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Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (aids) is a std, right?

Aids (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is caused by which virus now?

Aids(acquired immune deficiency syndrome): are there ways to prevent this for babies?

Any treatment or tip for lactase deficiency?

Anybody know much about this IgA deficiency?

Anyone with an alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency with liver problems?

Are certain people more likely to develop vitamin b-6 pyridoxine deficiency?

Are foods high in folic acid, and vitamin d good for people with auto immune diseases?

Are there any connections between cholelithiasis and vitamin b-12 deficiency?

Are there specific types of vitamin deficiencies that are more dangerous than others?

Biotinidase deficiency - what are the medical problems ?

Can premature graying be caused by a copper deficiency?

Can a deficiency in a certain vitamin lead to heart disease ?

Can a deficiency in vitamin K lead to parasites or candidiasis, or is it vice versa?

Can a magnesium deficiency kill you immediately? Or is this only in longstanding untreated magnesium deficiency?

Can a person aquire a vitamin a deficiency later in life?

Can a protein deficiency cause blindness?

Can deficiency of vitamin D cause autoimmune diseases?

Can dopamine deficiency be dangerous?

Can hormone deficiencies/imbalances cause chronic , severe eczema and asthma?

Can iodine deficiency cause chronic clinical depression?

Can moderate to severe calcium deficiency cause intestinal issues over time? If so, what kind of issues?

Can people with factor deficiency give blood?

Can there be other immune deficiency diseases besides aids?

Can vitamins and minerals help the heart problems brought on with Marfan's syndrome?

Can you explain to me how does g6pd deficiency will lead to hydrops fetalis?

Can you please define mthfr deficiency?

Can you please lay out the issues if a person is diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency and is 29 yrs old ?

Can you please please list the causes of immune deficiency?

Can you tell me about anemia secondary to organophosphate?

Can you tell me why the following symptoms occur in pyruvate dehydrogenase defficiency?

Could an arrhythmia be caused by a magnesium defficiency?

Could having iron and protein deficiencies cause mental illness?

Could IgG subclass deficiencies be caused by plasma b cell diseases/disorders?

Could Lewy body dementia be caused by Vitamin B12 deficiency?

Could prenatal vitamin inbalances cause wilson disease?

Could statins induce a selenium deficiency and keshan's disease or white muscle disease?

Could you tell me about primary immune deficiency and secondary immune deficiecy?

Do a lot of people out there have a serotonin deficiency? How common is this?

Do any vitamin or mineral deficiencies during pregnancy cause the child to have mental illness or learning problems?

Do endocrinologists deal with vitamin deficiencies as well as thyroid disorders?

Do famines always cause malnutrition?

Docs can you explain what is a disease that can be caused by a vitamin deficiency?

Docs! Please name the causes of immune deficiency?

Doctors, what are the diseases caused due to deficiency of folic acid?

Does a deficiency of vitamin K lead to candidiasis or is it vice versa?

Does anybody know about alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency in children with liver problems?

Does g6pd enzyme deficiency go away?

Does lactase deficiency lead to vomiting?

Does testosterone deficiency cause anemia and reduced responsiveness to erythropoiesis-stimulating agents?

Graves disease, psoriasis, arthritis. Certain have anemia of chronic disease. Vitamin/mineral levels including iron are ok. What can I do about it?

He effects of vitamin a deficiency are most severe in what population group?

Hello docs! can you tell me what disease is caused due to a deficiency of no of WBC in blood?

Help docs, is growth hormone deficiency caused by not eating enough of a certain nutrient?

Help! need to know if there's any effect of vitamin d deficiency on the risk of developing thyroid eye disease ?

Hi Doctors. How do I know if I have a possible immune deficiency disorder?

Hi, is torus mandibularis a symptom of an underlying condition? Maybe a mineral or nutrient deficiency or adrenal glands problems? Thanks

How bad is it to have a protein deficiency when I have RA ?

How can I help someone with immune deficiency?

How can I know if I have an immune deficiency disorder?

How can I overcome estrogen deficiency?

How can I treat a vitamin a deficiency, night blindness, xerophthalmia, and follicular keratosis?

How can one diagnose if they have protein deficiency without anemia ?plz can u advice of the symptoms of protein deficiency in females under 50;thanks

How can you develop a potassium deficiency?

How could g6pd deficiency will result to hydrops fetalis?

How do I cure a g6pd deficiency?

How do nutrional deficiencies lead to hypogonadism?

How do vitamins deficiencies cause the onset of heart disease?

How do you detect an immune deficiency disorder?

How do you detect immune deficiency?

How do you get an immune deficiency?

How does g6pd deficiency lead to hydrops fetalis?

How does having a protein s deficiency affect pregnancy?

How does one get immune deficiency?

How hypoglycemia associated with neonatal growth hormon deficiency?

How iscarnitine deficiency treated in infants?

How often does partial IgA deficiency turn into cvid? pigad diagnosed at 26.

How to feed the child to prevent iron-deficiency anemia?

How to help someone with an immune deficiency?

How to treat a person with protein deficiency having gout?

How would you know if you have a immune deficiency of some sort?

I am 38 year old female with hypothyroidism, vitamin d and b deficiencies and highly suspected aldh 2 enzyme deficiency. How does this all tie in?

I am having potassium deficiency. Hypokelimia. My body is not absorbing potassium from food. Is there any permanent treatment for this disease?

I have a 6 year old son with IgA immune deficiency. What should we do?

I have malabsorption because of mesenteric ischemia/pancreatic insuf. I have vitamin d deficency are there other vitamins I should be tested for?

I have poly neuropathy. Debetias, alcohol abuse, kidney failure and vitamin b deficiency have been ruled out. What could be causing this?

I have symptoms of severe B12 deficiency/pernicious anemia but also derealization, brain damage, and heart problems could these occur from the B12 def.?

I have wernickes (due to malnutrition not drinking) been on thiamine for 20 months, dr says my levels are normal but still ataxic, is this permanent?

I was 19 when i was diagnosed with a potassium deficiency. How could that even be possible?

I'm wondering are undernutrition and overnutrition forms of malnutrition?

If I have a malabsorption issue with vitamins B6 and b2 only, . How likely is this caused by a parasite?

Is auto immune deficiency treatable?

Is auto immune deficiency treatable?

Is bipolar disorder is caused by a nutritional deficiency that can be completely corrected by diet?

Is diabetes an immune deficiency?

Is having a copper deficiency considered a hematological diagnosis? If so, why?

Is IgG subclass 3 deficiency a primary or secondary immunodeficiency?

Is it dangerous to live with a lipase deficiency?

Is it possible to prevent scids (severe combined immuno deficiency) at all?

Is it routine to be tested for vitamin deficiencies after being diagnosed with Crohn's disease?