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how can you lower calcum serum and salt serum 144

17 month old daughter with alkaline phosphate level of 2, 125?

25m. 4 months ago calcium, phosphorous and alk. Phos. Were normal. Recently found mild scoliosis and low vitd at 30nm. How quick osteomalacia onset?

34 y/o female. CA level 11.5, vit D. 20. 4 mos ago, PTH was 14 and CA 10.1. Haven't felt well for months. Could high calcium be a fluke (dehydration)?

4 calcium levels since July,10.8,10.2,10.3,11.0, I did have low vit D for the first level, this is no longer an issue, 2 pth 67, 45 Hyperparathroid?

5yo kid, intact PTH 63.2 in oct 15 (1 month back PTH was 70), vit D total 34.66, calcium 9.6, phosphorus 5.1; wat cud be reason for slightly high PTH?

5yo kid, vit D total 34.66, intact PTH 63.2, calcium 9.6, phosphorus 5.1, magnesium 1.9; kid prev had vit D insuff, is PTH value normal; who treats it?

69 year old woman has calcium level 10.5. Is this ok?

84 yr old w dc of myelofibrosis has a serum calcium dropping. Why is this happening and what ser calcium level becomes concerning?Does taking calcium supp help?

A low vitamin d=10.1mg/ml, calcium serum =10.9 mg/dl.Pth=31pg/ml and ionized calcium serum=5.1mg/dl is it normal?Doctor gave me 50, 000 units of vit

Adjusted calcium 2.64 nMol/L (2.20-2.60) could this be slightly raised due to ca supplements or should I have a parathyroid hormone blood test?

Age 65, Vit D3 level 101 (100 is high at Labcorp). Calcium is 9.2 to 10 (normal). Do I need to continue extra calcium for bones? Prior ca patient

Are 10.6 and 10.3 calcium levels normal in a 24 year old?

Besides hyperparathyroidism, what else could cause elevated serum calcium levels, pth and low vitamin d?

Blood test to detect why I have muscle spams ? I have calcium, magnesium, RBC magnesium and potassium, is there anything else I am missing ?

Bloods. Calcium 2.49 mmol/L. Albumin 59 mmol/L. Corrected calcium 2.32. Are these results worry some? Albumin too high? Calcium?

Calcium 2.29 mmol/L 25-Hydroxyvitamin D 74 nmol/L PTH 5.8pmol/L What do they mean collectively?

Calcium high at 10.7, alkaline Phosphatase very low at 10. Negative parathyroid, not anemic, celiac, copper level is normal. What could be the cause?

Calcium in blood or its just hyperthyroid, how can I tell?

Calcium in blood or its just hyperthyroid, what's he difference?

Calcium is high.10.7.Did pth test and its in normal value.Since my diet is v poor what could be the cause for the high calcium.Also mg is in max value

Calcium level 8.7. Doc wants me on Prevacid (lansoprazole) for GERD. Should my calcium and magnesium levels be monitored?

Calcium level is limit (101, when has to be < 100), Corrected Calcium is normal, but PTH is a bit low 16 (15 to 65). Should I worry? I'm 23. Thank you

Calcium level up 11.1 may 2013. High normal, 10.2 aug 2013. Should i still have pth checked?

Calcium, Serum 10.5 HIGH mg/dL 8.7-10.2 Albumin, Serum 4.4 g/dL 3.5-5.5 PTH, Intact 16 pg/mL 15-65 i've had this condition for 7+ years now. ?

Can a patient with high pth have low calcium?

Can a vit d deficiency cause muscle twitches if your calcium level is normal?

Can calcium levels be normal after hysterectomy?

Can high calcium be wrongly tested?

Can hyperthyrodism cause alkaline phosphate to elevate?

Can low vitamin d cause hyperparathyroid symptoms?

Can serum calcium be elevated with hyperparathyroidism?

Can stress lower chloride serum levels?

Can the calcium level being affected?

Can Tums (calcium carbonate) cause high calcium level in blood test?

Can Vagifem cause elevation of both total and corrected serum calcium? on day 14 of initial 14 day cycle.

Can you have hyperparathyroidism with a normal pth ? I have high calcium(dont know from where since I have a poor diet) and very low vit d

Can you tell me how could the parathyroid hormone decrease the loss of calcium from the kidneys?

Can you tell me how the parathyroid hormone increase release of calcium from the bone?

Causes of 1.6 phosphate level all other bloodwork normal?

Corrected calcium 2.13mmol/L (phosphate normal, vitamin D normal). PTH 65.2pg/ML. Is this something to worry about? TSH is high at 6.92 with TPO neg.

Could a severe vitamin d deficiency mask primary hyperparathyroidism by lowering serum calcium levels? [would u see low-normal calcium and high pth?]

Could high calcium levels in my blood cause my upper eyelid spasms?

Doctor is treating my low vit D, 15, high cal 10.6, and PTH 67 as secondary me taking vit d and calcium, after 3 mo what will happen ?

Does a high calcium deposit score mean that you have heart disease?

Does chronic slightly elevated calcium with a pth of 13 cause bone loss over time.

Does cortisol cause serum calcium to go up?

Does having high calcium always mean secondary bone cancer ?

Does low ionized calcium level in the blood mean having kidney disease? Please explain.

Does the time of day you get your blood drawn for a vit d, calcium and PTH level matter?

Dx vit d insufficiency, levels now gone up to reasonable level, but calcium gone high - can vit d3 supplements cause serum calcium results?

