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11 days into my cycle when I use the bathroom I bleed a lot of blood clots is this normal im very concerned ?

3 days of heavy bleeding and very large clots, soaked tampon in an hour. Now 2 days of watery blood still with clots but tampon lasts 2-3hours. ?

3 sudden gushes of menstural blood. Miscarried 7 weeks ago. Normal mensturation 3 weeks ago. Lost-200ml of blood. Large clots 3x4inches. Urgent?

3 weeks after period and i'm still passing quarter size (or larger) blood clots?

39 weeks pregnant dilated to 1 1/2 and passing huge blood clots is that normal?

46 bleeding over a month extremely heavy very large clots some pain?

5 days after my period i being to pass tiny blood clots for the pass 3 days. This has never happend to me before. Im 27. Please help.

5 weeks postpartum increased bleeding aND a couple of big blood clots what are some possibilities of what this could be and ways to treat it?

5 weeks pregnant bleeding and cramping and blood clots the size of golf balls?

6 weeks pregnant experiencing heavy blood flow and big clots?

9 weeks prgnt. Bleeding similar to a period milled cramping, passing blood clots. Is this normal? I've been bleeding for 3 weeks now.

Abnormal bleeding constant for more than 3 months with large blood clots had ultrasound and thick lining?

After vaginal ultrasound, i'm having clots of blood.. Normal?

Are blood clots in pregnancy dangerous for the baby?

Are large blood clots and diarrhea normal during a period?

Are large clots (as big as my palm) normal to pass after intercourse when i'm on my last day of my cycle? I never pass clots after my second day or so

Are patelet count a good way to tell if you have a clotting disorder? (sticky blood) patelet count is 241. period passes clots sometimes alittle big

Are quarter size blood clots normal after a polyup removal and d&c for heavy bleeding?

Been bleeding for about 6 weeks. There have been maybe a total of 4 days that i just spotted. I have had blood clots some large. Not on birth control

Before menstruating I pass bloodclots. Can this be related to clots in the lung?

Bleeding easily. And blood pooling in my bed. Pregnant?

Bleeding with small blood clots and tissue after transvaginal ultrasound but no pain?

Blood clot in mouth in morning and i'm pregnant. Is this normal?

Can breakthrough bleeding have small amounts of clotting blood?

Can u pass small blood clots during implantation bleeding?

Can you get clots during period from laying down a long time and blood pooling in uterus then coming out as a clot?

Can you pass clots with implantation?

Can you pass little clots with implantation bleeding?/

Can you tell me about post d&c blood clots in my uterus?

Clotting from my vagina I find blood clots inside my panties when not on my period?

Coughed up blood clots for hour then nothing?

Could a small clot be missed on ultrasound?

Could I be having a blood clot if I can't breathe well when I came home from the hospital?

Could I have a miscarriage in january because I have been spotting ever since and i release some major blood clots in january and once again in april?

Currently miscarrying. Pass lots of clots and blood for 2 days. Next day there was a decrease in blood and clots now its heavy again is this normal?

Do I need to see a gyn if I bleed blood clots bigger than a quarter every day?

Doctors can you tell me when should I start to worry about large blood clots during my period?

Does using a tampon cause blood clots or any clogging in the vaginal area?

During menstrual period i pass big blood cots, why& what can I do about it?

During my period I pass large blood clots its not painful when they come out but I do feel pressure and cramps?

Extremely heavy bleeding on my period, huge blood clots going on eight days now. Any advice?

Flowy period.Like just blood. Now it's not much blood, just huge blood clots! i don't think this is normal. What should I do?

For what length of time do blood clots last after having a baby?

For what reasons might i be passing a blood clot the next morning after sex?

Good day I have a blood clot in my womb and it burst a while ago and I still have lots of pain i do have a appointment but only in 3 months?

Had a leep procedure done last week. Should I be worried that I am bleeding very heavily and having big blood clots?

Have a 5inch blood clot in my period , what does this mean ?

Have I miscarried? the blood is very red and lots of it with a lot of blood clots, I'm in agony at the lower part of my belly. what do I do?

Having large clots during period, how do I know if something's wrong or it is normal?

Having my period for 2 weeks will not go away really heavy and blood clots I did have gastric bypass surgery a year ago?

Heavy bleeding and blood clots after biopsy was done checking cells that where found but i don't have a uterus if this normal?

Heavy bleeding with clots, after intercourse. Never seen so much blood before come from vagina. Have pcos. What could this be? And is it dangerous?

