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Low iron saturation=10, and fatigue. Other iron workup and rbc is normal. Is this anemia ?

hairloss linked to iron deficiency, stopped falling but no signs of regrowth yet! What can I do? Would iron IV help? as it would refill the stores?

I ve chronic gastritis, low iron reserves, iron tabs and spa tone aggravates Gi issues,plz can you suggest something eles,will iron injections help?

2 months old child, exclusively breast feeding. Hb = 10, MCV = 80, this happens most commonly due to Iron deficiency anemia or thalasemia trait?

3 years old not eating enough iron .. How much iron sulphate in mg can I give him daily ? He is almost 20 kg

48 year old male with anemia who has been taking iron supplements 45mgs per day. Can a build up of iron in the system cause stomach issues.

After beginning treatment for iron deficiency anemia (45mg elemental iron 1x/day), what should follow-up be? A CBC with iron, ferritin? How soon?

After starting iron therapy of 325 mg twice a day for iron deficient anemia, how long will it take for the symptoms of anemia to go away?

And why do some people have normal hemoglobin levels but are iron deficient?

Anemia can cause leukemia? I have anemia what should i do?

Anemic but not iron-deficient, what is a good treatment?

Anemic with ferritin 6, hemoglobin 90, should I take 150mg or 300mg elemental iron daily?

Any correlation between migraine and anemia?

Anyone that can give me advice on my anemia? How can you tell if it's low iron, or hereditary?

Are all anemias caused by a lack of iron?

Are babies with an iron deficiency more prone to sickness?

Are doctors be wrong about me not being anemic?

Are migraines and stomach pain possible symptoms of iron deficiency anemia?

Are tear drop shaped red blood cells "normal" with iron deficiency anemia?

Are there any side effects of intravenous iron for fixing iron deficiency?as I am unable to use oral iron,[I ve few liver cysts and chronic gastritis

Are there any symptoms for iron deficiency?

Are there any tips for Iron Deficiency Anaemia sufferers to boost their energy? The fatigue is killing me. Thank you in advance.

Are there other things that cause anemia besides iron-deficiency?

Are there supplements for megaloblastic anemia?

Are transfusions for blood loss and iron deficiency anemia the same?

Bad iron deficiency, only showing small improvement. EBV, some adrenal problemS. Dr. Said it isn't celiac, is there one thing that could be cause?

Been diagnosed with anemia. It was assumed to be ida when the found anemia iron not tested. Have severe symptoms. Eat lots of iron. Has not improved?

Been taking iron pills for low iron and ferritin for 7 weeks. Ferritin increased but iron decreased. What could be wrong? Anything serious like cancer

Being predisposed to hemochromatosis, is it okay to take iron supplements for incredible fatigue possibly due to anemia?

Best way to get rid of pernicious anemia?

Best way to increase iron?

Can a bleeding ulcer be the cause of microcytic hypochromic anemia?

Can a bleeding ulcer cause macrocytic hypochromic anemia?

Can a complete blood count screen for all types of anemia or just iron deficiency?

Can a low b 12 deficiency mean I am anemic?

Can a multivitamin with iron cause a high blood iron 140 (60-100) for a toddler after having an anemia?

Can a person just be anemic or is there a reason why they are anemic?

Can a viral infection block the absorption of iron and cause iron deficient anemia?

Can alcohol abuse cause iron deficiency ? Thank you

Can alcoholism cause you to have pernicious anemia?

Can all over tingling be a symptom of *iron deficiency* anemia? I'm only findinf it on B12 anemia symptoms lists, my b levels are normal or high

Can an iron deficiency anemia be inherited?

Can an iron deficiency prevent me from donating blood?

Can an ovarian cyst cause iron deficiency anemia?

Can anemia affect your bruises?

Can anemia cause hair-loss?

Can anemia cause nosebleeds?

Can baby aspirin cause anemia?

Can bed rest cause low iron even if you are not anemic?

Can being iron defiecent make you bruise easily? Or even being hypothyroidism?

Can being on Oxygen cause anemia?

Can extreme iron deficiency cause pots?

Can female patter baldness be caused by low iron/anemia and severe stress? or is it only genetics

Can gastrointestinal illness make you anemic?

Can hairloss result from iron deficiency?

Can hemorrhoids be a cause of extreme iron deficiency anemia?

Can hypothyroidism be the cause of microcytic hypochromic anemia?

Can hypothyroidism cause iron deficiency anemia?

Can i die from folic avid deficiency? I do not have anemia.

Can iron anemia deficiency due to bleeding polyps affect your immune system? Can Chrohns, Intestinal inflammation, and GI issues cause low IG levels?

Can iron defeciency anemia lead to cancer?

Can iron deficiancy cause headaches ?

Can iron deficiency anemia be a symptom of another problem?

Can iron deficiency anemia be the cause of recurrent infections?

Can iron deficiency anemia become life-threatening if it's not treated immediately?

Can iron deficiency anemia cause stomach ulcers?

Can iron deficiency anemia kill you?

Can iron deficiency cause heavy head or dizziness?

Can iron deficiency cause regular stools?

Can iron deficiency effect your brain?

Can iron deficiency lead to serious anemias, even in the meat-eating u.S.?

Can iron deficiency start from the blood and not stores, in my blood works HGB, RBC fine every time only iron was always low, how???

Can iron deficiency/anemia cause depression and teariness? I was anemic a few months ago and am v. exhausted again but also depression has got worse..

Can iron defiency anemia lead to weight loss?

Can iron help reduce normochromic anemia?

Can iron overload be acquired?

Can lack of enough iron lead to dizziness?

Can lack of sunlight cause anemia ?

Can low iron and vitamin d cause a person to be sick?

Can low iron cause me to be bloated?

Can low iron cause night time urination or any other nutritional deficiencies?

Can low MCH and MCHC only caused by iron deficiency or can there be any other reasons behind it , e.g. vitamin deficiency?

Can low progesterone cause iron deficiency anemia?

Can lower than normal serum iron cause symptoms even if iron stores / ferritin is normal? Non-anemic.

Can men get iron deficiency and what could cause that..?

Can mild anaemia12 and very low iron 32 can cause fatigue and breathlessness?

Can mild iron deficiency cause an enlarged spleen? If so, would spleen automatically return to normal with iron supplement?

Can mild/moderate anemia(iron deficiency) cause erectile/low libido problems in men?

Can my iron deficiency amemia affect my ability to get pregnant and how bad?

Can non anaemic iron deficiency cause fatigue and breathlessness iron level is 25 normal is more than 65?

Can normochromic or normocytic anemia cause leukemia?

Can people with thalassemia take iron supplements if the iron level are really low ie; less than 2? Anemia too, heamoglobin is 10

Can pernicous anemia effect pregnancy ?

Can RBC be high in iron deficiency ?

Can someone die from sever iron deficiency/anemia? Specifically in the case if an eating disorder?

Can tea be bad for you if you have a B12 deficiency or penicious anemia? Or not help your blood count?

Can thelasemia minor patients get relapse of iron deficiency few months after the iron supplement treatment???

Can thyroid deficiency cause pain?

Can too much iron cause hives?

Can too much iron cause petechae?