Elevated pth level...Calcium normal...Above normal vit d level...Thymic cyst...What is causing the pth elevation? Could a med cause this?

Female 26- calcium 10.5 ionized calcium 1.34, is that normal?

Foods to treat low alkaline phosphatase?

For a women where should your Vitamin D levels be at? My blood work in my calcium was a 26 out of range.

For someone with serum calcium and ionized calcium both at the 95% cutoff level (highest normal), are vitamin D injections of safe?

For years, calcium & magnesium always normal but vit.D always low (<15) & phosphorus moderately high. Parathyroid OK. Poss causes? On D3 50,000units

Had a bmp 1 month ago and potassium was 4.2. Calcium was 9.0 and chloride was 102. Has another bmp yesterday. Potassium was 4.7. Chloride was 105 and calcium was 10.0. Bun and creating normal both times. Are these levels concerning?

Had a CT scan and an ultrasound and both said I have a parathyroid tumour but I have normal pth and calcium levels. Can they take time to elevate?

Had low Vit D of 10. Sent for PTH/Ca. Calcium is 9.9, PTH is 70. Does this show early parathyroid problem or do I need more testing?

Had Vit D tested, low at 29. The 1,25 dihydroxi D2 level says <4. What does that mean, less than 4? Calcium normal. Magnesium 1.8. I get fasiculations

Hand X-ray mentioned demineralization. Worried about hyperparathyroidism. Calcium is 9.5. Alkaline phosphatase is 38. Hyperparathyrodism possible?

Having my calcium, vit D, and Pth checked every 6 weeks, pth was 67, 45, now 26, calcium 10.8, 10.2,10.3, now 11,pth dropping mean anything?

Hi. I have pth 95.80 pg/ml and normal calcium level and vitamin d was 15.6 ng/ml high in alkaline phosphatase 132 u/l?

High levels of calcium in my blood and my parathyroid hormone is -3. Is this symptoms of cancer.?

High levels of calcium in my blood and my parathyroid hormone is off. Is this cancer.?

How are calcium blood levels affected by increased amounts of parathyroid hormone?

How do I better understand my pth level of 210 and calcium at 5.9 ?

How does parathyroid hormone lower calcium levels?

How does tea affect calcium levels?

How is serum calcium measured? What is serum calcium?

How much the maximum level of calcium a day (mg) in the first trimester?

How to estimate calcium in blood?

I had a total thyroidectomy 3 months ago on 9 calcium and 3 calcitrol a day. My blood vitamin d is 20. Is this low. I am having tingling in arms, hands?

I have a calcium level of 11.7 and am 52 years old. My alk phosphate is 146. My calcium last year was 10.5. My tsh was normal. My calcium was repeated?

I have a low serum inorganic phosphate 0.73 what does this mean I'm always tried?

I have a pth of 75.8, calcium 0f 9.7, normal vitamin d. Bmd is -4.5. My endo doc wants me on forteo. Shouldn't she be checking my parathyroid first?

I have been told that my calcium level is to high at 11.2. What can I do to lower it?

I have breast cancer the result of my alkaline phosphatase 38.62 u/l and calcium 9.28 is this under the normal level?

I have calcium level of 10.3, albumin level of 5.1, is the calcium high? I'm 22

I have consistently elevated ionized calcium, low D, osteopenia & idiopathic chronic pancreatitis. Hyperaparathyroidism a possibility?

I have critically low calcium, but an over active hyperparathyroid making up for my lack of calcium. My vit D levels are normal. Should I be worried?

I have high calcium in my urine but my vitamin d level is fine. My parathyroid level is really high, what does this mean?

I have high calcium normal high pth had low vit d now supplemented?

I have hypothyroidism & consistent high Calcium (10.4-11.2) over past year. (PTH normal, VitD low). Should I consider parathyroid surgery (male/32)?

I have low PTH and low vitamin D even when on vitamin D supps (thyroidectomy in 2 weeks) but normal calcium levels. What causes the low Pth?

I have normal calcimum level but a low parathyroid hormone level so what can do damage to the gland?

I have slightly elevated INTACT PTH and slightly below normal IONIZED CALCIUM, does this confirm that I have kidney disease?

I just had bloodwork and my calcium serum was 10.7 which is above the range. My glucose is also high. Should i be concerned?

I was told that I have low calcium level of 15 what is normal I am a 49 year old woman?

I'm a 46 yr old woman. Vit D is 29 after 10 weeks of Vit D @ 10,000/week. Calcium is 10.2. PTH is 112. Would you suspect hyperparathroidism?

I'm having a parathyroid adenoma removed, will I notice any difference in how I feel in general, or just lower serum calcium?

If calcium deposits have been found on heart, brain, breast. Kidneys, once low vitd/high calcium are fixed, can damage be reversed itself or with meds?

If cortisol can create osteoporosis would you expect the serum calcium to be higher than normal to reflect leached calcium from tissues?

If I have vitamin d was 15.6 ng/ml and normal calcium high in pth and alkaline phosphatase serum level what does that mean?

If my calcium level (blood work) has been from 9.5-10 for the last year, but two weeks ago it was 10.3 should i be worried? im 30 years old.

If my Vitamin D level is 19, do I need to have the kidneys, thyroid, or calcium levels checked?

If one is D3 deficient in presence of mildly elevated calcium less than 10.4, can D3 reduce blood calcium values? What other nutrients can help?

If the calcium and magnesium levels are good on my lab test, do is still need a bone density test? Are these related or not?

If the Dr did a blood test to check electrolytes and magnesium would that show if calcium and magnesium were at the wrong ratio ?