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Epilepsy and e beta thalassemia are related? Is Epilepsy occurred for thalassemia? If someone have both diseases then what will be the effect?

36yr old female with bata-thal/sickle cell with crisis, coagulation defects, protein s def, essential hypertension & others. What is my life espec!

7week 5days pregnant, husband thalesemia minor, my blood work shows ?Beta variant hope/camden.Would baby be affected by such combination, do I need cvs?

After conceive is it possible to know is my baby affected or carrier by thalassemia? Bcoz i've beta thalassemia minor and my husband have e trait.

After delivery my current hemoglobin rate is only 8.00.Is it dangerous for me?Now what will i do?I've beta thalassemia minor.

Alpha thalassemia, what does it mean and what are the implications?

Always getting transfusion when Hb level is 7 of a 10 months 10 days Hb E Beta Thal baby is ok ? Pls advice.

Are blood transfusions after delivery be safe for someone with alpha thalassemia trait?

Are particular people at risk for beta thalassemia?

Are salicylat and paraceatmol contraindicated with thalassemia minor ?

Atypical hus/ttp syndrome with beta thalesemic carrier state...What does this mean?

Before 2 yrs old is Hydroxyurea safe for a e beta thallassemia child? She needs transfusion after every 45 days .Pls advice...

Beta thalesemic carrier state...Meaning?

Both of we are carrier and our first baby has hb e beta thall. We are interested about our 2nd baby.Is there any genetic treatment? Please advice...

Can a female with Hb H disease marry someone with beta thalassemia trait? What are the possible results in terms of genetics percentages?

Can a man with AC genotype marry a woman with AC genotype. Thank you?

Can a normal & healthy person may marry with e beta thalassemia , safely?????

Can a patient of low hb marry with his 1st cousion?.

Can a person wtih alpha thalassemia trait donate blood?

Can an e beta thalassemia minor boy and a normal girl give birth a normal offspring?

Can genotype as marry sc?

Can sickle thalassemia patients get married ?

Can we marry b+ and as genotype?

Can you tell me if throughout thalassemia haemoglobin is not synthesized due to?

Can you tell me in the ABO blood group, which allele is considered recessive?

Could a person on their 20's have any chance of living with beta thalassemia major?

Could one prevent beta thalassemia disease?

Could thalassemia minor develop into major?

Could there be a relationship between lupus and beta thalassemia minor?

Dear Dr I hv beta thalassemia trait. Lived with terrible lethargy all my life. Anyway I can overcome this problem?

Did hemoglobin electrophoresis test for thalassemia and it's normal pattern. Any other test necessary for thalassemia? I am getting married so worried

Do hb e/beta thalassemia anemia reduce life expectancy?

Do people with alpha thalassemia trait commonly have intestinal problems?

Does beta thalassemia minor reduce life expectancy?

Does thalassemia alpha shorten life?

Dou you know if thalassemia can cause cancer?

Hbe/beta thall can be very variable? What does it mean?

Hello . I am Thal minor. I am dating a girl who isnt Thal minor. Her parents showed ma blood report to some doc who suggests my blood report is advers?

Hi my son ( 6 year old ), who has thalassemia minor, has reticulocyte count of 7. Is it normal for somebody of this age withthalassemia minor.?

Hi..I have thallesemia minor.I just want to ask is there any remedy to treat anemia..?My hb is 10 nd am so pale..

How do we know which baby will be suffered from hgb e/beta thal disease? Any chances about my 1st baby?Bcoz we are e trait and beta thalassemia couple

How lifethreading is emfisemia?

How long a spleen pain lasts at a time? How frequent it happen? Both ques are for a 2 years child. She is a beta thalassemia intermedia patient.

How long a spleen pain lasts at a time? Is there any medication b4 start the pain? She is 2 years with beta thalassemia intermedia. Hbn is 8.6 now.

How possible is it that an english man will have the thalasemmia trait?

How to differentiate between alpha thalassaemia trait and hb h disease without a genetic test?

How to find how much larger kc is for fetal hemoglobin than adult hemoglobin?

How to find match for bmt of thalassemia?

How we can get thalassemia details?

I am a descendant of DES, and have a homozygous MTHFR mutation. Where can I find an OB-GYN who is familiar with both?

I am a thalassemia trait patient with 10.6 % hemoglobin and I am also normocytic hypochromic anaemia . Can i go to gym and do workout ?

I am in 8 weeks pregnancy and i have thalassemia minor and my husband have Beta thalassemia trait.So is there any problem in my pregnancy.

I am Thalassemia carier and Rh+ blood type, my wife is Rh- and no Thalassemia. If Rh sensitized, will us have problem to get baby?

