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34&4 days pregnant. I think I'm leaking fluid. Underpants damp with ph level of 7, but ph if I put it into vagina is at a 3-4. Can urine have same ph?

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Cucumbers are good for you. I saw a lady inserting one in her vajayjay for PH balance. Will that help your PH? Sounds crazy to me!!!

Do pineapple help maintain good bacteria in the vagina?

Do pineapples help maintain good bacteria in the vagina?

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Hello dr ... My mom was told that her pH balance is very high , what can she do to get it neutral ?

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Hiprex daily (2 times a day) with Vitamin C (1000 mg/day), can this help in maintaining urine pH acidic?

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I am using Rephresh vaginal gel to balance my PH, can this be used whenever I feel as though my ph balance is off or do I have to use it every 3 days?

I am very skeptical on alkaline water. It seems that would only mess with the pH balance in your stomach. Am i correct or does it have some science?

I believe I have cytolytic vaginosis... If my vagina is too acidic does this mean the rest of my body is acidic, too? Or can it be alkaline?

I have a stool pH value >8 is this ok or does it indicate an aerobic/anaerobic inbalance of intestional flora?

I want to know, what are y'alls thoughts on Vagisil Ph Balance wash?

If a more alkaline diet will prevent cancer, does that mean we need to drop the pH levels?

If my vaginal pH balance is imbalanced would it affect my partner?

Im prone to bacterial vaginosis what are the best way to maintain a healthy pH flora?

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Is Bravo Reflux Monit Systm for PH Level in esophogus safe?is there a concern about signals going in and out of body tissues to the recorder?

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Is there a way to measure my esophageal pH at home to determine abnormal acidity or gerd?

Is there anything to this "alkaline" and "acidic" thing? I think i hear it referred to as "ph." what do I need to know, if anything, about this?

My blood pH value is 5.2. What consequences does that have over my body ? Is there any link between acid pH and panic attacks ?

My ph,va is 6.0 is that bad?

My vagina is too acidic and causing burning and discomfort. What can I do to make it more basic and regulate the ph? Sitz bath not doing much. Douche?

Ph of vaginal mucosa during ovulation, if it is neutral or alkaline. What are its effect on vaginal flora. Please answer?

Proper way to clean a vagina for a good smell and balanced PH level.

Semen pH acidic. What key foods should be avoided to increase semen pH? Or what foods should you eat to decrease pH?

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The human stomach is an acidic environment. Is the optimum pH of pepsin high or low?

To balance out the pH level.). How do I know that I have bone damage?

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Urine routine : reaction (ph) : acidic (ph) 6.0 ! Bad? How bad? What should be done!

Vagina too acidic b/c of overgrowth of lactobacilli which causes burning & irritation. What can I do to restore the ph, is baking soda douche safe?

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What is esophageal pH test?

What is esophageal pH testing?

What is the best vitamin supplements to keep the pH balance up. My body is extremely sensitive and my pH balance is horrible?

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What is the definition or description of: esophageal pH test?

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