Heavy period with blood clot what could be the cause and how do I cure vit?

Hey have been bleeding for two months blood clots and black blood and I have pains around my womb. Please help?

Hi, I have been bleeding heavy with blood clots for 2 weeks straight, i'm 24 yrs old can anyone explain?

Hi, i've been having a problem I have been peeling little blood clots but I do it 5 times a day for 6 days do u have any idea why .

Hi. I am having some menstral issues. My periods are heavy. Lasting around two weeks. It also have huge blood clots all the time in the blood.

Hi.. I had an abortion two years ago. Before my periods were normal. Now they last months sometimes with large blood clots. What do I do ?

How can I stop blood clots I have been fighting BV for 3 months I have been bleeding on and off for 14 days but its mostly large blood clots?

How common are blood clots in young women?

How common is it to pull out large clots during a nose bleed?

How frequently do you pass blood clots during your period. Accident when changing bc of a blood clot?

How is it an incomplete abortion when I've never had one. I just had my period 5 days late with big blood clots and tissues?

How long do vaginal blood clots last after having a baby?

How long does a miscarriage last and does bleeding and blood clots always mean something bad at 12 weeks?

How would i know if i miscarried? Passed big clot?

I always have heavy period..What is this clots of blood? Mushy chunk of blood? Like jello

I am 17 weeks pregnant, just now i pass urine with a little blood clot. Is it normal or should I be worried.?

I am 8 days past ovulation and I have been passing clots for 3 days?

I am 8 weeks pregnant and have been bleeding off and on for a week and a half with no blood clots. Not enough blood to reach pad. Is this a miscarrage?

I am bleeding heavily and passed a massive clot during my ovulation is this normal?

I am currently passing blood clots, what is normal for first period after childbirth?

I am having a CP and the blood has been bright red for 4 days. Clots the first two. Normal AF is 2 days. I am anemic. Should I be worried?

I am having a lot of bruising on my legs heavy bleeding with huge blood clots. Should i go to the er?

I am having a very heavy menstral period and the blood has a very foul odor and I am passing very large blood clots. What could this mean?

I am having blood clots during my period, like bad ones. At least I think they're blood clots. Why?

I am having large blood clots and extreme bleeding. Is this normal for a 16 year old female?

I am on my period and I have big blood clots coming out. What could the problem be?

I am on the 3rd day of 7 for my period, and am passing quite big blood clots - it's not normal for me what is it? Please help!

I am sexually active and I have had a period that has had big blood clots, some have mucus in them and some don't. (never have had big blood clots b4?

I been having a lot pelvic pain, heavy bleeding. Blood clots?

I been on my period since June 17 until now and small blood clots are coming out what should I do?

I didn't have any clotts so I don't have a miscarriage right? Does it has to be big clotts to know if you have a miscarriage

I get a lot of blod clots during my perid, is that normal?

I had a baby four months ago and I've had my period for almost 3 weeks with very heavy bleeding and very large blood clots including pelvic pain?

I had a csection 3 weeks ago and my bleeding had stopped now im bleeding a lot with some big blood clots. Why could this be?

I had a medical abortion. Its been almost 3 weeks and still have heavy bleeding, cramps and clots. Blood dripping in shower. Is this normal?

I had a small gush of fluid, then a gush of blood. Figured it was period, but then no more bleeding. Its been 3 days still nothing.

I had a vaginal utrasound and 2 weeks ago. Now im in pain and some blood with few clots. Why?

I have a been bleeding from the back passage for at least 3 months now and sometimes there is a lot of blood, what could this be?

I have a blood clot near my placenta and am 24 weeks pregnant should I be concerned or on bedrest?

I have a small blood clot near my placenta and am 7 weeks pregnant. Should i be very concerned?

I have always had heavy flow when I am on my periond and it usually last 8 to 10 days sometimes longer is this normal? What about. Blood clots?

I have an enlarged uterus and passing blood clots, what do I do?

I have been bleeding for the past 4 months and passing large blood clots and i've been really drained and having headaches?

I have been bleeding nonstop with alot of blood clot?

I have been bleeding now for 8 days with blood clots and abdominal pain at first?

I have been bleeding via period very heavily with large clots for 5 weeks, any idea what can cause this? TIA

I have been having a heavy period with blood clots bigger then a quater. What should I do?

I have been having heavy bleeding and lemon sized blood clots from my vagina what does that mean?