cear fluid what is this?

Im 38 weeks pregnant and leaking this mucus liquid?

Im currently 27 weeks pregnant and have been cramping for 2 days with leaking of a clear fluid. What should I do?

Im leaking grey liquid from urethra is it normal during pregnancy?

Is ejaculation safe with a CSF leak?

Is it dangerous to have sex when you are pregnant and leaking amnotic fluid?

Is it normal for you to leak clear fluid during your period?

Is it normal to have clear fluid leaking from my vagina in the third trimester?

Is it normal to secrete slimy fluids from the vagina?

Is it possible to leak amniotic fluid at 21 weeks of pregnancy? And if so would it be colored? How would i know?

Is it possible to leak amniotic fluid at 6 to 7 weeks pregnant? Do i even have any yet? What is this pink discharge on my tissue. No pain, have bv

Is leaking clear odorless vaginal fluid normal?

Is surgery for urine leaking really awful?

Is there a test to see if I am leaking amniotic fluid that I can do at home?

Leaking clear fluid from belly button 6 months pregnant should I be concerned?

Leaking clear fluid from vagina, should I be concerned?

Leaking from my vagina during intercourse and i just had a baby a month ago what's going on clear fluid large amount

Leaking from the rectum?

Leaking watery fluid or yeast infection? 32 weeks pregnant. What's this mean?

Lots of watery fuild leaks from vagina when the penis enters which can be sore and stops me from having sex as theres to much fluid present?

My boyfriend has white milky fluid leak from his penis when he opens his bowels and sometimes after urinating what can this be?

My braxton hicks have been. 15min apart at night for 2 days. i was leaking this morning. i don't know if im leaking amniotic fluid. Im in Third mester?

My breast have been leaking clear fluid and I wanted to know if that was a sign of pregnancy ?

My friend has an ileostomy and she has been leaking constantly?

My friend is leaking clear fluid from her breast only one side. What do you recommend?

My grandma cut her leg now it's leaking fluid?

My son has clear fluid leaking from his forehead hes 4 months old what could it be?

My vagina is always leaking what should I do?

My vagina is leaking. It feels like I'm peeing on myself but I'm not its just leaking clear water and I don't have any discharge. What could this be?

My wound is tender and leaking fluid?

Or it normal for my 38 weeks to have leakage.

Pregnant 17w4d increased vaginal discharge. Some white but some clear too. Underwear not wet but dump/sweaty sometimes. Is it amniotic fluid leak?