I did hemoglobin electrophoresis test and it is negative and my hemoglobin level pattern was normal. So i am not carrier of thalassemia/genetic disea?

I had Hemoglobin Electrophoresis test for thalassemia & the result is normal pattern. Am I thalassemia normal, major or minor? I m getting married.

I have beta thalasem minor, and i dont know what to do? Please tell me how to get better.

I have beta thalassemia and I have hemoglibin d, my fiancee has minor beta thalassemia, is there any problem for our child in future?

I have Thalassemia from my mother does b12 deficiency make it worst and how?

I have thalassemia minor beta trait. I am married to my 1st cousin. He doesn't have any trait of thal. What are the chances for us having normal kids?

I have thalassemia minor! how will that affect my pregnancy?

I m 28 year thal major female. I need regular transfusion 2 pckd cells every 10-15 days.. Need to ask y i can't strech transfusion upto 3 weeks now..?

I would be grateful to know what are the symptoms of haemophilia?

I'm 16, have PCOS,had long periods last month,recently got diagnosed microcytic hypochromic anemia & beta thalassemia trait. Are these all related?

I'm a beta minor thalassemia carrier. And my soon to be wife is a beta minor as well. Are there treatments to reduce the risk of getting a beta major?

I'm an Alpha Thel Carrier and my partner is a Beta Carrier, what should we have to think?

I've been told I have homozygous a1298c mutation. What kind of doctor treats this?

I've beta thalassemia minor and my husband have e trait. Is it necessary to test our baby? Is there any chances to get disease of our baby?

If a 2 yrs old e beta thalassemia baby take Hydroxyurea then will it affect her fertility (ability to have children)? Pls advice...

If a person has a little higher than normal hgb f result, but no symptoms, does that confirm thalassemia b minor? No sickle cell in the family.

If a thalassemia major patient married a normal guy, will the thalassemia be passed down?

If every green vegetables has iron then what type of vegetables I will give to my baby who have hb e beta thalassemia?

If I am a beta thalassemia carrier female is it safe to have kids with a G6PD male?

If I have thallassemia trait, will that effect me in any away if i go mountain treckingin high aaltitude?

If in a relationship male partner has minor thalassemia and female one has ida, is there anything threatening fetus?

If my husband has hemoglobin f and I have philadelphia hemoglobin, can we still have a baby?

If one e teait married with beta thalassemia minor then what their baby will be?

If one hb e/beta thalassemia married with non carrier then what their baby will be?

If one parent has hb e beta thalassemia and the other is normal, is their child can get disease?

If someone have hemoglobin e beta thal minor then what type of problem he will suffer?

If someone have hgb e/beta thal disease but transfusion need frequently.Is it happens or possible?

If the mother is alpha and father is beta thalassemic, can their children be free from thalassemia?

Im a girl going to marry with my cousin who does not have any thalassemia , while I have b thalassemia minor, will our children have serious problem?

Im going to marry with my cousin who does not have any thalasemia, while I have b thalassemia minor, will our children have serious problem?

Is absence of HbA in 4 month baby (only has HbF and HbA2 ) a lab diagnosis of minor beta thalassemia or major beta thalassemia ?(educational question)

Is anyone using "counsyl" test for alleles for tetramethyohydrofolate reductase alleles (gives up to 50% "heterozygotes") to guide rx?

Is beta thalassemia and fibromyalgia linked?

Is daily 5 ml Zinc & Vit B complex syrup applicable for 10 months 12 days hb e beta thall baby?She needs transfusion and got 4 times transfusion.

Is e beta thallassemia curable by taking hydroxyurea?Pls adv

Is hgb e/beta thalassemia is dangerous for survive?Is it major thalassemia?

Is Hydroxyurea allowable /applicable for a 1 yr e beta thallassemia baby?Pls advice..

Is Hydroxyurea Therapy helpful for E Beta Thalassemia patient? Pls advice..

Is it a big deal if you have alpha thalsemia?

Is it possible bone growth to resume if I have had hypothyroidism at 16 age with severe symptoms+heterozygous beta thalassemia minor.Now i am21 of age?

Is it possible to get a normal FBE but have the thalassemic trait? My Hb is 12 and blood film & RDW is normal.

Is it safe to be a carrier of thalassaemia?

Is it safe to marry a thalassemia minor patient?

Is thalassemia major a problem in pregnancy?

Is thalassemia minor linked to ADD?

Is there a certain kind of doctor that can determine if you are a silent alpha thalassemia carrier?

Is there a means of prevention of beta thalassemia?